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Glenn Beck is an Idiot. (Profile on Faux News Faux Political TV Stars. First of a Series.)

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on August 28, 2010

I really didn’t have a catchier title for this post. But the title kinda tells you the whole point of what I am about to write.  So whether or not you read on (I really wish you would.) you will still get the point of this post, just not the why I think this way. If you want to know why I think Glenn Beck is an idiot read on.

Note:  Do not comment on the fact he is a Mormon.  It is not a point that is actually relevant to the reason why I think he’s an idiot. I do not think all Mormons are idiots just Glenn Beck, and the mindless sheep that follow him.

Watch or listen to the following.

Okay his opening statement, for one I have a problem with. The whole scar of slavery, on the republic. Should we feel bad for the evils of our ancestors? I don’t think so, I don’t think we should even think we should carry any guilt over slavery.  What we should carry guilt for is what happens now. I see groups like the Klu Klux Klan, Aryan Brotherhood and other racist groups as terrorist organizations. For those who have never seen first hand the reasons why they are terrorists, everyone who was born before the year 2000 should know the horrible things these different groups have done to American citizens.  Just because of the color of their skin, and yes racism comes in all colors.  But the only guilt caucasian people should feel is not the outcry to treat these groups like the terrorists they really are. I do like his rant about everyone finding their own views.

This being said, slavery existed long before Glenn Beck said it happened.  In fact the first African Slaves came to America around the Winyah Bay area of South Carolina. These slaves were part of the San Miguel de Gualdape colony. This colony was founded by Spanish explorer Lucas Vasques de Ayllon.  That colony failed, the slaves revolted killed their masters and presumably went to live with the Native Americans.  Slavery has existed in the world since the dawn of civilization. The Egyptian cities and pyramids were not built by Aliens, but by Hebrew slaves. That’s right the first slaves in recorded history built the cities of Egypt and their blood, bones, sweat and tears built many of the pyramids.  The cities of the Summerian Empire also owned slaves.  The most likely slaves of the Summerian Empire were pale skinned. Or as the narrow-minded say white. In fact, if you could trace your histories back as far as the Roman Empire, there’s a chance one of your ancestors was a slave of the Republic of Rome.  The African Slave trade was the next slavery system.  A nice little fact, most European countries were involved in some kind of slave trade.  Indentured Servants was different, they were different because the Indentured Servants went into a contract, usually the poor farmer who wanted to travel to another country and own land after a period of time.  This stuff was going on for thousands of years before the American Colonies were established.  Now there wasn’t an open slave market in the colonies for some time, but I am sure some of the richer explorers had slaves. The colonists even made some Native Americans slaves. So right there Glenn Beck is wrong.  Slavery has never been about race.  Very notably there were many instances where opposing tribes and even family members sold these people into Slavery. Slavery has always been about domination, either you submit and be a slave or servant. Or die, and this is how it was since the beginning of time.  The conquered peoples of an opposing tribe (during the transition from nomadic groups of hunter-gatherers to living in an area permanently.) city and later country were usually enslaved. This happened until the world started to truly become civilized.  I believe civilization truly did not start until the world turned slavery into a crime, not a form of gauging social status.  I mean we had a form of civilization before then, but humans really haven’t started to act civilized until the world decided that officially conquring countries is no longer acceptable. The funny thing is that humanity didn’t decide this until the end of World War II, with the creation of the UN.  I got a little ahead in the timeline a bit but still getting back on track.

Okay I don’t have a creepy board of randomness to post things…So I can’t show you all the ways Glenn Beck has been wrong.  I do not understand how people take this insane bunch of rambling seriously. I am on part two now for those who didn’t watch the clips the first five minutes talks about how the government encouraged slavery.  But we must remember we are talking about a time when your social status was based on how many slaves you could afford to own.  Not only the government was to blame for this either.  Did anyone else notice how he quickly blamed the government, yet he is opposed to the government putting stricter regulations on big corporations. The textile corporations and the tobacco corporations were the two that actually benefited most from slave labor.  One could speculate that these different corporations may have paid off members in the government, to sanction such actions. It isn’t too far out in left field considering it corporations pay off politicians now to sway votes on different issues.  His collusion theory is nonsense because all of those things are big parts of most American’s lives. Now at the second video at   11:42 he is claiming that Charles Darwin is a different type of racist. He then goes to another topic about the Indian Removal Act. He did this to make Democrats seem like hypocrites. But of course the Republican Party was not always synonymous with greed, and the wealthy. He says not complete history you have to fill in the blanks on your own..But there’s things in history that happened that is very important that effected the things he said. So it didn’t happen as he said it. But of course,  another Fox News TV Personality. But of course Glenn Beck starts to bash science and government. But makes Commerce and Religion seem like they go hand in hand. Even though Science and Religion mixes a lot better than Commerce or Government. No party is perfect, I actually believe the party system is not a valid system we should be following in the 21st century. I mean there are other candidates in other parties that would have done better than the two major parties.  That is IF the democrats and republicans would have allowed that. Nothing is going to change in government if we keep the party system as it is. The party system has stunted American social and political growth since the 1960’s. (Nixon was one of the most corrupt presidents of our age.  The Republican Party is as it is now because of Nixon.) I am not going to comment on the rest of his idiocy.  It is just like watching a Micheal Moore mockumentry. It’s one sided and full of crap.   The reason why he is an idiot is partly the collusion  thing.  If you don’t think that theory doesn’t sound like a nut job conspiracy theory here’s the definition of collusion.

Collusion is an agreement, sometimes illegal and therefore secretive, which occurs between two or more persons to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair advantage[citation needed]. It is an agreement among firms to divide the market, set prices, or limit production. [1] It can involve “wage fixing, kickbacks, or misrepresenting the independence of the relationship between the colluding parties.”[2] In legal terms, all acts effected by collusion are considered void.[3]

Glenn Beck obviously doesn’t know what the word Collusion means. If he does then he is saying that slavery happened because leaders in Government as well as the religious, scientific, and corporate areas of the society at the time got into a secret meeting and agreed that America should start buying slaves. But that didn’t happen, it is so left field Illuminati type Consipracy Crap that is only based in a minimal amount of proof.  The thing is it would have had to be a huge global conspiracy, one that would have been very difficult to manage and highly unlikely. Since it would require that all of the worlds government, business,  religious, and scientific leaders to quietly get together and all agree on the same issue. In reality that did not happen. Glenn Becks theory sounds intelligent, but it really is not. Much like any of Micheal Moore’s films. Glenn Beck doesn’t show the entire story. He had time to briefly tell you the way of social thinking of the time. But he did not.  The second reason why he is an idiot is, he claimed that he was going to “take back” the Civil Rights movement. Really Mr. Beck? Who exactly owns the Civil Rights movement?  Mr. Beck would like you to believe that it is the “minorities.” .  Much like how some people claim the “white man” is keeping the “minorities” down.  This is all crap, the Civil Rights movement cannot be owned by any one ethnic background, creed, or lifestyle.  The people that started the Civil Rights Movement came from all ethnic backgrounds, genders, and lifestyles.  I would also like to add the Republican Party did not start with Lincon.  It actually started with Thomas Jefferson.

“The Democratic-Republican Party, or Jeffersonian Republican Party is the name historians use for the American political partyfounded in 1792 by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Members usually called themselves “Republicans.” It was formed to oppose the programs of the Federalist Party led by Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. The Jeffersonians were deeply committed to the principles of republicanism, which they feared were threatened by the monarchical tendencies of the Federalists. Republicans favored France over Britain in the wars then raging in Europe, and opposed a national bank. Favoring yeomen farmers and planters in the South, as opposed to the bankers and businessmen of the urban Northeast, the Jeffersonians came to power with the election of Jefferson in 1800 and 1804, and Madison in 1808 and 1812. The Federalists faded away, and the Jeffersonians, despite internal divisions, dominated the First Party System until partisanship withered away after 1816.”

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic-Republican_Party

The second incarnation was

The National Republicans were a political party in the United States. The party, and its precursor factions of Adams supporters andAnti-Jacksonian politicians, existed from approximately 1825–1833.

Before the elevation of John Quincy Adams to the presidency in 1825, the Democratic-Republican Party, which had been the only truly national American political party for over a decade, began to dissolve, losing its infrastructure and identity. Its caucuses no longer met to select candidates because now they had separate interests. After the Election of 1824, factions developed in support of Adams and in support of Andrew Jackson. Adams politicians, including most ex-Federalists (such as Daniel Webster and even Adams himself), would gradually evolve into the National Republican party, and those politicians that supported Jackson would later help form the modern Democratic Party.

The ad-hoc coalition that supported John Quincy Adams fell apart after his defeat for reelection in 1828. The main opposition to Jackson, the new president, was the National Republican Party, or Anti-Jacksonians created and run by Henry Clay. It shared the same nationalistic outlook as the Adamsites, and wanted to use national resources to build a strong economy. Its platform was Clay’sAmerican System of nationally financed internal improvements and a protective tariff, which would promote faster economic development. More important, by binding together the diverse interests of the different regions, the party intended to promote national unity and harmony. The National Republicans saw the Union as a corporate, organic whole. Hence the rank and file idealized Clay for his comprehensive perspective on the national interest.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Republican_Party

The American Republican Party was a minor nativist political organization that was launched in New York in June 1843, largely as a protest against immigrant voters and officeholders. In 1844, it carried municipal elections in New York City and Philadelphia and expanded so rapidly that by July, 1845, a national convention was called. This convention changed the name to the Native American Party and drafted a legislative program calling for a twenty-one-year period preceding naturalization and other sweeping reforms in the immigration policy. Failure to force congressional action on these proposals, combined with the growing national interest in the Mexican problem before the Mexican-American War, led to the party’s rapid decline.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Republican_Party

The Republican Party is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States, along with the Democratic Party. Founded by anti-slavery expansion activists in 1854, it is often called the Grand Old Party or the GOP, despite being the younger of the two major parties. The party’s platform is generally considered right of center in the U.S. political spectrum.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republican_Party_(United_States)

These things can be listed as seperate, but really we can see the different incarnations of the party. Now all of a sudden the Republican Party makes sense as to where some of the Parties ideals comes from.

