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By Kayms99  Nov. 6 2008

I would like to introduce a new term to our list of social ills… REVERSE IGNORANCE … the term is new (as far as I know) but the problem, I’m sure, has been around for as long as the term ‘Politically Correct’ has been.  With all of the social (Liberal) pressures to be politically correct in today’s world, society has gone too far in the opposite direction and as a result have themselves become hypocritically ignorant and blind.  I became keenly aware of this problem recently when I posted this on a blog site:


Obama’s campaign symbol depicts the sun rising over the American flag…. Islamic prophecy (prophetic commentary on the Qu’ran, Bukhari Volume 60, book 60, 159,) says that “the sun will rise in the west….”.  20% of THE WORLD’S population (Muslims) believe that Barack Obama is the fulfillment of this prophecy!!!

Anyone planning to vote for Obama ….read this first!!!

Is Senator Barack Obama the Fulfillment of Islamic Prophecy

* note to Obama supporters… please try to stay on point… I will gladly address the commentary post & video  afterwards if you would like.
Well… it didn’t take long for people to start responding back to this post with some or all of the following accusations –  ignorant, hateful, intolerant, prejudiced, racist, bigoted etc, etc and etc.  But I would like to point out that the word “ignorant” by far came up the most. I will state right now that I am none of these things, though, because of “reverse ignorance” some people will never be convinced of that. This is a TRUE SOCIAL ILL!!  AND a potentially DANGEROUS PROBLEM!!

I will briefly explain my ‘must read’ post… the commentary is by Bill Keller of Live Prayer.com.  This commentary is based on several significant facts and my goal was to bring these widely unknown facts to the attention of voters. PLEASE NOTE that Bill Keller’s commentary never accuses Obama of being a (practicing) Muslim or having any kind of terrorist ties. What it does is simply present a question and then follows with widely unknown facts to help the reader answer the question for themselves.

What has really motivated me to write this now is this CNN article that I recently came across on CNN.com. … “Muslim DVD rattles voters in key battleground states”

Muslim DVD Rattles Voters

This article is in reference to the 28 million DVD’s recently distributed in newspapers across the nation titled “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West”.  The CNN article begins by quoting two American voters; both women, one is a Democrat and one is a Republican, and one of these women is also a Muslim. Both were disgusted and angry and condemned the DVD and the newspaper companies who distributed it.   One of the women is quoted as saying… “  I have Muslim friends and respect Islam as a religion and felt that this was really hateful”.
The other woman asked… “If this DVD was produced and mass distributed by the KKK or an anti-Semitic organization, would it be included? Or rejected, rightfully so?” she said.
So… HERE is my question / point….. is the word ‘RADICAL’ in the title of the DVD INVISIBLE ???   Apparently so!!
These women have made FALSE assumptions that the DVD is anti Muslim … attacking ALL Muslims!  The title itself makes it clear…” RADICAL Islam’s war against the West”… RADICAL ISLAM’S !!   They were blatantly guilty of making blind and ignorant judgements.  The very kind that they were SIMULTANEOUSLY AND HYPOCRITICALLY  accusing others of!!   THIS IS REVERSE IGNORANCE !!
One of the women even said that she had watched a half hour of the movie before throwing it away in disgust…she watched thirty minutes of the DVD,  which begins with a CLEAR statement that reads ” MOST Muslims are peaceful and DO NOT support terror and this film is NOT about them”  and yet she STILL came away with her “reverse ignorance” in tact!!
And I find it particularly odd that one of these women IS Muslim! She should have recognized right away that this film was not about Muslims in general…this raises a serious question in my mind.  The blatant liberally biased slant by CNN may have been the cause of this discrepancy… was she a fictitious person?  The only other explanation would be that this woman supports the radical Muslim movement!!   Either way… very questionable and concerning!

View the 27 minute version here…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

To imply that the makers of this DVD are the same kind of people as those who are in the KKK and the anti-Semiti organizaions is incorrect and ignorant; the women are condemning the makers of the DVD of ignorance when the actual truth is that they themselves are the guilty ones… Ignorance of the REVERSE kind.  And it is IMPERATIVE that society is able to differentiate between these two groups of people so that we can address the danger that is threatening us.
In the beginning of the film, along with the film makers clear statement of intent, there is also a quote by Edmund Burke, an 18thcentury Irish philosopher…..


