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Second Amendment Constitutional Firearm Ownership.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on July 23, 2016

Hello fellow pro-gun people. I have something to say. I am a Veteran who swore and believe that I am not released from the oath I swore to. I take the Constitution seriously. I was lucky, I only gave a major part of my sanity for my following my ideals. 

When you say Muh Second Amendment Gun Ownership. Many ignore the requirement of being in a well regulated militia. 

Here is what I am suggesting Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stien should consider when talking about gun control. 

As you four should already know. (If you dont I seriously question your ability to function at your primary job of national defence.) The militia system was abolished in favor of the draft. Replaced by the National Guard, which is essentially each individual State’s Army. Whose oaths are to obey the governor of that State instead of the preidents. 

As part of the Constitutionally kind of required militia system. The national guard would be in charge of training and regulating the State Laws required allowing which part of the citizen militia what firearms they can own. Etc. The concept of a citizen militia would be the requirement of gun ownership o any class. Psychologists that either choose to become National Guard or choose to provide a service to the citizens militia. Would say yes or no to whether or not you can. According to that trained professional opinion. Which most current gun owners would more than likely pass today. 

Then I feel they should have to do a Basic Training type training. That would teach the basics of firearm dissassemble, clean, reassemble. As well as basic soldiering which includes team building. In an idealistic situation, this would also encourage entire neighborhoods or cities to come together as a team. Every month for eight hours each community militia should be required to do training or drills as a team. Which can be spread out over the month. Through Physical Training, or any number of team building excersises, particupating in yearly city or county wide scenario “war games” excercises. As a citizen militia would be a non deployable member of the national guard. Which is state regulated. 

Because everyone has a right to bare firearms to protect yourself and your family. But with that right should be a duty, for every kind of person. Because no right we have in America comes without cost. Every person no matter cercumstances of birth should have to serve in the citizen city based part of a national guard. Essentially being the army of the city. To be used only during times of extreme civil unrest to assist law enforcement or the national guard. Or invasion of a foreign power. Each city having its own army is a fear many generals in other countries have about America. It is a deterrant of national forces. 

This may not deter radicals who wish to turn America into a theocracy. Or religous or non religous radicals who wish to destroy the system based on lies of an ideology. Or violent views regarding conquest within an ideology or religion. When the government cannot act against a country and it is individuals. The citizen militia should be allowed to protect thier communities from those threats as well. 

This should be allowed only on the state level not the federal level. Training should also include disarment of a firearms when unarmed. Verbal communication, and resolution of a situation through talking. As well as comparable military like training that trains to be able to rationally think in high pressure situations. Training with police so both can work as a team during mass shootings or any other kind of mass casualty incident. 

With freedom of speech that means we may hear offensive things or things we dont like. Hate should be allowed to be seen. It should also be allowed to be challenged in civil discourse. Which should end in a peaceful resolution agreed upon by all parties. THAT IS OUR FOUNDING CONCEPT AS A SOCIETY ALL PEOPLE WORKING TOGETHER TO BE ABLE TO GOVERN OURSELVES. In a democratic why through discussion on a community level. 

Right, Left, and Middle are all supposed to work together. Our nations core politics have been federalists vs. Anti federalists. And its been flip flopping with only two parties for over two hundred years. It isnt working anymore. We need more center and slightly left or right in politics. The straight right/left. It has become divisive which harms our unity. 

Please consider these words as you run for president. This maybe a Constitutional solutions at least 51 to 63% of the voters would agree on. It would get rid of the draft, clearly define regulations regarding a militia and requirements of joining. In order to own a firearm legally, I feel you should have a requirement to use it in defense of the area you should live. That you should work with other citizens to defend it. Should the police not be able to, or in support of the police. It would reduce accidental gun deaths. The structure of a citizen militia may attract members of the community and allow for team building, learning positive skills, and access to volunteer role models of the community. I think this would solve a lot of problems with gun violence and be a start of a healthy repairing of racial relations in America. 
This blog is a debate blog. The debate happens in the comments. This is a moderated blog. If you are going to troll, at least do it well and make a valid point. Flaming is not trolling and those comments will be deleted. As well as all non free speech protected forms of speech. Being any form of speech that advocates and encourages physical violence, harm, or death because of circumstances of birth. Constitutionally that is not free speech. Honest debate and sharing of ideas is allowed and encouraged. Regardless where you fall on the political spectrum. Obvious trolling an derailment of the debate topic being this exact topic will be deleted. Lets keep it clean and adhomenim free please. 

I consider every American a friend, until they prove otherwise.

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