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Things that have changed for me as far as politics.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on October 18, 2013

True Story.

True Story.


I have given up on following politics. For that I apologize. I came to several realizations in the past few years.

Number 1..I do not think Obama failed as a president. If you think Obama is the sole cause of our nations problems..well…

You should stop taking the blue pill the media gives you..if you take what any media outlet face value as truth you are living in a prison for your mind. The shackles and bonds that bind you are your own making because you choose to take what they tell you as truth, and not what it really is.

What is it really? Bullshit..media outlets use  stories for their own advantage. Look at the George Zimmerman trial. Which I did not follow, I waited until the verdict was reached and I looked at everything made public throughout the trial. Through webpages and media outlets…why? Because there was more important things I was doing with my time. Like watching what our representatives were doing through the only reliable source of political information. Unbiased and truthful.

That is http://congress.gov they are transitioning from thomas.loc.gov..

Because at the time of that trial and fox news saying Bengazi was a cover up to justify why Obama denied the use of military force. Unfortunately, more than likely  it was because it wasn’t a terrorist attack but a syrian attack. Now you maybe asking why Syria would attack an American consulate of The Department of State?






Read all of those bills..I will be finding more. All of these bills allows the appropriations of funds to the Syrian Liberation in some way. Or allows for Congress and the Senate may have had a hand in the Syrian Civil war. If you go to the Thomas site and search syria through each of the congressional meetings. We see Russia coming up as the people giving Syria weapons. Also Syria a member of the Baath Party that Saddam Hussein was a leader of. Not just in Iraq. He wasn’t the leader of Syria, but they were good friends. Both being part of the Arab Socialist movement that the US goverment is rumored to put into place in both Syria and Iraq, to replace the old governments. This favor supposedly happened so the US can get Oil from Syria and Iraq cheaper than they could get from Saudi Arabia. So the reasons for a Syrian commando unit attacking a Department of State Consulate that may or may not have been supplying weapons or money to the Syrian Liberation whatever they call themselves.

Syria helped cause us grief in Iraq. It is understandable that our government wants to retaliate. But America cannot afford to put military forces towards the Liberation of Syria. Not when those that want to see our great nation fall into chaos have said that Afghanistan and Iraq are a training ground..Will we allow Syria to be a training ground? Or maybe once we commit forces to Syria we will be attacked.

Our military does not need to be fully involved in Syria. In fact there is a bill in the current congress that urges we let the United Nations take the lead on this.

Why am I mentioning Syria and American Military Troops? Well it is very simple, if members of Congress wants to shutdown the government. Because of the Affordable Healthcare Act of 2009 which basically allows Medicaid/Medicare to be available to people who are making more than 20,000 a year, and don’t have a butt load of children. The reason why this bill really gains flack is because it regulates the Insurance companies to be fair and make it illegal for an insurance company to drop a person because that person comes down with a serious illness. When people say this they think Cancer and say stuff like “Then that person shouldn’t have smoked.” I have family who has had lung cancer and never smoked a cigarette in a day in their lives. I am not talking about cancer anyway, which is a serious disease, but we know what it is. An abnormal growth of cells. We know things can cause it like tobacco, alcohol (many really bad alcoholics get cirrhosis which is a form of cancer, if they don’t get that they could get something that acts like hep-c.) , and others. We also know it can be genetic. But that’s not the only disease with costly treatment. It is not the only disease health insurance companies drop people for. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease no one knows where it really comes from. Some forms of Autism, Downs Syndrome, some cases of traumatic brain injury are all examples of diseases insurance companies drop people for contracting or their kids being born with it. Regulation of the insurance companies are needed.

Not that I am not saying the Affordable Health Care Act of 2009 is perfect. There are many things that can be done differently with that. Making medicaid and medicare a type of co-pay where the tax you pay goes towards the portion the government pays for your care. Your tax dollars basically benefiting you. Would make the projected cost a lot less I would think. If you don’t have a taxable income your co-pay would be a little more than someone who pays the FICA tax. Social programs are needed to be paid more, politicians need to be paid less. If they are going to cause worry and stress on the American Citizens like throwing a fit and going ooh you are going to kill Insurance agencies by forcing them to keep customers that pay and get a disease that is costly. Which is the real reason for the years of appeals and money wasted. Plus even if the government gets shutdown, the politicians still get paid.

