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By Kayms99  11/30/08

I am fortunate… I was born in one of the most prosperous, powerful and opportunistic places in the world…. the United States of America… AND at a time in history when the most amazing inventions of convenience and luxury have come to be, all of which happened within decades of my birth! It’s truly amazing to think about… with the thousands of years of history on this planet it wasn’t until recently, literally “yesterday” on the grand scale, that the most significant and profound contributions to civilization have occured. Before the 20th century and for thousands of years, transportation was basically three ‘snail’s pace’ choices… via animals, wind or our own two feet… for thousands of years, communication; relaying information to one another, was also slow and required much patience… instantanious contact at a distance was a fantasy only to be dreamed about.  And as for our entertainment we had to leave our homes or pick up a book or other periodical.  These are just a few of an endless list of examples.
But today… in this time in history… well, to put it bluntly…we are absolutely spoiled!  We have all of the conveniences and luxuries that anyone could desire… and combining that with the amazing advances in medicine that have given us the ability live longer lives, we are a truly blessed generation, in a TRULY blessed country.  What are the chances of living in this special time in history?…. just look at the earth’s time line, it is very very long and just one tiny spot on that line is where all of these ‘unimaginable’ world changing advances took place.  And of all of the billions of people who have ever lived on this planet, we are the ones who get to experience this uniquely special time.    And too.. what are the chances to be born in this country…out of all the other places in the world…there are still places on this planet where you would never know that these modern advances exist. Where there is no prosperity or opportunities and no cause for hope that things would ever get better. Why wasn’t I one of the unfortunate ones to enter this world in a country where there isn’t enough food and the odds are against me ever reaching adulthood?  Why was I so blessed while others were doomed since the day they were born?

As a Christian, these are especially profound questions. I know, as the Bible states, that God is a just and fair God. He loves us all equally and does not show favoritism. My faith tells me that even though the circumstances in life sometimes are extremely unfair, that God, in His wisdom, has a plan and in the end all wrongs will be righted.  One of the many blessings of being a Christian is knowing this truth.  When things happen thru out our lives that are unfair and hurtful, sometimes in the most horrific way, it is a comfort to know that God will right the wrong. He will do it His way and in the time he chooses but His will, WILL be done.  That is a belief that I have at the very core of my being. I have no doubts about that.
  So with this in mind, it is not hard to come to the conclusion that the ones who are doomed in this life will be rewarded in the next. God will right the wrongs that have befallen them.
And then the obvious next question would be… what is to become of us, the ‘blessed’ ones, in this life? And not just the blessed but the UTLIMATELY blessed?  Will God punish us for being blessed?  Of course not. Remember, we are judged by what is in our hearts. And it is also important to remember that what is in our hearts manifests itself in our actions.

Now to refer back to my earlier observations of our extremely blessed generation in an extremely blessed country…. again, we are not only blessed with unprecedented freedoms and prosperity but the most amazing inventions in world history. These inventions, along with our freedoms and prosperity enable us to go anywhere in the world in what seems like the blink of an eye compared with less than a century ago.  Communication with someone on the other side of the world can happen now in truly and literally the blink of an eye! And with the exception of flight, what we have come to know as the common television is the most unbelievably amazing invention that I’m sure no one in history has ever even imagined.
  With these and other amazing inventions, we now can see events thru out the world literally as they happen. We can “attend” a Royal wedding.  We can see people all over the world celebrate the start of their new year!  And we can also see, for the first time in human history, first hand and up close, the suffering and tragedy that our fellow human beings are endurring in other parts of the world. We can HEAR it in their voices and we can SEE it on their faces.  I wonder how many times this scene has played out in American livingrooms: us sitting on our comfortable sofas, in climate controlled environments, remote controls in hand, the aroma of  delicious dinners in the oven, watching the horrors that are befalling others in our world in that very same moment? How should we feel about this imbalance in life… should we feel guilty? Is it our fault? Can we stop it? What can we do… what should we do?  These are very personal questions that all of us will eventually have to answer. Did we make the right choices? Did we do what we could, not just knowing but SEEING the desperate needs of others? Or did we just change the channel and replace those sad thoughts with our own worries, about truly minor issues in comparison, that are going on in our buffered and pampered lives?   Jesus said in Luke 12:48  …”From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked”.  How are we, again, in the most blessed generation, in the most blessed country, living up to his declaration?

