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My views on how much progress the current administration has done.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on April 19, 2009

As much as the Obama haters would like to say he is not doing right by the country, I do not think this would be a correct statement. President Obama has improved this country dramatically considering the last Administration left it in the condition it is in.

Unlike the last administration the current administration has acknowledged that our economy is not just dependent on how well the companies within our country are doing but that our economy is affected by the global economy. To explain it’s like this, if we depend on no imports and just domestic and exports our economy will look better in the short term. But this practice would hurt us in the long term and we would be right back where we started. But by acknowledging that we should not be insular that we need to work with the European and Asian economies, as if they were our own, it is the first step on in what my opinion is the correct path. Now naysayers say that we should just look after our own economy and putting our bank systems in league with the International Banking system is selling out our dollar. Those naysayers have little understanding of how global economics actually work. Our economy affects the global economy just like the global economy affects us. To say that we must be insular with our finances instead of accepting that and pooling our resources in I feel that we would become more indebted to China than we are now. But if we were to combine the American Economy with the Global Economy then we would have a better economy. I am not saying to not have an American Economy because every country within the Global Economy has thier own. But I am saying is we are just as accountable as the rest of the countries when the Global Economy starts to decline. And our Economy will not get better until the Global Economy gets better. This is why the G20 summit was so important.

To address the postings that the G20 summit is the beginnings of the so called New World Order. It is not because that is garbage. There will be no one world currency because it already exists. This one world currency comes in the forms of Visa, Master Card, American Express, and other credit and debit card systems. All of these things regardless of the currency in your account is accepted across the world and is used more than paper currency. As I have said before the rantings about America helping to fix the global economy by pooling resources with the rest of the world as the start of “The New World Order” is a bunch of religious dogmatic idiots who do not see how things actually are in the world. Even though a one world government would be nice it is a fairy tale and can never come true. A one world religion is also just as unlikely considering the Roman Catholic Church tried that in the past and failed horribly. None of these things are possible in a realistic setting, just like true democracy and socialism.

Hopefully Obama cuts out the useless money vaccum that the Bush Administration set up in 2001. This department is called the department of homeland security. It is useless and does what the FBI, CIA, DOD and whatever other federal agency acronym that I am not supposed to know about. Keeping all the governmental systems on one page is easier now than ever. Because there is this tool that allows the transaction of data faster than the speed of light. It is called…wait for it….THE INTERNET! Put the money that was cut from education and other programs that help the citizens of the United States back into those programs. I hope it will happen it seems like it is going to happen let’s wait and see shall we?

Okay Obama announced his plan for getting our troops out of the quagmire of Iraq. He plans to do this in Augest of 2010 and is going to start batallion by batallion. He plans on having 12,000 troops leave Iraq by September of this year. This is a good thing.

As far as helping the global image and relations with other countries it is an improvement to the Texan shoot first ask questions later that was a failed approach as seen by the previous administration. Iran will have talks with us, even though there is a lot of uprising about the reporter and my opinions on why she was even tried are this. Iran is a theocratic democracy, most of their laws would come from Islam. It is not a secret that Islam is very prejudice against women. And for women to be in a position where they can have the influence that a man has is a sin. This is from what I understand of Islam from my studies of it in Kuwait and Iraq. If I am wrong and there is a Muslim watching this post please inform me of where I am wrong. But back to my point. This WOMAN Iranian-American reporter probably became an inspiration to women and little girls in Iran, thus making the reporter have the influence and people looking to her as a role model. This would be the real reason why she was tried and convicted. But of course that is my opinion.

This was written to incite a political debate that we have not seen on this blog since the election. So what is your opinons? The debate starts now.


2 Responses to “My views on how much progress the current administration has done.”

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  2. dorian9 said

    re. a one world religion, half of the world’s population would be decimated before that can ever happen. it would be the inquisition and jihad and then some put together. then pagans will rule then maybe the different pagan groups might battle as well and the lycans and vampyres will go at it and etc. etc..what was my point? oh yes, i believe that the number one killer of man is religion and the fear that fanatical religious leaders instill in their followers. you’re right, e_e, the roman catholic church tried and failed in the past . now any other attempts for religious domination would even be more impossible.

    The american journalist convicted for espionage had a couple of precarious qualifications to begin with. 1) she is american born and raised and there is still a large contingent of anti-american sentiment in that country 2) she is a woman in a muslim country.
    i only know of one woman who had a prominent public job in a muslim country and she was assassinated.

    obama is now president. i think we should try and be patriotic and support our president. it looks like he’s working hard. he went to a lot of places all over the world and not one shoe was thrown at him.


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