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A primer on the Government.

Here are some informative videos on the government via School House Rock. (We do not host these videos..I found these on Youtube.)

^^Does anyone think that the current government is following the preamble?

This is not a full and complete compendium of  the government and how exactly it works..but it is some good information to give everyone that has forgotten the lessons learned during  Saturday Morning Cartoons. (Broadcasting company bring those back..atleast the School House Rock ones.

One Response to “A primer on the Government.”

  1. Hors Service said

    // Debate on the Party system.

    E_E is opposing the party system, on the ground that it favors corruption and arrangements against principles. (As far as I’ve understood^^)

    I think that the party system is adapted to representative democracy, and I will explain why:

    * The american party sytem favors bipartism, but this is not the case for all democratic states:
    For example, France has more partys represented at the Congress, although 2 “main” party are leading coalitions. But for example, our last constitution allowed much more party to be represented. Which leads to a political mess: no governement would hold, for the coalition would split in a few months.
    That leads me to pointing that the goal of a governement is to lead a country, not to follow any temporary variation of public opinion or personal politics, this, even in a democracy. It is important to have a stable governement, therefore the formation of a governemental coalition and an opposition is inevitable, so it might be as well organised and clear.
    (Of course, it shouldn’t be inamovible, therefore the important thing is to keep the ideal balance)
    I also think that bipartism is not adapted to a fast changing world and political situation, but a stable coalition system is adapted.

    * Doing politics, going into campaing, getting media attention, all of these requires vast amount of money and activists to do the plain jobs (sticking badges, etc…). Therefore parties as such are impossible to avoid, but even more, if they are prohibited, only rich politicans (or those controlled by rich fundraiser) will have a voice.

    * Real life requires compromises, that’s what every society is based on. Therefore, the Congress being the expression of the society (or should be, ideally), it is impossible to avoid vote trading (you vote for my proposition and I will vote for yours) and such practices. So it might as well be fair and open vote trading, like in a party.

    * Last, in a party system, people vote for ideas. In a non-party system, people vote for individuals. And that’s a dangerous thing.

    Here’s my opinion!:)


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