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Ding Dong the little midget Gremlin is dead.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on December 21, 2011

For those of you who do not know Kim Jong Il is dead.  Let’s take a moment to honor the memory of the death of this dictator, with this video.

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It’s time again for more debating! Yay..my favorite time of the year!

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on June 14, 2011

This is the Republican Party debate, I am currently writing something on the recent things passed by Congress and the house relating to Lybia, Syria, Iran, and North Korea..But now it is time for us to debate who is the best Republican Candidate?

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Women from Kansas prepare to have to buy Abortion Insurance..just incase you get raped.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on May 31, 2011

This post is more of the hypocracy coming from the lawmakers of America. More specifically the Representative from Kansas..In Kansas even if you are paying private insurance it is against the law for your insurance company to pay for an abortion. They want you to spend more money just in case you get raped. This guy Paul Degraff compared this policy to a spare tire…

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The Obama Administration: Obama the Muslim?

Posted by dorian on February 16, 2011

In a Countdown exclusive investigation, guest host Lawrence O’Donnell asks, how secretively Muslim is President Barack Obama?


pretty well done.

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It is Tuesday..and already a big horrible political climate.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on January 11, 2011

]The more I watch the news the more I think our government and society are going down the toliet.

First notable news of the week.

Former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is convicted of money laundering, and conspiracy of illegally influencing Texas elections. That is the basic summary of the story. Mr. DeLay has of course said these allegations are false and he is being targeted by his political opponents. Which is plausible, but there is some preferential treatment here too I think. He gets sentenced, yet he has a $10,000 bail, which was paid. Now in 6 months, if his appeal doesn’t go through, he goes to prison. Of course, I think that if he never held the second highest position in the US government, he would probably have had to wait that 6 months in a prison like everyone else would have to. Three years is a slap on the wrist, particularly for an allegation this serious. All together he was facing a life sentence but that was reduced to three years and ten years probation. This effectively destroys his political career whether he is found not guilty during his appeal or not. The story was that he was convicted “in the most Democratic county in the most Republican state.” I feel that that sentence damages the word “democratic” because the word democratic is also used to describe the type of government we have and they are using it as if it’s a negative.

The second piece of news…A mentally unstable guy named Jared in Arizona killed some students, a teacher, a 9-year old girl, a judge, then a Congresswoman. You know what is blamed for this? Not the fact he is a very disturbed individual, but instead it’s the propaganda that the Tea Party ideals are involved because of who he shot. Looking at this guy’s YouTube page, I don’t see the connection with the Tea Party propaganda. Just looking at this guys YouTube page kinda made me question my own sanity for a minute. Not everything is a conspiracy. The Oklahoma City bombing wasn’t some CIA Black Op mission. It was a disturbed man who murdered innocent people including children. It was a tragedy. Much like this story, there isn’t much to it. Probably a voice in this guy’s head told him to do it. He just does not seem to be mentally stable and fully functioning.  His YouTube videos, including the one that burns an American flag, are filled with fragmented sentences that contradict each other regularly. As much as I would like for the Tea Party propaganda to have influenced his actions, that is simply not the case. This blog isn’t part of the media, so we like to tell the truth whenever possible. The truth is most likely that this guy is a schizophrenic, with multiple mental health issues. I am waiting to hear the propaganda, much like with the last school shooting, that blames the fact that he smoked pot and listened to rock and roll music.  The fact is anyone that would shoot 18 people, killing 6 of them, is mentally disturbed. He deserves to spend life in a state mental institution, which is nothing more than a prison with doctors, fancy drugs, and padded cells. We can start analyzing his life but I don’t understand where someone can get Tea Party propaganda being a cause, especially when he had no conservative leanings according to people that knew him.  Ultimately, I feel sorry for the family because they are going to be dragged into a media circus who will be looking for some angle to get readers and viewers.  The truth will never sell nearly as much as the propaganda will.  The truth is this guy was mentally unstable, and has probably been mentally unstable for a good portion of his life. So the case is solved here.  Whack-job has trouble dealing with life, has more problems than he can handle, gets a gun, and goes off the deep end, taking as many poor souls with him as he can. This guy is proud of what he did, the story on his mug shot says it all. Could there have been something someone could have done? Yes, the Baker Act laws allow anyone to have someone sent in for psychological evaluation if they feel the person is a danger to themselves or other people. Listening to his college classmates, if the school wasn’t going to do anything, one or more of them could have went to their local sheriff’s office and filed a report if they were sincerely afraid for their safety or even for his. If so many people truly were afraid of him, why didn’t anyone speak up? This tragedy could have been avoided, but it wasn’t. I suggest everyone listen to the interviews regarding this incident. Make up your own minds. Think about what you would do if you came in contact with someone for MONTHS ON END and continuously feared for your safety when in contact with him. Would you tell someone?

The only story out of these two that I will be watching closely is the one about the crazy guy that shot 18 people. Six people died with one of them being a 9-year old girl. I personally think he should get the death penalty for killing six people, especially due to the pride written all over his face in his mug shot. I’d like for him to get the death penalty, but I’d settle for him being in gen pop to be passed around for the rest of his life…

Obama made a touching speech today January 13th, 2011…I’m sorry but Obama is a good leader, especially since he urges us not to blame politics for this.

