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Religion in America, ‘a la carte’

Posted by dorian on April 28, 2009

Image: People in church

A new survey finds that as many as 59 percent of U.S. adults have changed religious affiliation at least once.


David Duprey / AP file

Survey: Americans switch faiths often

‘Religion a la carte’ is pervasive, sociology professor says


April 27, 2009

DENVER – The United States is a nation of religious drifters, with about half of adults switching faith affiliation at least once during their lives, according to a new survey.

The reasons behind the swap depend greatly on whether one grows up kneeling at Roman Catholic Mass, praying in a Protestant pew or occupied with nonreligious pursuits, according to a report issued Monday by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

While Catholics are more likely to leave the church because they stopped believing its teachings, many Protestants are driven to trade one Protestant denomination or affiliation for another because of changed life circumstances, the survey found.

The ranks of those unaffiliated with any religion, meanwhile, are growing not so much because of a lack of religious belief but because of disenchantment with religious leaders and institutions.

The report estimates that between 47 percent and 59 percent of U.S. adults have changed affiliation at least once. Most described just gradually drifting away from their childhood faith.

“This shows a sort of religion a la carte and how pervasive it is,” said D. Michael Lindsay, a Rice University sociologist of religion. “In some ways, it’s an indictment of organized Christianity. It suggests there’s a big open door for newcomers, but a wide back door where people are leaving.”

The report, “Faith in Flux: Changes in Religious Affiliation in the U.S.,” sought to answer questions about widespread religion-changing identified in a 2007 Pew survey of 35,000 Americans.

The new report, based on re-interviews with more than 2,800 people from the original survey, focuses on religious populations that showed a lot of movement: ex-Catholics, ex-Protestants, Protestants who have swapped denominational families within Protestantism and people raised unaffiliated who now belong to a faith.

The 2007 survey estimated that 44 percent of U.S. adults had left their childhood religious affiliation.


But the re-interviews found the extent of religion-swapping is likely much greater. The new survey revealed that one in six Americans who belong to their childhood faith are “reverts” — people who left the faith, only to return later.

Roughly two-thirds of those raised Catholic or Protestant who now claim no religious affiliation say they have changed faiths at least twice. Thirty-two percent of unaffiliated ex-Protestants said they’ve changed three times or more.


Age is another factor
Age is another factor. Most people who left their childhood faith did so before turning 24, and a majority joined their current religion before 36.

“If people want to see a truly free market at work, they really should look at the U.S. religious marketplace,” said Luis Lugo, director of the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

Sixteen percent of U.S. adults identified as unaffiliated in the 2007 survey; 7 percent of Americans described being raised unaffiliated, suggesting that many Americans end up leaving their religion for none.

About half of those who have become unaffiliated cited a belief that religious people are hypocritical, judgmental or insincere. Large numbers said they think religious organizations focus too much on rules, or that religious leaders are too focused on money and power.

‘Dissatisfied customers’
John Green, a University of Akron political scientist and a senior fellow with the Pew Forum, classified most unaffiliated as “dissatisfied consumers.” Only 4 percent identify as atheist or agnostic, and one-third say they just haven’t found the right religion.

“A lot of the unaffiliated seem to be OK with religion in the abstract,” Green said. “It’s just the religion they were involved in bothered them or they disagreed with it.”

The unaffiliated category is not just a destination. It’s also a departure point: a slight majority of those raised unaffiliated eventually join a faith tradition.

Those who do cite several reasons: attraction of religious services and worship (74 percent), feeling unfulfilled spiritually (51 percent) or feeling called by God (55 percent).

The survey found that Catholicism has suffered the greatest net loss in all the religion switching. Nearly six in 10 former Catholics who are now unaffiliated say they left Catholicism due to dissatisfaction with Catholic teachings on abortion and homosexuality. About half cited concerns about Catholic teachings on birth control and roughly four in ten named unhappiness with Catholicism’s treatment of women.

Converts to evangelicalism were more likely to cite their belief that Catholicism didn’t take the Bible literally enough, while mainline Protestants focused more on the treatment of women.

Fewer than three in 10 former Catholics cited the clergy sexual abuse scandal as a factor — a finding that Washington Archbishop Donald Wuerl cited as an example of the faith’s resilience.

“Catholics can separate the sins and human failings of individuals from the substance of the faith,” Wuerl said in a statement.

Wuerl noted a finding that getting teenagers to weekly Mass greatly improves their chances of staying in the fold; the same holds true for Protestant teens attending services.

The survey found that 15 percent of Americans were raised as Protestants but now belong to a different Protestant tradition than their upbringing. Nearly four in 10 cited a move to a new community, while one-third said they married someone from a different background.



108 Responses to “Religion in America, ‘a la carte’”

  1. correctmyreligion said

    I would be interested in your opinion on this post…



  2. dorian9 said

    interesting site, correctmyreligion! of course you’ll have the gospel slingers hitting you in the eye with their comments but they’re generally short-sighted and off the mark…


  3. dorian9 said

    Correctmyreligion, i think you just baited me there. you’re good.


