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Separation of Church and State: The reason why America will no longer be a free nation if Fundamentalist Christian Conservatives get their way.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on November 1, 2010

I do not like bashing anyone. This post isn’t about bashing it is about justifiable truths and equally justifiable worries. Keep in mind that I consider myself a true patroit. But I am a realistic patriot, and I believe that our government needs to stay Constitutional. The poison a lot of Conservative Chirstian groups are pushing concerning church and state also things like school prayer. I am not against any of these things, I am against the mindset of the people that are pushing this issue. People like kayms. Which I would like to debate this with her. Here is my main argument with things like allowing student run prayer during school hours.

Fundamental Conservative Christians start talking this myth of separation of Church and State. But they propagate thier own definition of church. In the Constitution, the word  church was a reference to every religion. But Fundamentalist Conservative Christians want you to believe it only means Christianity. Ask a Fundamentalist Conservative Christian, who gets to pray in school and who does not. They will probably reply Christians. Because if we allow student run prayer for one we HAVE to allow it for all the other religions.It is propaganda that they are using to force more of a theological government as opposed to a Democratic Republic. Now as someone who firmly and strongly disagrees with a theological government, and feels that such a government is just a Dictatorship. Or any other oppressive form of government. Because not only Christians serve in this countries military, logically we should assume that members of every major and minor religion has shead blood for this country.  So every religion, like the people that worship in those religions are legally equal. So if Christians get to have prayer during certain times, the so do Muslims. If we allow those two we then have to allow buddhism, wiccan practices, and any other religious belief recognized by the US Government.  Is anyone under the false impression Kay or Sarah Palin would allow thier children to go to a school that allows muslims to observe thier religion. Or any other religion by that matter. We forget that Christianity spread much like cancer throughout the New and Old Worlds. We forget that civilizations were destroyed because they were called “savages”. That much of the old religions are gone because Christianity and Islam has destroyed it all. We have lost knowledge, or atleast information from being known. So why should anyone think these Conservative Christians will change thier tune after they get thier way. Or make it a much bigger issue than it needs to be, putting a puppet such as Sarah Palin in position to make America a Christian Theological government with rules and concepts contridictory to thier own theology. Mind you the same people talking about separation of church and state, speak of bringing this country back to a God that was never recognized as the nations God. That God really is an ambigious term that is the definition of one’s believe in a higher power or powers. Does anyone else see the problem now? We then go from a country that preaches about freedom of religion to becoming a country that preaches about freedom of christian denomination.  People like Glenn Beck, Kayms, Bill Keller, Osama Bin Laden, and any other religious fanatic that speaks as if thier goal is to strip freedoms. I believe in school prayer, I believe in allowing different religious clubs on high school campuses. Provided they actually teach the different theologies.  From Allah to the Flying Spagetti Monster. I think we should allow prayer breaks to those who wish to do so.  I feel that if a student that follows Islam or Judaism wants to follow thier religion and pray in the middle of the day then they should be allowed. If  Christian students can do it, Constitutionally every student can. This is where separation of Church and State really comes from. The myth is perpetrated by the Christian Church.  Because they dont want thier kids learning about other religions.

edit: I edited this because not all Conservative Christians think this way. The Conservative Christians apart of the FUNDAMENTALIST movement, do think this way.