Now if Americans can’t even talk about this extremely serious problem due to reverse ignorance …..how are we going to fight it??  How can we safeguard against electing a person (to the highest and most powerful office in the world), who might be less than 100% loyal to that office (our country), if we can’t even address his very questionable and worrisome choices and circumstances ??  I’ve had to make the point several times while debating with some of these reverse ignorant ( who demanded PROOF that Obama’s questionable choices lead to his guilt )  that a democratic presidential election is NOT decided in a court of law where a person is innocent until PROVEN guilty beyond a reasonable doubt… proof beyond a reasonable doubt is NOT a prerequisite in order to not elect!!  DEMOCRACY DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!!  We should be able to, and we MUST make our choices based on ALL of the available information not just the proven facts… yet many of my accusers ( Democratic liberals) have insisted that I am wrong for bringing up even factual information on the basis that it leads to conclusions that have not been proven….NO… I DON’T THINK SO… IWILL consider circumstantial evidence when making my decision and will also fight reverse ignorance by letting others know that it IS OK for them to do the same. Censorship is an injustice characteristic of communist governments, NOT US… people have fought and died so we could be free to make our choices using ALL of the information that we, as individuals, deem important not just the CENSORED information that the biased and ignorant (and liberal) portion of society deems as important.
With reverse ignorance so prevalent in our society even the conservative media wouldn’t dare mention the word Muslim in the same sentence with Barack Obama, during the campaign, for fear of being attacked by the many reverse ignorant in our society … besides… ” it’s just simply a ‘ludicrous’ idea that Obama would have any suspicious ties or alliances that could cause us to question his loyalty to this country…  that’s just crazy! ”
AGAIN… this is an extremely serious issue!…   In order to keep our nation safe from the people who are working on an hourly basis to destroy us, we MUST Not rely on blind judgements and ignorant assumptions! … we MUST address any questionable circumstances!!  But because of reverse ignorance in our society, and even in the media, ANY focus on those questionable circumstances is quickly deemed as not only ignorant, intolerant and bigoted, but also ” outrageous and ridiculous!”  and  “below the belt tactics” used by conservatives.  Period … end of story.  INGNORANCE AT THE HIGHEST AND MOST DANGEROUS LEVEL!!

Raphael Shore, an Israeli filmmaker, made this film to WARN us about these people who have stated that they would like to wipe Israel off the map and that all non Muslims are infidels…enemies of God… and need to be destroyed! … I fail to see what the film makers have done wrong!! I don’t think anyone would argue that radical Muslims are people, we as Americans especially, need to be concerned about.  This DVD brings AWARENESS to this extremely alarming threat!  BUT… if the two women in the CNN article along with the rest of the many ‘reverse ignorant’ in our society today have their way… this VITAL and important information would not be presented… because…as one of the women (ignorantly) stated… ” it’s just hatefull!”    These women and MANY others like them don’t realize that they are directly HELPING radical Islamists with their ignorant views, especially the ones right here in the U.S.

There is a group, based in Washington, D.C. called CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations), this organization claims that their goal is to fight what they call “islamaphobia” …. to promote peace and positive understanding of Muslims, which, of course, is a good thing for society as a whole.  Their website is full of great stories and achievements which no doubt are true.   BUT in reality, according to the following website http://www.anti-cair-net.org/, this group has PROVEN links to, and was founded by, Islamic Terrorists!  This group and others like them here in the U.S. and around the world are capitalizing on this new kind of ignorance that is alarmingly widespread in our society.  They use this reverse ignorance to their full advantage…they count on…they DEPEND on America’s new social ill.  They are sitting back with large grins on their faces, saying to all of the many reverse ignorant in this country  …”you go get ‘em”… and “THANK YOU!”….  “WE COULDN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!!”

Reverse ignorance is a serious, GROWING social problem with an alarmingly strong grip on society…durring my recent experiences in conversing with my personal accusers I found it to be an extremely difficult task in convincing them of their negative impact on society and our country… – they just couldn’t see it …it was like they were brainwashed.

The Liberal left has expertly and successfully trained society to reject ALL negative ideas about ANY group of people…. no matter what the comment or idea is or what group of people it is about…it is liberal dogma, liberal ignorance, liberal hypocrisy and liberal poison.  Fanatical Liberals, in their quest to force the world to accept their choices and their views, have truly created a monster in our society.

more about “The Bleepin Truth TV Show“, posted with vodpod


  1. I would like to point out that this is an excellent post, very well written and your point is very clear. I find it funny at the beginning of the 27 min film it clearly states that a majority of muslims are peaceful and that this is not a film about them.


