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Women from Kansas prepare to have to buy Abortion Insurance..just incase you get raped.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on May 31, 2011

This post is more of the hypocracy coming from the lawmakers of America. More specifically the Representative from Kansas..In Kansas even if you are paying private insurance it is against the law for your insurance company to pay for an abortion. They want you to spend more money just in case you get raped. This guy Paul Degraff compared this policy to a spare tire…

Now you ask how is this hypocritical? Well remember the Affordable Healthcare Act of 2009? You know that bill that forced the health insurance companies not to charge people with chronic illnesses up the wazoo? Now the Federal government wants to say oh you have to pay even more for this so-called spare tire..you know just incase a guy that buys you a drink slips some date-rape drug in it and does rape you…Well you have to get special insurance for that in Kansas now. The restrictions on Planned Parenthood is not as totalitarian as restricting a service that the tax payers pay a lot of money for. (I have seen healthcare policies that cost about as much a month as payments on a brand-new car.)  I mean these health insurance policies are not government controlled, this was one of the reasons the Republican Party claimed to be the reason they repealed the Affordable Healthcare Act of 2009. So if this is successful how many bills will we see like it? How many bills and laws will states pass? What if some politician said AIDS treatment is not covered unless you buy another special AIDS policy..Just in case..So yay for politicians being paid off by the rich minority in this country, meanwhile the people that can barely afford health insurance will have to buy extra coverage just in case they get a flat tire..I mean raped..Which is not the same at all, being raped is a very traumatic experience. Getting a flat tire is an inconvience not a traumatic experience. I mean most rape victims get brutally beaten and humiliated, most left for dead. Now on top of that in Kansas if a woman does not have rape insurance they have to deal with that and be pregnant with a child that was basically forced upon them. I don’t care who you are and what you think, I think this is wrong. I mean what is the mothers going to do give the child up for adoption? Like the Americans who can afford to adopt American children actually do. ..But that is a rant for another day.

The video is not claimed as property by this blog. We didn’t make this video, the person that posted the original video youtube page can be found here. The video is subject to be removed upon the original creator of said video..all rights reserved to those people not us…


2 Responses to “Women from Kansas prepare to have to buy Abortion Insurance..just incase you get raped.”

  1. dorian said

    dorothy, move out of kansas.

    the devolution of american society begins with people like this paul degraff.
    this is a very oppressive and inhumane act. get these people out of government. they are dangerous.


  2. Enkill_Eridos said

    People will not see it as such. Democracy always ends with applause during difficult times, what pops up is always bad for everyone.


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