A Different Kind of Blog

news and things sacred and irreverent put together by opinionated people.


Welcome! We Hope to Offer Our Guests Opposite Sides of Popular Political and Religious Issues!                                  

Inspiration comes in many different forms or rather forums!

This blog site began Mid October 2008


Most of the authors for our site actually met on an NBC site.  Things got pretty heated in some of our posts to each other!  Eventually we decided we needed a place to “VOICE” our debates, but instead we found a place to share our beliefs and ideas. After visiting some other sites one of the things we wanted to include was this… everyone is encouraged to share, and if they choose to debate we can do that as well!

We hope to stimulate your thoughts and for you to arouse our intellect as well!

We may not all agree on everything (Tothewire, Dorian, E_E, Kayms, OTA, Lawman2, Centered2, Princess, Betty, Hors, Minion) but we all do agree that it is okay and acceptable for us to disagree.

While here,  you will hopefully see (and maybe even add) a wide range of beliefs political and religious, and maybe even some anti-political and anti-religious posts.

Feel free to email us @ tothewires@yahoo.com

or @ adkob1@gmail.com

I have posted a few “songs” you can download or just play 🙂






Debate post will be deleted when post reaches 100 comments unless there is an on going debate…

We have already deleted several comments on different debate topics.  BUT starting Nov. 20th we will start saving these debates and archive them instead for our guest to have access to them at later dates.

63 Responses to ““A” PAGE ABOUT US…”

  1. Guess Who said



  2. dorian9 said

    welcome, guess who! join in the fun anytime..hey, feel free to poke at anything or anyone in here – lots of good items on the menu..


  3. tothewire said

    Welcome Guess Who! Thank you for visiting!


  4. Lawman said

    that guess who feller is about the “smartest” visitor we’ve had so far! welcome guess who and your incite is uncanny!


  5. tothewire said

    I’m guessing Lawman…You’re such a nerd Lawman.


  6. dhconcerts said

    Hey! It’s good when the different voices can all be heard. Good for you. 🙂 There’s a similar site I like to read, but it’s differing voices are usually about politics. It’s called The Moderate Voice.


  7. dhconcerts said

    oops! I forgot a quotation mark in the link. I’ll try again:
    The Moderate Voice


  8. dhconcerts said

    Oops! One more typo, sorry! Its differing voices are usually about politics.


  9. tothewire said

    Hello Dhconcets! Welcome to our little blog! Yes that is a great site!


  10. Lawman2 said

    you can visit Dhconcerts here : http://dhconcerts.wordpress.com/
    pretty great site and i am hoping tothewire bookmarks it…as i am but a hungry caveman hehehehe


  11. douglaskev said

    seems like a good site- ill be back to check it out! ^_^


  12. tothewire said

    Welcome Douglaskev! I loved your site! I hope everyone visits it!


  13. Mighty Human said

    How did I end up here lol. I swear sometimes my finger clicks and I’m not even aware of it. Which turns out to be a good thing from time to time. I have bookmarked this site and will return to check out more of it when I’ve got the time.


  14. tothewire said

    Thank you Mighty Human! Do you have a site or blog for us to visit?


  15. mighty human said

    No Tothewire I do not have either. but as u can see I’m back lol.


  16. tothewire said

    Welcome back Mighty Human!


  17. Mo said

    “TTW” (ToTheWire) left a comment on my http://molibertynow.wordpress.com blog. It was in response to my SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership) post. It brings to light, the fact that Bush has been promoting the total destruction of U.S. sovereignty and Constitutional form of government by encouraging the NAU (North American Union)comprised of the United States, Canada and Mexico melding their government’s control into one trilateral entity, with the Northern border being the most Northern reaches of Alaska/Canada and the the most Southern border being the Southern most reaches of Mexico.

    I’ve bookmarked “To The Wire” and will attempt to keep in contact and help disseminate pertinent info to you folks as needed. I hope you folks will do the same relating to my blog.