  2. dorian9 said

    kay how knowledgeable are you of the church of the latter day saints – i have friends and associates that are mormons and they are respectable, honest hard working people , i would not describe their religion as satanic. maybe the members of the church of satan yes and only in literal terms because i don’t know much about the satanists. now the late reverend jim jones of the people’s temple, of the guyana jonestown mass kool-aid suicides, to me that’s more of a cult. or the reverend sun-yung moon, with his moonies, etc.etc..well, you’re entitled to your beliefs so that ‘s okay..


  3. kathy (kayms91) said

    oooh… you got me on that = sign!! again..good for you! Brian, you just proved that you too sometimes don’t have a grasp of the English language… NO… those two statements are NOT the same…yes, they have the same implication in that Obama believes he is the ‘annointed one’ but again…the first one is stated in a ‘fact’ format… the 2nd one is stated in a PERSONAL opinion format…. how many times do I have to explain this before you get it?

    As long as he did include the truth about Mormonism with his statement of liking Romney… everything is still good…

    … and you are welcomed and encouraged to write a commentary on why you believe there is no God… I, for one, would gladly debate that with you…


  4. kathy (kayms91) said

    Hi Dorian… I do want to point out that just because I make a negative statement about Mormonism… it doesn’t mean that I ( and BK too) dislike Mormons, or that we think they are bad people, and I’m not saying that they are not respectable, hard working or anything else…I don’t believe any of these things about Mormons (in general) just because I don’t agree with the ‘cult’… but believe me Dorian… the Mormon ‘religion’ IS a cult…

    the following is from Billy Graham’s website…http://www.billygraham.org/LFA_Article.asp?ArticleID=101

    A: A cult is any group which teaches doctrines or beliefs that deviate from the biblical message of the Christian faith. It is very important that we recognize cults and avoid any involvement with them. Cults often teach some Christian truth mixed with error, which may be difficult to detect.

    There are some features common to most cults:

    • They do not adhere solely to the sixty-six books of the Bible as the inspired Word of God. They add their “special revelations” to the Bible and view them as equally authoritative.

    • They do not accept that our relationship to Jesus Christ is a reality “by grace through faith” alone, but promote instead a salvation by works.

    • They do not give Jesus Christ, the divine Son of God, full recognition as the second Person of the Trinity, composed of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

    Some of these groups are Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, the Unification Church, Unitarians, Spiritists, Scientologists, and others.

    And to be fair / thorough … here is the secular definition…

    cult (klt)
    a. A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.
    b. The followers of such a religion or sect.
    2. A system or community of religious worship and ritual.
    3. The formal means of expressing religious reverence; religious ceremony and ritual.
    4. A usually nonscientific method or regimen claimed by its originator to have exclusive or exceptional power in curing a particular disease.
    a. Obsessive, especially faddish, devotion to or veneration for a person, principle, or thing.
    b. The object of such devotion.
    6. An exclusive group of persons sharing an esoteric, usually artistic or intellectual interest.


  5. kathy (kayms91) said

    The fundamental error of the Mormon cult is the belief that Jesus’ death on the cross DOES NOT completely save the soul… that good works ARE ALSO REQUIRED… this statement to the average person not familiar with Christian teachings may seem like a harmless… maybe even a ‘good’ statement but it is far, far from it…. this belief, that Joseph Smith claims God revealed to him thru the Angel Moroni to correct the errors of the Bible comes straight from satan… it is his work… his ongoing work.. to deceive people and lure them away from the truth… the Mormon believers are being deceived…

    Nothing could clear that statement up better than this one Mormon belief…that Jesus’ death does NOT completely save the sinner… because by believing that Jesus’ death is NOT ENOUGH… it means that he died in vain… and this is exactly what satan wants to do… cancel out the greatest gift, the greatest sacrifice of all, given to us, to save us…

    This is satan’s work…to fight against God and destroy as many souls as he can… and what better way to do it than by FOOLING people into believing they are worshiping God when in thruth they are worshiping him (satan)….. and all you have to do is learn about the (secret) temple rituals and the satanic symbols they use to know the truth…mind you… Mormons who go thru this secret temple ritual are made to swear on their lives that they will not reveal any of the secrets of the ritual… so the informatio we have about it is from ex Mormons who have gone thru it… it has been stated that many Mormons have not gone thru this ritual to become temple Mormons so they don’t know what the religion is TRULY about.


