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The Problem with Religion in America

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on March 4, 2010

by William Scanlon


Being here in the Middle East gives one a unique perspective on religion. For its has become sort of a crossroad where 3 major religions crossing paths, Islam, Judaism and Christianity. All three have been heavily institutionalized and divided ;like a cake or pie into so many different sects, and or cults that none of them resemble what the original was when it was first brought to light so to speak. Not even the founding language is the original. Latin replaced the Greek and Aramaic, then English was introduced.

The problem with institutionalized religion as I see it,(I say ,”as I see it “ because religion is a subjective topic, not able to be proven or disproven objectively by science), and especially ones like the Evangelicals, born- again, far right Catholics, Zionist, or Al Qaeda, that believe in a literal translation of clausal phrases and language or embellish that what was meant to be interpeted,but not taken literally, i,e,.the Christian Bible and the Old Testament or the Holy Quran . At least that what they taught us in theology for the Catholic priesthood . Most sects including the Roman Catholic Church concentrate on shame, guilt and suffering. The image of the Suffering Christ=Suffering self. It’s mostly a method of control. Instead if they concentrated (like the forbidden gospel of St. Thomas, its forbidden to the Catholic Church because it says that institutionalized religion is not necessary for belief)) says that the Kingdom is already here, is within us and all around us and to see God in the other through compassion,mercy,honesty,forgiveness,sharing what resources we have collectively,. I believe that if we view God and ourselves in this manner or light , then there would be less dysfunctional people looking for answers to all that guilt, remorse and regrets that they have accumulated over the years and they never processed it or moved on from it. .

Sex ,which all 3 institutionalized religions hate, is wonderful and should be expressed at any age. Its part of life and it’s a natural process. Adam and Eve were naked and loved it. Also a baby feels no shame when he/she is naked. Shame of ones body , fear and guilt are infused by others,especially in religion for control. I hardly recommend therapy for most on the edge as I call them Catholics,Christians,Zionists and any extreme sect and or cult of religion. People end up in them because they feel alone, because they feel ashamed, because they have all this guilt and want to belong or they want to be in control which is even worse.
Psychiatric Therapy is like an enema for the soul. It gets rid of all that shit you have accumulated inside and refuse to let it go. It releases you from all that guilt and shame that was imposed upon you as a method of control. Once you are able to forgive yourself and let go of all that garbage infused in you by institutional religion can you see the real beauty of the world and see God in other people in that world. .To see ourselves and others as the naked self that God created and intended. That is the Kingdom of Heaven. If you think that what I have written may not be true, Consider this; we enter this world naked and we leave the same way. Everything else is infused upon us by others to control

William Scanlon is an educator, free lance writer and blogger based in the Middle East.


8 Responses to “The Problem with Religion in America”

  1. dorian said

    the guilt and suffering focus is endemic to a majority of conservative roman catholic and protestant religious practitioners. i can only speak for those two christian sects in light of my own upbringing, but i have to add that in comparison to other religions, it seems that the sentiment “christ died for our sins” is evoked all too often. that reminder carries with it an incrimination of guilt and shame, and casts the dark cloud of suffering that was Jesus Christ’s crucible into the consciousness of the intended remindee.

    why concentrate on the suffering and death? there is much to be learned from the life and teachings of Jesus. it’s as if joy is something to be ashamed of. as if misery is the only way to be forgiven for being alive and human.

    this part of mr. scanlon’s article rings very true: (paraphrased)
    “the Kingdom is already here, within us and all around us and we see God through compassion,mercy,honesty,forgiveness,…”
    i believe in the gospel of st. thomas. the need for organized religion is merely a personal choice. if one truly believes in God, one doesn’t have to go too far to see God. churches breed dogma. dogma attaches to people who seek to proselytize and impose their dogma upon others. personal truths are deemed as “absolute” truths. thank God that there is still rational thought among the majority. because if it was left to the religious zealots of all sects and cults, we just might slide slowly back to how society was at least two centuries ago.




  3. dorian said

    dang. these people haven’t heard that we have armed forces in this country like the national guards? not good enough for them? talk about unpatriotic. now they’re forming private militias? very third world. i take that back. more like out of this world. here’s more on the “C” street gang, the christian cult called “the family” featuring an anti-health reform anti-abortion representative named barf stupid (or something like that) who’s getting some press lately, getting caught lying thru his teeth:


  4. Lo so, ho visto che, anche. tanto per blog su, troppo male sto in pausa. less is more.

    Kay è sempre ignorato bigtime oltre a Arianna.

    She’s on a qualcosa, però,

    potremmo essere blogging con celebrità di Hollywood, (Kay ha alimentato Alec Baldwin), lol,
    qui, invece di uscire con spogliarelliste Vegas.

    ma i cristiani sono sempre più di mano.


  5. dorian said

    il video era troppo lungo, non lo sapevo.

    hey, spogliarelliste Vegas sono belli, simpatici e hanno un sacco di soldi.
    Cerchiamo di più i blog di hollywood, va bene?

    è nostro dovere tenere d’occhio i cristiani perché vogliono prendere in consegna il nostro paese!


  6. princessxxx said

    sex scandal rocks vatican.



  7. fadingad said

    The problem in America is religion.


  8. dorian said

    hey fadingad!
    true. it brings out the worst in a lot of people everywhere. those that are ignorant and do not think for themselves…


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