  4. Princess said

    Well, i checked out
    the fonts are big and easy to read.

    i like to get into bondage scenes and rough sex.
    and when i get tired of beating up my lover i say, “Honey, why don’t you and i ‘switch faiths?'”
    then he ties me up.

    i’m not sure i’m getting the point of that blog. people complaining about the lack of commas.
    i’ll have to get back to you.


  5. Princess said

    i had posted 2 very fine arguments on the aforementioned blog.
    strangely, they both say “awaiting moderation”
    i am so tired of being censored.

    moderators should be the first to go. make them mennonites and get them off the web.


  6. dorian9 said

    p – if you included four letter words and i don’t mean “love”, then your comment may have been deleted. i just left a final comment there. if their mind is so petty as to bitch about missing punctuation marks then i can’t engage anymore.
    i’ll take kay over him anytime…besides she’s blog family. he’s driving me back to my christian roots and i mean good christian like my grandma was, bless her soul. i’ll be baking pies with kay soon, eh, kay??


  7. dorian9 said

    hey, i like the horse and buggies and the black outfits with the hats. pretty cool, those mennonites. but i don’t think they keep mirrors in the house…


  8. dorian9 said

    p – use codes or asterisks where applicable if you don’t want your comments ending up in the delete bin


  9. kay~ms said

    Dorian, you debated there more than you have here in awhile it seems…

    My view…on the surface correctmyreligion’s point seems like a good one but the problem is that he’s comparing “love” and “violence” and really it’s neither…

    To represent pornography as “love” and set it against “violence” (sports) is not a valid comparison….

    Pornography, gay or not, has NOTHING to do with love.

    And the same can be said for the “violence” part of this comparison… it’s sports, not violence… violence is against the law… sports is not, that, alone, should be a tip off of the difference.

    That is why people (Christians) accept rough sports but not lustful sex, which again, has nothing to do with love and certainly was never meant to be exhibitionized and watched. Sex is a gift from God says Bill.
    It is meant to express a certain kind of love between two people, it was never meant to be a lustful, self gratifying, workout.

    Go ahead p… have at it…


  10. Princess said

    KKK says “That is why people (Christians) accept rough sports but not lustful sex, which again, has nothing to do with love and certainly was never meant to be exhibitionized and watched. Sex is a gift from God says Bill.”

    Yeah, Jesus just loves the superbowl. Doesn’t interfere at all with “keeping the sabbath day holy” I hear jesus has a poster of Hulk Hogan hanging over his bed. and oscar de la hoyas fishnets.

    Everything you know about god comes from Bill, now does it?

    If you love bill so much, why don’t you go give him a bl*w j*b.? Don’t worry, none of us wants to watch that. sex between a spineless man and a stupid ugly woman is a sacred gift from god.

    Kay, i think it is time that you switch religions, maybe one that isn’t so involved in stealing money from little old ladies. or is that just good old fashion sport for you?

    kkk says “Go ahead p… have at it…”

    i would rather not, i know where it has been.


  11. correctmyreligion said

    Hey guys: thanks for the comments on my blog. Your right in that I did try and get some bait out there. I am really looking for some good opposing views to conservative evangelicals that keep their feet buried in the mud, even whena tidal wave is coming. I was actually suprised to see that nobody took the route of violence being less offensive to God then homosexuality. Some people got it, others didn’t. Do I think that pornography is on par with love? no. The point was that either you have to choose neither of these to be offensive to God or both of them (from an in-errant view of the Bible) and Fundamentalist typicaly don’t do that. They pick and choose. Just like when they picket at the abortion clinics, but are pro-war and capital punishment.
    I am working on a piece right now that will lay things out a little clearer on the pick and choose methods that people cling to with their religious beliefs. I will have it up in a couple days. I look forward to your continued comments and like the direction that you are coming from.


  12. dorian9 said

    brava, kay, for actually going over to the muddy waters…
    Correctmyreligion used porn and violence as bait. as you saw, most people went right on to debate love and sin and scripture.
    kay doesn’t need to switch her religions just her pastor. either that or maybe just remember that her love and servitude is to Jesus and NOT to mammon keller. you know what i’m talking about, kay. you are answerable only to God and no other


  13. dorian9 said

    oh and i don’t like UFC but i like boxing and love baseball. GO GIANTS..


  14. dorian9 said

    dammit i went to fixmyreligion’s site again. too many holier than thous pretending to love everybody. at least kay is honest and only loves Jesus and keller. xcuse me, i gotta get a bunch of scripture off my face!
    too lazy to post today. e_e, kay, help!!


  15. kay~ms said

    Dorian…ugh.. you keep making assumptions about me that are wrong… my servitude IS for Jesus, NOT Bill. Bill has a ton of faults, the latest of which that p pointed out… his choice of words in the magazine interview. Again, I agree with much (not all) of what Bill says, his direct aproach( but wish he would be nicer and less arrogant about it) and his dedication to God….. he loves God and makes daily sacrifices for Him… how many of us can say that???

