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Election 2012…Obama’s State of the Union speech

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on July 17, 2012

This is the full state of the union address..enhanced and taken off the white house’s official youtube page.

Okay , so I was checking my e-mail about an interview I want to do with the next presidential candidate that I personally am going to vote for and try to support. It isn’t Obama and it isn’t Romney. I am voting libertarian this year, I will be posting why. I saw this news and I was like wow so much propaganda from the left and the right just spewing from a statement of truth Obama said.


First, I agree with what he said about the outsourcing epidemic that has been going on since the 90’s. In fact economists warned that if that bill passed our economy would gradually go down the tubes. I believe that was between 1993 and 1995…In 2005 the steady rise of unemployment because of this bill reached a peak and was called an epidemic.

Fox News is saying what Obama said was an attack on business owners, when what he said was true. Donald Trump for instance. His name is on Trump Industries, he put money into it. But Trump Industries was built by the employees. If all the employee’s quit or if he fired everyone, he wouldn’t be in business for much longer. I think the republicans are against everyone having to do their fair share. Like those that make more in a year than most citizen makes in five years. They should have to pay more taxes, due to the fact they make more. For instance if I go from a minimum wage job to one that pays $15 and hour guess what happens? I have to pay more in taxes. Most of which I get back on my tax return. I don’t see the problem where someone who makes 500k a year should pay more than someone that makes 50k a year. Considering that guy that makes 50k a year, had to pay more taxes than when he got paid 45k a year. The speech isn’t about what the government did. The government is just not congress the presidency or any one branch of the government. OUR GOVERNMENT IS RUN BY THE PEOPLE. What makes the government work is not the fact that it has power, what makes the government work is the volunteer employees. These men and women that work to keep the government going, the same men and women that the republicans are laying off to make government  “smaller”.  Yet the government is getting physically smaller, but it is not actually smaller in the sense of what  they inferred. The government works because American citizens work to keep it working. American citizens or employees work to keep your business working. These employees built your company to where it is. You as a business owner really didn’t do much, as opposed to what your employees did. You paid them to do something, they did it. You made a lot more money off of that hard work.

Romney’s attack on the state of the union was directed towards the people that didn’t fully watch it. Even though any speech Obama does is televised by the official white house website live. The reason why Obama is seen as a failure is because Congress has made it that way. Every policy not just the Affordable Healthcare Act has been fought against. It took congress how many years to decide on a budget? It will be on the ballot and I will once again link this act on this page so you can read it in its entirety.  I think there is no excuse for this; I think repeals shouldn’t come from congress but from the voters. Republicans are against this because it would require citizens to see how plainly bills are written. I mean if Bush could help draft a bill, a monkey could probably understand one.  It isn’t hard, definitions of words in the bill is clearly defined in said bill as far as what that word means within the scope of the bill.

There are some true words in Obama’s speech. We are in this together, we must depend on each other to survive as a country. We must work together to survive as a country.  We a social race (the entire human race with all the colors and hues it contains.) that used to hold on to axioms such as “It takes a village to raise a child.” Now is more worried about individual collection of what? What does not working as a team get us as a country? Maybe because I served in the military and I have seen what happens to individuals. I have seen what happens to those not willing to be team players.  Is this what the spin masters consider socialism? So is doing more for others than you do for yourself socialist? Is loving your neighbor as you would love yourself socialist? Is trying to help out another human being because they need help, without asking for any compensation socialist thought?  Or is it just the way a successful group survives?

Actually, I have been thinking on the quote so widely displayed. The one most are angry at, it is truth.

The more and more I think about this one quote, and about how true it is. I also hear a tone of voice in the presidents speech that makes me say “Oh Really?” my current thoughts of this quote is much different now. Now it is more of a




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