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Swastika Post

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on June 15, 2016

So my Swastika post I wrote, it was tagged by someone who pretty much said I was a nazi apologizer.

I understand being  a messianic jew that believes the rabbinical texts is crucial to understand the New Testament  Not to mention the Study of the Tree of life influence (Kabbalah) that is evident. As well as someone who has studied and practiced “Pagan” religions and the symbolism it holds. The swastika was originally a symbol of peace.

The thing about the National Socialist Party is that Hitler was really into Pagan artifacts. Whether he thought that Pagans worshipped actual aliens or if his obsession was really that. Or it was a misguided attempt to demonize Pagans post WW2, linking the two to anti semitism we will never know.

However my blog post was written as a response to fear mongering happening in the media in India and Japan at the time.

Sorry but pointing out that the Swastika the Nazis used was perverted by them isnt racist. Trying to take back a symbol other cultures regard as a symbol of peace from a hate filled movement is not apologizing for that movement.

The so called apologizers like myself isnt apologizing for these people. We are spreading truth about that symbol, because fear mongerers use that symbol to say it always means hate.  Plus I highly doubt a swastika not inverted was graphittied by someone that is a neo nazi. Considering neo nazi’s really take the bullshit propaganda Goebbels wrote, as truth. (The guy that said tell a lie long enough and people will eventually believe it.)

I highly doubt that was done by any Neo Nazi, but instead a prank done by ignorant kids. I wouldnt clean up graphitti someone else did. But if they are found I would gladly explain to them why the symbol they spray painted on your synagogues sign was the correct symbol, and what the symbol they spray painted really means.

Because in todays age disagreement equals hate speech.

Here is a bonus bit of that for you. The Holocaust isnt something that only happened to the Jews. Blacks, Homosexuals, Lesbians, Communists, Marxists, people who opposed the states propaganda, people who said the wrong things, people who criticised the government, the polish, and Jews were all effected. The final solution wasnt to kill all the jews, but kill everyone that spoke against them. It is why many Germans fled Germany and went to fight for the British. Including my great grandfather who in shame washed his hair with bleach every day. Despite fighting against the Nazi’s for Britain.

But you know because I mentioned that the symbol was stolen and existed in multiple other cultures prior to Hitler, I must be racist.

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