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  1. On other news, Floridians are all sheep. They want bigger government despite what they say. I expect for there to be condos put up in the everglades and other protected marshlands in the name of “progress”. Florida is no longer going to be a nice place to live, if you are in the working class. The true political insiders and corrupt politicians have won. I predict that the state government of florida, will resemble the George Bush administration. This is in the respect of decisons. They are not going to be made for the people. See politicians like Marco Rubio, and Rick Scott. They really do not want a government where the people have more control. They call it socialist. While they allow huge corporations to rape our land, for profit. All in the name of “progress”. Progress doesn’t mean new homes and developments. I may be wrong, but if the past is any indication. Not to mention the person who is effectively running the Republican party is less for the people more for the corporations. I am hoping to get a job elsewhere before I am homeless, because most of the affordable homes for rent will be bulldozed to put in an apartment building. To republicans I think “progress” means taking away the RIGHT to own the land your house sits on. Instead they want us to live in little boxes stacked on each other. My biggest fear is that in order to live free, I am going to have to leave the United States. I mean I am looking at having to leave the United States to work for an AMERICAN based company as it is. Insanity is allowing the samething to happen over and over and expect different results. The Republican party have shown us they only care about their own pockets, and not the tax paying citizens. Good Job Florida, I hope everyone enjoys big government. Because that’s all the GOP wants. Because anything that would protect a constitutional america they call “socialist”. And obviously they do not know the difference between socialism and a Constitutional America where the rich don’t run anything. The jobs you so called voters created…doesn’t make progress. Because when the development and rape of our land and freedoms are over. We are going to be in the same exact situation we are now. We want things to get better quickly, instead of making things better ourselves. Florida has been my home for almost all of my life. It saddens me that wildlife preserves will be destroyed in the name of progress and profit.


  2. Dace said

    I really like the way you express your opinion. You just say it without bullshit. I do agree with the statement – “… I feel that if a student that follows Islam or Judaism wants to follow their religion and pray in the middle of the day then they should be allowed. If Christian students can do it, Constitutionally every student can. This is where separation of Church and State really comes from…”

    That is called – equality. All my respect to you!


  3. APG said

    While I am NOT a “churchgoer” (if that is what they
    are called) and likely will NEVER become one —
    I do feel a strong need to note that the phrase of
    “separation of church and state” is NOT found
    ANYWHERE at all WITHIN ‘THE American
    CONSTITUTION’ (or ANY of its Amendments).

    The Phrase of “Separation of Church and
    State” is a statement that was taken out
    of ‘The Federalist Papers’ (which, by the
    way, are NOT the governing documents
    of the United States of America) — and it
    was actually based on a Biblical teaching
    of Jesus Christ in His statement about
    “rendering” (i.e. “separating”) things
    unto ‘Caesar’ (i.e. the government)
    that belong to ‘Caesar’ and things
    unto ‘God’ (i.e. “religion”)
    that belong unto ‘God’.)]

    In today’s modern world, the phrase of
    “Separation of Church and State” has
    now become an over-used statement
    that’s more akin to a worn-out cliché
    that’s preferred by uninformed people who …

    1) are unaware that ‘European History and
    Eurocentric Viewpoints” simply do NOT
    represent every group on the planet.

    [i.e. Everyone on the planet has NOT experienced
    being “Persecuted” by ‘The Church’ of Europe — but
    rather — some of the rest of us have been (and are yet
    still being) “persecuted” by ‘the mosque’, ‘the temple’,
    etc. systems — that are found elsewhere on earth and
    everything does NOT revolve around the history,
    viewpoints and experiences of the Europeans.]

    2) by “SINGLING OUT” the so-called “church”
    (rather than by simply using a more generic, neutral
    and, dare I to even say, a more culturally-inclusive
    phrase such as that of “Religion”) — it REVEALS
    (especially to anyone who is a not a “christian)
    that one is quite solely, specifically, and directly
    ‘TARGETING’ the ‘Christian’ faith for “separation”
    — and THAT is a form of DOUBLE-STANDARD
    and HYPOCRITICAL BIGOTRY that rivals that
    of the radical “religious right” found worldwide.

    3) by “SINGLING OUT” the so-called “church” for
    “separation” — it opens the door for non-christian
    religions to add their religious practices into the
    American government system by using the simple
    “recant” of “we are not part of “the church” and thus,
    you cannot target us for “separation” from ‘the state’”.

    As a result of this convenient ‘”recant”, many American
    public schools and government offices have now found
    themselves being required to add “religious” symbols
    (ex. ‘muslim prayer rooms’) due to the ‘convenient’ fact
    that they are not associated as being ‘church’-related.

