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Health Insurance Reform: Republican Lies Still Working Hard for the Insurance Corporations

Posted by dorian on March 3, 2010

This is an excerpt from a message from Harry Reid addressing  the TV ad attacks put out by a republican senatorial candidate. I am not a supporter of Harry Reid but I do support healthcare/insurance reform and the points covered here clearly explains the facts and reasons for reform.


Yesterday a Republican running for the Senate launched a TV ad attacking Harry Reid for supporting health insurance reform, calling it “government run health care.” The spot recycles the same tired insurance company talking points we’ve heard over the past year.

LIE #1: Health insurance reform is “one-size-fits-all government run health care”
TRUTH: If families have coverage and like their plan they can keep it, and are protected against insurance company abuses.

LIE #2: We think ‘Washington’ knows best
TRUTH: Families in Nevada and around the country know best, that’s why the Senate bill gives them more insurance choices.

LIE #3: The Senate’s ‘big government’ health care plan will raise taxes
TRUTH: Right now families pay more than $1,000 each year to cover people who don’t have health insurance – it’s a hidden tax and reforming insurance eliminates it by giving every American access to quality, affordable coverage.

LIE #4: Health insurance reform puts a bureaucrat between you and your doctor
TRUTH: Insurance companies put profit-motivated bureaucrats between patients and their doctors now, rationing care by dropping people when they get sick, denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, and capping yearly and lifetime benefits. Reform will end these shameful practices.

LIE #5: The Senate bill will weaken Medicare
TRUTH: Reform strengthens Medicare, improves benefits for seniors, and ends multi-billion dollar giveaways to insurance companies they don’t need and we can’t afford.

LIE #6: Reform will kill jobs
TRUTH: The cost of health care is crippling small businesses – the Senate bill aims to ease that burden and protect small business jobs.

LIE #7: Reform will push us further into debt
TRUTH: The Senate bill is fiscally responsible, cutting the deficit by $132 billion over the next decade.

LIE #8: ‘Government-run health’ care is wrong

TRUTH: SCHIP is good for kids, Medicare helps Seniors, Medicaid gives a hand up to millions who can’t afford coverage, and the VA works for our Veterans. How someone could claim to stand up for Seniors by supporting and protecting Medicare while railing against ‘government-run’ health care is downright confusing and contradictory.


SEE: http://wonkroom.thinkprogress.org/2009/08/05/are-health-insurers-making-too-much-money/


7 Responses to “Health Insurance Reform: Republican Lies Still Working Hard for the Insurance Corporations”

  1. The Bill will raise our taxes, but at the same time you finally get access to the same things people on Welfare some of whom do not work just to keep the health insurance recieves. I would rather pay more in taxes and know that I will not have to pay over 12k in hospital bills if my son or daughter ever has to stay in the hospital for an extended amount of time. I mean it eliminates a “hidden tax” that we all have to pay to allow the uninsured treatment (Over 40 million current US citizens are without any form of healthcare. This includes families with children. And this number IS rising) I mean insurance companies have been overcharging for years. One of the things Charlie Crist the current REPUBLICAN Florida Governor promised is that the insurance companies will stop over charging for car, house, and health insurance. Governor Crist is also a supporter of the health care reform. So is Jeb Bush(you know the smart Bush)

    The crap the Republican Tea Baggers are pushing makes it seem like they would rather Tea Bag individuals freedoms than to see individuals wallets be Tea Bagged. I would rather see my wallet be Tea Bagged than my freedoms. That and I would like to be given the option by the VA to pay for Tri-care. Something that the Health Care reform allows is married Veterans to enroll in a Tri-Care policy. Tri-Care is the government run health insurance that active duty military, and government officials are given. Currently vets with a service connected disability, reservists, or National Guard are not eligible for this insurance. Even though it works like private insurance and you have to pay (a very small amount compared to civilian corporation healthcare.) a monthly charge and you get really excellent insurance, for your whole family. At the moment the only person that can go to the doctor in my household is me…

    This bill gives options to the people so they can go see the doctor. It doesn’t matter if the government “rations” what they will pay for and will not pay for. PRIVATE CORPORATION BASED HEALTHCARE DOES THE SAME THING. YOU ARE GIVEN LIMITS TO HOSPITAL VISITS, TYPES OF MEDICATIONS, PROCEDURES, HOW MANY PROCEDURES A YEAR THE INSURANCE COMPANY WILL PAY FOR ETC.


