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Truth in Facebook trolling…A.K.A. Enkill Eridos vs. The Tea Party Sheep

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on October 1, 2010

P and Kayms like to troll Huffpo..I like to troll facebook groups that have an agenda..here’s my comment to an OBAMACARE hating group..Mind you I don’t find a lot of real why should we hate OBAMACARE so I posted the following…I think I will be banned from the group…Let’s find out.


Yes, repeal Obamacare let millions of Americans go without healthcare due to a pre-existing condition or makes too much for Medicare..while we are at it let’s cut budget to the VA..so soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan can get substandard care…What you people do not understand is that Obamacare gives every LEGAL citizen in the United States the EQUAL OPPORTUNITY that is provided to EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN as stated by the constitution of the United States. Show me somewhere in the constitution that doesn’t approve Federal Funded healthcare? So big corporations can DESTROY this country and freedoms this country provides? You all are tools, you vote for people that allowed companies to outsource with a tax rebate. And the incoming goods are not taxed. This and the last president was incompetent and surrounded himself with morons. Then we forget the fact that the T.A.R.P. Bailout was originally a Bush Administration plan, for select companies. It made the news, so what did anyone think would happen? It’s like giving one child something in front of others. All the other Children will want it. I see a lot of REPEAL OBAMACARE! But no real solid reasons why. For the record I do not support the party system, as it is corrupt and should be named as unconstitutional (does anyone remember the full Second Amendment? You know the one that says you can form a militia and overthrow a corrupt government system?) Well I vote we keep the system, abolish the party system. That way we are not voting for party, but we make informed decisions about who is running to SERVE THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. That is what a politician is supposed to do. This would involve Americans to be less lazy about politics and actually read factual records of every public action, and every public word. That would not be hard to do..we live in the information age everyone is demanding celebrates to be held accountable for their actions. But we do not demand this of our politicians. We do not research these things, we are too lazy to actually read a bill. Even though every bill, amendment to the original bill, and transcripts of every thing said while Congress is in session. These things can be found http://thomas.loc.gov/ I even did a search for you all..I believe this is the bill everyone is referring to as OBAMACARE. If I don’t get banned for this post, due to me showing you all what is under this propaganda. I am showing you the `Health Coverage, Affordability, Responsibility, and Equity Act of 2009′ or the `HealthCARE Act of 2009′

This is how it was introduced in House…http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=111_cong_bills&docid=f:h956ih.txt.pdf

Read it, Understand it, then love it or hate it not because some political talk show host that has boards making him look like a serial killer or conspiracy theorist (depending on the show.) Understand these things are all for entertainment. Every news station spreads its own propaganda telling everyone small bits and pieces. Be an Informed American. NEVER FORGET THIS COUNTRY IS FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE. Politicians want you to think they are the authority, when really how do they get into office? By the vote of the CITIZENS. It is the voters that are the authority. We are supposed to guide our representative and if a majority of the state and american citizens, write to their congressman. Ask questions about a particular line in a bill? Either state or federal. Tell them what you feel is the right course of action. If enough people do this, they have to vote the way we feel we are represented best. It is your duty as an American citizen, to regularly e-mail your state, house, and congress representative. As well as the president. Think about this, if you think they are too busy to read or have someone else read and take a tally of voters opinions. Do you really think that person is representing you the citizen , in the best interests of you? If you think so..then America is doomed…It is the citizens duty to fix corruption, through public voice. Not wait until the only action is revolution. Fidel Castro, was the leader of a resistance that over threw a corrupt government. Saddam Hussein he was the leader of a resistance that overthrew a corrupt government. Both were dictators…If you do not get completely active in politics America, that may be what happens. Read the things you support and the things you don’t. Don’t drink the Kool-aid. Hate the bill because you read it, not because someone on TV or the Internet tells you to.


Now I challenge you not to troll..like we all love to do. But click on the link. Read the bill then we will start a intelligent conversation about how wrong or right this bill is.


7 Responses to “Truth in Facebook trolling…A.K.A. Enkill Eridos vs. The Tea Party Sheep”

  1. Hors Service said

    Nice post:)

    I’ve noticed you propose to abolish the party system… What do you propose to replace it?

    And also, I disagree with the “it’s easy to get informed on politics and everyone should do so”. Some subject are very complex, and need the handling of an expert. And some people are just not interested in politics, or don’t have time: because to be exhaustive, you really need a lot of free time.