Which leads us to Number 2..

The biggest financial hemmorages of this nation is us paying our politicans. Which look at the latest elections and how much money was spent for them to get into office. Which granted didn’t solely come from anything in a federal government budget. By law it all has to be used, but I am unsure what happens if it is not. I mean Obama had to spend over 1 billion dollars (so did Rick Scott governor of Florida.), this paid for air travel. It paid for commercial spots, it paid for the ability to debate with the Republican Candidate (The only other Candidate that could afford the price a politician has to pay to debate with another candidate.) Monroe said a direct democracy wouldn’t work because the media would influence the votes…Well in a representative democracy the media still influences the votes. Our nation has been monopolized by both the Republican and Democratic parties. Their rivalry has gotten in the way of our government working efficiently for the people. There are barriers so that every man and woman cannot run for office. Which is a guaranteed right in the constitution. Don’t say oh yea, there were other Candidates…This is true there were, but did all eight participate in the presidential debates? Did the American people really see their choices? No because a presidential debate costs 20,000 dollars or more to participate in. Politics is being used by the media to make money.  It takes money to get into office, which is one of the things our forefathers fought to gain independence from anyway.

They wanted a fair system where everyone can be apart of the government. Where not only the rich can be leaders. They also wanted a system where all the citizens can decide where the government cannot decide.

One of the many reasons the tea party acted like butt heads and shut down the government is to discredit Obama further..Which this makes them all look like bigger douchebags…and because they say we cannot afford it. Millions of Americans without health insurance, without being able to go to a doctor when they are sick, without being able to get emergency care without owing tens of thousands of dollars, furthering individual debt from the people who work pay check to pay check and barely survive on that.

I am not saying I want the Affordable Health Care Act of 2009. But there has been a fight in washington. Repeals and time and money wasted on this. Time and money wasted on one party trying to destroy the rightfully ELECTED President of the United States.

Gun Control, Universal Healthcare, Same Sex marriage, abortion, Whether we as a nation declare war, whether we give money to other countries with sick, and hungry people when our people are sick and hungry.

All of these issues should be decided by the American people through the tenth amendment. Congress and the Senate cannot decide on these issues. It costs the American people money for these issues to bounce around for years. The citizens need to vote on things the government cannot decide on. The government obviously can’t make all the decisions. It is what got us here in the first place. When this nation was founded being able to see bills, resolutions, etc put up in congress within a day of it happening without paper was impossible. The ability for the entire nation to be at one place at the same time to discuss the facts, The pros and cons of a bill, and many other things I originally wanted to do with this blog. I wanted to show that direct democracy could be possible using the internet as a tool for researching the truth in media stories. For writing about what others don’t. For discussing bills and resolutions. The sharing of ideas. and trying to form a way where everyone wins, in the political sense. To point out holes in policy and what is going on in Congress and The Senate.

Instead it became a soapbox for religion, it became a soapbox on different things. But very few policy has ever really been discussed. Which is why I quit writing, no body cared about what the government is truly doing. No people only care about what they see on media outlets, not underlying issues that could and have had major impacts on our society.

I apologize for having a dream and letting people destroy it. For giving up on my convictions that a more direct democracy is the only way America will stay free. We must change and evolve, the only way real beneficial change will come to this country and our government is through the citizens.

It’s just I feel that the citizens don’t care anymore. They would rather be led along by the media and let the media tell them what is going on. How they should think or feel about a subject. I see it on Facebook all the time. People just regurgitating what they see on the media. There is no links to facts, no links to bills, most people comment on a bill or resolution without reading it. They take the blue pill the media gives them and they live in ignorance.

The truth is people would rather be told what to do, they would rather be fed information and what it means. Hardly any wants to take the red pill of knowledge. Arm themselves with the ability to research and come up with their own ideas. I don’t even know why I posted the bills in this post. Like all the other bills I post it won’t be read. But I will still trudge on because our politics is starting to look like a train wreck we all said was coming in 2004. Freedom has a price more than government and military service. Freedom comes from watching the governments decisions and moves then speaking out when they do wrong.

