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Christian Lies and Rumor.

I saw this and thought of Dorian. Tracks like these spread the intolerance and ignorance that many see as truth. When you read it you will understand and if you do not, then I will explain it. To read the complete track here is the link:


The book labeled is Publlished by this tracks publisher so it is essentially promoting the book. Which it critisizes the Masons tolerance of other beliefs, also may I add that many Masons do not go beyond the initiate degree in the order. “The more spiritual degrees teach more about other spirtual aspects. This is a completly voluntary path.” This was told to me by a Mason friend of mine who is beyond the first three degrees. The Free-Masons did not always have a spiritual aspect. It is essentially the first Union ever created. But because the members of the society did not agree with the Church’s decree’s or what governments did in the name of their God, they hid members that practiced the Old Religion, and the teachings of the Old Religion thrived through one of humanities darkest times. Free-Masonry then turned into a secret organization. Only family members of Masons and Masons could join but because of the “heretical” outlook of spirituality the Order had they had to create a caste system. It wasn’t untill the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution was signed and apart of the new government did the Free-Masons adopt the open door policy it has today.

Baphomet was not an old god of Baal worship. Baphomet had a completely different teaching altogether. Baphomet was mainly worshiped in the Southern Hemisphere of the Mesodonia region. The Inverted Pentacle is the same as the Nothern Hemisphere Pentacle in the Southern Hemisphere. Before the Coriolis Effect was even created the southern hemisphere nature worship erected their concept of the natural order because of observations. Because water does flow counter-clockwise on a small scale and the bigger scale it does the same thing just not so noticable. This is not because of the way the Earth turns but because the magnetic field in the earth has conflicting polarities. But Baphomet was a god whose followers taught of wholeness. One could not get whole unless they nurtured both the female energies as well as the male energies inside themselves. (I will go into that subject more indepth on the Project: Sanctuary Blog.) Also going from part of a whole to a whole spiritually also ment the union of the opposite sex. It is conjecture that this ment a sexual union but I think it is a little more than that. I believe this means for a physical and spiritual union of two different people. To learn from the opposite sex. This is where I believe the concept of marriage came from. Baphomet the androgenyous deity that taught that the opposite sexes are equal to each other. Doctrine the Church found Heretical and Heresay was a crime you get put to death for. This is supported by the fact that Baphomet was an androgenyous (both sexes.) deity, and Hermaphrodites were concidered sacred and were the equivalent to the Buddah in Eastern Spiritual Practices.

“The satanic goat of Mendez” is actually not the God of Lust but the Goat head is a universal sign of Fertility. Not just human fertility but animal, and plant fertility as well. For if the food did not sprout or reproduce there is no food. But because it is a sign of Fertility the Church says this is a buzz word for lust. The Church teaches the “pagan”, or not of the Christian religion, faiths had Fertility rituals that was basically huge orgies. Which is not true, not then and not today. During the Fertility rituals dancing around a fire naked, due to the fact after four months of wearing layers to keep warm it being warm enough not to wear layers is actually liberating. The festivals that did have a minority of people having sex, usually in a secluded area and not required for all participants of the Spring Fertility Festivals, that wasn’t what these festivals were all about. And I already touched on the “Eastern Star”.

The Luciferian doctrine that was spoken of teaches; “All humans have the divine spark and it should be everyone’s goal to seek universal wholeness, or enlightenment.” The way to enlightenment in the Luciferian doctrine is to learn from joys and pain. This is for another topic and I go into an intro on my Project: Sanctuary page. The topic for that is “Part of a Whole.” The Luciferian doctrine however does not recognize Lucifer as a deity but it is called the Luciferian doctrine or School of Luciferian thought because of the myth about Lucifer in the Old Testament.

Aleister Crowley was not a satanist. In one of his essays he actually denounces Satan. And it is taught by the church he chosen his name as Baphomet. Which is not true he chose V.V.V.V.V.  as his motto/name. Which is an Abbreviation of Vi Veri Vniversum Vivus Vici meaning “While still living, I have conquered the universe by dint of truth.” Equinox, Vol 3. No. 1 pg 248 is part of the Gnostic Catholic Mass which is the religious service of both the A:.A:. and the O.T.O The actual diagram is a Numerology diagram showing spritual wholeness or completeness.

Again the obelisk is not a Baal Worshiping organization. It ties more into Egyptian/Old Religion Spritualism. Baal was a Sumerian God and not really worshiped at the time of the creation of the Masonic Order. The Obelisk is the Universal symbol of Male Energies and the Chalice is the Universal symbol of Female energies. The words “dark spritual” and “satanic” are buzz words to spread propaganda and fear. By definition this is terrorist activity.

The term Satan is used to convey hell a place of torture for the sinner and spending an eternity in something of that nature terrorizes most people. Therefore people give up thier beliefs so they are not terrorized anymore.

The red Fez hats were worn by an order of warrior priests in an Egyptain style religion. They use Muslim, which was actually paired up with terrorist before 9/11 and if this was written after 9/11 it also feeds into the post 9/11 fear propaganda that is floating around. (But not publicly denounced by the US government.)

Christians adopted a similar process during the Crusades. Which was an excuse to wipe Islam from the face of the planet. And the oath to become a shriner is not placed on the Koran. It is the Free-Masonry handbook.

Note the word Occult means Hidden.

Doing this is in all essence an act in “Witchcraft” since “spells” and “Magic” is done in the same way.

This is just funny everything is of course all right and hunkey dory. As long as you become “saved”. Does anyone else see this as propaganda aiming towards a persons most primal fears? Spreading intolerant half-truths? That’s what most of it is. Where I didn’t leave a detailed rebuttle I think it is sound in Christian Theology. Actually showing scripture. But everything else is taking the unknown and hidden and contorting it to their own purposes. Can someone actually say this isn’t Fundamentalist Christianity at it’s worst?

Next Time: The Wicca Tract

5 Responses to “Christian Lies and Rumor.”

  1. dorian9 said

    funny! i like the cartoons, though. their name is cute, chick.com – sounds benign enough but look at that message! even funnier is that i just went to e.e’s sanctuary site and commented on aleister crowley and the pentagram and satanists. now i see it here.. pure prescience


  2. dorian9 said

    ttw -i’d like to recommend these books to you and e.e:

    The Woman with the Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail – Margaret Starbird

    Magdalene’s Lost Legacy: Symbolic Numbers and the Sacred Union in Christianity – Margaret Starbird


  3. Enkill_Eridos said

    Ive read both of those books! they are good books.


  4. Guess Who said



  5. Rj said

    me neither


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