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Steven Slater Jet Blue flight attendant/comic relief.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on August 12, 2010

This is a story I never thought I would see in this day and age. In an age of anti-terrorism, and tens of hundreds of millions of dollars spent on airport security.  You may be wondering about this story. It’s about this guy Steven Slater, basically he was working and had a very rude customer. Anyone who has ever worked in retail can relate. But he wasn’t working in retail yesterday. Steven Slater was a flight attendant. Yes, now the story is coming to you. This guy instead of getting fired for shouting at a customer, he was fired because he avoided that situation and escaped with two beers by sliding down the emergency slide.

Now this is something you expect to see in a movie like Naked Gun, or a Mel Brooks Film. (The jewish actor/producer. He brought us movies like To be or Not to Be, and Spaceballs.) But no it happens in a very serious time in history. So instead of laughing at the obvious comic relief , a lot of people are angry. Why? Anyone who has had to work in a service related industry can relate. There are a lot of very rude people out there. Despite our fear (which was and is and always will be the aim of a terrorist, so guess who won and guess who lost?) something like this happens.  I don’t think this is something to be angry over. Sure people could have been hurt, because it is unexpected. I am not saying this guy is a hero. Maybe this is God’s (I am meaning this in an ambigious way.  Not giving any leaning towards anyone particular religion, as I recognize that other beliefs use that word to express their form of higher power.) way of getting our attention. Why? Well, we just are not respecting nor are we being polite to one another. I mean this is America, believe it or not we are civilized. Maybe it was 9/11 or maybe just some people didn’t get taught that manners are for when you’re in public.  I laughed at this story when I read it.  We are in the midst of very serious times, yet we cannot be kind to one another? Because it was funny this time, mainly because no one got hurt. But it would have been tragic if someone was to snap in a grocery store.  We need to remember that the individual is no worse off than anyone else. We need to stop having the sense of entitlement, that we should always get what we want. We are focusing on the result of a very rude woman. The guy was doing his job, and I am not clear on this but called him a “Bag” Nazi. This is according to ABC news. Now ABC news was the only outlet to comment on the why this event happened. But it wasn’t very much. But it sounds to me JetBlue may have a bagged peanut limit. The guy was doing his job, and a customer was giving him a very hard time.  Anyone who has ever flown in coach I feel can relate. No passengers were in any real harm, because the safety equipment deployed as it was supposed to. They were on the ground (obviously.) This was a situation that he may not have been able to control his anger. IF you break down the dramatic exit, him taking two beers and sliding down the slide. We should be (especially the rude woman) very thankful he doesn’t vent his anger in a violent manner. Let’s just stop a serious social problem at the comic relief stage. Let’s not wait until it becomes tragic, what if something like this happens again? But the next time it involves firearms at a grocery store or something. Remember be respectful to others when you are in public.  Don’t call someone names for doing their job. Be patient with the teenagers that have jobs, if you have a trainee cashier don’t be rude. These people are like you and me just trying to survive in this harsh period of time.  But there is comedy in this story, and I can say that is a bright side to a very stressful year.






One Response to “Steven Slater Jet Blue flight attendant/comic relief.”

  1. princessxxx said

    gays, lol, they do know drama.


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