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The Cost of Repealing the Affordable Health Care Act of 2009

The following is a letter written to those who wish to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act of 2009. The Republicans says this will mean a loss in jobs. I say that the only reason why it would be a loss in jobs, is because the Health Insurance Companies will fire these people to protect their second homes, and the higher paid members of the board their primary multi-million dollar homes. They want nothing more than this President to fail..I don’t think it is because he is an African-American..I think it is solely because he has a Muslim sounding name…I urge everyone to read this letter, come up with your own conclusions. I will lend my two cents first. If this is repealed everyone who was helped, especially the children with pre-existing conditions, will probably lose the health care they have. This is where I call all the “pro-lifers” hypocrites. You all can speak against abortion, but the same people that speaks against abortions are trying to repeal this bill. If this bill is repealed many children will go without medical insurance. But that is my two cents to the so-called Conservative Christians, which many do not act like Christians as Jesus Christ has taught us we should act.

The full letter is here: http://www.healthcare.gov/center/letters/repealcosts.pdf

Read it and we will discuss your opinions.

One Response to “The Cost of Repealing the Affordable Health Care Act of 2009”

  1. Anonymous said

    I dont know when you posted this. But the biggest problem with the so called affordable healthcare act is that the government cant force you to spend your money. They have no control over how you spend your money or how much of it to spend. Yeah they are trying to help but at what cost?
    They want to fine you for not having insurance that they want you to have. They cant tell you what to do with your life and body. If you dont want insurance you shouldnt be forced to buy it. If you do have it and get sick they cant force you to do something about it. Some people dont want to go thru the pain and humiliation of treatments for diseases. They would rather have their families remember them how they are.
    You cant force people to spend their money how you want to and you cant force someone who is sick to get better.
    Just like you shouldnt be able to force someone to have vaccinations for their kids.
    The whole point of living in america used to be you were able to make your own decisions. Now its the opposite. If you live here they tell you what to do. Whats next telling you where you can go to college or that you have to have this job because you come from this area? They have to get out of our daily lives.
    The government is too big and think they can control every aspect under the disguise of they know whats best. BUT THEY DONT. They know what they like not what everyone likes.
    If we had a country that was all the same people all the same religion all the same background you would still have people who do NOT like all the same things.
    PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT. The government wants us all to be that same but we arent and never will be. So they cant force us to all be the same. The more they try the more problems we have.


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