Honestly though, think about it. Glenn Beck’s ultimate goal is to turn something that should be shared into something controlled by a political entity for political gain. This is what I think it boils down to.

Two things to leave you all with.

Do we see any difference? Both are lies.


145 Responses to “Glenn Beck is an Idiot. (Profile on Faux News Faux Political TV Stars. First of a Series.)”

  1. No, the top is a lie, the bottom, Obama studied with Marxist Professors, he admits it in his own book.
    Having spent a long time in college, you are what you are taught.
    I dont know why it is a ‘big deal’, there are over 75 Marxists in the DEM party, and plenty of Socialists in the GOP=both treacherous.
    Good for entertainment 😀 Not a reliable source for news.


  2. The REAL skinny on Beck is his use of MORMON history in his ‘historical lessons’
    This is enraging well meaning, real Christian people.


  3. Hors Service said


    If you were what you are taught, mankind wouldn’t progress. From an european point of view, Obama is not a marxist at all. From a French point of view, he is even right-wing. And furthermore, socialism isn’t the “ultimate evil”, Scandinavia is doing really well with it.


  4. princessxxx said

    haven’t i been saying this all along? beck is a moron. so is kay for that matter.


  5. Obama is not a marxist at all.

    Thats not what he says in his book, so you are dissenting against Obama.


  6. And furthermore, socialism isn’t the “ultimate evil”, Scandinavia is doing really well with it.

    —Fine for Scandanavia.
    Not fine for America. TY.


  7. Enkill_Eridos said

    Let’s not get into a debate about Mormonism. I purposefully didn’t point that out. Not because it isn’t relevant. But because it is so obvious it didn’t need to be said. For one thing what is wrong with Obama having a Marxist professor? I mean America was not designed to be the corrupt capitalist country it is today. It wasn’t designed to be purely socialist. But also I would like to point out most Tea Party members call altruism socialism..Which is not true.

    Altruism is unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others.

    I still don’t see the so called socialist ideals the Tea Party movement claims the Obama Administration has done. Because universal health care is not a socialist ideal. The only thing it would hurt is corporate insurance. Of course the first time any kind of cost increases in America the companies go overseas. Why because they get tax breaks from operating in other countries. So tell me that our capitalist system is not corrupt. The only form of government that is not corrupt is a direct democracy. We would have to change elections to twice every so many years, but things that effect us. Things the citizens pay for like medicare for instance. If you work and your employer cannot provide health insurance. If you make over 25k a year you cannot get health insurance. Yet, it is available to those that milk the system.

    Before you throw the TARP Bailout in everyone’s face remember what happened at the very end of the Bush Administration. The Bush Administration initiated it by bailing out certain corporations. Of course since it was publicized that the Bush Administration planned to bail out several corporations everyone wanted a piece. Whether President Bush officially inacted the TARP Bailout and the Obama Administration got the blame. Or Obama authorized it due to increasing pressure. Bush started giving away money we didn’t have, much like most of his time in office. It’s not too much of a stretch to say his actions were one of the causes of the TARP Bailout.


  8. Hors Service said


    “Thats not what he says in his book, so you are dissenting against Obama.”

    Give me the citation in his book that he says he is a marxist, and the context, then.

    “Not fine for America. TY.”

    That’s why you still have one of the highest poverty rates of the developed countries, no functioning health care, and a major city badly reconstructed five years after being hit by Katrina. And polluting and using natural resources far more than other developed countries.


  9. Hors Service said


    I still think that health care is a kind of “socialist” mesure, but we may differ on our definition of socialism^^ First health care mesures have been held by Bismarck to fight syndicalism:)


  10. Hors Service:

    Do you know how to access google.com ? It is really easy!
    Just plug in “Obama, Marxist professors”

    You would have had your answer. I didnt know that so many ‘liberals’ were not knowledgable in how to use the computer!

    Obama, from “Dreams of My Father” Here’s a quote from pages 100 and 101:

    To avoid being mistaken for a sellout,I chose my friends carefully.The more politically active black students.The foreign students.The Chicanos.The Marxist Professors and the structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets..bla bla bla.

    Obama IS a Marxist and hangs with Marxists, you all act like this is a big giant deal. It isnt, most of us who have followed Obama since 2004 know more about him than you useful idiots that voted for him.


  11. princessxxx said

    madjeww. hors didn’t vote for obama, he lives in germany. did you vote for mcain and palin? if you did you are an i di ot.

    by the way, i checked your site, you hate gays.

    that’s ok, i hate id i ots.


  12. princessxxx said



  13. by the way, i checked your site, you hate gays

    Princess, I do not agree with homosexuality, but sorry, dear. My uncle was as queer as a 3 dollar bill, and I loved him very much, as I do, my ‘gay’ neighbor, and my best friend, Norm who is ‘gay’.

    It is not “I” who has the issues with “gays” ‘princess’, it is Moslems who hangs ‘gays’ that “I” have the issue with.


  14. This is what you read on my website, what a buffoon. I am AGAINST Moslem hate and intolerence. you, evidently are not, ‘princess’

    My website states:
    Iran hangs two young homosexuals:

    Pakistani Muslims flog ‘gays’ in public:

    So, you are quite mislead by my post, I would have to say, you didnt bother to even READ IT, ‘princess’


  15. Excuse me? You’re assuming too much…and to assume makes an ass out of u and me. So don’t assume, I assume nothing. Just because his college professor was Marxist doesn’t mean he is. It’s just as ignorant to say that as it is to say every student that went to Columbia since the Nixon Administration is a communist. I am not brainwashed to say just because they are republicans they are corrupt. I am a registered Democrat and I voted for Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist. I voted for them because I did my research before I voted. Just like every other time. Jewess I am about to think of you as a joke. I am not brainwashed by the party system. I honestly think the party system is corrupt and does not SERVE the American People. In Fact, the American Government should SERVE the American People and not the American Corporations, that as of 1991 if they produce the products outside of the United States they don’t pay taxes. It wasn’t the democrats or republicans progressives, liberals (meaning patriots not progressives.), or conservatives that caused the problems we have today.

    See Glenn’s collusion theory is not right, but I am going to fix it right now.

    See its not when Government, Science, Commerce, and Religion start making back door deals when things go to crap. It is when Commerce gets more power than the other three. Slavery happened because it made people more money than using serfs and indentured servants. It is the reason Slavery existed from year one of human civilization to the point when the world decided slavery was evil. Slavery still exists today, but it exists in a different way. Most slave trades happen in Eastern Europe and the Middle East today. The Slave Trade finances a lot of the world’s terrorist organizations.The movie Taken was based on one truth, there is a slave trade still in the world. Moving on to now, right now Commerce has more importance to many politicians than the citizens. Fact, the reason why most republican senators voted no on the Universal Healthcare Bill is because they were told it would hurt the Insurance Companies profits. Yet there are millions of working tax-paying citizens not getting healthcare because they make to much to get medicare, and make to little to afford private healthcare. There are some companies that simply cannot afford insurance past what happens on the job. People still suffer..Why? Because stupid people heard the words communism, and socialist pertaining to this subject. They never read any of the bill that was actually the opposite of those buzz words.

    The Economy collapsed because Bush Spent 4 trillion dollars for a war..and only a small portion of that money went to the military. Fact, the military didn’t do much for the first 18 months in Iraq. Fact, Black Water, KBR (Kellogg Brown and Root), and other Haliburton corporations did in Iraq what the American Military was supposed to do. From what I hear the Haliburton corporation is STILL doing more in Iraq than the American Military. War usually shows people the truth about the world. I learned the truth about the American Government. I learned most politicians do not serve the American People, they serve themselves. A lot of politicians during the Bush Administration voted for their own pay raises. This was both Democrats and Republicans. I learned the country and constitution I was and still am sworn to protect was founded on the principles of rights all human beings have. The politicians through out history however made it about something else. I am sure our founding fathers have been tossing around in their graves for quite sometime. The internet makes concepts such as the party system, and giving full control of what our nation does to the politicians. I mean honestly, I would not oppose a constitutional amendment that requires major changes that effects every American citizen to go to vote. Such as declaring war, whether or not we have the option to support the big insurance companies that only want your money. As opposed to using something you pay for by paying taxes. To Constitutional Amendments. It shouldn’t be a pain in the ass to find out what exactly congress is voting on. But it is. I am not spreading propaganda. But Corporations have too much power in the government and the people have none. Giving power to the tax paying citizens, giving power to the voting citizens is not a socialist idea. It is an American one, my goals with everything I post is to show the true evils in American society. Those evils are any person or group of people that tries to get laws passed that are unconstitutional. Any person or group of people that imprisons American Citizens without a trial of their peers. I do not believe those who are here illegally, or those who are here illegally and do not take any steps to gain citizenship. The option is there for illegal immigrants to become legal immigrants. And not all immigrants are illegal. Which is why I am against an Arizona type immigration law in Florida. Because Cuban Refugees are not illegal immigrants, by law if a Cuban Refugee reaches American Soil from Cuba we have to give them sanctuary. As long as we hold the Cuban/American Embargo we have to honor that law.

