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I took a really long vacation from this blog. I have been focusing on the wrong issues.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on February 20, 2015

So in the beginning the goal of this blog to create dialog over political issues. Particular about politicians and policies, as you can see that didn’t fully happen. When you are trying to do something you believe in you feel should happen and it seems no one else thinks it should. Well that makes people depressed and lose hope etc. But I am revitalized and I am shifting my direction to stick with what a good amount of people want to discuss and change.

From 2013 and 2014 a lot has happened politically. More people are getting more into activism. Particularly the activist groups that have been around for a while. Feminism and Male Rights Advocacy. I have thought over the years, as well as watching. Sometimes sharing my views and opinions. I got into Reddit last year and the past couple of days I have spoken for male rights. As someone who reads laws and helped make this blog to discuss and debate laws and other things, I understand that there are other issues than what I have written on before. There is a huge inequality in this country.


Feminism is an activist group that has become very much like a cult. This group passes laws and double standards that truly subjugate men, however men never really truly subjugated women in at least the past thirty-two years anyway. Perception is reality no matter how historically inaccurate it actually is.


I am not saying female problems is not relevant, important, or equality shouldn’t happen. I am just saying that feminism isn’t about gender equality, but female gender empowerment, specifically over men. There are plenty of laws that surround this and I will be making posts around it over the next few months. So as far as my posts  I plan to write about gender equality, but I am working for the unprivileged gender and the gender the laws are biased against. Rape, Domestic Violence, Child Custody are all laws that are very gender biased, even if the woman is guilty or is an incompetent mother. I will be posting different discussion posts, and like it was a few years ago all are welcome to join the debate/discussion.


We just need to keep it civil and remember this site is about people debating and discussing important hot button issues that get people charged that affect us all. The goal is to become a better society, in my opinion debating and discussing and coming up with solutions that benefit EVERYONE, not just the few.


My first post (I don’t consider this my first post, but the introduction to tothewire 2015.) will go over Domestic Violence how it affects both genders and particularly from my male perspective how the current system can be improved in a way that promotes a Constitutional Government as opposed to the patriarchal/matriarchal oligarchy. This is actually a matter of perspective really. As America specifically doesn’t really fall into either category. Despite what some Activist groups will tell you. Not the oligarchy the words before. An oligarchy is when an elite few pretty much has all ruling privlege. I am sorry, but in America we have an elite few that pretty much runs our government. The people with money, CEO’s, celebrities, etc. Has more power in the respect of laws how they are written and if they pass or not. Than the people without money. Honestly, who thinks Rick Scott really believes that climate change isn’t real? If you do why is one of the corporations that contribute to his campaign that is the main opponent of climate change, because it hurts profits and not because it isn’t real. Look at the other people who say I am not a scientist. Follow the money. If you do and you see what I see. Congratulations you have just discovered that our Capitalist society is really an Oligarchy. With the façade of patriarchy/matriarchy. Slight of hand, corporations has it.


This year is a good year, have a great weekend. If I put something that is wrong please tell me with regular unbiased peer reviewed science. If you want to discuss or debate my point of view, that is fine as well. Just keep it intelligent and civil. I will ban you and delete a comment if your comment was largely unhelpful to the debate/discussion.


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