    I just watched a great boxing match…I don’t usually watch boxing… a guy from England won with a knock out. It did get pretty violent towards the end… it was hard to watch.

    Correctmyreligion, if you’re still reading…I have to say that it is hard to separate violence from boxing (for example) but the difference is that there is no victim in this kind of violence. These people CHOOSE to participate. In the same way that people CHOOSE to participate in war (givin that they weren’t drafted of course). And in the same way that people who get the death penalty CHOSE to commit the crime. Unborn babies made NO choices that put them in their situation… they are completely innocent…

    This is such a common liberal misconception… the so called contradictions of conservatives. The “picking and choosing” is justified in these instances and also in your earlier point. I don’t agree that you have to accept both or neither… again, they are not the same thing. There are major fundamental differences…

    And p… if you’re reading… I just want to say that I am in complete amazement of your wit… really, I’m not being sarcastic here… you are so witty!!!


  16. dorian9 said

    great to hear that, kay. there are times when i’ve wondered if your admiration for your pastor outshines all.
    it’s a preacher/pastor/priest’s duty to make sacrifices for God so bill is doing his job. you can do that too.
    i think you have it in you to become a preacher, kay.

    conservatives and liberals alike pick and choose. for example i’m with you when it comes to God’s existence but not with abortion, lawman with you on abortion but not with God, he voted for bush (and twice) but i didn’t, etc, etc…we just have to accept that we all have different beliefs and opinions. we’ve all debated long enough to know where we stand and know that no one is changing parties a’ la arlen specter. it was fun going over to fixmyreligion’s site. new blood. i’ve invited the boys over for a tea party baiting them with your posts. they seem like nice christian boys, real polite..joshua was a bit passive-aggressive but fun anyway.

    that princess is a clever one, right? can be funny and sassy but oh she has sharp teeth and claws…and you take it like a good christian, eh, kay? there’s not much news out there today except more on the piggy flu scare and then there’s more crime but i’m not in the mood for that so no posts from me until late tonight or tomorrow – will leave it to you and e_e, okay?


  17. kay~ms said

    ok.. there are some good stories out there right now to post but I just haven’t had the time… will try to post something tonight.

    I agree… I like fixmyreligion’s site ( I hope he doesn’t mind the name change)… he seems very nice and I would love to debate more with him.

    yeah.. p is very clever… he should be a stand up comic… he’s got all the ingredients.


  18. correctmyreligion said

    I’ll take the fix my religion name, I don’t really care. The name is to imply that Christianity is broken because of it’s patrons, not because of its God. I actually have no intention of separating violence from sporting events. It is soemething that two idividuals engage in for the love of it, and for pleasure. My corrilation is to include all socially accepted things and pit them against others that are not. The blogger that made the comment that struck me obviously has felt that his cause was rejected by society, and there is something wrong with that…

    Jesus claims love over violence and so many conservatives choose violence over love. It has been interesting to me to see war and capital punishment be accepted in the conservative evangelical circles, but when two consenting adults want to display that love they reject it, and most likely view it as disgusting.

    There are some hard-core implications of rejecting one persons interpretation of love and clinging to your own (or your interpretation of the bibles) definition of love.


  19. Princess said

    Kay, well, you are not going to believe this, but i actually do like christians, a lot. but only the real ones. god does not allow me to touch them, but he lets me do whatever i want with the phony lying hypochristians. he enjoys it as much as i do.

    Dorian told me around easter that i should say something nice to you but i could not find it in myself to do it. Now i can. i have developed a smidgeon of respect for you, when you said you disagreed with bk’s naughty language.

    do you want to know why i really dislike that man? well, he gives people that actually live their lives for christ a bad name. and the person that i am closest to is one of the finest persons that anyone could ever meet. and a christian.

    if baal keller keeps it up, everyone is going to hate christians and it won’t be long before we are cloning Nero to fix that problem.

    i thought, and still suspect a little, that you are an employee of baals. but i am no longer going to insult you. Baal, on the other hand, she’s all mine.

    and dorian was right, your pie crust isn’t that bad if you have plenty of ice cream.

    he was also right when he said that no one needs a middle man between themselves and their god.

    e_e, i saw a trailer for “dead rising 2” today. looks really fun.

    betty, i’m an ugly american, what can i say?

    my favorite violent sport? “Americas Next Top Model”


  20. Did I say anything?
    Anyway, you see, it’s much nicer when you actually communicate like a person instead of adopting some theatrically unhinged harpy avatar cliche persona, however much fun that is.
    The whole bk topic is intensely boring, by the way.


  21. Princess said

    betty, i would never think for a moment i could argue or debate with you. i could never win.
    i did mention earlier that i am indeed this batty. since birth. can you imagine the people that have had to endure this.

    i agree bk is boring, you are lucky you live so far away. he is practically my next door neighbor. and i’m not the one that invited him here, so i take no blame for that.

    perhaps you and i will find common ground, and if not, we are both libras, so it won’t affect our worlds.



