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Twitter is burning.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on February 16, 2016

A debate a really want to get into is Twitter is literally burning itself into the ground. If you are wondering what’s going on twitter right now. This rare pepe will give you an idea of what thier business model is doing to thier platform.


So what prompted this?


Well there may or may not be a article or blog post some where that looks at twitters falling stocks is purely the fault of the consumer online protest about the ethics in Games Journalism. #GamerGate.

Which is labeled by a loud few as a hate movement. They are harrassers, bullies and trolls, comprised solely of white men.

You know the old addage point one finger and three point back at you. The original meaning was be careful when you make accusations. Someone may find a past wrong of yours.

There are doxes on twitter. It is used as a silencing tactic when someone angers someone in another group. The people who are generally blamed for it in the media, aren’t the ones that generally do it.

On my feed someone who used to tweet in the hashtag BLM. That person was doxxed. I have seen women, homosexuals, trans gendered people, black, red, brown and white. All treated in a manner they denounce because they don’t have the same opinion.

It has gotten to a point where  twitter created a Ministry of Truth.


Actually, it’s called the Trust and Safety Council.


Most of the organizations involved are advocacy organizations. Mostly left leaning if not all of them are.


The above is a screen shot c/o http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2016/02/twitters-new-safety-council-makes-a-mockery-of-free-speech/


Twitter is burning and the ones that speak of  “social justice” do not truly follow the original ideal. The idea everyone has common humanity and should be treated as such. Is actually an ideal I hold on to.

However, Social Justice or..


On twitter SocJus has the wrapper of treating humans the same. They add economic and social equality into the equasion.

Economic equality is not possible in a meritocracy. Something the world has been for some time, and is in my opinion the thing that drives progress. Being goal driven and meeting your personal goals, they are important. It is what motivates a lot of people, to achieve the goal and do as good a job as you can. Success is subjective. It really is. A person can succeed and not make millions. It depends on an indivuals choices in life, of which there are plenty, at times it feels too much. And the overall goal a person has, and motivation to achieve it.

Social equality through law, is a horrible idea. Mainly because social structure among humans is not unilateral. Take the US. In the South certain words are used specifically there, but not in the north. In the west words and actions are perceived differently than the east. This is true about the central and mountain areas as well.

The internet and various places the same things happen. Take the word faggot in 4chan. It is used in a positive way. The lgbtq took a page from that book and added the word Queer as a sexuality. For the same reasons. Hateful people took it over. Non hateful people want it back. In many places in the Tampa Bay area in Florida the word Nigger is used to describe an ignorant person of any race. Many children are taught by parents of all “races” that is what Nigger means.

I do not believe in race, I do not think there is enough biological difference between any person no matter color of skin to split the human race in such a divisive way. The world doesn’t share this view and social justice sure as fuck doesn’t either.


This happened recently with the hashtag #UnbanDan
This series of tweets to femfreq a member of twitter’s ministry of truth.

Dan was banned for wrongthink. Originally this post was about the hashtag #RIPTwitter a lot has happened since then and more happening now.

On mobile the timeline is starting to be wierd. Things being said in a convo not appearing in the thread. Making debate on twitter more useless.

There are hardly any conservative voices in this council, and the fear is thier voices will be silenced because of wrongthink.

I am not conservative, liberal, or progressive. Labels lead to tribalism. And I hold no alligence to anything but America. I don’t have to swear alligence to a political way of thought. Fuck off I prefer to be a free thinker. Although I agree with more moderate conservatives and liberals than I disagree in the past couple of years.

As always this post is a debate, I just shared my full opinion on the subject. Now share yours and we can see if we can come up with solutions through debate.

ADKOB is truly the last bastion of free speech on the internet. Come at me Oxford Press, you lost your claim to that when you Copywrited YouTubers that criticized you.

There is no such thing as wrongthink here, make videos making fun of me and my past view. That is your right. I will never claim copyright. Only if you pass my thoughts and idiocy as your own. Get your own thoughts and idiocy. 

Edit: Update. Femfreq is not who got dan’s accout banned by his own admission. However he made this medium post with this in it.
Then this happened

What happened next was

Luckily for everyone this post was archived. Read it in full here.


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