Our lives on this Earth are also like the “blink of an eye” compared to the eternity that is ahead of us. The unfortunate ones that have suffered here are going to be rewarded on a far greater scale than that which they have suffered.  And for those of us, the “blessed ones”,  who have been given more, what is going to be our eternity and rewards if we do not take on our worldly responsibilities?  Much has been given us…and as a result we have an even greater, deeper knowledge of the needs of others…so..is not much more being asked of us?  Clearly it is, just as Jesus said. 

So, in this 21st century, and in this great country, we are truly blessed but also truly responsible…. and at this point, I would like to recommend a great site for readers to visit…. CNN’s Impact your world site – just one convenient click will get you there,  http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2007/impact/?iref=impactglobal …   and with just a few more minutes of your time and a few more key strokes, you can help your fellow human beings who are not as blessed and who are in desparate need of our help at this very moment.   Here is the organization I chose to help this time around…. my check went out in the mail yesterday.   http://www.medsandfoodforkids.org/index.html    This is truly the big picture everyone … the bottom line of life.  How will we measure up?


  1. Lawman2 said

    good read!


  2. kathy (kayms91) said

    Thanks Lawman… I hope it was good enough to inspire people… I want to include this link also… this is an excellent site that is very helpful when making a decision on which cause / causes to support.



  3. tothewire said

    This was a great read! I miss Dorian and E_E how about you guys?


  4. kathy (kayms91) said

    I’ve been wondering myself where they’ve been…


  5. I have been busy finals are coming up! This is a good read I would just like to add my view on a certain aspect of it. The fact we are so spoiled we are no longer making technological advances. This is also due to the fact that we restrict certain fields where small businesses can grow. In the 90’s you could get a job at any mom and pop internet service provider. Now that broadband is being monopolized by the cable and phone companies, this would not be available. These same small internet service providers a lot of them actually made improvements on the internet and created and provided services and programs that would not be around today if the internet was monopolized at that time by corporations. Small businesses are the backbone of this economy, small businesses also help in innovations. Since the small business owner will say wouldn’t it be cool if we could make this? Where in a corporation the CEO would say would that make a profit? And the answer of that question would determine whether the innovation is made or not.


  6. tothewire said

    E_E Good luck with finals…God knows I always hated finals 🙂 I like this article very well written. Great insight on article E_E.


  7. kathy (kayms91) said

    E_E… you’ve made a good point… I see the monopolizing problem (potential problems) all the time and my question is what can be done to prevent it… It seems like who ever has the most money, has the control. Ebay is a perfect example.. they have completely monopolized the online auction industry… others try to start a new auction company but if by a small chance they do become successful in competing with Ebay… Ebay will just buy them out before they get too big and too competitive.


  8. douglaskev said

    kathy…interesting and accurate reflections, although i’m not “religious” i do recognize that i am lucky to live among such advanced times, in the most prosperous nation

    i agree that we are spoiled, and ill be the first to admit that i am…i came from a meager background, but i must always remember no matter how hard i have had it, there are people who are so much worse off.

    reading posts like yours, and surrounding myself with the people i do, i sometimes wonder with most people being nice and compassionate, how such inequality in the world exists…


  9. kathy (kayms91) said

    Thank you Douglaskev… I have often wondered the same thing…sometimes I see so much compassion and I have much confidence in the human race and then other times I am forced to question that confidence when observing those very same people.


  10. dorian9 said

    hello kay – a nice positive read. we truly have to be thankful for what we have available to us here. it’s the best country in the world. americans take a lot of things for granted sometimes. you don’t even have to go out of the country to see how much less freedom and opportunity people from other countries have – it’s good to read or go to world news sites. i miss going to our site often…business is demanding of time and energy.


  11. arkangel3 said

    Luke 12:48 just hit me in a very different way than I have been reading it for many years; the passage itself was just another piece of a personal puzzle I needed to see. Thanks.
    (I’m an “Independent” when it comes to religious beliefs these days, just as an FYI.)


  12. kathy (kayms91) said

    Hi Dorian… thanks… and I can relate to there not being enough time in the day!

    It’s always good when you do have the time to spend here… I still want to read your posts… and EE’s also… it’s all I can do to just comment and write my posts… Lawman and TTW put up so many new posts and I want to read them all but I can’t seem to find the time! I just don’t know how they are managing to post / write all of it!!