    This is just one of the many reasons that I feel that
    certain Americans really need to understand that —
    their action of singling-out ‘a symbol’ (the “church”)
    of a specific religious group (‘christianity’) for being
    THE specific ‘Target’ of “Separation” (much to the
    exclusion of the many other religious groups found
    in the nation) —- 1) comes across to many people
    as being BOTH an overbearing attempt to try to
    enforce a “freedom” FROM religion AND also as
    a type of “persecution” (if I dare say) against that
    specific religious faith, practice and teaching AND
    2) it also leads to many of the non-‘church’ religious
    groups feeling as if they have a ‘loophole’ in which
    they can force their practices onto the government
    (i.e. “we are NOT ‘a church’, so we CAN do this”).

    Currently, in parts of Europe, the Muslim faith is THE
    specific TARGET of secularization — and in America,
    clearly the Christian faith is THE TARGET of the same.

    Sadly, all of this TARGETING (against specific religious
    groups and teachings) is being done “in the name of our
    secular freedom” (just as in the past, ‘secular freedom’
    was targeted by some religions “in the name of God and
    holiness”); it makes the TARGETED group look and feel
    as if they are being “persecuted”; and, it is simply leads
    to a hatred and contempt for the targeted religious group
    (which can lead to ‘reactionary-radicalization’ and / or
    even a sympathy-led “push” for “privileged treatment”).

    So how about … if we all just PLEASE try to STOP using
    the overworn, worn-out, clichéd (and dare I to even say
    BIGOTED) phrase of “Separation of Church and State”
    — and let’s all try to, instead, use a more inclusive
    (and less “targeted” or “biased”) phrase such as

    Seriously, I feel we should all work together in order
    to learn how to STOP THE religious-TARGETING;
    to neutralize the terms; to let people practice as
    they belive; to keep RELIGION and GOVERNMENT
    (and NOT JUST ‘church’ and ‘state’) separate; and
    let everyone live and let live — without ANY group
    being hassled and / or specifically singled-out.


  4. Enkill_Eridos said

    I agree with you ADB. But I used the phrase ‘Church and State’ because I am talking about the Organized Christian Church. Specifically those that follow the particular brand of crap, Bill Keller is talking about. There is an alarmingly growing movement that in my mind if it gains control of the government America will be exactly the kind of government our forefathers tried to prevent. I am singling out ORGANIZED FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANITY because no other religion is trying to do this. Look at what key members of this organization known as “The Tea-Party” is lobbying for and against. They are lobbying against the citizens to have access to something they are already paying for. These people want you to pay an outrageous amount of money on something you are too afraid to use. The fear of using private healthcare insurance is if you use it your premium may go up. They are lobbying against raising the taxes of those that are deemed wealthy, and lowering the “middle class” taxes.

    The kind of people that would make homosexuality illegal because their religion says that it is an abomination. The kind of people who are only Christians in their own mind, without actually living by the message given by God. These people are very dangerous to a constitutional america. If there was a similar public political movement that was backed by militant Muslims, Wiccans, Esoteric Societies, Scientology, and whatever other religious organization you can think of. Then I assure you I would be against that as well. While the words separation of church and state is not in the constitution. Freedom of Religion is, and honestly if you don’t know what I am talking about when I talk about Fundamentalist Christians. Read the things that Kay posts and comments about.

    I call these people FAKE CHRISTIANS. Because they say they are Christians, but do not have active faith. I.E. They do not live by the message that Jesus told man from God. Jesus talked a lot about tolerance, including towards other religions. The parable about planting the seeds, is a really good example of this. Because later in that chapter Jesus tells his disciples what the parable was all about. You can easily apply that to other religions. Jesus never said to call other religions false religions, and he never said to condemn other religions.
    In fact Jesus told us this. You shall love the Lord your God with your whole heart, with your whole soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and first commandment. The second is like it: You shall love your neighbour as yourself.

    Very few Fundamentalist Christians are willing to do this. For examplr, Kay said she will never love or respect someone that holds opposite views. I.E. Muslims and Mormons. I am sure there are others, but she is not the only one that holds this sentiment and still call themselves Christians.

    I actually hold these people as an unwanted minority of Christianity. That not all Christians hold this same view. When in reality, a very few number hold the same sentiments as Fundamentalist Christianity. But for some reason this minority is growing in power on a political level. I see a danger to the true america, I.E. One that is fully constitutional.