  22. Princess said

    and i am currently under medication…laugh out loud.


  23. I thought we had found common ground. Don’t worry about it so much.
    Are you implying that Librans are basically self-obsessed narcissists? Spot on.
    peace indeed. What’s so funny about it, and also about love and understanding?


  24. dorian9 said

    p, you do have a way with people. you got rid of a couple of them at fixmyreligion’s post and that’s okay, they seemed like pretentious postulators anyway. i like your comment on giving that josiah a semi-colon. did you hear the affectation on that last comment of his? my my, his obsession with commas justified in king’s english and the semi colon used properly. that one was for betty hehe.
    what i like about everyone on this page is that we tell it like it is. okay, princess cleaned up her potty mouth a bit but everything out of her keyboard is spontaneous and automatic. kay, e_e, and betty in her often minimalist blurbs, all au naturel and to the point, and we know how to have fun when we’re not bickering. i like fixmyreligion and i hope he visits again. i don’t mean any disrespect in changing your name, i just shortened it cuz i’m lazy. hey are you sure you’re not my old friend jimmy from sister cecilia’s class?


  25. It’s all this religious miasma: it brings out the worst in everyone.


  26. Princess said

    i don’t want to fight with anyone. where i live, i am surrounded by this religious stuff every moment i step out my front door. quite the battle. it makes for great paintings, though.
    my best artworks are all based on blasphemy, and most galleries refused to show it. until i throw one of my little girl tantrums. i love to shock and offend.


  27. Princess said

    i like love & understanding, too. i find that in dorian.


  28. dorian9 said

    hey betty, speaking of narcissists, i was accused of self-worship on sir elton’s ufc page. i don’t do worship – not even golden calves. it must be the name. always associated with mr. wilde’s pretty faced protagonist. maybe i’d rather be ernest.


  29. dorian9 said

    princess – that is the christian we both like.


  30. dorian9 said

    betty that poem from your sweet progeny blew me away. shouldn’t you have a page in your blog for her writings? i’d love to see more..


  31. Princess said

    betty, someone on the elton john ufc site called me a “twat”
    and they also said they prefer their gays “str8 acting”.

    such nerve.


  32. dorian9 said

    princess, if i didn’t hear about patrick keeler perishing in waco i’d swear it was him. so they’re name calling, eh? i don’t know if i want to jump in there again i just had some good ice cream here but lemme take a peek…


  33. Princess said

    if you would like, i could go back there and finish them off. i still have my hair ribbons.


  34. dorian9 said

    wanted to punch the muirnin one but instead i wrote a poem i guess i’m a lover not a fighter but i called him a prat anyway – save the ribbons for a more worthy adversary princess..


  35. Princess said

    ps. i can box like a motherf*%ker.


  36. You two are starting to get a bit scary: still, as long as you’re enjoying yourselves…..and as Woody Allen said ‘hey don’t knock masturbation, it’s sex with someone I love’, and it doesn’t even matter if you are gay.


  37. dorian9 said

    oh it’s a good time for some music, yeah! sexuality and billy bragg at my hometown.. with a woody allen to go. thanks for the treat.


  38. Princess said

    betty, if you think that is scary. last nite, when i beat off, i thought about the winsome one. true story. i find him dreamy.


  39. Oh.


  40. Or rather: ooh Mr Humphries, you manky beggar;


  41. dorian9 said

    betty…never mind. anyway, i wish i could take my poem back from that site i don’t think it’ll be happy living there. i feel like i left the baby on the bus..


  42. dorian9 said

    hey there’s mrs. slocombe and miss brahms


  43. Princess said

    i loved when mr humphries puts on the gloves, reminds me of the oj simpson trial.
    humphries and i have similar teeth. so i doubt i will be in any of you guys masturbation fantasies tonite.


  44. Princess said

    dorian, the last line in your poem for the castratedreligions site ended in depart.

    so just go back and throw in a line that ends in fart.


  45. Princess said

    i meant f*rt


  46. dorian9 said

    how about an abfab video next! so many good ones..


  47. dorian9 said

    f*rt would be better actually..did you see they changed the word twat on your comment and mine but not muirnin who said it first?


  48. kay~ms said

    P, I can believe that reason… why you dislike Bill.. he does give people excuses to dislike Christianity. But that is another misconception among non Christians (liberals)… that Christianity is at fault when Christians are less than perfect. And it doesn’t seem to matter how far back in time these imperfect Christians lived either… they still seem to define Christianity.


  49. dorian9 said

    the bad stereotypes that are perpetuated still one of the reasons why other christians are changing denominations and sometimes leaving their religion entirely. am a hybrid of catholic and baptist with nuns and priests on one side and pastors on the other. between cathechism and sunday school and mass and service interchanged every other week i’ve heard a lot of “we are the right religion” from both sides and felt the resentment between the two christian sides. and oh the hypocrisy..not a good message to give a child. so after years of ‘losing my religion’ i just let it go and went independent. lots of rogue christians around switching faiths.