  13. kathy (kayms91) said

    Thanks Arkangel3! I appreciate your comments… I’ve never heard the word ‘independent’ used to refer to religious beliefs… I like that… I think Jesus could have been referred to as an Independent…


  14. dorian9 said

    can i be an “independent” when it comes to religious beliefs too? “rogue christian” didn’t work too well, “esoteric” sounds like some exotic hair product or massage oil and “mystic” sounds like i should be able to levitate and i’m not there yet. auntie kay may i be “independent” you all have some kind of religious designation label anyway. i need a name tag today i’m kinda lost in the mist..


  15. tothewire said

    Ok Dorian…how about liberal christian???? LOL


  16. kathy (kayms91) said

    Dorian.. I think independent is a great ‘label’! And it does sound better! All of the different branches of Christianity is not what Jesus wanted – it is just another example of man’s misuse of their free will. To me, I like to think that ‘Independent’ means that you believe in God and love him in return… the greatest commandment… that is all that really matters to God, and if you do that then all of the rest will fall into place…


  17. dorian9 said

    ttw – you know i was on the periphery on that one. but i feel that if i included the word christian in my tag it’s my obligation to go to church and congregate more than just on special occasions. i go all the way if i commit to something, and fixed aquarius is to blame 😉 .
    kay i do believe that God is always in each of us we just have to listen well because it’s a noisy world. things fall in place, oftentimes God places them there and it’s up to us to to pick up the pieces and make them whole. thanks for the reminder..


  18. kathy (kayms91) said

    A great insight Dorian… we do have to make an effort… and I also do believe that He is in all of us… but if we aren’t looking for him (Lawman for example) we will never know He is there… Another saying came to my mind yesterday… people only see what they want to see… and if people don’t WANT to see God then they never will… and in turn, their non belief will be reinforced… God want’s us to want Him… as the song goes… wow.. that song by Cheap Trick, I just realized fits really well…

    Anyway… I’m sidetracking a bit and I hope that Lawman reads this post… I just found a post that I wrote awhile ago to an Atheist on a CNN blog… part of it alludes to the statement I just made… that God want’s us to want him… here it is…

    Ryk, when I say that existence isn’t logical I’m not talking about the ‘process’ of existence I’m talking about the ‘birth’ of existence. Even if the evolution theory was correct the question still remains…. where did that first cell, that everything evolved from, come from? Our reason and logic tells us there has to be a beginning and end to everything… infinity is not logical. When you look at outer space and you start to think about where it eventually ends and when it does end what is after that… nothing? Ok then what does that nothing look like and when does that nothing end and then what is after that? … it’s mind boggling and completely defies any logical or rational explanation. And I know that that also brings up the question … well, who made God? And who made the one who made God and so on and so on…
    But your response, again, completely ignores this point, you talk about evolution and how life ON EARTH began but if your faith is in science you must have thought about how ALL of existence came to be. Science is based on logic…. science (sometimes) explains why things work the way they do, the process of things, but there is NO logical scientific explanation for how the ORIGINAL process came to be. I defy anyone to come up with anything that can even begin to answer this question. To explain the logic of existence. Really, the only closest thing we have to a logical explanation is a supreme being – GOD. You say that you want proof and that is generally a very reasonable request but have you ever tried to look at things from our Creator’s point of view?
    According to the Bible we were created to love and worship Him. With all of His capabilities, He certainly would be able to make ‘or program’ us to love and worship Him but where is the value in that? If you could MAKE someone love you it just wouldn’t be the same. Of course I do know a few people who would be perfectly content if people loved and worshiped them whether it was sincere or not, just as long as they did. But our Creator wants us to genuinely seek Him and love Him. So He gave us just enough proof while still leaving room for us to use our free will to seek Him and put our faith in Him. And there are also plenty of ‘outs’ if we choose, in our hearts, not to believe in Him. Some of the stories in the Bible do seem outrageous and hard to believe but then all you have to do is look at everything around you and again, our existence and that is also outrageous and hard to believe but …. we are here and that can’t be denied. The answer to His existence is right in front of us and we can take the ‘easy’ way and choose not to believe or we can be honest with ourselves (and Him) and choose to believe. For each one of us it really comes down to…. what do you WANT to believe?…..


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