    Currently, our government is not fully constitutional. We are in a point and time where we could make this country the way it is supposed to. With the voting citizens in their rightful place (Majority has supreme power, through voting.) This freedom comes with a cost. All freedoms come with a cost. I believe this cost is greater than what 1 to 2% of the American population can pay. (This is off the fact at any given time only 1-2% of this nations population is in the Military. This is including the Reserves, and National Guard.) The cost of freedom is more than the blood that was shed. The blood that was shed, is not the full cost of freedom. The cost of freedom is the blood our service members shed, and for the voting citizens to do their duty and vote. Their decision should NEVER be made based on what their political affiliation says. A citizens decision should be made based on the actual information that is out there. Did you know a majority of this nations voters actually never read the Healthcare Proposal Act of 2009 and only support or deny it because of party affiliation? I have to say that is wrong. Especially since everything the government does (with the exception of things they did not officially do, and things that would harm our defense network. This includes the law enforcemnt, Military, and intelligence communities. Any breach of the network is considered a National Security Threat.) Is available to the voting citizen. Both on the federal and state level. It is available on the internet. The library of congress has the thomas system. And many states have some kind of searchable legislative database. The price of freedom means that if an issue is going to be on the ballot, instead of turning to special interest groups, read the actual document our legislators read. Then e-mail, or write to your representative tell them your opinions and how you reached them. This will help our representatives decide what is in the best interest of the citizens. This is how our republic should work. It was impossible for our government to work like this before the internet. I hope I am wrong, but if Fundamentalist Christians get there way I think we will turn from a democratic republic to a theocratic republic. (Since the tea-party calls democracy a socialist ideal, and is against it we can only assume that is the direction they are going.)


  5. dorian said

    ideally the term would be “separation of religion and state” but in their time, paine, jefferson and others were attempting to protect the citizens from religious – i.e christian church – persecution. the term “separation of church and state” became cliche’ and yes, targeted towards the christian church because their fundamentalist members are the ones whose words and actions stand on bigotry and intolerance. groups like the tea party, if given their way, could perhaps represent our modern-day version of the medieval inquisition.
    a huge part of what makes this country great is that it upholds a strong democratic republic system put together by some great men of providence with concern for humanity. sad to see this country go further down by those running on fear and negative spirit.


  6. Princessxxx said

    i just bought Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, and the only way to deal with the teabaggers(that’s what the zombies are called) is through 2nd amendment resolutions. hurray for rockstar games.

    oh and did i mention steven weber banned kay again? hahahahahahah.
    i love kicking her a-double-s.


  7. Yes Princessxxx. There are similarities between teabaggers and zombies.

    If the fundie Christians have their way and turn America into a theocracy, that would go against the very principles this country was founded upon not only as expressed in the Constitution but also in other writings of the Founding Fathers explaining their intentions. It offends me that the right wing tries to rewrite history to make it look like the USA was founded as a Christian nation, when it was the Enlightenment that philosophically motivated most of our leaders of that time.


  8. Enkill_Eridos said

    I have a solution to all our problems…take the power away from the rich. Let’s make a government that actually follows the constitution. Probably will never happen because elections and politics would have to go through some serious regulations. Even though one of the jobs of Congress is to regulate businesses to make things fair for smaller businesses, and to regulate trade between the states. Many would call these changes “socialist” without actually knowing exactly what Socialism and Communism is. The Cold War is still fresh in many peoples minds, the propaganda is still fresh as well. The tea-party movement is using thier to their advantage. These people don’t even tell who follows them THE TRUTH. ForAmerica.org a special interest group blog, claimed that the new tax thing was never posted publically online. But I skimmed through it on the first when it was introduced. A lot of special interest groups said the same thing about the Health Care Bill. But I also posted that same bill on this blog, but that was ignored by most. God forbid the citizen has to read something with a law dictionary and a dictionary. We no longer have to rely on the actual books. It is called the internet. On the internet is a tool called a search engine. One of the internet’s best rated search engine is Google. It is your friends all you have to do is search free online legal dictionary or free online dictionary. Then keep those in different tabs. Most online dictionaries legal and regular are searchable. If a five year-old can use Google..an adult can use it. Laws are not that hard to read..even if as a child you didn’t get bored and read law books, for something to do. The laws are not hard to understand I mean if a 9 year-old boy with a near-average IQ score can understand laws, so can adults. They were written so the average person could understand it. What confuses most people is they listen to idiots, that most of the time think other people are equally idiotic. (proving them right btw.) I stopped watching every political news show, because I yell at the TV. Much like how a sports fan yells at the tv when the player they like are being an idiot. Our country has Cancer, and if we don’t cut the cancer out soon. It will go terminal, then we have no hope as a country or society.