  50. kay~ms said

    But the problem is that when people leave Christianity because of the behaviour of certain people or even whole denominations they are clearly “blaming” the faith…. it’s not Jesus’ fault when Christians behave this way. I can understand switching from a Catholic denomination to a Evangelical denomination ( and I can’t say that I understand the reverse ) but to give up on Christianity (Jesus) all together just seems to me to mean that these people are looking to please themselves and not God. The truth of Christianity doesn’t suit them so they go elsewhere. Many in the entertainment industry do this. Particularly the ones with a lot of money… they would prefer not to follow a religion that says that “it is easier for a camel to go thru the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven”. Madonna and Kabbalah come to mind here.

    Religion is not supposed to be “shopped” but what else should we expect in this modern, liberal minded, day and age, and particularly in the more capitalistic countries like ours. We shop for everything.

    As far as “going independant” … I think that is what Evangelical Christianity is in a sense… it gets away from the dogma and puts the focus where it should be. Bill Keller does not identify with any particular denomination. And that is exaclty what Jesus wanted… denominations are a failure of Christianity.


  51. dorian9 said

    i agree with you on not giving up on Jesus but the dogma thing, well that defines religion, as well as politics.
    so how about one christian religion. do you think that would be possible? that would be highly unlikely given the egos of those at the pulpits. sectarianism is the result of dogma so divided the christians fall.


  52. correctmyreligion said

    Hey Kay: I was just thinking about your comment that you can’t understand why people give up on Christianity…Do you think Jesus was a christian? I think He was jesus….I don’t think he really subscribed to a religion, I think he just was. I think if there were more “Christians” or Jesus followers that just were and didn’t try and force denominations, more people would follow in the steps of Jesus.


  53. dorian9 said

    hello, cmr – i am with you there.
    i think it’s the middleman/intermediary between the followers and Jesus that makes or breaks the faith. now if there was someone truly Christ-like then that’s a different story. i haven’t heard of one. it’s the human sheep’s nature to look towards a shepherd to follow and so we have the charismatics in every county. if there were open churches, (non-sectarian) wherein each member of the congregation can take turns leading prayers and discussion on Jesus’ teachings then maybe more of the “disenchanted” christians would come.i would. just some thoughts.


  54. Princess said


    This is my cousin. lovely, right?

    the girls he molested were his stepdaughters, it started when they were 12 and lasted nearly 5 yrs. of course he lied and denied everything and the whole congregation and all of my family with the exception of myself believed him because “he is a true man of god”. (i never trust a preacher.)

    so they all turned against the girls, calling them evil. even after he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to jail, many of the church members and many in my family still blame the girls for turning him in. they believe they should have kept it quiet and “forgiven him” as it is written in the bible.

    so yeah, some christians really want to make me puke.


  55. kay~ms said

    Correctmyreligion… I don’t think Christianity existed while Jesus was here. Jesus was Jewish. But He was not happy with how Judaism was being practiced. He did criticise His fellow Jews for being more concerned with rules and such instead of the reasons for the rules and requirements.

    I think everyone here is missing the point of Jesus’ purpose. While He did promote peace and acceptance, forgiveness and nonjudging, and of course love, His main purpose was to teach people about His Father’s love and mercy. To bring people to Him, to love and obey Him as He did. If we practice all of these things… peace, love, acceptance, forgiveness etc. etc. but we don’t love God and live for Him, our lives are meaningless. If we practice all of these things but reject His gift of Salvation, our lives are meaningless. Because in the end that is all that will matter. How can someone claim to be full of love but not show love for our Creator who loves us more than we could ever know? How can someone claim to be accepting of all but then not accept Jesus and what He has done for them? How can someone claim to be full of peace and forgiveness but at the same time have hostility towards God?
    I question the claims of these people who say they are for “love, acceptance, peace and forgiveness” yet don’t apply these things to the One who matters the most.


  56. Princess said

    Kay, where is our creator who loves us more than we can ever know, when his faithful servants are raping little girls?
    My guess, he is at the beauty salon with baal having his hair dyed platinum.

    When you say “I think everyone here is missing the point of Jesus’ purpose” , i hope you are including yourself in that equation.

    if you claim to accept the “gift” of salvation, but do not practice “love, acceptance, peace and forgiveness”, i question your salvation.


  57. Princess said

    and kay, don’t blame it on satan, he’s a natural redhead.


  58. dorian9 said

    not questioning Jesus here. the man has reached soul perfection and is Christ. it has always been the servants that are questionable. that’s all of us humans and especially those who think, act and speak like they are “closer to God” than everyone else, just because they read bibles and or stand behind a pulpit. if those are the types that reach salvation, in your book, then you can be in that heaven with keller, ted haggard, rick warren, jim and tammy faye bakker, etc.. the mormons who gave generously to proposition 8 will be there too.
    it’s never about not liking The One and only. it’s a question of people judging other people. only God has the power to throw lightning bolts and it’s doubtful he’ll do that because he is about “love, acceptance, peace and forgiveness”.
    so forgive the democrats and liberals and glen beck already, kay.

    now satan, he’s a bad one. for a good exorcism, i recommend calling the roman catholic church (1-800-vat-ican).
    they have the most experience and the fork bearing fork tongued redhead seems to understand latin best.


