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Brave New Films and thier fight against the NRA

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on March 19, 2015

So today I got this email from Brave New Films. Now Brave New Films makes documentaries about things “that no one else will speak about.” The thing is thier next film is about something everyone is talking about that is complete and utter bullshit. It goes against what they say they are about.

What has gained my ire you may be asking. Well the title of this is Guns are an inherently unsafe product. If you are saying, but that’s a correct statement. It really is not. Buy a firearm, just the firearm. Put it to your head and pull the trigger. If guns were inherently an unsafe product you would be dead instead of hearing a metalic click.  I am not telling you to shoot yourself with a loaded firearm, in order for a firearm to be lethal it needs to have bullets. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, you can fire a bullet without a firearm. It won’t be safe, but it is possible to fire a bullet without a firearm or gun.

The firearm isn’t what is designed to kill, a firearm is designed to propel multiple bullets without great risk. There are two categories of ammunition. Lethal and non lethal, ball rounds and hollow points are designed to kill. There are other types of ammunition made not to kill.

Lethal ammunition can be found readily available in many department type stores such as Walmart. Non Lethal ammunition has to be specially ordered. I honestly think it needs to be the other way around, as well as making it so you need a license to buy lethal ammunition. We have a right to defend ourselves this is true. But do we have a right to kill when we have the technology and ability to subdue? That is actually what I feel our represenratives need to look closer on.

Then again my opinion is the problem with firearm violence and fatalities is not the firearms, but the lethal ammunition that is readily available and unregulated. That regulation of ammunition not firearms is the solution to the firearm violence fatality problem. Put your thoughts in the comment section and let’s debate this.

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