    I don’t want America to become a socialist state, because then that America would be just as unconstitutional than the America we live in now. Citizens have a voice, through the internet the voice of the people can be heard loudly. There are somethings Americans have to unlearn. Everyone should be held accountable, ESPECIALLY corporations. From the multi-billion dollar corporations to the multi-million dollar corporations. How do we do that? Actually make the real books and tax-forms public. All citizens are created equal, whether gay, straight, black, white, yellow, or purple. Every citizen of these United States is entitled to the same amount of Civil Rights. Every citizen of these United States has a Civic Responsibility. These responsibilities include trying to help other citizens. No one tries to help people across the street anymore, No one offers to carry someones groceries in if they are having a hard time. I see too much in the world a single mother trying to carry groceries with people outside. We care too much about the individual, that we wonder why our society has gone down the tubes. We need to start being more altruistic, we need to start helping people and not expect anything in return. We should be able to trust one another again. So what happened America, when did we become a bunch of hateful, spiteful, prats? I mean the terrorists won, and the government is not to blame. Corporations is not to blame. Religion is not to blame. Science is not to blame.
    So who is at fault?
    The Citizens.

    That’s how it was then and that’s how it was now. The citizens did not exercise their constitutional right back then and now, to stand up to the government when the government passed unconstitutional laws. It is the citizens who do not speak up against religion, when religion says another group of people do not deserve civil rights, because the religion doesn’t like the lifestyle. We are not a Christian, Jewish, Muslim or any other religious faith including Atheism Country. We are a country of people who look after each other. We are a country of people who believe every man and woman has a right to live how they want as long as it does not harm another US citizen, or anyone on US soil. We are a country that was based on those things. We are a country of Free Citizens. Freedom form oppresion of Commerce, Religion, Science, and even Government. We trust our government to make decisions, that benefit every citizen. Not just the poor, the wealthy, the rich, or the politicians. But every single citizen. Obviously they do not do this, if they did I don’t think we would be in the position we are now. And when a President starts thinking about the people he is a socialist. Why don’t you Tea Party members just say the real reason why you oppose Obama? You want the citizens to continue to be hurt by the corporations. Because your precious Capitalist system based on greed would come down around your ears. To make way for a new type of America. One that is not Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Pagan, etc. One that is not Communist or Capitalist. When we first started this nation we told the world we were a different type of government. That didn’t hold up to the test of time. A new generation is about to take the reins. And not one that thinks solely about the individual, but the country as a whole. When we abolish the no child left behind act, and stop teaching kids a test. But teach them the skills they need to succeed in College. Honestly, I haven’t had to use any type of Algebra for six years, but I see kids that just graduated high school that has to take remedial classes, because they are being taught a test and not the things they need to know. I think as long as we are considered substandard in terms of Education by the rest of the world. The politicans should get a slight pay cut to go towards Education. Or the politicans could give the special interest kickback money some of them get and put those millions of dollars into the Education Budget. If I shit in one hand and wish in another, guess which one fills up first? Which means the Citizen needs to start getting more proactive. This doesn’t mean to picket, but it means to study something that is before congress. Then write a professional sounding letter stating why that person should or should not vote for a certain issue in the Senate or House. The citizens of your state voted that person in, you can search acts and bills in the Library of Congress website. You can google for a free online legal dictionary. The citizens need to stop acting so damn moronic and start actively questioning our elected officials to their face. We need to start telling OUR REPRESENTATIVES IN THE GOVERNMENT, what our wishes are and why we think it is the best thing for the state and government. It is their job to read our mails and gauge what the citizens want. Politicans are CIVIL SERVANTS. maybe the citizens of this nation need to start realizing this and let the politicians know what the citizens want.


  16. princessxxx said

    and i quote ” They USE you for agenda and votes, and you ‘gays’ are too stupid to see it. Most Jews & Christians I know, are not for ‘gay’, or ‘gay marriage’, but we will not beat YOU. ”

    sorry jewb!tch, but you jews wrote the book on stoning gays.

    the only stupid people are the ones that believe you are “gawd’s choosen people”


  17. Ahhh….Princess…You hate Jews.. LOL!!!!!!
    I dont believe that the “Jews” are Gods chosen people, By the New Testament standards, the gentiles and non-Jews were grafted it.

    You are a Moslem. Look how you called me “JEW B*TCH” That is a NAZI Moslem.
    Poor thing. I never have stoned a ‘gay’ person in my life, however, you Moslems DO.

    And you above;

    Just because his college professor was Marxist doesn’t mean he is

    Keep telling yourself that sugar. You are mislead and brainwashed. I was taught by MY professors, and I am what they have helped make me. Stop being deluded, you are as bad as the Bush-BOTS, even worse than them.


  18. You have also shown the intolerence of the left wing against the Jewish people who paved the way for blacks AND gays.
    Jew hater, anti-semite.
    Sick, demented left wing. You stand for NOTHING, so you fall for anything.

    Again with Beck, I am not even a fan.


  19. princessxxx said


    i don’t hate jews, like i said before i hate idiots. i call you a jew b!tch, because you are a b!tch.

    you may not be a fan of beck’s but you sure do make up arguments like beck, you might as well be him.


  20. princessxxx said

    also from the jewb!tch:
    “(You militant, radical ‘gays’ that are shoving your show on our children, could roll over and croak for all I give a damn, btw.)”

    that is gay hater bullchit.

    here enjoy this:



  21. “(You militant, radical ‘gays’ that are shoving your show on our children, could roll over and croak for all I give a damn, btw.)”

    I stand by that, as do all of the conservative gays that are my friends.
    YOU are a bigoted anti-semitic Jew hating slime, that is what you are.
    You also have a supremist mentality, you stand with people that would hang gays.
    You are a murderer and a NAZI.

    You are also a very cruel male/female, you would take up for Moslems that would HANG gays.
    Thats the facts.

    You are with murderers.
    Makes YOU a murderer.
    Poor soul.
    May god spare you.


  22. “Gay” should not be taught in school to young kids, you know this, you are just a Moslem lover that wants ALL gays to be hung.

    The NAZI link is YOU.
    Shame on you!!


  23. also from the jewb!tch:

    I never called you any names, yet you stooped to the USUAL leftist spew, proving to all the readers here, left or right, that you are the bigots, haters, racists, murderers and pro-baby murderers.

    I will pray that God will have mercy on your soul, for you are doomed.

    It is ALWAYS left wingers that call the Jews;
    “Jew Bitch”
    You showed your colors.
    You are evil.


  24. Hey, hey, hey!! TMJ is good people, and you are attacking her because she is a Jew, Princess?? That is the same as the people that are attacking the Muslims, just because they are Muslims! Hypocrisy!

    TMJ is my Jewish sister, we do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle, does not mean we want to see homosexuals hung, beaten, etc. Jewish people have stood by homosexuals regardless of their behavior that we do not agree with.

    Calling someone a jewb!tch is nasty and hateful, and proves that you cannot debate without hateful anti-semitism. TMJ brought up a point that the religion of Islam hangs homosexuals, which they do. The evidence is in her blogsite from Iran and Pakistan. G-d forbid that they demand Shari’a here in the United States.

    We don’t believe that ‘all’ Muslims are jihadists, but there is no moderate Islam. The same as Christianity, when a person gets so into it, that they force their way on people. The same with left wing Jews that are forcing a perversion of “Judaism” on Americans.

    Princess: You should really try to debate without all of the bs. It makes your argument invalid.



  25. Hors Service said

    Wooo, it looks like things got out of the way^^

    Princess, stop calling TMJ even a bitch even if she is, thanks.
    And TMJ, why do you call her a Nazi muslim? Nazis were anti-homosexuals and she’s certainly not a muslim.

    People, if you would like to discuss on homosexuality, we have lots of interesting articles about it! Anyway, I will never understand why people disagree with it, it’s like disagreeing with left-handed people^^ But HERE, the subject is GLENN BECK and his opinions.

    For example, Obama is a marxist.


    Is Obama a punk-rock poet? No. There’s no more reasons for him to be a marxist. I had royalist, right-wing teachers, and I’m not a royalist. I was born and raised catholic, now I’m atheist. The people you met are just influences on you, sometimes strong, but only influences, and you always have your freedom, especially for strong-minded people, like politicians usually are.
    Come on. Be logical, if we were determined by what we were taught, nobody would make any progress.

    Oh, by the way, I never voted Obama, I’m french.


    I want to answer, but I would take lots of time, and it’s not really in the subject… But I agree with you that Citizens are usually at the basis of everything. Responsible. Germans voted for Hitler, after all…


  26. Sylvia Goldfart said

    Oy Vey…. you girls are such meshuggahs….


  27. Anonymous said

    …if only…



  28. princessxxx said



  29. @TMJ I don’t know where I would get brainwashed. Considering that my opinions is based on experiences I had in the military during the Bush Administration. I do know Obama did vote for an increase in military funding so reservists and national guardsmen could have protective vests with plating. I do know Obama actually tried to do things for those in the military that wrote him with problems. That isn’t propaganda, I had a battle buddy that wrote to Obama when he was in Congress. Guess what he did? He wrote back. It more than likely was an aide, but still. Now I got a response from Jeb Bush when he was governor, but I never got a response back from the Florida Congressman or Senator on the issue above. I also am not going to college in the traditional education system. So there isn’t too much brainwashing going on. Just learning skills I need to succeed in my chosen profession. Even if my professors started talking about personal views, I would never change my own views based on someone else’s opinion. I actually hate people that change their views based on someone changing them. To me those people are weak anyway.

    That being said Karl Marx did have a point. Capitalism is a economic system that is corrupt, and only beneficial to the rich and powerful. History tells us that Socialism has been used as a form of controlling a countries population. (Stalin’s USSR, China, Cuba, and Nazi Germany all examples of this.) I mean socialism is a good idea, it just will never happen as written. This is because a countries leader WILL NEVER give power to the people that allows the people to overturn that decision. America has simularities with a democratic republic, Capitalism, and Socialism. Based on the Constitution, the citizens should have enough power to override any unconstitutional decision made by congress. This is done by voting. The problem is the citizens do not do this. That is when the corrupt politicians like those that thrived in the Bush Administration get power. Now look at the people trying to squash Obama’s Promises. Most of them were the corrupt yes men that allowed the Bush Administration to allow the terrorists to win, and take away American Citizens Rights at the same time. What I am telling everybody is NOT TO DRINK THE KOOL-AID, IT WILL KILL US ALL. What does that mean? Do your own research and don’t let the propaganda of Faux News, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, etc. Check the facts through bipartisan ways. factcheck.org is set up to set apart the BS Propaganda from the truth. There are other sites as well. TMJ, you can keep your Propaganda follow it and fail. Anyone who blindly follows the propaganda you fail. You fail as an American Citizen, You Fail as a person, and you fail in Epic ways. If you want to have an INTELLIGENT conversation that’s fine. But so far you have failed to show any Intelligence passed a sad brainwashed person drawn in by propaganda. I will not take anyone seriously who takes the CHILD KILLING propaganda of the Nation of Isreal and the Nation of Palistine.


