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Teacher arrested in killing of girl

Posted by kayms99 on April 11, 2009

(CNN) — t1home_huckaby_cantu_tpd1Police have arrested a Sunday-school teacher in the killing of California 8-year-old Sandra Cantu, authorities said early Saturday.Melissa Huckaby was arrested on charges of kidnapping and murder, according to Tracy, California, police Sgt. Tony Sheneman. 

Police would not reveal what led to Huckaby’s arrest, but said it followed questioning. They did not offer a possible motive.

Huckaby lived in the same mobile home park as Sandra’s family, and Sandra was friends with Huckaby’s daughter, Sheneman said.

Sandra’s body was found Monday, stuffed into a suitcase in a dairy-farm pond. The girl, from Tracy, had been missing since March 27. The suitcase that held Sandra’s body belonged to Huckaby, Sheneman said.

Police have had contact with Huckaby before, but she does not have a record of violence, Sheneman said, without offering further details.

An autopsy was conducted on Sandra’s body on Tuesday. Autopsy results are not expected for four to six weeks, CNN affiliate KRON-TV reported earlier in the week, citing the coroner’s office.

Police have conducted hundreds of interviews in the case.

On Tuesday, authorities searched a Baptist church near the mobile home park where Sandra lived.

The church’s pastor, Lane Lawless, and his wife, Connie, spoke to KRON as they drove by the church Tuesday. Lawless said police had seized computers, phones and other items from his family’s trailer, located in the same park as Sandra’s family. He said his great-granddaughter regularly played with Sandra.

“We’ve been in the park for 13 years, and we’ve known her and her sister since before they were born,” Connie Lawless told KRON. “So they’re like children to us; they’re like our children.”

The day Sandra was last reported seen, she returned home from school, kissed her mother and left to play with a friend who lives nearby. A short time later, wearing a pink Hello Kitty T-shirt and black leggings, she left to go to another friend’s home, according to a family spokeswoman.


30 Responses to “Teacher arrested in killing of girl”

  1. Gal Qaeda said

    is anyone suprised by this. christians, trailer parks. it all comes full circle.


  2. dorian9 said

    heinous. another innocent killed.


  3. Rob said

    Find out what kind of previous “help” she was getting from her doctors and what kind of prescription drugs they had her on and you will find the answer to what caused her dis-association with humanity, as always.


  4. claudia said

    No, thats is not gona hoppend come on stop useing that old excuse “of mental prombems” that is just a lame exccuse to take people like this of the hoock!


  5. kay~ms said

    uh oh.. Rob… you sound like a Scientologist…


  6. Rob said

    Kay, not at all. Just a fact that they are messing peoples minds up with this crap, starting at very young ages for many. The changes we are seeing in society reflect this.



  7. Gene Venable said

    Bad behavior existed before bad drugs. Besides, the body itself manufactures drugs, not all of them good.


  8. Rob said

    “Bad behavior existed before bad drugs. Besides, the body itself manufactures drugs, not all of them good.”

    Gene, that is true. But the powerful drugs being dispensed so easily require far more follow up than is typically being given. And some of these people are left more messed up and disconnected than ever. If you research it you find that events such as this and the mass killings have risen dramatically since the advent of these types of drugs. And they are almost always a component.


  9. princessxxx said


    a 60 second rant,not bad, not bad at all!


  10. obama the antichrist said

    people like this make non believers think that all christians are hypocrites…well i guess we sorta are in a way…cuz we are imperfect and we sin. and all sin is sin sooo we all fall short of the glory of God.


  11. Geir (Gerhardt) Smith said

    Obama the Antichrist, u use that name for a reason ? is it bec he had the numbers of the marks of the beast drawn on election ? bec his name in hebrew means satan fell from heaven or bec his life is liek seven heads and ten horns ?
    just aksing


  12. Geir (Gerhardt) Smith said

    i left this reply to obama the antichrist
    but didn’t click on his post


  13. Oh for the love of God said

    I heard that, too. I think they have a story about that on this link, http://www.wnd.com/ or the man that runs this link, It’s an internet romour being spread by right wing christian groups. i first heard of this story on Keith Olbermann’s fantastic, informative exposes of what the right wing is really up to to destroy and undermine our great Constitution. I, too, am curious about the moniker of Obama the Antichrist, is that what you believe?


