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A major issue I have with men, mental disability and how they are treated publically. 

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on October 11, 2016

This happened in Austrailia, but it reinforces my own social anxiety, and amplifies it. 

So lets statt off with the first part of this womans rant. As someone with severe social anxiety, and someone whose mental health professionals say to interact with people. It is stuff like this that really keeps me from trying. 

This is all projection on my part, because I am putting myself in the same position. From the description it is apparent to me that the man is trying to get social interaction.

The thing is everyone but that woman acted like they ignored him according to Laura. The only one that truly didnt was her and she described her own body language. Me personally I would have recognized the pure aggressive body language towards me. And her story makes it clear he recognized this aggression coming from her. 

This next part kind of confirms my assertion she was carrying herself in a passive aggressive way. Which still seems aggressive to those who dont understand social interaction. This woman is obviously projecting her prejudices on this man. Who may have been just trying to not feel invisible. As that happens with men with mental illness. The world makes us feel as if we are invisible sometimes. 

It is interesting no woman including the author of this rant actually tried to talk to him in a civil manner. He was either being ignored or in the case of the OP, being hated. 

And the immediate assumption he was on illicit drugs because he wasnt acting  “normal”. 

This is what makes me the most angry. Because he was a man and the people who rudely ignored him, instead of saying please stop, you are making me uncomfortable. Trying to get high fives from people isnt sexual, and maybe he has a thing against being touched and trying to work through it. He made no sexual advancement and by her story. But she continued to push this threat narrative he was being predatory and trying to make women, who never verbally said anything to correct his behavior it seems, uncomfortable by trying to give high fives to women.

The major reason this makes me feel like getting better and getting over my social anxiety isnt worth it. Is the perception these types of women have. Women have the right not to be uncomfortable. Meanwhile men like me are on the verge of having a panic attack being outside of thier homes. Not interacting, not being social, and feeling completely alone. Me saying the wrong thing to the wrong person could get me publically shamed as well as my wife, for having a mental disability involving public interaction. 

What his behavior unacceptable? Because he makes women uncomfortable? Okay, I dont try to interact with women on the bus and by thier body language they are uncomfortable at first glance of me. Does that mean because my presence does this it is unacceptable for me to try to at least manage my symptoms because I “look like a creep?”

I am already uncomfortable when I leave the house. I am already am borderline ready to have a panic attack on public transportation. This narrative and these actions are telling men with mental disabilities or men that dont understand social interaction. We should stay in our homes and not try to make frends. We shouldnt work on our mental issues by trying to interact with people.
It really is no wonder so many men commit suicide every year. We ignore what these kinds of ideological bullshit can do. Emotionally I couldnt handle being bullied, just by trying to be sociable and myself. Every time I see an article like this, and the reactions. It just confirms when my wife insists I dont go to the VA alone on a bus when having a medical issue like pain. 

My wife would be shamed by other women for going to work instead of taking me so the public wouldnt have to deal with me. As this lady above tried to shame the female family member of this guy. 

Keep the undesirables from trying to have a normal life, with healthy normal social skills. It doesnt seem anyone on that tram tried to actively correct his behavior. One person was acting overly hostile without ever ennunciating to the man to not do it. 

Nobody is right when everybody’s wrong. 

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