  30. Wyndee said

    what I’m wondering is TMJ, do you honestly think God will listen to you?? I mean really? After your judgement? This is *exactly* why the Bible says Gods name is blasphemed… Rom 2:24


  31. princessxxx said

    why thank you supermodel wyndee. glad to see you are still around. i probably shouldn’t have been so harsh, but i get so angry at supposed people of god being so downright nasty.
    you have always been nice even when we don’t agree.


  32. Hors Service said


    Socialism is not Communism^^ Although they have a lot of links, they’re not the same: Socialism is basically Welfare State, it’s liberalism with high taxes.

    Will discuss the rest later… Maybe… I’m so tired these days…


  33. Princess, you ARE nasty.

    And TMJ, why do you call her a Nazi muslim? Nazis were anti-homosexuals and she’s certainly not a muslim.

    (When people call me “Jew BITCH” I have an odd way of retaliating… how stupid of me, I should be more like the Jews in Germany and let her sh*t on me.)

    The SS were homosexuals, google it up.

    I couldnt give a rats ass for Beck, he is a liberal.


  34. Ahhhhh, put ME on comment mod…and let the ‘princess’ call me JEW BITCH..
    TYPICAL leftists.

    I wont be back, dont worry.

    NO mosque at G. Zero, and NO to ‘gay’ marriage.


  35. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    September 3, 2010 at Friday, September 3, 2010


  36. Wyndee

    Sorry YOU have a problem with the word of GOD which is FOREVER:

    Leviticus Chapter 18
    כב וְאֶת-זָכָר–לֹא תִשְׁכַּב, מִשְׁכְּבֵי אִשָּׁה: תּוֹעֵבָה, הִוא. 22
    Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind; it is abomination.

    The name of God is “Blasphemed’ because people like yourself, Wyndee, WATER IT DOWN.


  37. Wyndee said

    I understand you are trying to defend yourself to the names you were called, and if P was claiming christian I would have brought that to attention as well.

    also, funny you judged me too… leftist? not quite. 😉


  38. princessxxx said

    wyndee, you do rock. i know we don’t agree on a lot of things, but you really do try to live the word, good for you. i respect you for that. remember how nasty i was to you and you never once attacked me? that shows to me a person that loves god enough to return that same love to me. as jesus would. i wish there were more like you.

    are you and your son still doing the karate judo thing?

    i think the mad jewess is just that…mad. as in “insane”


  39. Wyndee said

    well thank you. I just see good in you wether you do or not 😛

    He was in Taek Won Do, and want to go back in but we havnt had time/$. I have been off work coz I had a baby girl 😀 The baby Papa promised me in 2 yrs came in 2 years, 4 mo and 13 days 😉 shes *perfect* -no joke- Papa went all out

    theres good in everyone, including madjew


  40. Actually TMJ is not insane, just indoctrinated with pro Israel propaganda. To my knowledge no where in the Torah or Talmud condones blowing your children up to kill people of other faiths and nationalities. Yet children of the Israel side of Jerusalem, know what it is like to kill someone and how to clean, disassemble, fire, and troubleshoot an AK-47. The Muslim kids know this too. Israel is just as guilty of committing terrorism as an Islamic Terrorist group. I mean both sides use the same exact tactics. Who is impacted more? Obviously not the bombers, but the families of the victims and the survivors. It is all about hate over there. TMJ, you really are not helping anything. Because in my eyes the Mossad are just as bad as Al Qaeda members. The Mossad are not known for taking prisoners, even though the original goal of the group was to hunt down and bring in War Criminals from Nazi Germany. Sometimes their detainees did not survive the trip. They didn’t stop at just those who willingly believed in the propaganda, they targeted anyone who ever wore a Nazi German Uniform. Not taking into account, that the German Army was not comprised of volunteers. During the invasion of France, there were deserters. Members of the German Army that was in the Army long before Hitler came to power. Most of those deserters went to fight with the allies. Some went to Poland, and other areas that Hitler conquered after France. The sad part is the Mossad went after the defectors. The Mossad is nothing but a bunch of thugs. Just like Al’ Qaeda. Yet to point these things out, those that Now I say these thing for you to understand my point. Unlike you I am not indoctrinated with any propaganda. I am not ignorant to what happens over there. I have seen what Radical Extremists from both side do. I have to say in 99.99% of the case, a lot of the Insurgent attacks in 2003-2004 were against civilians to spread a completely untrue anti-american propaganda. All to justify to themselves reasons why they used children as living claymore mines. Islam and Judaism really in my eyes are one and the same. One group just speaks Arabic, while the other speaks Hebrew.

    Some more facts for you. Islamic leaders when they spread their propaganda, they say that Israel and “Zionists” are the ones pushing that homosexuality is acceptable. When people brainwashed in Israel hears that it is Muslim propaganda. This is a war that has been going on since pretty much the beginning of recorded history. Unfortunately, the real reasons why Islam and Judaism is fighting has been lost to time. Both cultures unquestioningly hate each other, and both cultures expect their sides to be supported. I think the world needs to stop listening to the Radical Muslim whining about the Jews and Zionists. And the Radicals that belong to the Judaism, need to stop whining about “Muslim Propaganda”. Because both sides sound like a mix between one of those crazy homeless conspiracy theorists and little five year old children. I say to the two oldest ethnic groups in the world, grow the fuck up. Shake hands and live like civilized people, and not like animals. Because honestly, neither group ever really tried. Every peace treaty is broken by either Israel or Palestine, usually because one of them stabs the other in the back.


  41. Hors no Communism is not Socialism..but a socialist economy usually leads to Communism. Some where down the road. Both systems will inevidably crash, and both systems will crash under its own weight.


  42. By both systems I mean socialism and capitalism.+


  43. Hors Service said


    “.but a socialist economy usually leads to Communism.”

    I think you’re really confusing: socialism is economically liberal. I mean, I’m living under something americans would call “socialism”, and we’re for sure not close to loose our freedom of speech:)
    I kind of think that communism and capitalism are both extremes that should be avoided in real situation, and a mixture of both is preferable.


    I also warned princess. I don’t like people insulting other people while debatting, thanks. So TMJ, please be more intelligent, and stop calling to Godwin Point (“nazis nazis nazis!”), it’s the internet, it’s not real life. She insults you? Then what? You insult back?

    Also, nazis sent homosexuals to camps, wearing a pink triangle. Some SS were homosexuals, but denied it in public. Nazis were crazy hypocrites, we do agree.

    Yeah, and Leviticus also said that you shouldn’t have any business with a woman that has menstruations, and a awful lot of stupid things. So if It’s written in some Holy Book doesn’t mean it’s good, think by yourself. You do good things because they’re good, not because it’s written in the Bible. At least to me, you should.


  44. princessxxx said

    congratulations wyndee, that’ great. and hors, yes, i’m the queen of nasty insults. i’m a big lenny bruce fan.

    and yes, it’s funny how when you hear about the holocoust these days, it seems that the gays are conveniently left out. i wonder why? jews weren’t the only ones being tossed into the easy bake oven.

    tmj is unamerican, she should return to the “promised holy land” where she can lob grenades at her palestenian neighbor’s kids. maybe that will make her happy. (and she should take her tacky hats with her)


  45. Hors Service said

    It’s also something very common among those who deny the genocide. Their goal is to insult Jews, but in the meantime, they also insults gays, deaf, blinds, congenital idiots, gypsies, patriots, political disagreers, religious people… And nazis where planning to send in the Slavs after they finished the Jews.
    Basically, nazis were aiming to send everyone not fitting the “racial perfection” to industrial death.


  46. dorian said

    i can get past the name calling but intolerance of other religions and lifestyles, etc.. shows shortsightedness and plain ole’ bigotry. you can be accepting of others’ beliefs whether you are christian, muslim, jew, atheist, etc… humane thought and actions do not follow any particular code or edict written on a book.


  47. princessxxx said

    i.m not intolerant of religions, i’m intolerant of haters that cloak themselves in religion. i’ve been called fa88ot a million times and threatened to have the life beat out of me numerous times. by “religious” people. i am the militant homosexual that the madcowjewess said “can just roll over and die”

    dorain you are so full of zen, you lead a zenfull lifestyle. you should go to your nearest catholic church and confess your zens. maybe you will be forgiven. say 20 “smell mary’s”

    is that offensive? no, but i will show you what is.


  48. princessxxx said


  49. princessxxx said


  50. princessxxx said

    60 people showed up for his “sermon”, half of them journalists, well one thing for sure, bill keller is no glenn beck. hahahahahh.


  51. princessxxx said


    ooops i forgot the link


  52. Wyndee said

    So Hors you say “You do good things because they’re good, not because it’s written in the Bible. At least to me, you should”

    so, who determines whats “good”??? ourselves?
    what if i think eating brains are good? they taste yummy, and i think its right so whatever to you if you dont!

    thats crazy to think that mankind can decide whats ‘good’ for us. that would be like me saying my 7 y.o. can decide whats ‘good’ for himself, w/o my parental input. even tho i have life experience & wisdom. not likely. where do you think he would end up? dead probably without my guidance.

    why would a creator, make something so complex, and then just leave it to govern itself?


