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Ding Dong the little midget Gremlin is dead.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on December 21, 2011

For those of you who do not know Kim Jong Il is dead.  Let’s take a moment to honor the memory of the death of this dictator, with this video.

Now that is over and you all laughed at that incredibly funny song let’s put some things to rest. Kim Jong  Il is dead and has been buried. But that doesn’t mean that North Korea and the west will be allies. There is a lot of work to do diplomatically. Quite honestly this is America’s time to shine, to stop saying North Korea is an enemy and try to come to an agreement through official channels that was created in wake of another Tyrannical Dictator, Adolf Hitler.  I am talking about the United Nations, something that America helped start. We need to work not as a global government, but as a global community. The fact is the world has changed drastically over the past ten years. I have friends in the UK, South America, Italy, Germany, Poland, and a few other countries that I can talk to face to face on a daily basis. I  can do this all from the comfort of my own home, through the internet. The internet has connected the human race, so now we are not just citizens of countries. We are all apart of a global community, and we can help each other make our governments see we are all collectively in this together. In America we can criticize our leaders and call them morons and idiots. In other countries, not so much, but why should Americans try to force other countries to adopt a government more like our own? Now that Kim Jong Il is dead what is your thoughts on what North Korea is going to do next? Is the government going to change, or is it still going to be the same?  I want to know your thoughts and the reasons for your thoughts, no matter how cynical they are. I would like to state despite what some political special interest groups say, we are no longer at war with Communism or Socialism. Those wars are long over.  The UN has a special committee and task force for the purpose of human rights, in fact that is one of the original reasons for the UN’s existence. We need to start working together, and we need to urge our politicians to start working together with the UN on certain issues. We should militarily pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan, give the reins to the UN and task military personnel to help in the countries where we removed a dictator and put in a government. Despite what Congress says our real enemies are not Iran, Syria, and North Korea. Our real enemies are not a government, but a group of people with a strong belief in an ideal. Their weapons are terror, not bombs not planes, but making us afraid of everyone. Our enemies want us isolated, and not to cooperate with other countries. The isolationists in this country thinking we should just isolate ourselves from the world, they will give our enemies resolve because those enemies will think they have won. Just some food for thought.


One Response to “Ding Dong the little midget Gremlin is dead.”

  1. dorian said

    hehe. thanks for this, e_e! absolutely with you on handing over military forces responsibility to NATO. we have to work on north korea , jump in early with the diplomatic work-over before they can reassemble totally under ding dong junior.


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