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I told you so..the one big example why off shore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico should not be allowed.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on May 12, 2010

The Associated Press

Published: May 12, 2010

Updated: 37 min. ago

WASHINGTON – A key safety device known as the blowout preventer used in the BP oil rig in the Gulf had a hydraulic leak and other problems that likely prevented it from working as designed, congressional investigators said today.

They also said BP PLC and other documents also indicated confusion over whether poor pipe integrity was allowing methane gas to leak into the well just hours before the explosion that killed 11 workers and blew the well open.

Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., said that BP had informed his House committee that at some point when the well was being closed with cement an influx of methane entered the wellhead, indicating that cementing the well had not produced needed pipe integrity.

Waxman, opening a hearing into the April 20 well explosion that unleashed a massive oil spill, said while “we have far more questions than answers” it appeared clear — from BP and other documents — that there were problems with the blowout preventers before the accident and confusion almost right up to the time of the explosion over the success of the cementing process.

The committee said that there were at least “four significant problems with the blowout preventer” used on the Deepwater Horizon drill rig.

Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., said that a 2001 report by Transocean, which made the device, indicated there can be as many as 260 failure possibilities in the equipment. The device is supposed to be the final safeguard against a well blowout by clamping down and sealing a gushing oil well.

“How can a device that has 260 failure modes be considered fail-safe?” asked Stupak.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee was to hear from executives of BP, Transocean Ltd., Halliburton, which conducted the cementing on the BP rig, and Cameron Inc.

Stupak said BP confirmed in documents that a leak had been found in the hydraulic system that provides emergency power to a part of the blowout preventer.

When a remote underwater vehicle tried to activate the safety device a loss of hydraulic pressure was detected, said Stupak. When dye was injected “it showed a large leak coming from a loose fitting,” said Stupak, citing BP documents.

He said Cameron officials had told the committee the leak was not believed to have been caused by the blowout because other fittings in the system were tight.

Stupak that BP also confirmed that the blowout preventer had been modified so that one of its ram drivers could be used for routine testing and was no longer designed to activate in an emergency. He said after the spill BP “spent a day trying to use this … useless test ram.


So lets put in another argument against using petrol based products as fuel sources again. It kills and puts people out of jobs. Don’t think so? Then you don’t live on the West Coast of Florida, which is dependent on Commercial Shrimping and Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Just the explosion in itself has disturbed the fragile marine ecosystem that the migratory patterns of the different fish are off. I am going to make a prediction. All of the beaches on Florida’s West Coast probably will not be open for swimming this summer. The different fish seasons maybe canceled this year. What does this mean? Well with the economy already in the shitter, because the Bush Administration spent more than they should have, then spent more to bail out some companies before he left. (Yes, the Bush Administration actually first started to do the corporate bail-outs and we all know that if one person or company gets something for the government the rest will ask for it as well, like children. The Bush Administration spent over 700 billion dollars on this BEFORE Obama was sworn in. Yet Obama is blamed for this.) But I will predict that the unemployment rate in Tampa will double this summer. We will not have many tourists. Boat Charters will probably still be available, but more than likely they will be trying to assist in cleaning up the mess. This goes beyond global warming, Petrol based fuels destroys the global environment. It also destroys the lives of American people when things go terribly wrong. It is tragic that people died and children may go hungry because their mothers, and fathers cannot go out shrimping or fishing to be able to pay bills and put food on the table. Maybe the government should give tax cuts to corporations that keep factories in America, and is working on viable alternative fuels that will not destroy the fragile ecosystems on this planet.  Instead of giving tax cuts to companies that take jobs away from Americans in countries that have no Environmental Protection Policies. Global Warming may be a lie, but the effects of Pollution is not.


2 Responses to “I told you so..the one big example why off shore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico should not be allowed.”

  1. Enkill_Eridos said

    Unfortunately I haven’t been reading the news sources or watching tv news. I’m in the middle of moving and since no one else has posted on it I figured I should since that’s all anyone here can talk about.


  2. dorian said

    i haven’t been up on current news events myself and i’m all over the place at this time so no posts from me – i appreciate your taking time from your moving, e_e!


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