  53. princessxxx said

    or in my case, why would the creator make someone so gorgeous, and so few mirrors to admire myself?

    wyndee, how about those bill keller videos, certainly you don’t find that christian. i know that you know better than that. 8)


  54. Wyndee said

    haha- actually I didnt watch them 😉
    I’m not his biggest fan 😛


  55. Careful, you don’t want to break any of those mirrors.

    Or begin to age ugly, because of the amount of cynicism you hold in your heart.


  56. princessxxx said

    f u duma$$


  57. Point?


    Have a NICE day!!!! 🙂


  58. princessxxx said


  59. Hors Service said


    “So Hors you say “You do good things because they’re good, not because it’s written in the Bible. At least to me, you should”

    so, who determines whats “good”??? ourselves?”

    Exactly. That’s what being an adult is all about. For me, for example, I think that what’s good is what reduce human suffering at maximum on the long term.

    “what if i think eating brains are good? they taste yummy, and i think its right so whatever to you if you dont!”

    There’s people who eat brains. I eat brains. Delicious. But I’m sure you meant human brains;) So, to answer to this question, according to me the second point is not hurting others, because we are social beings. Therefore we need to restrain our freedom by putting some laws, that should be superior (in the general case) to notions of “good” and “evil”.

    “thats crazy to think that mankind can decide whats ‘good’ for us. that would be like me saying my 7 y.o. can decide whats ‘good’ for himself, w/o my parental input. even tho i have life experience & wisdom. not likely. where do you think he would end up? dead probably without my guidance.”

    Yes, but we are adults. That’s totally different. So we are supposed to be experienced enough to understand why good is good and bad is bad. Before, we are supposed to be learning. So yes we can decide what’s good for ourselves (as a group). But we are human, so we make mistakes.

    “why would a creator, make something so complex, and then just leave it to govern itself?”

    Then why would a creator make something so complex in the first place? There are so much unresolved questions in religion, one more or one less…
    But furthermore, I remind you that God left us free. Therefore, I guess (but that’s my private opinion), that if He exists, He wants us to understand, in depth, what’s good and what’s evil. To save ourselves. If not, If He really wanted us to obey, He could just have forced us. And also, the Bible is all metaphorical: If He wanted to govern us, He would have left a code.

    And, in definitive, if you take for absolute everything that’s written in a Holy Book, then just read the Leviticus, and begin to stone gays.

    (I’m atheist -moderate-, and I have a morality.)


  60. dorian said

    hello all – i agree with hors. we ourselves determine what is good. not what’s good for everyone else, but ourselves.
    mt. 7:12 – the golden rule, should cover it for all, not only christians, and not because “it is written” but because it just makes “good” sense.

    i tolerate religion but those who proselytize and become self righteous? annoying. now wyndee with the smiley face, she’s awright.

    princess, i’ll get you more mirrors for christmas. how’s life on huffpo?


  61. Princessxxx said

    life on huffpo is great, i’ve got 95 friends and was just upgraded to a level 1 superuser.

    i miss you, tough.

    steven weber thanked me for my input and called kay a b00b, twice. he thinks she’s an idiot, i wonder why?


  62. princessxxx said



  63. Wyndee said

    Sorry Hors I have had *no* time to respond. I did find it interesting tho that you say to read Lev and stone gays, only because usually the arugement is that the Bible doesn’t say being gay is wrong. I didn’t realize you don’t believe God exists. Thats makes me sad. You have no idea what you’re missing.


  64. Hors Service said


    Yes I know what I’m missing, I believed until I was approx 11 years old… But don’t worry, I’m a nice and not-very-sure atheist, I even have my own conception of Faith and what God might be if He exists, so I like debating on the subject^^


  65. Wyndee said

    I see. 🙂 So, where do you get your own conception of God? How would you know if you were right or not??


  66. Hors Service said

    From reading and thinking and debating^^ Just like everyone else:p I guess the only way to know if I’m right or wrong in the end would be when I will die.

    My guess is that nothing will happen (just consciousness blink out, like when you’re asleep), but if there is really a heaven, then this will be an interesting new experience! Hopefully, it won’t really shake anything deep in me, since I just believe that No God is more probable, and the rest of my beliefs aren’t related to that.

    And if He exist, I’m of the opinion that He will judge me on the basis of my acts and my thoughts, not based on my belief in Him or not, so I’m safe:p Although Kay disagree on the subject^^


  67. Enkill_Eridos said

    Hors it sounds like you’re more of an agnostic than an athiest.


  68. Hors Service said


    An agnostic would really have no opinion about it, but I do believe that there’s no God. So I think I fall in the category “atheist”, but as you know, for each ideology there are different levels of conviction:)


  69. Wyndee said

    well Hors, why are you ok with finding out when its too late? Hoping God will judge you based on actions that are standardized by you is a little nieve to me. I mean, what if youre wrong, and the Bible is right, and its too late to change that. was God unfair for judging you based on what he said? Will it be his fault you decided in your own mind that its ok to think whats believable in your own mind? I mean really, is God so small that you can explain him w/ your human brain?? Not understanding everything is expected. I know for sure because I have seen the power of God in my own life. MY arm grew out. I was healed of a disease that the doctors diagnosed me with that made me unable to have kids. I have a 5mo old baby! My son was healed of asthma, my marriage was restored. My husbands business continues to grow in this economy. not to mention the several times we have gotten a word for someone which was *exactly* what they have been asking God for. how would I know that about someone otherwise?? i guess 1 or 2 things could be called coinscience, but not all that and i know its not.


  70. Hors Service said

    It’s written in the Bible that we have to stone gays, therefore the Bible is clearly wrong on that point^^ If the Bible is right on this, and if God really said that, if it’s necessary to follow blindly what’s written rather than think for yourself according to the context, if Believing in the Christian Him And His Son is the only way to get salvation, even if you acted good, then I prefer to be damned to Hell. 🙂
    I don’t pretend to understand what God is, or what God wants, but what I can know for sure with my limited understanding and comprehension is that one shouldn’t stone gays. I don’t think it’s humanly possible to get the whole picture, because God is far greater than our understanding. But I still have conscience and a moral that allows me to deal with my little world.(That’s also why I think every I-am-right-the-others-are-wrong religions are misleading: if God exist, God is greater than any words we can write, greater than any idea we can have, greater than Science, and that doesn’t mean that the Holy Books, theology, and Science, are wrong, but they are just parts of a greater truth, who is irreducible to books, ideas, or scientific facts.)
    You’ll also find out when it will be too late:) Or, rather, according to me, not find out, because death is a non-conscious state:)
    I don’t hope that God will judge me according to my rules, but I hope that He will be fair. I don’t think anyone can know the rules for sure (Holy Books are more general guides, basics, guidelines than a strict code.), but I’m trying to guess what is to be good and fair, and I hope that I will have guessed mostly right in the end. Even I, sometimes, don’t abide to my own principles and rules, and then I have regrets or guilt. That’s called having a conscience^^

    Oh, I don’t say that Belief doesn’t work! Miracles DO happen. I just don’t give a religious explanation to them.;)
    Placebo effect, Hope, Moral Strengh, Belief gives what is necessary to achieve one’s goal! And it works! For some purposes at least.
    Your. arm. grew. out. For example, that’s something I have believed couldn’t happen with faith alone. Your arm was cut, and then it grew back?! Is that right?
    Hmm, also, how many times have you praised the Lord in vain? Did you counted? Also, if I take for example my own life, I have a rather good (I would even add VERY good) life, although I am not perfectly happy (that’s something I envy believers for^^), with often some wonderful coincidences, but I am atheist. Strange? And also, there are billions of people out there that do not believe in the Christian God or even in the Abrahamic God, but have still a wonderful life? Although I don’t have the statistics to back it up (which is bad), I think that the proportion of happiness is approx. the same in, for example, Japan, that has a very large proportion of atheists.


  71. Wyndee said

    I’m not saying you *have* to have God to be successful, or happy. Joy under any circumstance only comes from God. My arm was a couple inches shorter than the other causing lots of back problems and such, I was seeing docs and my spiritual Daddy was about to pray and said “Jesus” and my arm shot out. It was A-MAZING!
    well, not only do I not look forward to hell, I mean, I dont even look forward to a bad hair day let alone hell. if I think my bad days are hard to deal with, i cant imagine eternity w/o Gods presence at all….. but – I look forward to being in Gods presence for the rest of eternity. I have had a taste of his presence and been so overwhelmed and cant even wait to sit on his lap!!

    I admit, it *kills* me to read that and imagine it for you and I dont even know you. not only b/c I dont want that for anyone, but more because God paid such a heavy price to cover our sin and make a way for us to have a connection with him. and you are an awesome person. i barely know you and what I know is smart, and fun, and I can tell you are doing what you can to just be a good person. but I can barely read that w/o balling.

    if I disappear, its because I sometimes need a break from the reality of how blinded ppl are to the reality of God.


  72. Enkill_Eridos said

    @Hors I made my comment based on recent comments. I did not remember you ever saying you do not believe in God. And this is the definition of Agnostic I was using.

    a person who holds that the existence of the ultimate cause, as god, and the essential nature of things are unknown and unknowable, or that human knowledge is limited to experience.

    As much as you have shared with us, I thought that described you closer than the definition of an Atheist.


  73. dorian said

    hello all!

    e.e – impression i got on hors was that he was agnostic rather than atheist also.
    not to get off topic but hors, did you hear about the “blind tasting” that was done with wine just recently? california wine was chosen by the expert wine tasters as best over all. i always thought northern california should secede from southern california.
    glenn beck is an idiot who’s good in making money.

    wyndee – keep the faith, baby! and while we’re at it, can you help me pray for my san francisco giants…
    prayers work for me too.