  59. Princess said

    che hanno organizzato i fiori?
    rose rosse e garofani bianchi? per favore!!

    infine a 1:06:11 dice David Wilcock “in modo che cazzo di morire”

    potrebbe immaginare che la principessa in camera con i 3?

    sentivo come un tribunale ha ordinato alcolista anonimi riunione.

    perdono il mio francese.



  60. Princess said

    Ho il numero di telefono sul vaticano veloce.


  61. dorian9 said

    hai ragione principessa. solo tu avresti dovuto vedere quell’orrore.

    anche a’ me sembrano come gli alcoolizzati ah ah

    attenzione ai grigi!!

    bravo tuo francese. vorrei sentire il tuo italiano.



  62. dorian9 said

    dai chiama subito


  63. dorian9 said

    sorry people princess needs an exorcism she was needing to practice her italian for her call to rome..


  64. Princess said

    essi disinnestato mia chiamata.


  65. dorian9 said

    lo faro’


  66. dorian9 said

    oppure c’e max von sydow – o peferisci richard burton?


  67. dorian9 said

    linea occupata. ..richiamero’ dopo – j’ai faim. hold on to your head and try not to make too much of a mess..i’ll speak with the direttore soon enough.


  68. Princess said

    essi non sono già morti?
    che dovrebbero essere.


  69. kay~ms said

    “Kay, where is our creator who loves us more than we can ever know, when his faithful servants are raping little girls?”

    P, God gave us free will. That’s why bad things happen in this world. Do I understand everything that God does or doesn’t do?… do I fully know His reasons? No. But I do understand that He is Supreme and I can accept that I will not have all of the answers.

    “When you say “I think everyone here is missing the point of Jesus’ purpose” , i hope you are including yourself in that equation.”

    Could you tell me what point am I missing? I am not practicing peace love acceptance and forgiveness? Where do you see that? Dorian says that I need to forgive Democrats liberals and glen beck… they have done nothing to me for me to forgive them. The issues that I take up with them are because or the offenses I believe they are commiting against God according to the Bible. I’m debating issues… but the liberals accuse me of all kinds of wrongs just because I am disagreeing…. is debating a bad word to liberals?

    Dorian and P, you both, and all other liberals, focus so much on the faults of individuals who claim to be Christians (some are, some aren’t). The focus is never on their own personal relationship with God and what they are doing for Him. Liberals, I’ve found, are completely driven by the hypocrisy of the conservative, is it because it allows you to not focus on your own relationship with God? And what you are NOT doing for Him?

    The faults of others will NEVER justify you.


  70. kay~ms said

    And before you even say it…. my justification comes from Jesus.


  71. Princess said

    kay, as i told you earlier, i am not a liberal.

    kay sez “Dorian says that I need to forgive Democrats liberals and glen beck… they have done nothing to me for me to forgive them”

    they need not do anything for you to forgive them, it is what jesus commands you to do.

    per l’amore di Cristo.
    Io non riesco ancora ad ottenere nel corso di tale disposizione dei fiori.


  72. kay~ms said

    “kay, as i told you earlier, i am not a liberal.”

    P, I’ve found that all the liberals here say that. If you want to get technical, “liberal minded” is what I mean when I say liberal.

    Yes, Jesus commands us to forgive those who have tresspassed against us…

    Are you (and Dorian) saying that I need to forgive these people because they have tresspassed against me?

    Are you both really trying to say that I hate these people? That is another category… love others… which is an ongoing “practice”. If I hate anyone, I want to correct that … I don’t hate glen beck, I feel sorry for all Mormons, I was just watching him on tv yesterday and I truly felt sorry for him.

    When I post Bill’s article about Glen, it’s not out of hate, its to try to help people know the truth and more importantly to prevent others from falling into the trap (lie) that he and all Mormons have fallen into. Mormons (including Glen) are told, taught, ordered, urged, told they will have their own planet with many wives, if they bring more people in to become Mormons… that’s is why I post that article… it’s not out of hate. There is no need for forgiveness from me to glen beck. That is not the issue.


  73. Princess said

    i don’t feel sorry for glen beck because he is a morman. i do feel sorry for him because he is such an *ss.

    and this guy:

    quando sarà venuto il grigi e il salvataggio di me?


  74. kay~ms said

    Oh goody.. volume 3.. thanks. And I’m not falling for that trap P, I’m not going to call Glen an *ss. He is obnoxious though…he’s hard to watch.

    And I hope you’re not going back on your word to not insult me anymore… I can’t speak Italian.. that’s not fair you two… and I’m too lazy / time deficient to look it up.


  75. Princess said

    kay, i promised not to insult you again. and i will try like h*ll not to.

