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Using the tools available to you

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on December 11, 2010

The following post is going to be a tutorial on how to use the tools that are available to the citizen. It has come to my attention that a vast majority of these citizens are completely clueless to how the government really works. All records in the government have to be very precise. From intelligence reports, to Congressional Documents, the government is a well oiled machine that is missing a vital cog to actually work. This vial missing cog is the citizen.

Our government is based on the idea that everyone is responsible for keeping it running. Meaning the citizens has responsibilities. One of those things is to make sure, that the politicians are working for the best interest of the people. In order to do this a governmental agency was created to catalog and file every single proposal, passed or denied unabridged. The library of congress is also in charge of transcription of the day’s events. But with new technology, now the sessions are recorded either through audio or visual means. I am not sure which. So let’s fast forward to right now. A majority of the population can access anything that comes up in a congressional session. Every proposal must be written a very specific way, using terminology that the average citizen can understand, the proposal needs to have an official title, and file number. But only a minority of the population actually knows exactly how to access this information. Mainly because if everyone knew that there was a way to keep track of these things, then the party system would become obsolete and the citizens would vote for whoever voted for or against a certain issue.  I think this would start to filter out, probably not corruption, propaganda given by the media to increase their own profits. We all know the mainstream media is effectively steering the population how they want it to be steered. There are contradictions everywhere you look. 21st Century Fox makes their money from the conservative population through Fox News. They also make their money from the liberal minded population by producing movies or TV shows that appear to have a deeper meaning that really doesn’t. It is a cycle that does nothing but make them more money. So the assumption that these big media corporations have people that are more qualified to understand politics than the citizen is false. The fact is, In America the citizens HAVE to be given the tools not only to have access to the proposals before congress, but to be able to fully comprehend them. This is outlined in the Constitution. The citizens have supreme control over decisions made by the legislation, through voting. Which is the best way to gather a majority vote? Not only does this apply for amendments, laws, politician’s terms of office. It also applies to the addition of a new state. Also the citizens have the power to submit in the form of a petition, with a certain amount of signature to get an issue put on a ballot. The Federal Government accepts certain electronic petitions, but I still have to research that. When I do it will be added to this.  Bottom line…In the Constitutional US government the citizens have the final say. Unfortunately we have not used this right and responsibility enough. With the invention of the internet, pretty much simultaneously a federal law or statue was passed in and around the late 1990’s. Or it was added on to another existing law. I am not going to say specifics I am going on memory here, and there are so many federal laws pertaining to citizens being able to access information. Specifically proposed bills being voted on in congress, or have been voted on since the last congressional session. The myth the government controls the media is somewhat false. The political parties control the media to an extent; I mean a lot of campaign spending is on political ads, press conferences, debates, etc. They all cost money. Who pays for this? Well either the politician gives the networks a large sum of money (highly unlikely.) Or private contributors (a lot of them are special interest groups. Most TV spots are done by special interest groups. Very few are done directly by the campaign anymore.) Luckily for us, we have another way other than the media outlet. The library of congress has a way for us to see any proposal that is being decided on, that has been passed, or that has been denied. We have access to these documents, as they are proposed. The only catch is we need to know how to use the system that allows us to actually view these documents. Because it seems the majority do not actually know how to use this system, and the lack of the information getting out there. Well it causes propaganda to win over logic and reason. The cool thing is the same website gives you access to a legal dictionary in case the citizen gets confused.  In this tutorial I am going to be introducing you to the world of logic and reason when it comes to politics. I challenge everyone that reads this to actually read the bills, and come up with your own conclusions. I am going to start posting these .pdf’s but I will also be providing the link. I am not magical, or some computer genius (well I may be that), but that doesn’t mean it takes someone who knows computers or the internet to be able to use this tool the government gives us.

For this exercise we are going to take you to the Thomas systems homepage.

That homepage is: http://thomas.loc.gov


Your screen should look like this:


When you go to that website the above is what you see. If you see something different make sure the last thing is .gov. I personally do not trust any other websites when it pertains to something like this.  It is easier to search by the actual title of the bill or the bill number. The news channels rarely actually give this information for some strange reason. Let’s say we want to see the tax proposal that gives the middle-class tax breaks while raising taxes for the upper-class. We could on this page debate this. Since by the end of this post no one has any reason to say the government is hiding things when they are really not. Share this post with your friends that are in to politics. Amaze your friends, have the facts. Then educate your friends and family.  So the question you may be having is why isn’t what I want coming up? Because to find specific information you kind of need to tell the Thomas program basically that’s what any search engine is. This type of program searches database information. Below the search bar there are two other options try the Advanced Search and below that More Search Options. Click on the Try the Advanced Search option it should look something like below.


So we want to view the newest tax proposal. Everyone has seen the propaganda for or against. But has anyone noticed how the propaganda experts do not give specific information. Like what section is the point they are refuting in? What is the bill number? What is the official name? Instead they give these things misleading names like “ObamaCare” and say that the bill has something like some kind of “death panel.” So with the limited information we have. We know that this particular tax bill has been proposed to either the senate or the house, sometime in November or December. With just that information we can find the bill. The how we do this is important. So we are going to look on our page. We have no other relevant terms but tax. And that could be a Standard Subject Term so we are going to leave that blank. In this case we are unsure who proposed the bill. So we don’t select that. Now we could choose the senate and house committees. This in this case would be Ways and Means. We see that taxes are primarily house committees. (I bet you a lot of the federal stuff for Wiki Leaks would come from the senate page, which everything that does not compromise national security is publically available. I do not agree with Wiki Leaks, because it has the potential to be very destructive to our military personnel. As well as Law Enforcement, and the Intelligence Defense Network. Anyway, at this point we have deduced in a logical manner that our issue more than likely will be found among the house committee named Ways and Means. We know this particular proposal was introduced between November 1st, 2010 and December 11th 2010.  We also know that Congress has yet to make a final decision. So we click on the Stage in Legislative Process: Introduced in House. Then under Date of Introduction click on from then put in 11/01/2010 through 12/11/2010. Since this is about taxes the Standard Subject Term is tax or taxes. At this moment your screen should look something like this:

Now click Search and then you should get this screen.

We notice when we scroll down to the seventh entry down is most likely to be the proposal we are looking for. We see that it was posted on December 1st 2010. We brought you this access before ForAmerica.org. That blog alleged the government did not make this bill public, when the Library of Congress did. More than likely that writer has no idea about the Thomas system. I challenge all of you to read this bill. There is a library of congress law library that is used much like a wiki page. Or we can recite my favorite mantra. “Google is your friend.”  Search for free online legal dictionaries, or apps for your smart phone. Whatever you do read it, if you want we could discuss that actual bill on this post.  Without using the propaganda given to us by the media, we have to come to our own personal conclusions. We gain better insight and understand by discussing a subject with other people. No one is so smart to have all of the answers. Sometimes another person’s point of view helps us see past our own personal limited sight. I will post my summary, next week in the comments page. I do not have the time to read this until next week, so you will know my full opinion of the bill then.

Sources for this post: http://thomas.loc.gov





2 Responses to “Using the tools available to you”

  1. dorian said

    thanks for sharing, e_e. excellent resourcing. great tool for any responsible, independent thinker.


  2. princessxxx said

    good job e_e.


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