  74. Hors Service said

    In backwards order


    I’m disappointed, I don’t like wine:) I know it’s hard for a french guy, but I don’t drink wine. I have tried, tasted, experimented, been the deception of my father on that point, I just don’t like alcohol. Nothing personal against it, just the taste. But I love cheese and snails:)
    Nevertheless, I know that californian wines have attracted a lot of attention for quite a few years, and i’m not surprised that finally they get the recognition they deserve. But if I may have a remark, in France the thing is that you have a lot of delicious wines of very various tastes and origins (so they say), and that’s its variety that makes the french culinary scene reputation, associated with the good quality of the products.

    @E_E and dorian
    Well, I don’t feel hurt, no problem^^ I don’t believe in God or any purpose-based design of the universe, and I think that the essential nature of things is knowable, although extremely difficult to get (and maybe not knowable to standard humans, but rather knowable in nature). But I think that, considering the State of the Art science at the moment, the God hypothesis is a valid one. I hope that you get the point:) I try to doubt as much as possible of my own hypothesis, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some:) Anyway, that’s not the subject.


    Gosh, I’m flattered! Really, that’s some very sweet words. Your relationship with God makes me practically want to believe myself. The kind of quiet, strong, loving belief that is refreshing and a light for those around. It’s a pleasure to have these kind of religious around! Much more efficient than the fear-god-ye-sinners of Kay, if I may be authorised to make personal attacks behind the backs of people:)
    I don’t look forward to hell myself too, frankly. I think and hope that God will be forgiving if He really exists;)

    Anyway, back to the subject, people?


  75. Enkill_Eridos said

    Glenn Beck is an idiot that does what his puppeteers (producers) at Fox News tells him to. And that’s all I have to say about that…


  76. dorian said

    beck will feed the hate and incite violent behavior in gullible people. not a good thing.

    i’d rather read about wyndee’s love and faith for her God anytime.

    e_e’s ideals are very noble indeed. it’s easy to get bitter and disappointed at times but i think you will keep those ideals. just continue what you’re doing to spread awareness.

    hors is getting me hungry. i’ll have to have cheese and snails this week-end.

    glenn beck is a good actor.

    princess and kay still hobnobbing with the celebs in huffpo?


  77. Wyndee said

    so Dorian, how’d the Giants do? 😛


  78. dorian said

    wyndee, they just won 3-0 today. they’re leading the series 2-1. still a long way to go. just gotta keep believin. i’ll be hanging out around the stadium Friday, i’m hoping they will be clinching that day.
    happy orange people all over san francisco today.

    so what’s glenn beck up to these days? having tea with sarah?


  79. http://www.cracked.com/article_18458_6-subtle-ways-news-media-disguises-bullshit-as-fact_p2.html?fb_ref=articles_p1&fb_source=home_multiline

    This article is funny yet so true


  80. Hors Service said


    Quoting http://wondermark.com/

    what they didn’t know was that Glenn Beck’s NEW book came out the same day.

    “…Our books are ALWAYS #1. And I find it REALLY fascinating, FASCINATING, that if you go to Amazon.com, Broke is number THREE… And then, the #1 book—TODAY at least—is Machine of Death. And it’s collected stories about, you know, people who know how they’re gonna die. Haowww! … This is the left, I think, speaking. This is the left. You want to talk about where we’re headed? We’re headed towards a culture of death. A culture that, um, celebrates the things that have destroyed us.” —Glenn Beck, upset that some bootstrapping entrepreneurs bumped his book from #1 on its release day.
    The Glenn Beck Radio Program, October 27, 2010

    I know the webcartoonists that made that! And I’ve ordered their book! It’s sooo wonderful! Read the story! I can’t wait to read it!

    Glenn Beck: he is imaginative in his stupidity.


  81. Kay said

    Hi Hors…so, how’s that book doing now? Glenn Beck writes a book about how the left is quickly taking this country to the “poor house”… kind of like what’s happening with your country.. and you think he’s “stupid”? Yeah, read the book about death.. much better choice.


  82. Kay, as far as fiction goes. The Machine of Death is a much better book. Glenn Beck’s book is entertaining, as in how can people believe these obvious lies.

    Our unemployment rate started going up when the Right started granting tax-cuts so American companies can manufacture, run call centers, etc. Overseas, with no tariffs on the product that is made overseas. Plus it was the Right that invaded Iraq, we didn’t preserve law and order. That and considering that Civilian Contractors did exactly what many service members jobs, and they were payed a lot more than the service members. Invading and staying in Iraq cost us 1.7 trillion a day. And it is the left that is driving us to the poor house. Also the left started the Tarp Bailout, it just wasn’t enacted untill the next administration. I think it is really funny that when the left makes a mistake, we say it is our fault. But when the right makes a mistake, it must be the left’s fault. Glenn Beck does nothing more than spread lies, against a Constitutional America. Because in the Constitution the citizens have supreme power through voting and petitions over the House, Senate, and the Presidential Administration. Republicans would like to tell you differently.


  83. Hors Service said


    Yep, exactly, in France at the moment the leftists are the dumb ones, and in France I am being called a right-wing fascist. Hey, looks like there’s no “good” side! How interesting! So things are not Black and White after all, and something that might do good when used with moderation can do harm when used in excess? How surprised I am.
    Maybe you should start to take into account that I’m not from the “left” either. Our strikes are like your Tea Parties, only ours wants more State.

    Yeah, the book is about short stories about a machine that tells people how they are going to die. It’s supposed to be hilarious and deep at the same time, I’ve read some a bit and it’s exactly that. I’ve ordered it, can’t wait til it’s here! If I want Glenn Beck to tell me how evil the left is, I just need one of his adverts. But if I want to think about the absurdity of life while entertaining myself, I buy a real book.


    Agreed. But I can’t really comment on internal american policies…


  84. Hors Service said

    By the way, welcome back, Kay:)

    I was just commenting on the particular subject of his stupidity towards a book that beat his. Which was plain hurt ego.


  85. Hors, seriously? Here’s a summary of what is going on in Washington politics. The left wants to change things, so the government is more about the people and less for the rich as it should be. The right wants things to stay the same and quite frankly it is unconstitutional to give more the the rich while the middle and poor working class gets the shaft. I mean middle and the poor need tax-cuts. Yet the Republicans (majority they make up the right.) doesn’t want the middle and poor classes to get the same thing as the rich. This is evident with what is currently going on. The Republicans want the Bush-era tax cuts for the rich. The left thinks the rich should be taxed more and the middle and poor should be the ones with the tax-cuts. In the past 10 years, by actions which is really the only real truth in the world, the Republicans (right) have done a lot to drive this country into the poor house. Of course every decision just so happens to favor the rich at the expense of the middle and poor classes.


  86. Oh and by the way, I feel there is something wrong with a person spending millions of dollars for a political campaign. That really doesn’t give me confidence in these politicians.


  87. Kay said

    Hi EE… What about the 600 Billion the Fed is putting into the economy which devalues our dollar?


    and this..


    Those who pull the strings on the left (Soros as one example) think we NEED to devalue the dollar. Ultimately, they do want to bring us down and establish a one world *liberal* government.


  88. Kay said

    Hi Hors.. thanks for the “welcome back”. That book actually sounds interesting.. it would probably make a great movie too (prediction) … I’m just pointing out that what Glenn is doing is more important. and I agree that Glenn’s ego was probably hurt but at the same time, he is right.. the left ultimately don’t get it… “A culture that, um, celebrates the things that have destroyed us.”

    “Yep, exactly, in France at the moment the leftists are the dumb ones, and in France I am being called a right-wing fascist.”

    I’m glad you recognize that more government is not the answer.. but.. based on our past exchanges… your “right wing” designation from your fellow countryment is still far.. FAAAARRR from being a right winger here. The right wing here.. IS the good *right* side… 🙂


  89. Princessxxx said

    kams, after being banned from the huffpo, in her typical dishonest fashion, has signed on as someone else called opine-er and is spouting the same inane drivel she always does.

    what an ignorant liar she is. so caught up in whatever glenn beck tells her. what an idiot.


  90. What Glenn Beck is doing is wrong. Civil Rights belong to every citizen. And anyone that talks about race, is a biggot. Science has proven that different colors of skin DOES NOT make a different race of human. But you know what who is talking about this? No one, why because if we started treating everyone the exact same NO ONE PROFITS. The ACLU, and other “Civil Rights” organizations are in it for the money. This country is so freaking corrupt it is rotten to the core. I don’t trust any of these dirty people. The few people that are clean the dirty ones try to make look bad.

    You know what really devalues the American Dollar? Go visit India, where you will find AMERICAN JOBS there. What devalues our American dollar is the stagnation of scientific breakthroughs. What devalues our dollar is corruption and greed, such as laws that allow big corporations to operate overseas, but treated as American corporations. You mean the 600 billion that the Bush Administration okay-ed?

    This country IS NOT a capitalist country. This country is supposed to be a free-market economy, that gives more benefits to small businesses than to big corporations. The rich like you don’t want this country to be what it should. Right now, I am starting to think anyone who supports and defends our current party system, and our current government (From Nixon to this point.) Those that think special interest group leaders should not be put in prison. Those that think politicians that accept bribes should not go to prison. All of these people are a threat to the constitution and America. I love this country, the saddest part is that to get a good carrer. I am going to have to move to Denmark, Germany, China, Japan, Poland, or France. I blame those that allow the corruption, to vote for things that favor the big corporations, but in the long run screw over the citizens. The citizens are the most important part of American government, not the politicians. It is retards, that support our corrupt system, like those that are apart of the tea party movement that are a domestic threat to the American way of life.