  6. Enkill_Eridos said

    Reverse Ignorance is an oxymoron like Wise Fool. Technically Reverse Ignorance literally means exactly what Reverse Discrimination means. Affirmative Action is a great example of Reverse Discrimination. Also Reverse Ignorance implies that you had some prior knowledge of a subject and choose to forget or ignore that knowledge. Most Converts from other religions to Christianity become examples of Reverse Ignorance. Of course the term Reverse Ignorance has become a buzz word, again Reverse Ignorance literally means the opposite of ignorance. But on an abstract level Reverse Ignorance could mean Ignoring Knowledge you have already acquired.


  7. kayms99 said

    TTW…of course I don’t know more about law that you and lawman do but I just can’t agree with you if I don’t think you are right… ya know… how can you agree with someone if you believe differently? I have to be convinced…I am reading your arguments but they aren’t convincing me… and EE’s didn’t either…

    Anyway… I hope you (and others) aren’t angry because I don’t agree sometimes…

    Thanks for asking about my day….it was horrible… I was with a couple of my friends last night and I had a few drinks (too many) not feeling real good right now… and of course I told them all about this site… and encouraged them to come aboard.. one of them is a Londoner but she’s been here for the last 15 or so years. She has dabbled in journalism and she leans more towards the conservative side despite being a European. She is roomates with my other friend that I grew up with (Joe)… you’ll be happy to know that they wouldn’t agree with me either about the reverse ignorance term, well they said they would have to research it and read my commentary.


  8. kayms99 said

    TTW.. can you try and post something on the debate page and see if it works?


  9. Enkill_Eridos said

    hey Kay, the purpose of my posts are not to convince anyone or sway anyone. They are just MY thoughts and feelings. And why would I be angry? I obviously cannot speak for anyone else but I do not get angry by your commentary. Sometimes they make me laugh. The only time I would get angry at you if you just did an unprovoked slandering or flaming session of me. That would be a display a version of Reverse Ignorance and Regular Discrimination. (Since my views in the past has been Discriminated in the past, not personally but like minded individuals have been Discriminated because of their ideas. Galileo is a good example of someone being discriminated for his ideals, mainly because his ideals went against the majority. But honestly have you googled the term “Reverse Ignorance” ? The first two links come up with this exact topic you wrote. There are others and they all make valid points (like you do) but are all different.


  10. Lawman said

    hey kay, ttw has no other motive but to help you understand the terms you are using, how can you possibly say “she” didn’t “convince” you?ROFL afirmative action IS reverse discrimination read tthw post on debate pg she explains that more patiently than i could.her and e_e just were tellling you the definitions and you think you can define a legal term better than the LAW?as thw would say “that is just too funny”.i couldn’t post on the debate page either ttw did and so did e_e.
    you remind me of a girl who told me she could defend herself better than i(i had worked out a deal for her 3-5) she is serving 20 to life now.not trying to be an ass today just the facts mam.


  11. Lawman said

    as ttw already posted the term you are choosing to use is not new it was used in a debate by falwell (don’t know how he spells that as i am not a fan)with an atheist like back in the 80’s or early 90’s but after the above points were made by the atheist the phrase stopped being so popular!


  12. Lawman said

    Searching for “reverse ignorance”:
    Search Our Collections (Quick Search) searches among artists, periods, museums, sites, countries, image sets, textbooks, as well as the works of art themselves. There is a limit of 40 results on all categories. If your search returns more than 40 results, try making your query more specific, or use the advance search page (advanced search).

    Refine Search Into Image Group

    0 Work Matches (searching title, site, description):

    lol no intelligent writer would use such an ignorant phrase to argue “your points”


  13. Lawman said

    I would use it to prove how the use needs to reverse ignorance…and that we do


  14. Lawman said

    that search came from scholars resource web site


  15. dorian9 said

    79 posts on the”reverse ignorance” page. and still counting. the term reverse discrimination speaks for itself easier than reverse ignorance. if one is a bit dyslexic or has a more complicated way of processing information, even the logical answer of reverse ignorance=knowledge won’t make sense. kay , i’m not talking about you. i think you have your own definitions, if you prefer them, okay. unless you’re in a court of law. then you defer to your lawyer. counselors (ttw, lawman, brian) and teacher (e.e), maybe we should all just leave this alone?? just want ice cream today.