  14. Geir (Gerhardt) Smith said

    Spread the news like a tsunami that Obama IS the ANTICHRIST
    I have written a long explanation of the Marks of the Beast’s meaning that he saw drawn at election-time http://tinyurl.com/kw4zru.


  15. Geir (Gerhardt) Smith said

    Is this tinyurl any better ? http://tinyurl.com/kw4zru
    The other one didn’t work.


  16. dorian said

    geir, i went to your website. fascinating. let me introduce you to kay, one of our authors. i learned about the obama antichrist theory from her.


  17. obama the antichrist said

    no not really, i believed he had the same mannerisms as an antichrist


  18. Geir (Gerhardt) Smith said

    dorian thanks, if kay wants to come over
    you saw that my explanation spilt over to the next page dorjee pawo right ?
    i’d appreciate if kay oculd also check that explanation before giving me here stuff
    i’ll hear her out but i’d like some common field to work out from
    i appreciate others’ views but fear fanatics which abound among libs and fundies alike
    libs often don’t even think and just attack bec of their communist or atheist agenda
    so if kay could not ONLY THROW stuff AT ME
    I’m here to talk you saw that on my pages
    I’m a university man with twenty eight years of post university research upon very difficult and specialized stuff Kalachakra.
    Hope kay’s not a fanatic cultee
    i can’t TAKE THAT
    makes me puke
    send her on like bush said


  19. Hors Service said

    So OTA, you really think that Obama is the antichrist, in the end?
    I didn’t understood everything.

    How fascinating. How can people believe that?
    Answer: they’re American^^
    (Stereotype, of course! You know how I can (apparently) criticize another country without having ever been there? because I’m French :p )


  20. dorian said

    actually, hors, you just sounded very american there…


  21. Geir (Gerhardt) Smith said

    even stupid french people can understand


  22. Hors Service said

    Sorry, it was a stereotype joke, sorry sorry dorian, won’t make it again…
    It just fascinates me when people do conform, from times to times, to stereotypes.

    True also that I should work harder on not having prejudices. Gee, it’s not easy…

    “stupid french people”… All the frenchs are stupid or is this particular one dumb?
    Oh yes I’m stupid, it’s true!


  23. dorian said

    i was just joking there, hors..:p


  24. Geir (Gerhardt) Smith said

    i didn’t say u’re stupid liar i said stupid AND ugly morality


  25. Hors Service said

    “even stupid french people can understand”

    English is not my mothertongue, of course, but I notice that on the purely grammatical point of view, “stupid” is an adjective associated to “french people”

    “ugly morality” was not in the same post, and not even on the same subject. Gee, I have to check my english manual, but I’m afraid it was written before the invention of the internet… So, you have new lexical rules now?


  26. obama the antichrist said

    hors i did believe cuz i did believe it at one point because I was doing a personal study of revalations. and when i got to the antichrist it reminded me of Obama. I do not believe that any more. but i like my name it adds something debatish and hostile to my name 😀 and we americans make stereotypical jokes too like do like the French surrender


  27. Hors Service said

    And it kind of attracts polemical tourists to the site, which is quite interesting for the statistics! And they might perhaps even learn something from this very interesting site, thanks to your name^^

    I’m interested: what stereotypes Americans do have on Frenchs? (Of course, you don’t have to share them^^ Just wanted to know what’s the theory;))


  28. obama the antichrist said

    like saying “i surrender” in a French accent is the biggest on my end


  29. princessxxx said


  30. Geir (Gerhardt) Smith said

    looks like marching on white house tomorrow the best way to oust the antichrist will be to carry signs saying “Antichrist be cursed !”


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