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Glenn Beck: The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Encouraging Obama Propaganda—’Make a Stink’

Posted by princessxxx on September 2, 2009



11 Responses to “Glenn Beck: The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Encouraging Obama Propaganda—’Make a Stink’”

  1. dorian said

    p – whatever “stink” the art community makes would not come close to those joker placards and such that the mob is carrying all over the place. maybe the liberal arts population is eating more red meat and starting to get aggressive back? i’d like to see that. i’m tired of seeing the same old mob. the liberal party should have a mob of their own. i went to a democratic party healthcare reform event and someone suggested they have a rally of their own for healthcare reform but they nixed that. they said the media is not interested in peaceful organized rallies, if media exposure is what they want. so i said maybe it would help if everyone was loud and angry and even strap on guns if they had any. they really nixed that. so i guess i was at the wrong meeting. i’m looking for a republican party anti-healthcare event. just to feel the difference. liberal politics is boring. where’s the passion! the liberal ones that do get passionate tend to get shot.


  2. kay~ms said

    Glad you brought this up P. I saw it too. And it raises yet ANOTHER red flag about this administration’s integrity. Glen Beck has brought up an Obama red flag every night lately… you all really should be watching so you truley get both sides.

    This particular red flag has got the goverment pursuading the art community, that relies HEAVILY on tax payer money thru the NEA, to create “art” that promotes Obama’s agendas… ESPECIALLY the health care bill. Talk about a “stink”.

    Glenn’s guest Patrick Courrielche secretly RECORDED the conference between the art community and the NEA, the White House Office of Public Engagement, and United We Serve.” You can tell just by the way the guy is talking (his tone) that he knows he (the administration) is doing something shady.

    This just isn’t right. If anyone can’t see why, just watch the show… the government has NO RIGHT using taxpayer money to push it’s agenda.


    Obama with all his Czars is truly turning out to be a typical Chicago politician. I’m so glad I can say that I didn’t vote for him…


  3. Princessxxx said

    it’s the old crucifixes in urine and madonnas made from elephant sh!t story all over again.

    kay did you see tonite where bozo was railing on the artwork at rockerfeller plaza? the communist artwork. glenn beck has lost her goddamned mind.

    seriously though, is that what the mormom church did to him? satan truly is evil.


  4. dorian said

    i watch fox news after cnn just to see what their news version is like and for a chuckle. then i watch keith and the great lesbian rachel afterwards for another chuckle. the fox team is hysterical and all doom and gloom and the msnbc team clever and sarcastic.

    just for fun, here’s everybody’s wikis.


    kay, the bush government had no right to use my tax money on their agenda to declare war on iraq using the excuse of finding the unfound weapons of mass destruction. at least this current government’s agenda is for the good of the people in this country. about time they take care of their own people too.


  5. Hi all: guess what? I find that I have suddenly completely lost interest in how you run your country and in the tendentious warblings of all the shock jocks over there.What a relief.
    Other topics I have gone off include:
    Is there a God?
    etc etc
    Plus I am very busy.
    Have fun.


  6. kay~ms said

    Dorian, I DO agree with you about Bush. If he had any other reason other than protecting our country to start that war then he should be prosecuted. It’s not the money that upsets me as much as the lives that were lost.

    But how do you know that this current agenda is “for the good of the people” when we don’t even know how were going to pay for it? The current idea is that the money will come from medicare (which leaves the elderly out of luck). And medicare is expected to go broke in 8 years or so. Then what? You don’t know that this bill is “good”. Obama hasn’t provided a good enough plan. All this plan does is redistribute the funds (that we eventually won’t even have) from the elderly to the younger, healthier (and in many cases wealthier).


  7. kay~ms said

    P, what is so ironic is that while Glenn Beck is making a heck of a lot of sense, I mean he IS good at this…if he and I ever got into a debate about Mormonism, I could easily talk to him like he talks to liberals. I could act like my head is going to explode because of the absolute lunacy of the mormon doctrine. It competely baffles me that he can be so good at pointing out the errs of liberalism but then be so ignorant about the errs of Mormonism! I mean liberalism looks saintly compared to mormonism!

    Speaking of debating Mormonism… I wonder what happened to your friend William??

    How come you haven’t gone…”William?”


  8. kay~ms said

    oh come on Betty.. don’t be a Sarah Palin.


  9. Hors Service said

    Don’t worry Kay, I’m staying here:p

    Cool, at least the Obama admnistration is involved in some dirty tricks. I was fearing that they might be pure and perfect.
    (No, Obama isn’t born in the USA is not a dirty trick, it’s just a lie.)

    But to get to the record of the Bush admnistration, they should work harder on it…


  10. dorian said

    ne laissez pas, monsieur hors…

    betty, i’m glad you found our new world chaos at least briefly interesting. those of us who live here have to ride it out. we’ll catch up to the rest of the world one day. come back to the five and dime when you’re not so busy and you see something other than politics or religion! maybe some eye candy would be good. time for some pretty pictures!


  11. Princessxxx said


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