  16. kathy (kayms91) said

    Lawman and others …Ok first I will again post the DEFINITION from the American Heritage dictionary that AGREES with MY point about what reverse discrimination means…plus… two more defintions … they all say the same thing… while you all have clearly proven how knowledgable you are… I am chosing to believe what these respected and widely used resources state is the meaning of reverse discrimination… and with the clear proof of what this term means it perfectly supports my use of the term reverse ignorance… I don’t know why you all are having such a hard time understanding this term in the way that it is being used… and no one has come up with a better alternative to the social ill that I have proven… if you don’t like the name come up with a better one that describes this social problem that is an extremely serious and should be addressed…that is if you truly care about our society and our country.

    here again are the definitions of reverse discrimination…

    American Heritage Dictionary – Cite This Source – Share This reverse discrimination
    n. Discrimination against members of a dominant or majority group, especially when resulting from policies established to correct discrimination against members of a minority or disadvantaged group.

    The American Heritage


    A term used to refer to the exclusion of a member of a majority class not commonly discriminated against, to compensate for the traditional discrimination against a minority member. For example, management positions traditionally filled by members of the white race would be filled by African Americans, Asians, or Hispanics to the exclusion of any white candidates, even if the latter had seniority or were better qualified by reason of education, expertise, or temperament. It has been contended that such treatment, broadly known as affirmative action, is in violation of the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution, as well as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


    Discrimination against members of a dominant or majority group, especially when resulting from policies established to correct discrimination against members of a minority or disadvantaged group.


  17. Lawman said

    ok if she chooses ignorance than why should i care deal next topic please!


  18. tothewire said

    Kay I already posted those definitions as they explain what I have tried to tell you all along. As the famously witty and scholarly Catholic Senator Patrick Moynihan used to say, “People are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.” Anyway, ok keep “your” terms. If nothing else it will generate some debate post and visits to our site.

    Yesterday was a good day for me, but I stayed at my brothers house all night because I was the last one to get there! I try not to arrive in the midst of everyone being there, but instead when the last few are just getting comfortable enough for a game of cards. lol


  19. tothewire said

    Kay if your having trouble posting check out the spam guard on our site when you are logged in to make sure your comments aren’t going there. I think I deleted all the spam without checking them out…let me know if you’re still having problems posting.


  20. kathy (kayms91) said

    Yes TTW… that was the problem…thanks…

    I’m glad you did have a good day yesterday… (that is a good strategy!) small talk is soooo boring! I am still waiting to feel better…

    Ok… I am also inclined to give up on the reverse subject… but I am going to try one more time and ask one more question that I hope you all can answer…

    Is the discrimination, in my scenario of the black person and the white person applying for the same job, REVERSED onto the other person (the white person) instead of the person that this social offense is USUALLY against? In short… is the descrimination reversed?


  21. Enkill_Eridos said

    If the employer is a responsible employer it really shouldn’t matter on the color of the skin but the persons ability. That is what most employers should look for anyway. And most do, anyway here is a website that strengthens kay’s views it is called:


    It is about as reliable as Wikipedia which really is not that reliable.


  22. tothewire said

    Kay I understand why you don’t believe in affirmative action aka reverse discrimination. But the definition of the phrase remains the same (to reverse discrimination). Do you understand that? Regardless of how we feel about reverse discrimination and it working vs not working the definition still remains the same.

    E_E The definition didn’t change. Of course we no longer use the term because it has the word discrimination in it. Those opposed to affirmative action (aka reverse discrimination…a system employed by certain colleges and offices, used to take opportunities away from qualified caucasians, disguised as a way of removing past discriminations) say calling it reverse discrimination makes it seem like there’s a “regular” discrimination that only minorities face. Discrimination is discrimination, period.


  23. kathy (kayms91) said

    TTW… yes I understand your point about why the term is not used in the legal sense… but that is a mute point….

    the point is… what does it mean? to the average person…and again… I believe that it means just what the definitions say.. that the descrimination is reversed onto the ‘other’ person than the one normaly descriminated against… and with the understanding of that definition being THE definition… people should be able to see the correlation to reverse ignorance…. which also means that the social offense is reversed…


  24. tothewire said

    But the definition of the phrase remains the same (to reverse discrimination).


  25. kathy (kayms91) said

    TTW… in all of the definitions that I posted..NONE say the the definition is ‘to’ reverse (verb) descrimination.


  26. tothewire said

    How a person feels about reverse discrimination isn’t the point at all (it can be argued either way). Just as how I feel about separation of church and state doesn’t change the definition of the phrase.


  27. tothewire said

    The definitons you have posted are in short form. They assume the reader is informed as to the complete definition. We use them all the time as a basis for different arguments. And keep in mind that some places to “get” a definition from on the web have definitions entered by regular people…unfamilair with the whole definition and that the short order form is just for attorneys to use as a reference guide while researching different arguments.


