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Christian Arrogance Knows no Boundaries…”DIE ANTWOORD – ZEF SIDE”

Posted by princessxxx on February 6, 2010


8 Responses to “Christian Arrogance Knows no Boundaries…”DIE ANTWOORD – ZEF SIDE””

  1. princessxxx said

    it turns out, “Christian Arrogance” is my drag name when i shop at the goodwill.


  2. Pokeyerhotass said

    and i thought your drag name was Keri O’Kie……


  3. dorian9 said

    pleased to meet you, chrissie arrogance. let’s have tea sometime!
    libby R. O’ganz


  4. princessxxx said

    oh ,lol you guys, Keri O’Kie is the name is use when i’m trafficking children in Haiti.

    Dorian, how much $ do you have invested in the game?

    didn’t any of you guys dig this song? it’s the grooviest music video i’ve seen in a long time and that blonde girl is entrancing, not to mention the big floppy Pink Floyd.


  5. Brian said

    Yeah. The big floppy Pink Floyd. Much cleaner than the Dark Side of the Moon, I would imagine?


  6. Brian said

    Good thing it was a cover.


  7. The blonde’s name is Yolandi Visser. She has a Facebook page with more than 4000 friends. I sent her a message in Facebook telling her I enjoyed the video. My newest band Rosetucky didn’t get to play a Superbowl party after all. I did watch the game at the person’s house with my bass player. My favorite part was the very short commercial with David Letterman and Jay Leno sitting on a couch watching the game with Oprah between them trying to make peace.


  8. princessxxx said

    it’s a cover? i didn’t know.

    yolandi visser is soooooo sexy.


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