    Thanks for the forum and please visit my blog often. I’ll post a link to this blog on mine, if it’s OK.



  18. tothewire said

    I enjoy your blog Mo! I added you to our blogroll….I hope others visit it as it has a lot of information and insights into important topics. Thank you Mo for your comment here as well. I am proud to add you to our blogroll, and I will visit it often and I hope our other authors and readers do as well!


  19. Lawman2, Thanks for all the kind words, wow I actualy have a fan. I am thinking you are a lawman, lol. I have relitives in law enforcement. Glad to be here, and shhhh now, I am reading.


  20. WOW I love this site!! Smart people writing interesting stuff, who can agree to disagree – it doesn’t get any better than that.


  21. Lawman2 said

    hey here susan thank you for stopping in! i read on your blog that you home school your children…i think i would like to try that, but my wife really is against it.

    anywho…i enjoyed your site http://susancritelli.blogspot.com/


  22. Alek said

    Hi. Good site.


  23. Lawman2 said

    hey bob has a new book! here is a link to his blog http://www.geocities.com/authorbobbyd/page1.html
    or go here to look at his books and order some! http://geocities.com/authorbobbyd

    i am a fan!


  24. adventuresofabeautyqueen said

    What an amazing site!!!! You all ROCK!!!


  25. lawman2 said

    hey there queen! thank you! do you have a blog? we like to visit our readers blogs… readaholics here!


  26. Amitabh said

    Ok people! Pay back time! Because you are nice people and are doing a spectacular job as bloggers, you get listed in my list of Spectacular Blogs.
    Check out http://www.squidoo.com/Spectacular-Blogs


  27. Enkill_Eridos said

    Thank you Amitabh, I hope you will consider posting other comments. I deleted your first comments and your P.S. as directed (this is obvious since it is not here) but I figured I would tell the masses anyway. That and so no one gets mad at me


  28. dorian9 said

    hey amitabh, what an honor,thanks! will check out squidoo and spread the word!


  29. Hors Service said

    Hi all!

    I have found your blog totally by chance, and I don’t regret it.
    It’s the only one I ever found which makes people of so different opinions exange so much on so many subjects, religion, politic, philosophy, and the most marvellous is that they’re still being polite and civilised to each other!
    I wish the world was like that.

    After scouting a bit the blog, I found interesting opinions, hot discussions, wise and/or witty comments, but i would like to humbly propose a few improvements to your excellent blog:

    It’s kind of difficult to naviguate between the different pages of the blog (using Firefox), and I find the structure of the blog a bit unclear: to note, the categories (also the list of subjects resulting), and the upper bar (It’s how it’s called in english?).

    Anyway, one of the most interesting blogs of the american web! Please continue!

    Greetings from France


  30. dorian9 said

    hors service – merci beacoup, i’m glad you are finding our little blog interesting..your recommendations are appreciated.
    we are missing our previously active administrators and authors, lawman the caveman, tothewire, obama, – their personalities and point of views add so much to the mix..but there’s still e_e, kay and myself along with readers like you participating with comments managing to keep the blog alive..so stay with us!


  31. Welcome Hors Service.


  32. jzsnpclz said

    h3EGQe sqxetpcytays, [url=http://dttvjowrczsm.com/]dttvjowrczsm[/url], [link=http://iwtsadmxjuig.com/]iwtsadmxjuig[/link], http://mwppzxalvosy.com/


  33. Hello to all ! Great site. I am new here greetings to all from Poland.


  34. PRINCESS said

    i think i have been banned already, wow, that took like 2 and a half days. i must be getting rusty.


  35. PRINCESS said

    fyi, nobodies fault but my own.


  36. Lexus said

    Good site, admin.


  37. Rick said

    Saw the site through Alpha Inventions, and I must say this is an interesting idea for a blog. I’ve only just begun exploring the posts, but I can tell I’m going to enjoy reading this often.



  38. dorian9 said

    hey rick! glad you stopped by. lots of reads here. we like to debate, too. join the fun!