    Dorian and i are discussing tacky flower arrangements. No matter what the debate, roses and carnations just do not cut it. Neither of us has said one word in italian that was negative towards you. D9 is just humoring my mental condition. (i don’t even speak italian, i’m just making things up)

    I cannot watch glen beck for a second, i dislike his arrogance. I can barely stomach Nancy Grace. and the poster child for swine flu, rush limbaugh. that one makes me wretch.


  76. kay~ms said

    Thanks P, I know I need to watch my sarcasm… it slips out all the time… not very Christian like.

    “don’t get sarcastic with me young lady” was something I heard a lot from my mom when I was little.

    One of the things that get’s me with Glen is that it seems like he thinks he’s so cute and adorable.. he is constantly looking at the camera with that “ain’t I cute” look. And Nancy Grace is.. ugh.. extremely irritating. For some reason I don’t come across Rush too much but he certainly doesn’t seem very smart with that comment about Obama failing. And I’d like to add… Bill O’reily to that list too, what a hypocrite he is. All of these people are so patronizing and so overwhelmingly manipulative to the viewers… like were’re stupid.


  77. Princess said

    my mother used to say the same thing to me. so, see we have common ground. i don’t care what religion, o’reilly, limbaugh, grace or beck. they just, as you say, are too patronizing and manipulative. unfortunately, there are a lot of stupid people that love those types.

    i’m glad you and i aren’t in that group. yeah! and i’m not being sarcastic.


  78. Princess said

    you know kay, when my cousin, the minister, molested his stepdaughters, that devastated my entire family and the entire congregation of a church, and in fact, the whole community. what was really hard for me to take was the way the young girls were treated.

    and that S.O.B. had the nerve to write me a letter from prison complaining about the conditions in jail and blamed satan for what happened. satan didn’t rape those little girls, the preacher did. and i hope he gets a good raping while he is incarcerated.

    ps. he is boasting about how many souls he has won over to christ while in jail. he’s lucky i’m not in jail with him, because i would be shipping him off to jesus ASAP.


  79. dorian9 said

    dorian here (in case I 4got to log in) with my crappy pda. hey I’ve picked my horses for the derby. i’ll bet 2 bucks for those of you who answer today. give me your horse to win. ill donate yr winnings to charity of your choice. princess quello due sono gia morti si pero meglio che niente. and the greys surely left you good brians if you’re not using a translator..kay p. was so not liking the flower arrangement and got possessed so i’m scrambing to get the vatican but first I have to bet on friesan fire and dunkirk and pioneer or I want revenge for the trifecta. hang on p. don’t puke the green guck on the blog…


  80. dorian9 said

    sono Ia tua salvatrice ed eroe, p. non ti serve I preti/sacerdoti. lo sai benissimo che cosa quelli tipi possono fare colle ragazze, vero?? pardon me, kay, some things sound better said in italian. but hurry up with your horse pick!


  81. Princess said

    igoogle. my former poet flame used to mail me letters written in italian and i would have to translate them at the library. very romantic. it reminded me of the day when lovers anxiously awaited posts from their beloved. i in turn would draw him pornographic images.

    what they did teach me was that anything i “wanted” to know, i could learn it myself, and that anything i “needed” to know, it is given to me in a beautifully wrapped package.

    i really couldn’t watch that entire video. i swear i thought they were going to break out into the “serenity prayer” and pass around a basket for money. but, i am familiar with all of those subjects. images work better for me than words. except tacky flower arrangements.

    ok, i know nothing about the horse race, send me a link and i will try to come up with something. my charity would be something that provides art supplies to special needs children.

    i’m drinking captain morgans so i imagine my puke will be brownish.


  82. Princess said

    my pick, “I WANT REVENGE”


  83. Princess said



  84. kay~ms said

    oh.. it’s probably too late but if not, I’ll take Pioneerof the Nile. Thanks Dorian for that offering…I love the Kentucky Derby… I hope this year does not end in such a sad way as last year though…

    P, I think there is a fine line between many men of God and their egos (including Bill). Many “serve” God for their own selfish reasons. And many are truly monsters. The position of Pastor/ Minister/ Priest etc. is “fertile ground” for these people and so attracks them. When people say that they prefer not to think / focus on satan and his works they don’t understand how vulnerable that makes them.
    But I’ll still never understand how people can be so deceived by these people… to stand by them when they have done the things that they’ve done.


  85. Princess said

    and “mr hot stuff” because it makes me think of betty.

    i want revenge
    chocolate candy &
    mr hot stuff.

    i like the way that sounds. (it’s practically what i’ve been thinking all week)

    is it too late to place my bet? and those art supplies must be acrylic. oils are too much work.


  86. Princess said

    kay, Dorian sounds like a really nice guy. And i believe he is sincere when he says you can have a relationship with god & jesus without bill, tammi faye (i luv her) that fat guy, john hagee. or any of these others.
    (who is that chick with the purple hair on TBN? she stole that gag from “are you being served”. I WISH I COULD GET THAT HIGH) i was always told that it was a personal relationship.
    not a 3-way. with jesus, not the purple haired lady.

    anyway, doesn’t my lineup of horses sound good? like a sick stupid poem. i had to look at a bunch of stupid roses for like an hour and 41 minutes to come up with that. i know, i couldn’t believe it myself. with f$%^king carnations.


