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Born Atheist

When the team at ADKOB invited me to join their site, I was surprised and flattered. I hadn’t heard of them, but somehow they found me and I’m pleased to call myself part of their crew.  Dorian and company have suggested I add a page in here about what it’s like to be an atheist, so here it is.

Every atheist has a reason for being atheist. Many come to this decision by a long, heart-breaking path while some are raised in a way that allows it to grow naturally. I grew up this way. I doubt it’s anything my secular parents planned; they just refrained from encouraging me to pursue many religious activities. I never grew up “knowing” God like my Christian cousin did but I never felt like I was missing out on something important.

I went to Catholic school and had many Christian friends then and after but belief in God wasn’t necessary to get my education, or to be friends.  I did go through short phases where I would read the bible like they did, and try prayer at night, but I never felt I was really talking to anyone in a position to give a damn. It never felt real enough, but in the end it didn’t matter. My folks were the ones who guided me toward what was most important – opening our home to family, and helping friends and neighbours as much as possible.

By and large, that’s it. That’s my atheism. Help others, not because there’s a reward in the end, or punishment if you don’t. Offer to help for the sole purpose of helping share the load, be it gardening, canning, cleaning, computer aid, scrapbooks. Help because you can, not because some old dude in a bathrobe waves an old book in your face filled with archaic and incomprehensible rules, when 99% of them are ignored anyway.

Seek out other atheists. Ask them to choose the most important atheist attributes after the declaration that gods don’t exist. Some are going to point towards the need to push for equal rights. Others are going to say improving education is what we need to focus on, be it health or science or all of it. Some are going to be cruel in their dislike of religious institutions because of what some of the people do, and what other people did in the past. Others will try to push a respect and tolerance angle – the “agree to disagree” attitude. Some will have a political angle. Every answer will be different for every person you ask.

Me, I like being an atheist. I like knowing my life is my own, that I’m accountable for my actions. I’m responsible for what I do or say so I make sure I don’t do or say too many horrible things. I also mean it when I apologize and when I promise to do better, I aim to follow through. I do that because I want to, not because there’s a “Get Out of Hell Free” card waiting for me at the end of it all.

So that’s it. 1minion in a (rather large) nutshell. I look forward to lively banter in the future.


5 Responses to “Born ATHEIST”

  1. princessxxx said

    thanks 1minionsopinion.

    well, i’ve always been an athiest, too, although i was brought up in a “christian” household and went to church and “christian” schools(which eventually threw me out because i was leading the other students to hell.)

    it all seemed like bullsh!t to me.

    i guess i would fall into the category of “Some are going to be cruel in their dislike of religious institutions because of what some of the people do, and what other people did in the past.”

    it has become an art form for me.

    if someone wants to be a christian that is fine with me, however, if they are going to try to shove that crap down my throat, well, god that doesn’t exist help them. hahhahah.

    anyway, thanks for joining the team.


  2. 1minionsopinion said

    I’ll aim to add my keyboard “voice” to more discussion in the future. Thanks for having me.


  3. God Hating America Bashing Evil Liberal Puppet Toady of Kremlin Pay Masters said

    Just because evil liberal atheists are hell-bent (get it? ;->>) on the destruction of our Wholesome, Pure, Virtuous and Patriotic White Christian Nation doesn’t provide any excuse to publish their evil-loving views on the internet.

    It’s MINE, MINE, MINE, alllll MINE!!! and you can’t have any of MY internet!


  4. Hors Service said

    Hey I missed this post!^^

    Nice to find you, 1minions.

    Personally, I’m atheist as well, but perhaps more in a don’t-have-a-proof way. I appreciate christians, especially catholics, I find their need to do good very encouraging. But it’s maybe because I’m born catholic, and I believed for a while.

    I’ve been to a christian school like princess, but they accepted also hinduists^^ I have very good memories of priests, some of them you couldn’t even guess they were priests until they put the robe on.
    Some of them were not as nice, of course, but nobody sent me to hell, something I find quite nice.

    I’ve always felt that a lot of things traditionally associated with religion have in fact nothing to do with it.
    Morality, for example.

    Nice to have you on board;)


  5. Tim Covell said


    I came accross your blog with a term search of “born atheist.”

    There’s now a book available with the same name. Drop by http://bornatheist.com/ to read it for free.



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