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It’s time for the Political Media Circus to start again!

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on June 1, 2015



I supported Obama the last time. Hoped for change, saw that all the hype negative and positive was bullshit. He has not been a very competent leader, and he hasn’t really done anything to prove he was better than Bush. I really should have been pointing out all the bullshit that has been happening over the years. We should have been debating on a platform created solely for debating peoples ideas. I shouldn’t have gotten sucked into the Facebook/Twitter vortex of trolls and bullshit. (Irony is you are reading this because of Twitter.)

But experiencing that vortex (Facebook doesn’t have nearly as much shitposting then again every one of my friends on FB went to school with me. So they have known me personally. So I shared a little more on Facebook and did less shitposting. Twitter I started using after I started researching into #GamerGate. What I found was well it was validation of things I have been saying about journalism since 2009. On this blog actually.

This is my safe space, this safe space was erected for serious debate about serious issues. This site has seen numerous debates and this site holds proof that I am a left leaning person. I consider myself a realist, but in reality I am a Cynical fuck.  My safe space was built on the idea of free expression about the government, society, etc. I WANT PEOPLE TO DISAGREE WITH ME. I WANT TO DEBATE AND THROW WEBSITES AND OTHER SOURCE MATERIAL AT PEOPLE WHILE EXPLAINING MY THOUGHT PROCESS. I am pretty sure because that makes me comfortable completely debating. Sometimes I will disagree with you to debate and not actually disagree with you, just trying to get a conversation, debates, and keep the ideas free flowing. This site was created by three highly opinionated people. It pretty much started as three debaters In today’s climate you could argue that we trolled kayms99. But she was really fun and she gave as much as we did. She was smart and a joy to debate. Then again she didn’t use fictional words like heteronormative, and made a clear and concise point.  I mean there is no word processing program I have ever used that accepts that word is actually a word.


I am going to give kayms99 credit for this sentence. Radicalism is 2015’s greatest social ill. Muslims, Christians, Scientology, Eclectic Spirituality, Feminism, everything has radicals. Every organization, ideology, religion, and even in politics. Radicalism is destroying the world. I really wish I could hate Feminism as much as many other people do. I honestly do not, the idea is a good one. The radicals are the most vocal and most heard. Voices like Anita Sarkeesian could be considered the lefts version of Bill Keller. (Not the editor. I think I only had to delete by the request of Bill Keller’s lawyer. Yes this site was DMCA’d by someone before.) are using the movement as a shield. I mean her crowd wants to take down capitalism and literally replace it with a female dominated socialism. (There is some final solution type of talk in the organization. #KillAllMen #KillAllCisPeople Not to mention this kind of thing:  https://archive.is/vEuBX But that is all a joke according to them.) There are radicals in the left. They are called Radical Feminists and they are no better than Radical Christians or Radical Muslims. They make the movement look like an extreme racist/sexist movement. Google Tumblr feminists and then tell me they don’t exist.


All this is still on the site, you guys can see that mini controversy that actually led to the hibernation of this blog for a while. So full ethical disclosure. I did say on this site I was working as an investigative journalist. Despite having no knowledge of journalism. I want to say now that I said that as a lad and I was angry with the media. Partially because of military training. It was at this time since the beginning of boot camp a superior has told soldiers (it happened in mess halls often in different bases) to direct media personnel to a certain person (Usually an officer and usually considered base cadre.) The reasoning is that person is trained solely to interact with the media.  Then have to sit through a quick power point showing why you shouldn’t talk to the media. That was actually part of orientation week when we first got to Kuwait as well. The power points would be interviews with journalists. Where the journalist would shorten statements or take sentences out of context. The media is not your friend. I have to truly believe the Army knew what it was talking about when it came to the media. If that was all bullshit. Well, #GamerGate, #MediaGate, and obvious bias in the mainstream media wouldn’t have happened. I thought and still do think a majority of these so called journalists are doing something a chimp could do better. I am meaning an actual honest to god Chimpanzee, could write better articles than some of these articles I read. Hell a Chimpanzee could do what I am doing better than me.


Then again I am just taking my thoughts on these things and putting them on a blog where I not only encourage people to tell me not just that I am wrong, why I am wrong. As long as I get to defend my point. As when you debate your audience is the people with popcorn watching the debate. You are trying to win the minds of the people reading that has no bias or knowledge on the issue. Everyone agreeing with everyone else, that is horrible. You cannot grow mentally or physically without resistance. That’s not how reality works. When everyone uniformly agrees and does not voice their own thoughts and opinions. That’s when people start making free thought and free speech a punishable by death crime.  That’s why freedom of thought, freedom of free speech and expression is not the same as freedom from consequence. Forcing political correctness and brainwashing our youth is not the way to go. Let’s start debating again. Here you cannot be banned for harassment. This is not a hug box, unless you feel open public debate blogs and freedom of thought (no matter how offensive), and freedom of speech is a “safe space”. .


Lot’s of things are happening in the public sphere. But it is time to post 2016’s presidential candidates.


Research tools: https://www.congress.gov/ (Select all sources option next to the bar that you type your search into. Very good tool for finding out the actions of former senators, congresspeople, and cabnet members of an administration.)




(Don’t really want to google the rest of the 49 states senate sites.)

Let’s do some research and debate with each other which ones we like or don’t like.



It is 2015, a lot of shit is happening on the internet and society. We live in interesting times. If you want to write for this blog send me a DM on Twitter @enkilleridos


I honestly don’t care what your stance on anything is. Just push out your ideas and don’t try to take charge of something you aren’t in charge of and we will be fine. This may cause some Drama, but you know the human race.




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