  9. @E_E

    Yeah, I totally agree with you. Damn I have NOTHING against a good argument, some serious debate about political and/or societal issues, because since this is not a black and white world, there are relevant opinions on both sides.

    So why the heck the people need to rely on lies and shout them?

    So strange.


  10. Enkill_Eridos said

    My opinions are based on my personal observations of this world. I am a human being and while the human brain is the most sophisticated computer in the world right now, human beings tend to be wrong on many things. I enjoy being proved wrong, when I am proved wrong by facts. In my opinion fact is the only black and white in this world. If I am proved wrong, that means there is evidence I have never seen. So either way I gain knowledge, so either way I win. Even if someone else wins, if I can learn something I win as well. To me there is no such thing as a no-win situation when it comes to a debate. As long as you keep a semi-open mind.


  11. Hors Service said


    The things is, not everything can be reduced to plain facts… Abortion for example. Reproduction is a quite well understood process, and science gives the tools, but the point is should we act or not?

    We often to rely on estimations and feelings in situations where facts are impossible to retrieve or unrelevant. Euthanasia? Privacy? … Love? All are societal or personal debates where facts have little influence.

    Happy New Year ADKOB! 🙂


  12. Enkill_Eridos said

    Untrue..facts and evidence are always needed..Privacy is actually not something that is part of those estimations and feelings. There are good facts to support why a citizen needs Privacy from other people especially the government. Not because of any feelings I have towards this subject, but because history shows that is one of the actions that leads to revolution and a brief period of complete lawlessness in a country. Russia and unless I am wrong France are good examples. The last revolutions in those countries turned out very bloody if I recall correctly. The other things do go by personal opinion..but we must always remember the mistakes of the past and try as hard as possible not to repeat them.


  13. dorian said

    hello everyone! check these out:

    “Today many supposedly conservative Christians have no trouble pontificating on what Jesus would do about the deficit or what the Bible says about war and peace, or sex and the solar system. Knust, who is in addition to a professor an ordained American Baptist pastor, thinks that this confidence is not only preposterous but perhaps idolatrous as well.” click on link below for more…

    ~ Stephen Prothero: Huffington Post, Feb. 10, 2011 Sex in the Bible: An Interview with the Author of ‘Unprotected Texts’

    “Ever since the Scopes Trial in 1925, evolution has been under attack by those who think it is more important to promote their narrow religious perspective than to understand the natural world. In the immediate aftermath of the Scopes Trial, virtually all traces of evolution vanished from American science textbooks and evolution remained missing until the early 1960s, when Americans realized that Soviet science education was fast outpacing American science education.

    Creationists, in the name of religion, first outlawed the teaching of human evolution and then, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that unconstitutional, they began to use a number of ruses to promote their religious doctrines by claiming they were in favor of freedom on inquiry.” click on link below for more…

    ~Michael Zimmerman. Ph.D: Appreciating Science and Religion on Evolution Weekend
    Huffington Post, 2/7/2011


  14. Princessxxx said

    amanda knoxpeopleoff’s parents are being sued by the italian police.


  15. dorian said

    ?!! i should’ve told them to be careful. they can counter sue. the rest of the world catching up to america with the lawsuits.

    hey where have you been? was in huffpost yesterday. stevie hasn’t been writing lately. and where’s kay and her aliases?


  16. Princessxxx said

    i dunno what’s going on? quiet.


  17. Princessxxx said

    oh, kays daughter got married, to a liberal. that ought to serve her right.