  2. Enkill_Eridos said

    Why does there need to be a replacement? We keep our current Democratic Republic system we just remove the Democrat, Republican, Libertarian label. We don’t need a big party like the Republican party or Democratic party to tell us who to vote for. There have been a lot of good candidates that seldom got votes because they were not affiliated with the major parties. Think about it, the Presidential Debates do not include all of the candidates. Why should Americans vote party instead of people. The whole world has seen the effects of voting party. You know America allowing American companies to operate in other countries virtually tax-free? Which is one of the contributing factors to the current economic problems America is having. Because there is billions of dollars that should be tariffs and taxes that is counted as profit. Basically there will be no replacement, it will require citizens to start getting more active in politics. How does people have more time for TV and more time for people telling them what’s going on. Especially when a lot of the content on TV is crap.

    It is easy in America to get informed on politics. I gave the tool http://thomas.loc.gov you can search Bill, and session summaries (less than 10 pages long) As well as the actual bills that are proposed. It is a lot more feasable in this day and age when all of the information is out there not to be able to see this. The state legislative branch also has a similar thing on the states legislative branch website. So yes it is very easy to gain this information. As to some of the more complicated matters, we have to defer to our legislative branch. But if we keep informed, and we the voting citizens have informed opinions. The citizens can change a lot just by doing maybe 30 mins a week worth of work. Then take the 15 minuets out of playing games on facebook, blogging, or whatever they do on the internet and write an e-mail to your representive on your opinions on why his decision is a bad one or a good one. If you still feel it is not in the citizens interest, this is where the power of the internet can be felt. A lot of congressmembers and senators have facebook pages, or twitter accounts. The e-mail, snail mail, office number, facebook page, myspace page, etc. These are all ways to contact them. Many congress members have facebook pages and the like. Abolishing the party system would just require a little more work in deciding who is best to represent you. Like the Unions the Party system has gotten too big and too corrupt. I feel if the party system is abolished and the representitives must then listen to the people they represent, I feel that will be one step closer to becoming the America as the Constitution states. More and more people are getting involved in politics, many want to but don’t know how to do it. In America it is easy to find this information because 99% of the time there is a blog covering the topic (like this one is SUPPOSED to do.) with the original information. I think I will set a good example and read through this bill and the bailout bill. Give a link to the source material and then give my thoughts on how exactly these bills will effect America negatively or positively.

    Given what happened after 8 years of having an incompetent Congress, Senate and Presidential Administration I think the citizens need to start becoming interested in politics, as it does and will affect you adversely if we allow the current system to function as it is.


  3. dorian said

    great idea, this no-party system.

    e_e, when is your run for office.


  4. princessxxx said

    death to america!


  5. Enkill_Eridos said

    I would but nobody votes for independents


  6. Enkill_Eridos said

    btw this wouldn’t be death to america. It would be the first step in many to stop government corruption. The party system much like the Unions (What did they do for you when companies started outsourcing? Many of the times the Unions were the reason production companies had to outsource..Which in my opinion is one of the many things that led to where we are now.) It is easier to pay off politicians, than to factually provide information with little spin. Let’s look at Floridas amendment 4. For those who don’t know, during the real estate boom prior to 9/11. Many developments effect citizens. Many people had to leave their homes because of road widenings and developments. Yet the tax paying, land owning citizens did not have any say whether or not they wanted these things. Who decided? A county commissioner that also has a conflict of interest since he owns one or more taxi companies. Why is it a conflict of interest? Because he refused FREE DONATIONS of buses to spread the county bus system so more people can work. At this date none of the new developments have a bus stop, also a lot of the new developments are unfinished or the houses are unsold. The citizens should decide if they want expansion, or if they want other citizens to lose their homes in a time when it is hard to buy a house. I guess a lot of america is happy and content living in small little boxes stacked on each other. With little to no land. Who is against it? Government officals this proposition effect. It effects the profit margins of the big development companies. Even though very little people have been buying these new homes in these new developments, the development companies are paid by the county. This becomes a citizen issue. What happens when they decide there should be Condos or homes in the Everglades? Or another protected wildlife preserve? Screw over the citizens, so the rich stay powerful. THOSE ARE NOT AMERICAN PRINCIPLES DESPITE WHAT THESE REPUBLICAN BLOWHARDS TELL YOU. It is not the citizens who control America, but the rich and powerful. This is what needs to change in America, and no elected official can change it. It is unconstituional for the President to change the government system, but a majority (60% or more) want that change. It is then protected by the constituiton. In actuality federal government should not have a higher say than state governments. Unless the state government did something illegal and unconstitutional. The Tea Party screams for less government, and yet they call anything that gives the citizens the supreme power in the US socialist. Yet, it is our constitutional right, duty, and privilage for the average citizen to have this supreme power. BECAUSE IN THE CONSTITUTION IT SAYS WORD FOR WORD. THE CITIZENS HAVE SURPREME POWER. Before the average citizen couldn’t access any accounts of what happened. Now in the age of the internet, when anyone in the world can view what the senate is doing the real people with the power. You know the citizens? Either don’t do squat or try to protect the current corrupt government that allowed. Full blown lay-offs in the 90’s due to outsourcing.