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Scott’s environment team says goal is to ‘help make … development happen’ – St. Petersburg Times

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on December 25, 2010

Scott’s environment team says goal is to ‘help make … development happen’ – St. Petersburg Times.

Let everything you have read sink in. There’s seriously something wrong with the Florida government right now. This action is NOT in the best interest of the citizens of Florida. This could potentially destroy the States Wetlands, Endangered Species Reserves, the list goes on. Do Floridians really want this kind of growth? I mean I hate to do what the tea-party does and cry wolf, but this to me seems very Communist. This country gives us the right to speak out, and actually override our elected officials. The correct way is to gather a petition, get a good number of signatures. Then send it to every state elected official, including Senators and Congressmen. Since it is the job of Congress to regulate this kind of thing. To ensure that things are done right, and the action is constitutional. We don’t just have the power of decision on election days. There is a process to bringing something like this to public vote. Those who voted No on 4? Well this is your fault. We have to try, every fiber of my being says this is horribly wrong. I want to start a petition. I want one that is official. I want to make one opposing this:

The committee offered other proposals:

• Abolish some long-standing rules regulating large projects known as Developments of Regional Impact.

• Prohibit public entities from suing each other, which would end counties battling over access to water supplies or trying to block phosphate mining upstream.

• Streamline even more the state wetland permitting process — which now, by law, must produce a decision in just 45 days.

• Stop local governments like Hillsborough County from enforcing their own, more restrictive regulations protecting wetlands, something developers have been pushing the Legislature to do for years.

“We knew that would be controversial,” Manson said.

• Open up the state’s award-winning public lands to moneymaking uses — for instance, putting solar panels, windmills or a wood-burning biomass electrical plant in state parks.


It is unconstitutional to Stop local governments like Hillsborough County from enforcing their own, more restrictive regulations protecting wetlands. That is a step towards everything being owned by the state.  I need some help, if you are not a voting citizen of florida, copy and paste this entire post. Then e-mail but provide the original links, that way everyone can chime in. Worst comes to worst we may all need to write letters to the Governor and Representatives in Congress and the Senate. Our State Legislation too. So if anyone has any ideas on how we can try to slow this train down as much as possible. Please feel free to post a comment. I actually have an idea, since I believe the internet is the key for the United States to become a fully constitutional government. While this way is unofficial, I want comments on this. Let’s write a petition draft, or if you know another legal way to get the citizens opposed voices out there by all means. There has to be something we can do, if petitions can get actions in congress repealed. Then petitions should be able to prevent a really horrible idea.

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A Christmas Miracle: A reminder of the spirit of Christmas.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on December 24, 2010


Could get no other way to show this to you. I feel that this is about an honest miracle at work. If this story moves you, I would urge you to write these guys a letter and ask if they would like more support next year.

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Army “Birther” Doctor gets a off easy.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on December 22, 2010

I saw an article today about an Army Doctor that was sent to prison for six months, and discharged from the army for disobeying a deployment order. His reason, despite many independent websites like factcheck.org, he didn’t think the President was a natural citizen. So he didn’t go with his unit to be deployed to Afghanistan. Many birthers are going to say he was correct. But this is coming from a movement that has pretty extreme views. I mean they still think they are right even after proven wrong. My personal opinion is that these people are idiots. Mainly because they are told it’s true by other idiots, whose entire basis on this theory is because the man is name Barrack Hussein Obama. Which sounds Muslim and foreign. (why many say he is a secret Muslim..but what would it matter if he was Muslim or not? This is America and freedom of religion applies to everyone. Not just Christians.) Even so they are still wrong…either tell the truth. That you don’t like the man based on the fact his name sounds Muslim and a lot of supposed Christian pastors speak bad about Islam. (Fundamentalist Christians make up a majority of the Republican Party.)  So the dots are connected, stop trying to say your bogus theory is correct because it is not. Say it like it is, you want the man to fail, because you don’t want someone responsible for fixing problems the previous president created based on his name sounds like it would be common in the Middle East. Lie to the world, lie to yourselves, but I know the truth. It is all about EGO..not even because he is black. But because his father wasn’t an American and because his name doesn’t sound like a Christian name. So the birther movement, the tea-party movement, and the Republican Party (pretty much all the same organization, imagine that.) these people who blame the Democrats for higher taxes. But the Republican party fought FOR the extension and they even added a few extra things so they can keep their summer homes or jets or whatever higher taxes for them would force them to sacrifice. Numbers don’t lie. A majority of the Republicans voted for the tax extension (while having propaganda pushed out that it was the Administration and the Democratic Parties fault.) Given the fact that the Republican Party has wasted more money and effort by trying to make this administration fail, rather than actually doing their jobs and helping to fix our country. It is no surprise that a supporter in the US Military, responsible for saving the lives of soldiers also decided to not do his job. I mean if the Republican Party can do it, I am sure he thought he could do it as well. The difference is that the Republicans in congress, their decision to not do their jobs really doesn’t cause anyone to lose their life. This guys decision, very well may have cost someone theirs.

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