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#Gamergate and what it is really about.

This is a page that will be solely dedicated to the issue known as #Gamergate.

So you may have heard of this thing that is Gamergate. You may have seen law and order and see the parody of this issue. You may have seen a plethora of youtube videos saying Gamergate hates women and that Gamergate is about misogyny and how gamers is a white heterosexual male group.

As someone who identifies as a gamer, this is offensive. I am a person about equality. This site is supposed to be for equally debating about politics. However politics have now become so entwined with issues in society. The fuel Gamergate is running on is decades of questionable ethics in games journalism. There have been questions about the inprint companies. If they give favorable reviews because of the merits of the game? Was it an unbiased objective review? In print the issues were there as there have been 10/10 rated games in the distant past of gaming that most that played the game didn’t like it. The online gaming journalism sites have made these questions pop up way more than in print. The spark that ignited the fire was a mediocore game applauded by the current biggest game journalism industry as better than it really was. That was depression quest, which as someone that is dealing with depression I figured I could at least learn something. The game was a visual novel type game, which is a niche I enjoy. It was made with an open source program anyone can use. Which I honestly have no issues with. I have paid for other games made with visual novel engines like Adrift which is pretty similar to Twine. It had some very interesting mechanics, it wasn’t a great game. It was free, and it wasn’t horrible. I am disappointed the game didn’t actually teach about treatments and give people insights in how to help for someone you care about who has depression. Then again I wouldn’t make a game that’s purpose is to educate about depression and not allow helpful options to be selected. It wasn’t my art, that doesn’t mean I can’t dislike something about it. I did think it accurately outlined what a person with depression goes through.

Anyway, extra information aside this game depression quest was reviewed as great. It came out by a jilted ex that many of those reviewers had sex with the person who was on the development team. He presented evidence that was legit enough for people to use it as a reason to demand fair, ethical, and unbiased journalism. Which I think should extend to the media as a whole. The websites Kotaku, Rock, Paper, Shotgun and a few others have writers involved in the feminist special interest/activism group. Which is fine. However, this was also around the time feminist frequency started releasing videos about how sexist video games are and the “privledges of male gamers”, which featured some known authors of game review sites. Which is further used as proof that the game journalism industry is corrupt.

There were threats against anti-gamergate groups and figures, which the fbi has proven to not be linked to gamergate members. For me this calls into question why is Gamergate being attacked? Gamergate is a diverse group that shows gamers are not all white heterosexual men. Gamergate wants ethical and unbiased journalism, as many use these sites to decide what to spend money on. Which is the heart and goal of the movement.

Let’s discuss this.

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  1. Minerva said

    To think, I was coesfund a minute ago.


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