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What is #GamerGate?

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on October 31, 2015

#GamerGate is a hashtag of a consumer revolt against corruption and injecting a specific type of politics into gaming.

I have been following #GamerGate for over a year, and I said I wasn’t going to touch it. I really should have, but I didn’t. One of the reasons is because of how the public perception of it was. I found myself becoming part of it.

Since the audience of this post is towards the people who have no idea past what the Mainstream Media says it is. It is not a hate movement, GamerGate supporters are not misogynists. Many are very anti feminism, some are pro ethics in journalism. It really is a mixed bag. There is no manifesto, or document any where on the internet GamerGate supporters follow. GamerGate supporters are all individuals. Some individuals think it is best to focus on Social Justice Warriors/Feminists. Others think it is best to focus on ethics as there are a lot more ethics problems in the gaming industry than problems caused by Feminism/the social justice crowd.

The issues that surround the consumer revolt are many. Part of it was a “game developer” who was accused to sleep with multiple different game journalists to get good reviews for a pretty flawed game. That game is named Depression Quest, which was supposed to bring awareness to the mental health issue of Depression. After having played it, and someone that deals with Depression like symptoms, I didn’t feel like I learned anything about it. Nor do I think it helped people that didn’t understand it.

This developer I am not going to name, as she isn’t important to the movement. She continuously tries to keep herself in the spotlight and inject herself into the overall discussion of GamerGate. The only way she was relevant was she had the legal system put a gag order on him.

Another person that the movement keeps around is someone named Anita Sarkeesian. Best known for her Tropes vs. Women series. Which many feel is widely inaccurate and is putting identity politics into gaming. Her Kick Starter which promised the video series at a certain time, she has yet to deliver. Her videos are challenged and she spoke to UN Women about online harassment. She called criticism of her videos that are used in classrooms in public schools, internet violence.

Sources: https://www.youtube.com/user/feministfrequency


Critcism of Tropes vs. Women: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQJW3WMsx1q3BAZh3XsK1cSwCiaqjSulc

There is more, but I like Thunderf00t’s videos as what he said about all the videos is what I would write anyway. I encourage everyone to find more of these criticism videos,
and look at both sides. Anything that is made as an “educational resource” deserves to be critisized if it is wrong. Especially if the tax payers (I am an American so American tax payers in this instance.) have to pay for it. (Teachers salaries, etc.)

Then there is the other issue of gaming journalist sites only covering certain games (AAA titles, and Indie titles of developers they like. Many completely ignoring the many indie games they do not.) as well as Polygon and Kotaku (Part of Gawker Media) trying to silence games from being made. The best example is the game Hatred. Which streams surrounding that game is banned on Twitch.tv. It almost wasn’t allowed to be sold on steam.

Hatred is a Postal clone, that focuses on killing civilians and cops. Because the game shows the death of people very graphically it was almost rated AO. IT was also protested against on Steam Greenlight by lots of people voting no on it. This was partly due to people saying this kind of game shouldn’t be available to anyone. With as much shootings that have been happening lately, I am surprised that no one has said this game to be the cause of them. Much like in the 90’s when Columbine happened, the game Doom was blamed for them going crazy and shooting the school. Pretty much people silencing other peoples freedom to create, because they didn’t agree with it.

A lot of what the people against GamerGate, and really against the industry as it is. Their position is really similar to the 80’s and 90’s Christian persecution of the medium. Gaming is evil, part of satan. Except the new fad religion is feminism. Which to me many of the most adamant followers of feminism seem like fundamentalist christians. Satan being Patriarchy or Masculinity. It follows and ideology and a lot of it’s explanations of why men are the way we are. Why society acts the way it does. The most adamant, and fundamentalist followers of feminism claims it is because all men want to oppress all women. Because it comes from colleges and there are “feminist studies” that confirm this bias, it isn’t seen as a religion by the mainstream.

The major opposition to GamerGate are from the feminist/Social Justice crowd. Which takes their overly left religious type views. A lot of these people are so left anyone that disagrees with them are automatically part of the right or conservative politics. Which ties into the so called “War on Women” the left says the right is conducting.

All that is only a small part of GamerGate. There are plenty of vocal people, like in the 90’s that say gaming is this decades evil. Which is the hatred of women, or misogyny. I would like to point out feminism thinks itself as the voice of all women, and minority. “Oppressed Classes” to disagree with feminism is to hate it. In turn to hate feminism means you hate women and you are racist against minorities. This is what some of these people believe. Which lead to the Not Your Shield hashtag. Where the minorities and women of GamerGate disagreed with the “problems” one side is saying gaming has. The side against GamerGate says that the people in that hashtag are “sock puppet” accounts. Not real minorities or women even though there is proof otherwise.

GamerGate is a consumer revolt with no real leaders, just individuals that are fighting back against corruption and those that want to silence creators and consumers because they disagree with them.

Which leads to the next part. A lot of the people against GamerGate also seems to be against discussion and debate. As a lot of the people against GamerGate is trying to get comments closed on many platforms. Something that will never happen on this blog, as every blog post is written with the expectation discussion and debate will happen in the comment section. The discussion and debate part is really what this blog is about. For people to voice their views on politics. Or controversies related to politics. Because Politics has become more like watching a circus, than anything serious lately. I stopped writing about it. I think politics and gaming are two different things. However, now they are becoming intertwined again like it was in the 90’s early 2000’s.

Then there is the recent SWSX cancellations on two panels where the panelists were supporters of GamerGate. Which the panelists on other panels is adamant GamerGate is a hate mob, and does not deserve to be on panels about online harassment. They say that GamerGate does not deserve to have a platform about online harrassment, because to them that’s what GamerGate is. It is what they tell to the Mainstream Media, it is what the Mainstream Media says GamerGate is.

But it really is not. It is a consumer revolt that advocates free speech in the creation of games and the discussion about gaming. It is a celebration of the hobby and our ability to speak our minds about it. That’s what GamerGate is for me. That doesn’t mean that’s what it is for everyone.

While ADKOB isn’t a festival. We are a debate blog that welcomes all views. We are also a debate/discussion blog, so criticism and discussion about these things
will happen. But if the panelists that were on these panels can’t get a platform anywhere else, I openly invite them to use ADKOB as this platform. I am willing to host a discussion on this using a podcast like format. I’ll make a YouTube for it if I must to ensure it will be done live and in real time.

If this interests any panelists please send an e-mail to enkill_eridos@hotmail.com

It is only natural I think that one of the founders of a free speech moderated debate blog, is a supporter of.

There is more to this discussion that what I wrote. As with every post you are free to disagree or agree in the comments. Debate your points and tell me why I am wrong. Please provide sources or it will be assumed your comments are your opinion. Disagreement is not equal to harrassment or hate. Debate and Discussion is one of the

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