  18. Best wishes to kay and her son-in-law. May they agree to disagree peacefully.


  19. princessxxx said

    hi TBG, long time no see.


  20. dorian said

    hello everyone, betty and i just had some beers and dinner at a pub on haight street here in san francisco. betty treated. bless his beer drinking self. betty asked ” where are the teabaggers? i haven’t seen any.” i should’ve told him they really were just a figment of the republican party’s imagination. anyway, a lovely time was had by all.


  21. Kay said

    Hi everyone.. Princess.. how did you know he is left leaning?? Sometimes I think you have some weird sixth sense.

    Hi TBG.. thanks.. actually it’s my daughter and I who can’t seem to discuss politics peacefully lately. She gets all worked up. That “apple” fell FARRRR from the tree… :o)

    Hi Dorian & Betty & Hors.. Huffpo has been keeping me busy but it’s nice to stop by once in a while to see that you all are still here.


  22. Kay said

    Oh and Hi to EE too.

    So, what’s the consensus here on the WI union situation and also the hearings on the issue of Muslim radicalization here in American? As if I don’t already know… ( I do )…


  23. Hors Service said

    Hi everyone! Long time no see!


    Sorry I took so much time to answer.
    I also think that “facts and evidence are always needed..”, but it just depends on which domain they apply. For example, you take the subject of privacy: well, the idea of “privacy” differs following your culture or your personal history. Everybody needs some private space, but this space may vary: some people I know are keen on discussing sex matters, while others find that private.


    Hey Dorian, I hope you’re well, and you had a nice beer with betty!

    Seems that some christian people prefer to be first christian, then people, while I think the contrary should be more “human”. I think taht our opinions don’t define us, we define our opinions. Rather than ask what Jesus would do, ask what you should do^^
    And for creationism, I’m still amazed that fundamentalists prefer to argue over a long-ended scientific debate rather than unsolved questions, like “Why Death?” or “Why Conscience?”, which seems far more *godly* than the strict application of mechanical evolution.


    Congrats for the wedding! Well, conflicting opinions might me problematic sometimes, but I don’t think one should put them in the way of love towards each other;)

    Hey, have you heard about the revolutions in middle-east? Did you noticed how it wasn’t AT ALL about religion? They’re asking for freedom, democracy and secularism, while still wanting to make a big place to religion in their personal lives. A bit like America, to me:p


  24. Princessxxx said

    hide your knives. they may be releasing amanda knox.


  25. Princessxxx said

    oh, and Hi Betty, miss you, Love Thingie.


  26. @kay You do know that this country is based on religious tolerance..I feel if there are laws that can be traced back to ANY religion it is an unconstitutional law. I do think that we should be more sympathetic towards other religions and allow them to observe their religious laws with no fear of persecution..I think this should happen because that respect is a constitutionally protected right that has been defended by muslims, christians, and by many other people belonging to different faiths. Fundamentalism comes in many different forms and is not unique to one specific religion. There are Fundamentalists in every religion, and they are all dangerous to whatever particular religion they belong to. Take many fundamentalist christians that speak against other religions, in a tone that many could construe as hatred. These words travel and like a disease, and even if that person did not intend to inspire an act of violence it does happen. The messed up thing is that one of the teachings of Jesus was that the second most important commandment of God is to love your neighbor as you would love yourself. But of course most Fundamentalists, despite their name, rarely hold onto the actual Fundamentals of a religion. In my eyes Fundamentalism is the most dangerous kind of cult, to both the different religions as well a society. Also, it doesn’t sound like the apple fell very far from the tree if she gets worked up about something she believes in. Our opinions are based on our own personal life experiences and I can tell you no two people have the same exact life experiences. But it sounds like she inherited that from you, just not your views.