  91. Princessxxx said



  92. Not to mention that it was the conservatives that allowed the terrorists to win. Before you say no they didn’t think about it. A terrorist attacks not just physically but mentally as well. The goal of terrorism, is to strike fear into the hearts of your victims. Evidently, with all of the extra unconstitutional “security” measures the Bush Administration employed, and the fact we really haven’t caught Osama Bin Laden or his corpse (I think he died a year or two after 9/11 considering reports he was connected to a dialysis machine. And the so-called tapes released after the 9/11 tape that took credit of the incident. Even then it is disputed that is actually Osama bin Laden.) The hatred that we have seen towards AMERICAN MUSLIMS, which I must also point out that there are a lot of American Muslims in different military service branches. The guys I have met want groups like Al Qaeda eradicated, because it gives them a bad name. It is really funny that Conservatives try as much as possible to keep the fear going. Thus allowing the terrorists to live rent-free in your head. Thus their mission and goal was accomplished. That and after 9/11 that was the start of our economic troubles. We didn’t fully feel the effects, because the previous president’s budget plan gave us a surplus. Which was gone within a month after the invasion of Iraq. So yea, the goal was achieved. We the citizens allowed it to happen. The reason why these guys hate us is not because of our politicians, but the power the constitution gives the citizens. Which looking at the culture of the middle east, is something unheard of over there.


  93. Hors Service said


    While I disagree on your opinion on the party system, I will answer on the proper post, and I totally agree with your opinion of terrorism.
    Glenn Beck tells you to be afraid of muslims, that this is a war? Then the terrorists have won. All extremists wants a war.


    “Ultimately, they do want to bring us down and establish a one world *liberal* government.”

    Well, how can you say that? Does is rely on anything solid? In France, the left wants more autonomy for the regions, how do you fit that in your global conspiracy?

    “I’m just pointing out that what Glenn is doing is more important.”

    You, yes, but not Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck is just hurt that his book doesn’t sells

    “and I agree that Glenn’s ego was probably hurt”


    “he is right..”

    But it has nothing to do with the book. Machine of Death is even a glorious example of what individuals can do, without the support of anyone.

    “the left ultimately don’t get it… “A culture that, um, celebrates the things that have destroyed us.””

    What, exactly? Freedom of speech? The protection of the ill and the elderly? The care for the poor? and “destroyed us”, when exactly? If the USA superpower is in danger today, it’s just because the poor countries are catching up, which is normal, don’t you think, and also the americans are using 5 times more ressources than the planet can sustain, and they’re in debt to everyone else in the world.

    “I’m glad you recognize that more government is not the answer..”

    No, I’m not doing that. I’m not sayong that more gov IS the answer. I think that my opinion is not reducible to one of this sentences, and everything depends on the circonstances and the context. In France, I think we need a better control of the norms set by the state, and a reduction of the administrative papers, a vast simplification of the stuff. In the US, I think you need more control of the state on the economy an stricter rules, especially for finance and pharmaceutics.

    “but.. based on our past exchanges… your “right wing” designation from your fellow countryment is still far.. FAAAARRR from being a right winger here.”

    Yes I know^^

    “The right wing here.. IS the good *right* side…”

    There’s no absolute “good” and “wrong” when you speak of politics. Farther than our right, there’s the old regime lovers, anticapitalist and anticommunist at the same time.


  94. Hors, When has there ever been a president in recent history, or even a preisdential debate with every single American Presidential Candidate. The amount of money that the Democrats and Republicans are throwing away to ensure that only the Democrats and Republicans get elected is sickening. I am saying that if we get rid of these two organized systems, which are useless since the citizens have access to everything that goes through congress, and the state legislation via the internet. If the citizens took half of thier farmville, wow, porn, or whatever thing they use the internet time and used it to actually read and come to an understanding of these laws. Then the intelligent decision making needed to run a country. (which it is the CITIZENS responsibility that the United States is run correctly. This is done through petitions and voting.) This is what most people do not get. The president is nothing more than a figure-head and the top of the military chain of command. The Senate can overturn a veto, and the citizens vote can overturn both the decisions made in the Senate, and Congress. Just because they are reprsentitives, does not mean they are in control. Thier job is to decide on arbitrary matters, and leave the things that impact the country as a whole to the citizens. This is what the Constitution of the United States provides. The Constitution not only tells the bill of rights, but it also tells us citizens role in government. The reason why I am against the party system, is because it is corruptable. While individuals are still corruptable, without a party line we have to learn what each party is really about, and who we can pick. In the past this was impossible. If you told our founding fathers that we would be able to sit and a desk and talk to someone in France and see thier face. Well they would say that is impossible. We have come so far since 1776. We can now be the country the founding fathers meant the US to be, and not the country it is today.


  95. I love how Comedy Central makes fun of Conservatives. I just watched the daily show and the puppy mill thing was funny. The basic punchline was, forcing puppy mills to treat their dogs more humanely is seen as a step towards communism. I lol’ed


  96. Hors Service said

    E_E, I would like to discuss the party system with you, but I can’t find a proper post where to do that (here is supposed to be Glenn Beck’s exclusive^^)

    Could you make a subject, or could you direct me to the proper one? Thxs!


  97. This post isn’t supposed to be Glenn Beck exclusive, I don’t care if we get off topic. Just as long as it is political. I would rather keep the philosophical/religious debates away from political debates. Since how the current party system is set up is a big part of Glenn Beck’s view and the rest of the Tea Party. I have no objection to it. I do have an objection to comments becoming creationism vs. evolution when the topic has nothing to do with that.


  98. The page a primer on government is also an appropriate place for the party system debate if you want to start fresh. This kind of thing is what keeps society current and the only I feel we can progress as a society as a race (I mean all human beings. As skin color does not cause any variation in DNA..therefore I do not believe that color of skin makes a person a different race of person. I feel this charactarization is very retarded and sets the fight for ALL human beings to be treated equally i.e. the Civil Rights movement back atleast 50 years.)


  99. Princessxxx said

    kay is an idiot. steven weber has now told her to go away 18 times.yet she continues to stalk him.



  100. Wyndee said

    KAY!!!!!!!!!!! I came back and you’re here!!!!! I seriously cant keep up with all you guys are talking about. I feel like a child when I read it. Where, seriously, do you guys get the time??? Thats what I want to know!!! 😛 You’re killin me!!! Maybe I just spend my time differently. IDK!


  101. Princessxxx said

    hahah, kams profile and comments were deleted from the huffpo for a second time.


  102. dorian said

    hi all!
    re. glenn beck and the tea party, my friends in western europe ask me this: “do some americans really believe what they say?” they think it’s just political satire, like saturday night live. when i say “some do”, they say “well, there are stupid people everywhere but thank god they are but a few.” i say ditto.
    and poor obama, they say. they can’t understand why there are some against him.
    i told them to check out fox news. they still think it’s comedy.

    i see nothing much has changed during the month i was gone. grateful that jerry brown beat out rich repuglican meg whitman for gov. of california. incredible how those rich ones will waste hundreds of $$ of their money on their campaigns and include state overspending and joblessness on their platforms….they think voters are stupid. oh well, time for more rocky road ice cream.


  103. Princessxxx said

    gone? you were gone?


  104. Kay said

    Hi Dorian.. welcome back. Okay… your European friends, I’m guessing, are ‘twentyish’ and most likely just got done protesting their govt’s necessary decisions to stop giving entitlements because there is nothing left to fund those entitlements… it’s basic math. Now who’s stupid again??


  105. dorian said

    hello kay – the friends are ‘late fortyish’ and ‘fiftysh’ and happy with what they have (in spite of berlusconi). happy they have free healthcare and have the option of advanced education. they do not understand why anyone would not want those privileges from government. they do not understand why a country like ours, so advanced technologically, is so against progress in society. in other words, backwards. the concurring opinions come from a wide spectrum of people – working class and professional. they don’t understand why rich idiots in media suits are being taken seriously by some americans.


  106. What ‘entitlements’ are you referring to? Like government funded healthcare? Which is broken, because we have a special tax taken out for it but only the poor and elderly can use it. Since everyone that works a job that takes out taxes has to pay for it, those same people should be eligible. That’s exactly what the Healthcare Reform Act of 2009 does. Or how about the middle class getting higher taxes, while the rich get lower taxes. This should seem very backwards to anyone. If you pay for healthcare through your social security taxes, then you should be eligible what you are paying for. As opposed to paying for healthcare for just the poor and elderly, forcing you to pay an outrageous price (especially if you have a pre-existing condition.) for the same thing you are paying the government to provide. I am guessing you have read his new book “Broke.” Which is a steaming pile of crap, it has pseudo-economics that anyone who has actually taken a college level economics class can find the holes in his logic. The thing that still makes me chuckle is when he says Bush didn’t spend enough. But he neglects to put out the figures that the average soldier made, and what the average civilian contractor. A majority of which, surprise were apart of the company that the Vice President was CEO of. Before you start saying I don’t know the process that the government uses to select the contractors. I really do, it is based on who will do the job for the lowest price. I will tell you a secret, the civilian contractors made a significant amount more than the military. A lot of those contractors did things the military has a specific job for. So the government paid for one to do nothing, and the other to do that same job. There is a problem when someone in the military says “Why should I have to do that? When I have civilian contractors.” One of the ‘entitlements’ Beck talked about was education benefits. Because a citizen getting an education, is not beneficial to America. Considering that a majority of our labor jobs have been shipped overseas, and almost all that remains is jobs that require atleast an AA degree for a Entry-Level position. I would say that isn’t an entitlement. Considering most of those benefits (excluding the VA benefits, and other scolarships.) have to be paid back. So tell me what are these ‘entitlements’ or things that are available to citizens with absolutely no strings attached in America. Because honestly, there’s no such thing. People on Welfare HAVE to have a type of income. To get food stamps you have to be looking for a job, or have a job. SSI/SSD are for people with some kind of disability, that does not make them eligible to work. Now with Obama increasing the education benefits budget, and increasing the programs that allow citizens to get their GED/College Degree’s more of those people are being pushed to get a higher education. Tell me where you see any “free hand-outs.” Please, do so. That way I have something to refute.

    Still waiting on Hors to tell me why Americans specifically, need to keep a bloated unconstitutional, and unneeded system like the party system. I have been waiting to refute that, but Kay is easier to bait.