  28. tothewire said

    Boy am I tired, and without my handy dandy spell check here my post are left for correction by anyone reading comments! LOL


  29. tothewire said

    Kay you might want to delete this when you read it later…or you can keep it.

    Confession time… I know when lawman reads this he will be mad at me for this but here it goes:

    Lawman made a $100.00 bet with me that (any subject he chose that you posted) I had to debate on whatever grounds I could and post my response all within a matter of 1 min after reading your response back to my debate or it would cost me an additional $10.00 per post if I missed the time line. He bet that no matter how unimportant the debate topic was you would argue and never concede. I lost $110.00 BUT you have to admit he picked a stupid debate topic. Anyway, Kay and E_E I heard you, just couldn’t respond fully, only debate.

    Enkill_Eridos Says:
    November 13, 2008 at Thursday, November 13, 2008 e
    Reverse Ignorance is an oxymoron like Wise Fool. Technically Reverse Ignorance literally means exactly what Reverse Discrimination means. Affirmative Action is a great example of Reverse Discrimination. Also Reverse Ignorance implies that you had some prior knowledge of a subject and choose to forget or ignore that knowledge. Most Converts from other religions to Christianity become examples of Reverse Ignorance. Of course the term Reverse Ignorance has become a buzz word, again Reverse Ignorance literally means the opposite of ignorance. But on an abstract level Reverse Ignorance could mean Ignoring Knowledge you have already acquired.

    Lawman can say what he likes on here, but he likes you Kay.


  30. itismeagainmargret said



  31. Lawman2 said

    welcome itis… whatever the rest of your name is


  32. kathy (kayms91) said

    TTW.. I have to admit that I’m completely lost… which debate topic? are you now saying that I was right about reverse discrimination?


  33. Lawman2 said

    god i hate that tothewire has a conscience! you missed all the points of her debate and refused to admit when you were wrong.thus i won the bet.she didn’t like the debate topic because she said all law terms were actually meant to be debated and it very well could be argued either way she felt you made a good case, but i don’t.no you didn’t “win” lol you just are incapable of getting over the “need” to win as you are a very needy person.


  34. tothewire said

    Lawman is such a nerd. He enjoys “doinkin” with you. Just as he does with me (doinkin: his made up word that is not a legal term but instead straight out of nerdville)

    Yes, Kay in my opinion you won your case…I felt you had made your point before the bet. I only had (less) than a min to respond to each of your post after reading them, on a subject I felt you already well established you were using as an oxymoron.


  35. kathy (kayms91) said

    ME?… I have a “NEED TO WIN”…ME??? You are relentless lawman… and now I’m supposed to believe that actual money was involved in the “fact” that I lost??? this is soooo comical!!! Could you just do me a favor and point out once again where I was wrong?? Just humor me…


  36. tothewire said

    Lawman you are so obvious… itismeagainmargret Says: That post came from you


  37. kathy (kayms91) said

    ok… so can I ask… how do you feel about the term reverse ignorance and also how it relates to reverse discrimination? And do you feel that I’ve proven that reverse ignorance does exist? again..I’m so confused.. please just humor me…


  38. kathy (kayms91) said

    Lawman will you quit playing around… are you also Rev. Ray? you know some people are taking this stuff seriously… you’re obviously desparately trying to avoid the truth… that God does exist and you can’t handle that you are NOT in control…. that’s your bottom line… denial…


  39. Lawman2 said

    oh my tothewires god!here she starts up again…get over it keep your made to fit terms and use them as you like WE DON’T CARE

    hey kay i really want to know what the big deal would be if tothewire and i married and procreated….unequally yoked?LOL who wants to have a yoke around their neck!it’s not like i am an ox(maybe a caveman but no ox).i just want a smart, beautiful wife who i can doink with on a regular basis,and kids…where does the yoke come into play?


  40. Lawman2 said

    tothewire prove it


  41. Lawman2 said

    i am tired of scrolling clean up your page


  42. Lawman2 said

    hey i didn’t mean to post under your name,i was trying to update your news pages all day since i was off. sorry.

    no kay i wouldn’t post as the crazy rev ray as he is just as zealous as keller just on the other end of crazy.


  43. Lawman2 said

    you can delete it as i reposted to kay


  44. tothewire said

    I did delete it brat


  45. tothewire said

    Kay you can keep the term my argument still stands as it is pretty obvious anyone visiting your page will say the same thing(reverse ignorance let’s hope it spreads) and you will just have to start the debate over again and again. Seems like a waste of time.