  2. kay~ms said

    LIE #1: Health insurance reform is “one-size-fits-all government run health care”
    TRUTH: If families have coverage and like their plan they can keep it, and are protected against insurance company abuses.

    No, HERE’S the real truth…

    As a PERFECT example… Obama said today, his plan will FORCE companies to take people with pre-existing conditions. Now anyone who has any business sense should understand that when “laws” like this are passed it will put insurance companies out of business.. there is a reason why insurance companies reject pre-existing conditions… sure some may have outrageous profits but passing laws by the government like this will eventually put companies out of business. And then, guess what? You WON’T be able to “keep your plan” because the company will no longer exist.

    So how “protected” will we be from insurance company abuses if the company goes out of business? Not at all because We will have NO insurance unless we turn to the government for healthcare where rationing is inevitable. And that is the plan.. with the govenment given the power to make these kinds of rules, they have the power to put companies out of business and eventually have a monopoly on the entire industy.. which is 1/6th of the economy. And once they get control it is permanent.. there is no turning back.

    Saying “If families have coverage and like their plan they can keep it, ” is extremely misleading and deceptive.


  3. kay~ms said

    I have a comment in moderation.


  4. Enkill_Eridos said



  5. Enkill_Eridos said

    You are dense..the private companies already ration healthcare. This bill may put some healthcare companies out of business. You know because then they would have to accept people they are denying because they have health insurance. I want to call you out. You are not pro-life, because if you were you would see that the 40 million uninsured are not all uninsured because they got laid off. I would say a good percentage of the 40 million have expensive pre-existing conditions. Many maybe life threatening. My friends father died of MS, his health insurance dropped him when he got the terminal diagnosis. Luckily because he had a disease that was terminal, he was given health insurance through medicaid…They dropped him because he had a terminal illness that would hurt the companies bottom line. Despite that he was with this insurance company for some 20 odd years. This kind of practice needs to be illegal..But now terminal patients can pay for whatever insurance they want, without the company being able to price gouge on the bills. But I guess you never have had to pick up pieces left behind because an insurance company cancelled a policy because of this. This practice happens a lot in Florida. This opposition against the Health Care Bill is not to protect your oh so important corporations. Or the existing help the rich get richer and the poor get poorer..I mean Capitalism..

    Australia, Canada two nations that give their citizens health care, and it is working very well… Australia and Canada are the two nations at the moment that has the lowest unemployment rate in the world.. Canada has some kind of work program that allows people to get on rotations at Oil Drills and other rotational jobs. Australia and Canada look after their citizens..it is a sad day when the citizens are getting Tea Bagged royally by the Republican Conservatives because they want to make Obama look bad. Everyone does notice this health care reform bill has taken longer than it should and is not the most important issue Congress needs to tackle.

    Kay you do realize that the President has no real power and Congress has all of it? You do realize that one of the reasons we are in the state we are in is because Congress just agreed with everything the Bush run GOP said?


  6. hey kay, how’ about instead of you having so many “comments in moderation”,
    you try some “moderation in your comments”. lol.

    i saw some tampa bay tea baggers on “your turn with russell rhoades fox 13” yesterday.
    and they were lying thru their teeth about healthcare reform. and then one of them described palin as a “good candidate”. scary retards.


  7. dorian said

    kay, get the “rationing” teabag word out of your head. you’re not retarded like them, just stubborn. you know that medicare and VA are government programs and they are working. would you want that taken away?

    private health insurance gives limited or no coverage for terminal illnesses.
    i guess you don’t have anyone you love who’s gotten cancer or MS.


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