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Posted by princessxxx on February 11, 2010

e-e, wedding anniversay 2/13/10. congratulations.

i don’t recall either dorian or the BRAIN‘s birthdays, but they are both aquarian airheads.


this is my last ADKOB post,

e_e, you are right facebook is where it is at.
facebook has the third largest citizens, china then india, facebook and the united states 4th.

TBG, Hors, E_E and I are already there,

dorian, come, be one of us.

kay’ dusting off of her shoes is messing with my asthma,

so, she won’t leave, i will.

see you on the other side.

and roberta muldoon, i think i will miss you the most.  you chucklehead!


  1. princessxxx said

    happy whatever you guys.
    i’m at the library so i can’t post fun videos.
    stupid manatee county.


  2. Princessxxx said



  3. dorian said

    hey, thanks, P!
    this airhead’s bday is next tuesday. everybody come by for cake and ice cream, corn dogs and green jello. big food fight after.

    happy anniversary, e_e!!

    P, you can’t bail!
    adkob is bookmarked in many readers’ computers. they enjoy your liberal bashing of false prophets and their flock and the likes of palin, beck, etc..we’ll re-negotiate your writing contract when we hit the 1 million visitors mark, okay?
    see you all at facebook..


  4. princessxxx said

    i want to bail from baal!

    it just gets so lonely here without you dorian.

    i’m having a hard time figuring out the facebook interface.

    but it’s cool, everyone is themselves there. i have 5 friends. and don’t forget ADKOB is on facebook.

    plus dorian, i just uploaded an actual photo of me doing what i do best. oh, lol!

    well, i can always stick around to warn everyone of the heresy of the religious right. glenn beck is right now trying to turn this country into a satanic mormon theocracy.

    and say hello to my new friend BRAIN. he’s an aquarious, too.


  5. dorian said

    airheads unite!! hello brian!

    i don’t like the facebook interface either.two years ago i opened one up because my family insisted and you know how lazy i am – before i got a chance to set the preferences for more privacy there were a ton of people on my site. cripes, i’m really shy and anti-social sometimes and didn’t want to be bothered so i deleted the sucker.

    our adkob readers will miss your posts and readership will dwindle to 15 a day if you bail now, P. it’s either mormon or fundie christian theocracy. so stay and continue the fight, eh? check your gmail for the picture of dorian grey…


  6. Princessxxx said

    oh dorian, you know it’s you i really want.

    i find it too easy to spy on people on facebook,
    i get paranoid, too. that’s why i dropped out of xboxlive.
    i chose ADKOB for it’s esoteric appeal.

    you are right though, it’s going to be a long time before amanda knox kills again.

    all right, just as long as we keep gold for souls in the news.
    wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime..

    hey kay, i was going to suggest to e_e that he and his wife go to the FL state fair and renew their vows at the bill keller liveprayer tent. what happened, not enough gold to pitch the clown tent this year.?

    off to kill yankees:


  7. Happy Anniversary E_E.
    Happy B-Day Dorian.
    Don’t leave us, Princess!

    I don’t like Facebook or Myspace either. I’m struggling between trying to be a public celebrity and still have some semblance of privacy for family contacts.


  8. Princessxxx said

    i kind of agree here with both you guys. facebook also has a lot of addictive flashy things popping up right before your eyes. how about i just go and update ADKOB postings on facebook maybe once a week or something? i dunno.

    anyway, TBG , check out my facebook pic. doesn’t that look just like me? hahahahaha.


  9. Good picture


  10. SewDucky said

    Happy Celebratory day you guys!


  11. dorian said

    Thank you TBG, Thank you Sewducky!!


  12. Hors Service said

    Well, happy birthday all^^

    Happy unbirthday to everyone else!

    Sad to see you going, princess…


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