  46. kathy (kayms91) said

    but since I am calling it a social ill… why would anyone think it means something positive… to reverse ignorance? Especially since it is used in the title as a noun! it is used as a term… not an action sentence… educated people should know the difference… right? Those are my target readers… not people who are not bright enough to know the difference…


  47. Lawman2 said

    because most people who will come and visit here will not know or be able to define an oxymoron.hey if you won’t bake can’t you at least clean up the comments so we don’t have to keep scrolling here?


  48. Lawman2 said

    educated people will not spend too much time on your page except to post how stupid the name is.WILLINGLY IGNORANT or IGNORANT BY CHOICE or just take out the ignorant word altogether as it only incites a debate.or is that what you are really wanting opposed to your “if i can only reach one person crap”


  49. tothewire said

    Kay keep the name. It is your page, and if it works for you why should you care what Lawman, I or others think of the name?
    I do agree the name will incite a debate, and instead of you sharing your insights you will be defending the name.


  50. Lawman2 said

    i’m not coming back until kay cleans house as i am tired of scrolling and bored with the old post…you’re going to miss me when i am gone kay.


  51. kathy (kayms91) said

    Okay Lawman… I’ll get to it…

    TTW… I agree with you that the name is going to be a problem but I refuse to “dumb down”…


  52. kathy (kayms91) said

    And how how in the world then did reverse discrimination ever catch on??? No one seems to have a problem with that…


  53. Cumbewmex said

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  55. anonymous007 said

    I have had personal expirence with the effect of terror attacks. I can understand the pain which one can experience directly from these attacks. I will make no attempt to deny the accuracy of this video, but it is soley inflamatory. It makes no attempt to understand or depict the true depths of the religious ideals of these groups, or the suffering which these people have endured. This is not aimed at ending loss of life, but merely perpetuating it, and as such I can see why people could condem this. Furthermore, should you choose to rely on rumor and circumstantial evidence then you must charitably premit your oppenent as such. Therefore, when people claim that Sarah Palin advocted reinstituting the house committee on unamerican acitivites (McCarthyism), are you suggesting that this should be as valid as questioning her credentials. Either you have to premit both, or neither. This “liberal agenda” is aimed at clarification of fact from fiction, from inflamatory with accurate. Our enemy is not Fundamentalist Muslims, but rather extremism on all fronts. Ours is a nation of balance. Polarization will lead only to genocide, something we as a nation can never condone.


  56. Lawman2 said

    great points anonymous007 well written comment! welcome to our little blog


  57. kay~ms said

    The video perpetuates the loss of life? How? These people are motivated by a religous ideology that has nothing to do with any suffering that they have endured… their goal is to force the world to obey their god.. period. Their goal is to kill those that don’t. There is no ‘understanding’ to be had here.

    And my point is not to ‘rely’ on circumstancial evidence but that it should and must be ok to consider it. Circumstancial evidence is considered in a court room… it’s unrealistic to not consider circumstancial evidence.

    “Our enemy is not Fundamentalist Muslims, but rather extremism on all fronts.”

    I don’t understand this statement… it should read: Our enemy IS Fundamentalist Muslims AND extremism on all fronts.

    This is another example of Liberal poison… you can’t fight / deal with a problem if you can’t even identify it or SPECIFICALLY address it for what it is first.

    “Ours is a nation of balance. Polarization will lead only to genocide, something we as a nation can never condone.

    Again, the video is not about ALL Muslims!!! You are perfectly demonstrating “Reverse Ignorance” here… and also how successful the Liberals have been in spreading this erroneous and dangerous view.

    I hear someone saying… ” thank you!” to yet another misguided Liberal.


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  59. kay~ms said

    Sorry Fautrattstero… I am just at a loss of words here…


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  64. dorian9 said

    kay, a lot of these foreign comments are actually spam. wordpress spamguard catches most of them but some get thru like fautrattstero . p and i just for fun answer them in their own language, cause we’re just so international!


  65. princessxxx said

    and debonair.


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  68. kay~ms said

    This article is very timely right now… especially with the perfect example of the Fort Hood shooting by Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan. It was Reverse Ignorance that allowed this man get to this point. It is clear that our present administration is guilty of Reverse Ignorance. There is no such thing as “War on Terror”?? We are in real trouble if our own government isn’t capable of learning from the tragedies of our own history. It’s just a matter of time before the next 9/11 happens.


  69. 9/11 happened just over two months ago. The next one is in ten months.

    Trying to help! 🙂

    Oh, by the way, that’s another reason why it is so important not to cripple the science education of American schoolchildren by dumbing them down to Bronze Age levels. The stupider our people become, the easier it will be for other people to kick our butt.


