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Moral dilemmas

Posted by horsservice on April 30, 2010

Good and Evil. Sometimes which side is which is obvious, but sometimes decisions involve more thought. What is good? What is evil? Here are some examples and mind-twisting moral issues.

Be fair with yourself, and tell the truth!^^

You are managing a hospital. Urgents operations needs to be carried out  immediately, or the patient will most certainly die.One is a family man, 5 young children and a loving wife, he was a fireman and during a fire a wooden bolt went through his heart. One is a famous and respected but bachelor scientist, who just had a heart attack. He was on the verge of discovering a cure for cancer, but now progresses seems to be impossible without him. One is a little girl with a genetic disease provoking heart malfunction. You only have one heart. Who do you choose?

You are a well-known historian. War has raged for years between country A and country B, but now a peace treaty has been signed under the pressure of the international community. The peace is still weak, as noone was really willing to stop fighting. You come across documents proving that country A was responsible for the war. Do you reveal the truth, risking the outbreak of a new war?

You are a mechanical engineer. Your team is repairing two railroads: on one, only one technician is working, on the other, 5 techicians are operating. A train is coming on the railway with 5 people!! Too late to warn them. Your only possiblity is to switch the train to the other railway where only one technician is operating. Will you do it?

If your only choice is to push a realy fat guy on the railway to stop the train, will you still do it?


10 Responses to “Moral dilemmas”

  1. Of course, I would have liked Kay to answer, but well, I guess that I can’t compete with celebrities^^


  2. princessxxx said

    hahahahahah. best post ever.

    kay seems to have dropped off the face of the earth for the past week.

    hors, here is my answer. i do what suits me at the moment. the 1st person i think of is me and the last person i think of is me. whatever happens in between is just a moral dilemna. flavoured by mood.

    they happen everyday in my life every 5 minutes or so.

    love you. 8)


  3. princessxxx said


    ““Steven, where are you?? I miss your posts… and how can I “keep it up” if you don’t post anything? I wish you would debate me on these points.. that you don’t makes me think that these are not your true views, that it’s just an act (which it very well could be, right?). The only other alternative is that these are your views, and even though valid opposing points have been presented that you cannot argue (apparently), they continue to be your views.. this is a typical liberal practice, I have found, but I am having a hard time believing that you could be guilty of this. You are too smart to be that oblivious… so it must be an act… yes, that’s it!… Hollywood is ACTING… of course! they really aren’t that ignorant… they really do know that republican policies are the better way to go! They are just naturally inclined to side with the majority… a popularity thing. How else could it be explained that such brilliant actors such as Tom Hanks, Robert Redford (and you) etc. are “liberal”?
    ps… it was great seeing you on TV again!”



  4. princessxxx said



  5. princessxxx said


    This comment is pending approval and won’t be displayed until it is approved.

    with this new huffington post points system,
    i feel more obligated to laugh at you.
    i love all the colorful buttons.
    kams, i hope that oil spill doesn’t mess up our beach,
    whoya gonna vote for, …rubio or quentin crisp?


  6. dorian said

    i see. kay is half-stalking steven. there’s a thin line , they say , kay is equally passionate about liberals as she is with her fundie beliefs aka bleach blond billy boy.

    Evil is whatever distracts.
    Franz Kafka.


  7. princessxxx said

    vanity fairs


  8. http://image-swirl.googlelabs.com/html?query=andy+warhol#

    this will make you feel better.


  9. In fact, I’ve just read that Kay said that we thought that there’s no such things as evil^^

    Time to disappoint her.

    I believe that evil is what generates the most human suffering on the long term. This is the basis. Then I add a bit of “reality” in it, like human happiness must be natural and not drug-induced.

    But in this examples, sometimes this approach is terrible. For the first case, I would choose the little girl, even if the scientist could save more lives. I would choose not to reveal the truth, and to kill the worker and the fat man, even if they should have both stayed alive.


  10. Enkill_Eridos said

    Evil is allowing Greed to hurt the majority. What is Evil is anything that disrupts the general peace and welfare of the people. What is Evil is allowing jobs to be taken from one country to supply another. What is Evil is putting a corporation before the general peace and welfare of the people. Evil is just a shorter term for..The Republican Tea Party Movement, or Keeping the Poor, while making the Rich Richer Movement. I dont see a problem with a country that is ruled by majority citizen vote. Anything that effects the citizens in a profound matter, it should be left for the citizens to decide. A Government for the people, and by the people. (Sound Familiar?) Of course this way of thinking a Republican Tea Partier would say, that’s socialism. (Because anything that hurts the corporations, but benefits the people is Socialism according to them.)

    A Democracy is a political government carried out either directly by the people (direct democracy) or by means of elected representatives of the people (representative democracy).

    Yet the Republicans want you to believe Capitalism is Democracy when Democracy is least like Capitalism. My thoughts Representative democracy does not work. We have seen it, we should go more towards a direct democracy. Of course direct democracy is in itself Socialism in its purest form. Why should the rich get things better than the poor? Why should only the rich get opportunities to be healthy and comfortable on the governments dime? News Flash to all republicans, even the poor that pays taxes still should be entitled to have access to something they pay for..


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