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The 3rd Anniversary of ADKOB…

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on October 18, 2010

listen to above while listening.

Voting season is up..This means it is year 3. This blog was created as an expression of freedom of speech. The prime focus is to be on the most important freedom Americans have. The right to criticize everything in politics. The right to speak out against the government that does not serve the people. We live in an age where the common citizen now sees what we left England to get away from. Albeit some of us were kicked out. But America only stands because we wanted a country where the rich did not have complete and total say.  Where it was not only a right for citizens to change the country, but duty if the citizens started to feel like the government is not a constitutional one.  One where a group of citizens can stand up to the government, and work towards making it how it should work. For the people and by the people.


Socialist as all this sounds it is not. Actually it is Constitutional, read the full constitution and not the amendments and you will see what I mean. This blog is to celibrate the fact that we are a government that is run by the people, our agenda or goal is to get people in to politics.  I personally want people to constantly think and question the government.


6 Responses to “The 3rd Anniversary of ADKOB…”

  1. SewDucky said

    I didn’t think it sounded socialist at all. And while I don’t agree with all your politics on here, happy anniversary!


  2. dorian said

    hard to believe. Three years!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US….
    thanks, e_e . thank you for the loyalty and commitment.


  3. Yea but SewDucky you are not apart of the Tea Party movement. The same movement that says giving more control over government to the citizens is socialist. Even though the right privliage and responsibility are clearly outlined in the Constitution. The citizens are the Supreme Power in America. NOT the politicians or the rich. Everyone that lives here in America that is of voting age. Is apart of the greater power. Of course corporations, and politicians do not want the people to call a citizen vote over things that effect the citizens in a negative or positive manner. I mean America has the ability and resources to finally become the America promised in the Constitution. The America that is free of corruption not because our politicans are not corrupt, but because the ultimate power is not one person. But the media, and the parties do not want this. Because then the true leaders of the free world step in thier rightful place. Which is the authority that all politicans, and civil servants should answer to. The citizens of the United States of America. Which is a socialist ideal..but America came up with the ideal first. The tea party movement I believe has forgotten what it truly means to be American. The way I was taught how America should be run is by the people and for the people. It is not by the rich and for the rich. This country is for the voting citizens by the voting citizens. The privilage of an American Citizen is that we are the supreme power over the government of the United States. This power is exerted by voting. And not just voting, but actually researching an issue. People should vote for things and candidates they believe will represent them fairly. Voting solely because a party supports or does not support a canidate or an issue. That is the old way of doing things. The new is that every citizen has access to source or raw data. We should start teaching our kids how to use this source. As well as using it ourselves.


  4. Hors Service said

    Joyeux anniversaire, ADKOB! Keep it going on!
    Love and debate to everyone!


  5. princessxxx said

    happy anniversary you’all. great things are happening. kay got booted from Huffpo. Yeah, I have defeated the beast.


  6. DORIAN9 said

    really? well she knows can always come back here. but she’s tasted sexy celebrity liberal blood. she’ll want more of that…come back to the five and dime, kay!


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