    All of this being said, I have one thing to say to the voters of Florida. During the education fiasco who spoke to the teachers, to see what was really going on? During the BP disaster, who visted businesses along Florida’s Gulf Coast to see how bad they really were affected? Who changed his position on many things because the people spoke up and told him what they wanted? Charlie Crist. Alex Sink and the Republican Candidate did not do these things. Actions do speak louder than words. I want a senator that is willing to come from Washington back to the State they represent to see how things are. I want a senator that actually listens to the citizens and changes position based on that. But what do we see most in the papers like always? The Democrat and Republican candidates, that have done almost nothing for the people. Who do not try to have active dialog with the people. Charlie Crist makes sure all of his actions are public and common knowledge. Maybe when the common citizen can run for senate, congress, or president. Then I will run for one of those offices. Until then I have my soap box, and my agenda. My agenda by the way, is to bring America back to its ideals of Liberty, Justice, and the American Way. The American Way is not to let the rich control the country. The American Way is giving every citizen an equal voice through voting and correspondence with the Senators or Congress persons office. These things are given to us by the constitution paid for and protected by blood. Blood of those who believed in a government that followed the constitution 100% of the time. If you want to honor a veteran, make an informed decision on election day. Read the proposals, understand them for yourself. Then do not let anyone persuade you why you are wrong. If you have a strong understanding, the their persuasion shouldn’t work anyway. Gain understanding by using the THOMAS system http://thomas.loc.gov

    The politicians only have power because we give it to them, and we can take it away as well. The citizens have a lot more power than many people think. Now we have the internet, let’s stop watching porn and start reading. If I have to I will set up a yahoo group (this is so you get all of the information either daily, as the come, or weekly.) I am willing to make Americans lives easier, if they are willing to make informed decisions while voting. We only need politicians for the arbitrary things that make the government work effectively, and in the best interests of the people. For the major things? Well the citizens should have a public vote. Like the healthcare reform bill, obviously our government cannot come to a conclusion. It was a main topic in the senate and house for how many years? Let’s stop the insanity. Let’s retake America, by showing how powerful our voices really are. By law petitions cannot be ignored by lawmakers if it has enough endorsing signatures. The federal government I believe has an electronic petition system. Let’s start petitioning on the issues and aspects of the government that needs to be changed.


  7. Enkill_Eridos said

    I would like to change some ststements. Currently running for Senate the two major candidates are Charlie Crist (Current Governor and recently independent) and Marco Rubio. Now for some odd reason it is the current governor and Marco Rubio that is being reported on as they both lead in the polls. Alex Sink and Rick Scott, are running for governor. Odd thing is I only hear about Alex Sink and Rick Scott like they are the only candidates. Much like with the Presidential Election there are five or six but only two have the spotlight. Now my agenda is crystal clear, it is not hidden.

    Here is my agenda, I do not feel the mainstream media is adhering to independent bipartisan reporting. I want that to change, I don’t think the media should pander to a certain group but tell the complete and honest truth.

    As it stands the mainstream media, is a very corrupt entity. Anyone ever see the contradiction of Fox? Fox News panders to the Conservative Christian population of America. Yet, Fox has some shows with very progressive attitudes. I laughed throughout the Family Guy with Brian and Rush Limbaugh. Not just because the dialog was funny, but because the contradiction is funny as well. This tells me 21st Century Fox only cares about one thing, money. So you can assume that any so called political news reporting will benefit the 21st Century Fox Corporation, and they will always demonize anything that would hurt profits. If 21st Century Fox does this the we can assume the Disney Corporation (American Broadcasting Company or ABC), NBC/Universal, and CBS all do the same thing. So I can safely say we should not get our conclusion from any political ENTERTAINMENT personality. Instead we should get the raw data and read it. Law documents are not hard to read as most dated after a certain date include what certain words in the document mean, pertaining to that document. Plus google “free online legal dictionary” (With quotes it will make your search specific, every search engine including the library of congress one uses the Boolean configuration.) I mean honestly, if George W. Bush can write a legal document, than the average person that is at least high school educated should be able to understand one.

    This is my dream, one I am afraid may never happen. Because I have come to the conclusion no one in America wants to truly be free, or have the power and responsibility that the constitution gives us. No, sadly we want to have the Freedom of Comfort without the responsibility. My thing to that is, look where Freedom of Comfort has gotten us as a country. I will give you a hint, it has harmed us rather than helped us.


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