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Gov. Crist Vetos HB 1143

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on June 12, 2010

You can read the veto letter here. 


I know this is going to spark, yet another abortion debate. Since I am sure Kay is a supporter of Rubio. Which I would like her to post her thoughts on the Florida Senate Candidate Rubio in a seperate post. But this is another example of a civil servant, doing his civic duty. I believe his reasons are valid, that growing the governments role too fast will end badly. I do respect him for not letting his personal views get in the way of what is right for the citizens. We need someone like Governor Crist, in the Senate. Let’s make the first step away from the corrupt party system. Voters of Florida I will be voting for Gov. Crist as Florida’s first Independant Senator. I will be posting more and giving my opinions about his decisions as they come about.


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