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Suspended for Dancing

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on May 12, 2009

by Mike Krumboltz

Tyler Frost, the high school senior who was suspended for attending his girlfriend’s prom, has become a sensation in Search. And yet, despite all the news surrounding his fight for the right to get jiggy with it, folks had yet to hear from Frost himself. That wait is over. This morning, the teen went on “The Early Show” to tell his side of the story.

During an interview with Harry Smith, Frost explained that his private Christian school does have a contract stipulating “no dancing.” However, he didn’t believe it should include dancing outside of school. So, despite a stiff warning from his principal, he went to his girlfriend’s prom at another school. He has since been suspended and won’t be allowed to take his final exams on time or graduate with the rest of his class.

Despite this, Frost has no regrets, saying that attending his special lady’s prom was both “worth the risk” and “the right decision.” Frost’s stepfather was also there for the interview. He didn’t say much before leaving in the middle of the discussion, but he did mention that a lawsuit against the school is in the works. You can watch the entire CBS interview here.

my two cents…

This is just one of the stupidest things I ever heard. I understand about on school campus but a school has no right to actually do this to a student if it happened after school hours and not on thier campus. Conservatives at it again showing thier agenda… This is just mind boggling how they can actually do this and it be legal. Since the school is NOT in anyway responsible for the student when they are not in school. Unless he lives on campus which I do not think he does. They cannot stop him from taking the finals or stop him from graduating. To me that is the same exact thing as a student in a public school being suspended because he got a ticket for underage smoking or drinking off school property not during school hours. For one purpose if the student is living with the family the school has no right trying diciplining him for doing something done off campus and not during school hours. It is the parents job to parent the kids not the schools. If this is the “higher” morels that conservatives have I will keep my open minded “lower” morels then. If I am to be held accountable for what I do outside of work by my employer I do not want that job. If I am to be held accountable for my actions by a school I do not want my education there. For one simple fact as long as I am not breaking the law, I should not be punished. If he was dating someone of different color of skin than him and they suspended him for that the liberals would be in an uproar. But he was suspended for dancing. That school needs to get it’s own head out of it’s ass and stop intruding on the non-academic activities that kid is involved in. As long as it isnt apart of that school then it is none of thier business.


3 Responses to “Suspended for Dancing”

  1. Princess said

    sounds like the script for “Footloose 2”

    christians don’t seem to be satisfied with all the sins in the bible, they go out of their way to make up new ones.

    well, when they are all gone, churches will become niteclubs. yeah!


  2. dorian9 said

    why would the school have any say or control over any of the student’s activities after school hours?
    sounds like totalitarian system to me. since when did going to a school prom and dancing become grounds for suspension? smells like cult.


  3. anonymous said

    I am a Christian and do believe in certain morals and protocol. I think churches and schools have the right to speak their mind concerning specific subjects just like anyone else. What they do not have the right to do is to control people. I think the above example is a perfect example of overstepping ones boundries.

    I found this after doing a search because this kind of thing has recently effected a close friend of mine. Her son was suspended for kissing a girl at his own house. The girl confided in a person in authority at the school and the rest was history. This is absurd. The school has no right to do that even though they think they do. They should have just sat down and had a heart to heart with the young man and the girl involved, told his mother about it and left it up to her to discipline him if she chose to do so. If it had been done on the campus it would be a different thing. They would then have the right to discipline him, but even a week suspension is out of line in my opinion. Heart to heart talk, detention, whatever, but not a week long suspension. That is just stupid. I am not going to give up my faith over it because I understand people do a lot of stupid things. I think we as Christians should rethink how we handle certain situations like this. This is not something that requires suspending a student for a week over. And in this specific circumstance this was not done on the property of the school. They don’t have the jurisdication or authority to do that.


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