  39. Alex said

    Good site, admin.


  40. Alexis said

    Good site, admin.


  41. Panzer said

    Good site, admin.


  42. Al said

    Two thumbs up!


  43. Hors Service said

    Hi Mesdames, Mesdemoiselles, Messieurs!

    I won’t have the net at home for the next month, so I will have to come here during my worktime, therefore I won’t be very active on the debate point of view, but I will post some articles 😉

    See you all!


  44. dorian said

    monsieur hors, thank you!!


  45. 1minionsopinion said

    Dorian left a note on my blog today inviting me to join you guys and gals. I don’t know if I’ve ever come across this blog before, but I certainly appreciate being considered to join this group of bloggers, if the rest of the merry band has no objections.

    If all (or enough?) are in favour, let me know what’s involved in terms of posting, topics, scheduling of any kind, etc.



  46. dorian said

    hi minion! anything goes here. our tagline says it all. you can post anytime!! we have authors and regular visitors from 4 continents, so far.
    any topic subject for debate. some loose cannons here (incl. me) but all good-natured. jump in!


  47. obama the antichrist said

    hey 1! (imma call you that cuz its short and easy [do not comment on that princess]) i checked out your blog come join us i have no objections!


  48. princessxxx said

    yeah, new opinions from 1 minion..

    be one of us.


  49. obama the antichrist said

    princess you make it sound like we are a creepy colt “ONE OF US ONE OF US”


  50. princessxxx said

    haha, i did still that line from “my life with the thrill kill cults” album “13 with a knife”


  51. dorian said

    okay let’s not scare our new friend. although minion admits to being “snarky” (that’s the word what prompted the immediate invite, and there’s galileo, of course) she may have second thoughts heheheh
    here’s minion’s well-written site : http://1minionsopinion.wordpress.com/


  52. princessxxx said

    oh, i just said that because i am researching creepy crawly cults for my next post. you know, like the catholick church.
    alcholics anonymous, national origanization of women, heaven’s gate.

    embrace your inner zombie, dorian.

    btw, probably 400,000 visitors by tomorrow and don’t forget everyone to stop by and wish mrs. betty slocombe a happy birthday.


  53. 1minionsopinion said

    Thanks for the support peeps. Now explain to this noob how to post on your site. I’m clueless as to how shared author blog things work.


  54. princessxxx said

    hey 1minionsopinion. first of all, i love your website.

    dorian can explain how to post, i’m noobish, too.

    i’m also an athiest and snarky.

    so, yea, come join the fun with the funDEMENTED.


  55. obama the antichrist said

    o a little bout me
    i am christian
    i am highly conservative on everything but gay marriage
    i used to love fox news and hated all other liberal bias news but now i just hate all thee off broadway news shows
    um i dont like to read really long comments so i tend to stay away from them 😉
    and how to post….um im not so sure….HA


  56. princessxxx said

    off broadway news shows. hahaha. good one.

    obama the antichrist has a great sense of humor which i find surprising and refreshing in any antichrist. 🙂


  57. obama the antichrist said

    its not a good antichrist unless its a funny antichrist….there should be smiles when everyone dies!


  58. dorian said

    guys and gals here’s another cool one:


    still trying to snag a scientologist to come to our party but no luck so far.

    OTA you aren’t getting yourself in trouble these days in other sites, are you?
    i remember when they were chasing you out of that site with bats because they thought you were racist. hehe. with a name like obama the antichrist you’re setting yourself up. don’t stray too far from your liberal buddies here..


  59. obama the antichrist said

    ahahahah i remember her nightly candy. ahahahaha she hated me with a passion but i was as nice as can be when calling her a close minded moron


  60. obama the antichrist said

    and wib is awesome i laughed out loud while reading her stuff 😀


  61. June 20, 2009 at 11:33 amnoelOk Nice! ,


  62. Anonymous said



  63. Gabrielle said

    That’s cleared my thoughts. Thanks for cobutintring.


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