  107. Princessxxx said

    kams, oh, who cares about all that. the real story here is, Dorian, did you manage to smuggle those “guitar strings” to Amanda Knoxpeopleoff? Ratings for ADKOB are getting close to 1 million and if she were to kill again.. well..think of the possibilities.

    oh, and steen weber told kay to get lost again and compared her to a cold sore.

    e_e, beck on his show the other day siad that the new fda rules are more of a socialist plotmto starve americans, then he siad to his audience, “when have we ever had a food crisis?, i can’t remember one”

    duh…500,000,000 salmonella eggs, the peanuts, the spinach, the tomatoes. what an idiot. he is an out of control dry alcoholic.

    i’m praying jesus punishes him real soon on live tv.


  108. dorian said

    dang it, i was the perugia area but none of my friends wanted to drop in on the women’s correctional facility so i was outvoted. i wasn’t driving. we went to assisi instead. i really wanted to check in on amanda. i’m sure her italian is much better now, just not sure about her guitar playing. well anyway i wanted to thank her for the few thousand adkob blog hits.

    i need some droll entertainment. maybe i’ll tune in on glenn beck soon.


  109. princessxxx said

    don’t do it. i watched beck for an entire week and 2 wweeks later i’m still mentally unstable.

    amanda did something different to her hair. that’s what they do in prison…hair.


  110. princessxxx said

    oh, and when kay speaks of entitlements,
    that means she thinks she is entitled to stalk steven weber after being banned twice and told to go away about 18 times or so. yet, she still persists. entitlements.


  111. Hors Service said


    In France, Sarkozy has 70% of bad opinions. You will be surprised that there’s not 70% of twentish people in France.
    He’s just a bad president, and he is doing not very good reforms. The retirement reform was necessary, but he made it not the proper way. Although it’s a beginning…
    But I totally agree with you that we spent the money we didn’t have, and that stupid leftists went down in the street. I’m afraid that it is something that is inavoidable in France. But they didn’t succeed.


  112. Kay said

    Hi Hors… it sounds like you are just as frustrated there as we are here.

    The 70% not being twentyish is not a “plus”. Which I also meant to point out to Dorian. Being older, and therefore supposedly wiser, they should know better.. being twentyish could kind of be an excuse. They’re not all “twentyish” but they are..Europeans, so that’s why they favor liberalistic/ socialistic policies.

    It looks like we might get some retirement reform here in Florida.. which won’t make my Deputy Bailiff friend and her Firefighter husband very happy.. I won’t be surprised if we have some rioting here.


  113. Hors Service said


    Well, you told Dorian that her friends were “twentyish”. Big part of your proof to discard their opinion: “your European friends, I’m guessing, are ‘twentyish’ and most likely just got done protesting their govt’s necessary decisions to stop giving entitlements because there is nothing left to fund those entitlements…”

    Yeah, us europeans we’re traditionally more in favor of caring for the helpless, protecting the environnement, helping ill people than well-bred americans. Poisonously liberalistic and terribly socialistic opinions. (Irony, irony…)

    Ok, so, seriously.

    Sarkozy is a bad ruler. And trust me, because I voted for him when he was elected. He did some stuff that could be right (for example, reforming the university, and this retirement reform), but in a rather expeditive and not beforethough way. For example, the deputys, while voting to suppress all special retirement regimes (which is a thing I agree with), refused to have their OWN very privilegiated retirement fund modified! And he did much more wrong things. For example, trying to reject Roms. Or his show-off attitude towards everything (rolexs, yachts, increasing his own salary by 137%). His ideas to detect criminals at 3 years old. His new work contract, the CPE. Some of his ministers, who are dangerous idiots.

    “Socialism” works perfectly for Germany and the scandinavian countries. Southern nations have overdone it. Did I mention the stuff about *moderation*? Here we are, our successive governements spent more money than they had, to keep social peace and improve their popularity. I do totally agree with your opinion that we need to change things.
    I’m afraid I think we don’t get good politicians in France at the moment. Sadly.

    YES, there’s a huge corporatism to be broken, fraud to be fought, and it will certainly rise riots and strikes if it’s not done correctly, and even if it’s done correctly! Because we have, in France, lots of stupid leftists.
    As I’ve said before, they’re look quite the same as the stupid american rightists us europeans laugh so much about. (Come on! Fox News! Glenn Beck! Tea parties! Campaign ads, from both sides! They’re so comic!)

    BUT this doesn’t mean that the whole system is bad.


  114. Enkill_Eridos said

    Kay…you aren’t making a lot of sense. So is the want for the private citizens having just as an important role in government socialist? Because that is exactly what the US Constitution provides. Do you even know what Socialism is, and the difference between socialism and communism? (There is a huge difference. Much like a huge difference between a Free-Market Economy and Capitalism)


  115. Hors Service said


    I totally agree with you. A governement is the association of people with common values and interests to organize things, and provide a peacefull structure to the society. That’s basically socialistic.

    Socialism is market-based, but in it the governement, at the difference of pure liberalism, provides more services to its citizen than just basic laws (such as health care, unemployement help, judiciary assistance…), and has an active role in foresighting changes and evolutions in the economic and societal environnement. Personal initiative is free in the areas not concerned by the state.

    Communism is non market-based, but replaces it with an omnipresent governement to determine what should be produced and how. Means of production are common. Personnal initiative is strongly structured.

    At least it’s how I understand it^^


  116. princessxxx said

    at least she stopped harrassing steven weber…for now.

    but no, e_e, kay does not know what she is talking about.

    red dead redemption:game of the year,
    undead nightmare: awesome.


  117. Kay said

    “Yeah, us europeans we’re traditionally more in favor of caring for the helpless, protecting the environnement, helping ill people than well-bred americans.”

    See.. that’s not right.. that assumption/ argument that the left loves to espouse about the right. If you look deeper (a requirement) you’ll see that the right care also, just as much, probably more, we just don’t want A) a quick fix that doesn’t last and B) to weaken our society and make us worse off in the long run. We see the problems in your solutions.. (looking to govt. to take care of these problems) we see how your solutions will make us ALL worse off. America is a very young country and yet we surpassed all of Europe and the rest of the world in success and prosperity for a higher percentage of people. We (the right) prefer to stay on that track because it is the best for everyone overall. You just have to look deeper Hors.


  118. Kay said

    And Sarkozy does sound like a “lemon”… sorry about that.. but probably still not as bad as Obama.. like.. does Sarkozy advocate “spreading the wealth” like Obama and our leftist commies do here? Because that is just wrong.. in every way.

    Also, no doubt the leftists over there are laughing at Glenn Beck (and the Tea Party and Fox News) just like the leftists here… because that’s really all they can do.. laugh.. Glenn Beck is right, there is nothing he’s said that’s been proven wrong and so much of what he’s said in the past has come to be true. I think it’s more like “nervous” laughter from the left. People don’t like it when they’ve worked so hard to spred erroneous propaganda and then someone comes along and sets the record straight.. revealing what’s really going on.. all that stuff the plotting control hungry left don’t want us to know.


  119. Kay said

    I have a comment in moderation.


  120. @Kay,

    Sorry, I had also a comment in moderation, it seems.

    “See.. that’s not right..”

    Of course, it was irony.

    “we surpassed all of Europe and the rest of the world in success and prosperity for a higher percentage of people.”

    Wrong, you have a higher poverty rate than most of industrialised countries.
    And this came to the price of lower life standards and unsustainable consumption of resources, and you’re also in deep debt to the rest of the world.
    I don’t deny your successes, but I just point out that your model needs changes to answer to the new environnement. As does ours, by the way.

    “And Sarkozy does sound like a “lemon”… sorry about that..”

    No worries, I don’t know what a lemon is 🙂 Sorry, i’m french, I have trouble with slang;)

    “but probably still not as bad as Obama..”

    According to our respective public opinions, Obama is doing better than Sarkozy:) Not very difficult, though.

    “does Sarkozy advocate “spreading the wealth” like Obama and our leftist commies do here?”

    Hmmm, difficult to say. I guess *no*, but here in France things are different, so… it’s very difficult to answer that.

    “Because that is just wrong.. in every way.”

    I disagree.

    “Also, no doubt the leftists over there”

    Right wing too, in fact, practically everyone, left and right together, for once.

    “Glenn Beck is right, there is nothing he’s said that’s been proven wrong”

    We have repeateadly proven him wrong in the past devotionals, I don’t know if we still have them? Laughing matter.
    And in this thread, in comment #80, caught in plain hurt ego!
    And don’t forget he’s a Mormon, so already wrong to you!

    “I think it’s more like “nervous” laughter from the left. People don’t like it when they’ve worked so hard to spred erroneous propaganda and then someone comes along and sets the record straight.. revealing what’s really going on.. all that stuff the plotting control hungry left don’t want us to know”

    It’s just that you can’t argue with things that are impossible to promote, but people still do it. Like “Obama is not born in America!” or “Obama is a communist!” or “The UN is a communist den!”, what can we do about it? Just laugh, because it’s senseless.
    *plotting control hungry left*, mmmh, delicious, we were tired of *poisonous liberals*.

    I mean, do I call right-wing opinions fascist or imperialist? I just have some consideration for the opinions of the people who have different opinions than me, and I’m not even left-winged. But Glenn Beck is twisting facts, telling lies, stirring hate, saying “that’s the only and exclusive solution”, and theses are not opinions. And he’s hypocrite, trying to get as much money as possible and selling his image for advertisement. And, something that comes in addition to the rest, I strongly dislike self-righteous opinions.


  121. dorian said

    kay, show some support for your president. where’s the patriotism?

    you and the teabagger contingent of the right wing believe glenn beck’s distortions of facts and calls everything else “propaganda?” very dangerous. why not do some research? oh , i forget. the fox news audience:


  122. princessxxx said


    Fox News Viewers Are The Most Misinformed: Study


  123. Kay said



  124. princessxxx said

    kams, how sad. you and fox news are a christian joke.


  125. Princessxxx said

    seriously kay, why are you such a hateful kunt?


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