Maybe I have been a fool to think people actually want a part in the government. Maybe I have been a fool to think people actually want to be free. When a government starts making all the decisions and the peoples decisions become only tokens, nothing really solid. That is when we will lose freedoms. Maybe slowly but surely we have been losing small freedoms, we just haven’t noticed and probably won’t until our big ones start disappearing. Which is probably going to be a problem for our grandchildren or great grandchildren. But who cares?

It is only a possible problem, and it won’t happen in my life time. That sentence is how I think the American people see it. That sentence is why I am worried for our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildrens future. I want them to live in a country where they are truly free. Not one where they think they are free, because they are told they are.

Don’t think I am right? when was the last time a non-college educated politician was even seriously considered to run for office? When was the last time someone who worked minimum wage tried to get elected into office. The constitution says those people can run for an election. But we know they will never win, they will never be able to afford to pay for the debates. They will never get a chance to convince the people they are better than the Democratic or Republican candidates, by debating against them. We don’t think this is messed up because it has become a common misconception that you need these things to represent the citizens of this country. The reality is that if a common non college educated citizen tried to become a politician. Those with the money and influence would use the media whether it be commercials, or a press release, or something. But these politcians would spend a lot of money to keep it from happening.

The last election was America choosing between the shiniest of two turds, when all the other candidates didn’t even have a chance to debate with the democrats or republicans. There were a few candidates that I feel could have done better than Obama has in the past term. Better than Mitt Romney would have done.

Just think about it..when have we ever seen a non-democrat or republican in any office like the White House, Congress, or the Senate? Does anyone not even care that only the two richest parties ever get elected?


Maybe now more than ever I need to follow politics and put it up for the masses.

4 Responses to “Things that have changed for me as far as politics.”

  1. dorian said

    E_E !!
    good to see you! i’m on an extended vacation from politics but i’ll follow your posts!


  2. Yeah, there are things in politics that are unfair to most citizens. Businesses over citizens, stuff like that. The most disturbing part about politics today is gender issues in politics. Which I feel is needed, just not what is being pushed. Take the so called gender wage gap. The statistic that shows it exists everywhere is calculated based on full time year round employees only. Part-time workers are npt counted. As well as 1099 employees, the past few years I have been dealing with the governments bureaucracy as far as what the government views as gainful employment, 1099 employees are not viewed as gainfully employed. There is one industry in America almost completely dominated by women. It is a multibillion dollar industry where almost every employee is an independant contractor. To fix the pay gap do we need to add more laws, or actually fix the statistic first to include every category? What the current statistic implies is that fewer women work full time. What it does not do is imply that women in America make less than men do. It could be true, but the statiatic being used to prove it is also leaving out many men and women, as gaining a full time job has gotten harder over the years for men and women. Those that are working hundreds of hours on thier feet, those in an industry that is not only dominated by women, but also an industry whose main customer base is women. Those women are left out of the statistic. Gamergate which is actually a consumer revolt, whose aim is to get unbiased journalism for reviews that people use to make a decision about buying video games. What it is not is people that do not want women developers. The media and feminism for some reason is pushing the narrative Gamergate is about keeping women out of an industry. Which is untrue. They just want intellectually dishonest journalism out of the gaming industry. Which appeals to me as a gamer and to me as someone who wants intellectually dishonest journalism out of the media as a whole. Gender politics and the dangers and problems I have seen come out of it in the past few years, has made me come out of my vacation. There is a lot of information to actually cover. With me moving I have been prewriting a post and I will post it after the move.


  3. Christina said

    I’ll try to put this to good use imteidamely.


  4. Hi Sherry,Oh, the eyes here are super easy! I applied Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in RSVP on the lids and then LORAC Front of the Line Pro liner in black along the lash line. A quick lash curl and two coats of mascara and then I’m done. As for the dress, the designer is Maggy London. I bought it from Nordstrom last summer!


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