    @Betty No problem, I have not been able to reach a computer since January 31..so yea. But I agree with you, but the NEED for privacy and what a person decides to keep private are very different. I do not think they are based off emotions fully. I think the NEED a person feels to not completely share his or herself completely with the world is more instinct than an actual emotion. Every living being has one main goal, that is to survive as long as possible. Instincts are what makes this goal possible. I think the things people want to keep private are more linked to what they perceive as a means to that end. For instance if you were in the middle of a crowd brandishing weapons yelling “Death to America.” Would you really want to tell anyone you don’t feel that way? Emotions do play a part in our decisions on what should be private and what shouldn’t be. But the actual compulsion for privacy is not. The actual need for each individual to have the privacy they wish is not based on emotion either. It is a dynamic that we feel we should have to survive in our different societies and culture. I am not referring to what a person decides should be private. I am referring to the actual common decency every human being should have to respect the decision of what should be part of an individuals privacy. It is because of the difference of everyone that privacy should be regarded in relative terms. Like any type of surveillance on a private citizen without any kind of warrant or legal justification would be a good example.


  27. dorian said

    hello all,

    e_e, somewhere in florida a poorly-timed act of religious intolerance brought on a senseless and violent incident in afghanistan and more innocent people lost their lives. who is this pastor terry jones and why on earth would he burn the quran for the world to see now? what a selfish unaware idiot.


  28. Kay said

    Hi Hors.. thanks, and I agree with your comment. Yes, I noticed the young people taking action for democracy.. it was pretty amazing. But unfortunately it looks like the Muslim Brotherhood is going to be the winner in the end.

    Dorian.. what about those who killed the innocent people? Why do they get no acknowledment for their idiocy? They not only should get acknowledgment but they should get the ACTUAL blame.. instead of a man who burned a book. That’s one of the main problems with leftist ideology, the wrong people are blamed… every time it seems.

    Hi EE.. yes you are right about my daughter.. she gets worked up just like me, but often for different reasons. And I agree with your basic point about freedoms for all to worship how they choose. And I also concede that disagreement CAN be interpreted as “hate”. But that’s where I think the left/ right agreements end. The left says that since in can be erroneously construed as hate.. we just shouldn’t disagree .. period. The right hold to the incredibly important value of being able to express our opinions, especially in relation to such important issues. It’s a value and right too great to “sacrifice”. And in the end, silencing opposing views will only strengthen harmful views and beliefs instead of rightfully identifying them and extinguishing them.


  29. princessxxx said

    terry jones is the one that should be burned. kay, i love how you defend those that are wrong because they moniker themselves as “Christinas”. let’s see how many death threats i get when i burn bibles and any idol the cathlic church has dreamed up.
    poor christians, the persecution never ends. soon you will all be “ruptured” just like the good book sez.

    Betty, if you are worried about privacy, pretend to be someone else. works for me.


  30. princessxxx said

    i don’t think kay really loves her daughter, she was not happy about the wedding. over at huffpo she is complaining up a storm about how her daughter “never does anything for her like teach her a second language”. kay said, she would “teach her daughter a second language “if she knew one” oh, hahahahhaha.

    speaking in tongues doesn’t count.

    kay, you should have named your unaborted daughter Rosetta Stone.

    big news, keller is floundering badly. seems her servers went out again and she nees $10,000 ASAP. how sad.

    dorian, i’m illustrating a book my friend wrote, it’s about a frog that crawls into the mouth of the pope.


  31. Anna Nicole Dahmer said


  32. princessxxx said


    “Kams: You’re not fit to “debate” because you don’t: you declaim. And because of that you’ve been asked to leave more times than poltergeis­t with gas. Get help. Maybe you have a St. Joan fixation (read: malignant narcissism­). And we all know how that ends (hint: wear flame retardant underpants­). The final joke is that God made you this way. You poor thing.” – Steven Weber


  33. Hors Service said

    Oh, I’ve heard about this religious zealot burning a book, and other religious zealots killing innocent people because of the first one.
    It seems that the Idiots are working on their little war pretty efficiently, isn’t it?

    Left… Right… Left… Lefright… You know, you could leave this stereotypes behind, and just adress directlty to the opinions you want to oppose…

    I also think that privacy is closely linked to surveillance: we’re social animals, so we have to share, but we’re also individuals, so the compromise might be a bit complicated… I often feel that independent counter-powers are the best answer to societal issues.


  34. seo said

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