  70. Dumbing down our kids isn’t reverse ignorance, it’s ignorance pure and simple.


  71. Enkill_Eridos said

    How was “Reverse Ignorance” used? Because he was allowed to join the Military, even though he was muslim? Or was it that, he was not immediately Court Martialed and imprisoned unjustly, for his conduct in 2007? In Either case its against the law for religion to be the sole purpose on denying a person anything. Also every citizen has the right to go through a trial with a jury of their peers. Trials require evidence and it takes time to gather evidence.


  72. MrBarns said

    Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.


  73. this is utterly ridiculous..


  74. kayms99 said

    I haven’t been watching my post… I’ve missed these comments..

    EE, how was reverse ignorance used? It works to prevent us from reacting properly to legitimate threats… it empowers a liberal dogma that anything viewed in a negative light is intolerance.. it causes even the military to back down and IGNORE signs that should be heeded ESPECIALLY after 9/11. Reverse ignorance let this man ADVANCE in the military, gain MORE access and opportunities when the opposite should have been done. He should have been investigated and watched… not promoted. And I do not say this because of his religion… I ay this based on HIS OWN WORDS. Please don’t twist my words.

    Mr. Barns.. if you’re still visiting here… thank you…

    1234… uh… could you elaborate??

    I will say that some time back I wanted to edit a line in this post and could not do it because of my demotion…

    In this paragraph…

    “With reverse ignorance so prevalent in our society even the conservative media wouldn’t dare mention the word terrorist in the same sentence with Barack Obama, durring the campaign, for fear of being attacked by the many reverse ignorant in our society … besides… ” it’s just simply a ‘ludicrous’ idea… utterly ridiculous!”.”

    I can see where “ridiculous” might apply as “1234..” stated…

    This paragraph hints that Obama might / could be a terrorist…that was NOT my point and was never my point… I never believed that. I couldn’t help wondering if someone else had “edited” my post!

    Probably not, I think I am just seeing this differently now… the point was that even the media is controlled by “reverse ignorance” and as a result we do not always get objective information or views.

    And the deeper point was that … could a sympathizer of our enemies be elected to the highest most powerful postition in the world?? OF COURSE… to make an assumption that that is just a “ludicrous” idea… “utterly ridiculous” is extreme ignorance. And that is what “reverse ignorance” promotes… that to even consider that possibility makes us ignorant and intolerant. What it makes us is vulnerable and weakened by warped liberal ideology.

    And THAT is what is “utterly ridiculous”… 1234fivesixseven8

    come back you coward and elaborate… )

    I’m sorry but it’s looking more and more like liberals are cowards…

    Dorain, E-E… I would like to edit my post.. how come I can’t?


  75. kayms99 said

    I just tried again to edit this post again… I can go into the post and make changes… and the changes do show up in the post when I am signed in but the changes do not take effect in the actual post. I changed (awhile back) the word “terrorist” in that paragraph to “Muslim”. And that change is still there.. in the edit mode.. but not in the actual post… I don’t understand why I can’t make changes to this / my post.


  76. kay~ms said

    I have a comment in moderation… please delete it… I reposted it (comment 75).


  77. dorian said

    wassup kay! you should be able to edit your own post as an author. are you clicking the “update” button on the upper right in the “publish” section?


  78. kay~ms said

    yes… it takes my “update” changes but those changes only show when I go into edit… they do not show up on the actual post that everyone reads.


  79. dorian said

    try refreshing/reloading the page?
    hit control key then R


  80. well, i’m not doing it, wish i could. i would go in and rewrite the whole thing backwards, i’ve already translated it into arabic.

    anyway, it wasn’t me, probably that sad little baby jesus is f*ck!ng things up for you AGAIN. …



  81. dorian said

    that depends on the conditions. do you want our souls in return?


  82. conditions?
    well, if your skin is dry or your scalp is flaky,
    i have a jojoba conditioner that has your name written all over it.

    kay, unfortunately, i have nothing for flaky personalities, sorry. 😦

    i also have a comment in moderation on the bill keller liveprayer gold for souls fraud alert site.


  83. kay~ms said

    I just reposted this as a new post… it has the changes. but I cannot delete this post, it won’t let me. The link at the top of the home page and the one on the side will still lead to this post.. with the word that I do not want in there..”terrorist” which I really can’t believe that I used… “Muslim” is the word that belongs there. This is so frustrating.. I just want to change that one word and everything will be fine… can anyone else change it for me?


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