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Horror movies – yea or nay?

Posted by 1minionsopinion on October 29, 2009

Back on my blog, I’ve been going through some of the most terrible B movies ever filmed, I think, but Martin Scorsese has a great list of great films at The Daily Beast including scenes from all of them.

Now, I can’t agree or disagree on some of them, but The Shining is on there. I watch it now and I’m not bothered , but the first time ever was at a friend’s place, a place I’d never been before, and the little turd was too tired to watch it with me and went to bed. I watched the whole thing in a dark basement with unfamiliar noises and was too freaked to sleep after.

The Changeling really was a great movie. I would also recommend it. I don’t know how The Haunting winds up on top of the list, but the original was more atmospheric than the remake done with Liam Neeson. Isle of the Dead would not be my Val Lewton pick but it wasn’t terrible. The Exorcist I never did care for. I never found it frightening, but Psycho freaked me out in the middle of the day, so point to you, Mr. Hitchcock. Point to you.

I’d suggest Night of the Hunter or Carnival of Souls, if you can track that one down. It’s artistically fabulous, even if the plot becomes obvious early on. It probably didn’t when it was made, so it can be forgiven.



10 Responses to “Horror movies – yea or nay?”

  1. Princessxxx said

    i’m into gorefests.
    one of my favorites is “slither”


  2. Princessxxx said

    rob zombie’s “house of a 1000 corpses”


  3. Princessxxx said

    john carpenter’s “the thing”


  4. dorian said

    yayayyaaaay! loved that head on the thing!

    for me it started when i was a kid watching classics like night of the living dead, the blob (love the red jello), etc.. of course indoctrination to the gore and the bizarre by the older sibling with late night t.v.


  5. obama the antichrist said

    me personally i hate all scary movies…creeps the crap outta me. however the shining is one of my favorites and so is misery…i guess thats cuz i red stephen kings books and the movies didnt compare. also anything with clowns i wont even touch. hate those creepy ppl. “it” gave me nightmares for weeks


  6. Princessxxx said

    “the mist”, a movie made from a stephen king short story, pretty good, it has an insane fundamentalist christian played by marcia gay hardin (she’s crazy scary) and creatures from another dimension.


  7. 1minionsopinion said

    I loved The Mist. I need to read the original story so I can see what was different about it. I loved the movie ending. I thought it was so painful.

    I never saw the thrill of The Thing. I didn’t think that was scary at all. Night of the Living Dead is a good one though. I love how pointless the attempts to live wind up being.

    I haven’t seen Slither or 1000 Corpses.


  8. dorian said

    two of my favorite horror films – an american werewolf in london and fright night.


  9. 1minionsopinion said

    Oh, there’s a Korean film called Two Sisters that’s totally creepworthy. I should watch that one again.

    I see there’s a handy website called horror.com with what looks like mostly new reviews of recent stuff.

    classic-horror.com is more my thing.


  10. mantav


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