  87. dorian9 said

    got it kay!
    what’ll be your charity..
    last year i bet on the filly eight belles. i cried like a 12 year old girl when i saw what happened. and not because i lost money.

    princess you have to choose between chocolate or revenge. i know that’ll be a difficult decision but you only get one pick! ask your grey friends if you want.
    that video almost put me to sleep i thought they were going to sing kumbaya. but it does talk abt the grey ones, right? or maybe not – if not sorry about the lost time. make it up in space/time okay? reminds me i have to work on that darn teleporter. h.g.wells is one of my favorite aquarians i can really relate to his stories.

    let’s all beware of egotistic preachers. they’re just as bad as bookies.

    xcuse me y’all i have to attend to some rocky road ice cream.


  88. Princess said

    better put the big money on mr hot stuff.


  89. dorian9 said

    p – you can’t have it all.
    just one.

    purple-haired lady is mrs. slocombe, betty’s namesake.

    bisogna dimenticare i garofani almeno non sono pink, okay? (you have to forget about those carnations – at least they weren’t pink..)

    hey my next post is personal. all about my personal thoughts about everybody on this blog. expect a lot of visuals. hehe


  90. Princess said

    and i swear to god kay, if you say your charity is “liveprayer”, i am going to scream and claw my face.


  91. Princess said

    no no the tramp on TBN, she is a member of the Crouch family, and talk about taking xanax, this one goes all out. i luv the real mrs slocombe. this christian womans wigs are like rupaul fantasies. she is always begging for money. sometimes she even stands up. who is that, Kay?


  92. Princess said

    can i just bet on my g*dd&mned horse, alright.?

    mr hot stuff. betty rules.


  93. dorian9 said

    o.k mr. hot stuff to win for p.

    kay you’ve come a long way with the princess. a few days ago it would’ve been your face. and we know how sharp those claws are..

    ” can i hear an amen?”

    mo gaffney as “bo” in AbFab

    above video contains non-pc humor. may be offensive to televangelists. no offense intended by author.


  94. Princess said

    anyway, that video would have worked for me if they had gotten rid of the female on the right.
    and the female wannabe on the left, and let the blondie in the middle talked. i could have handled the flowers. but yes, i already know that stuff without all of the dialogue.

    i want revenge
    chocolate candy &
    mr hot stuff.

    when my grey friends try to communicate with me. they get a garbage dump. so don’t make that bet “gospel”


  95. Princess said

    the 2012 video sucked, mo gaffney rocks, mr hot stuff, betty 2 win.


  96. Princess said

    this is the purple headed lady i was talking about. jan crouch.


  97. dorian9 said

    cotton candy with a face. that’s scary.
    a cross between pink flamingos, satyricon and barnum and bailey’s. people give her money??


  98. Princess said

    i suppose they give. she still is on tv. if she is in the horse race tomorrow, i would not bet on her. like i said “i wish i could get that high”. that must be like the ultimate.

    kay, do you know this jan crouch? do you realize how much a custom wig like that costs? yes, i am going to forsake a can of pork & beans so she can get some extensions. god will give me like 3 extra crowns (or 20 xtra wives if i am a morman.) whatever the case may be.

    kay, i am not a liberal or liberal minded. I have Kuru. it’s completely different.

    and a lot less work. gosh i hope my horses win. special children need acrylics.


  99. Princess said

    The word kuru is taken from the Fore word “kuria/guria”, ‘to shake’.[4] It is also known as the laughing sickness due to the pathologic bursts of laughter people would display when afflicted with the disease.

    it comes from eating diseased brians.


  100. Princess said

    D9, is it too late to change my bet? a few years ago when i was on my deathbed, i was so sick i just wanted to go ahead and croak. My therapist asked me if i could think of just one reason to live, and i said, “i want revenge”.

    plus mr hot stuffs odds don’t look so great.

    boy, do i have a delicious hangover this morning.

    well, everyone have a nice day.


  101. dorian9 said

    i bought you in for mr. hotstuff already but i’ll out another 2 bucks for your revenge. so you’re picking favorites now, princess, eh?
    hope you’re feeling better today.


  102. dorian9 said

    sorry princess you won’t get your revenge because he was scratched from the race due to a bad ankle.
    you can have another pick until 12 noon pacific time.
    e_e, your horse? ? betty probably snoring right now.


  103. Princess said

    chocolate candy i suppose. i just ate everything in my nephews easter basket, so that seems appropriate. (a 6 inch dove chocolate bunnie, yum. hershey kisses, cream filled eggs)

    i feel great. really really great.

    you are going to blow $4 on me. that’s very generous, thanx.


  104. Princess said

    il tuo stravaganze sono stragrande


  105. kay~ms said

    P said: … if you say your charity is “liveprayer”, i am going to scream and claw my face.

    I really did LOL when I read that! Honestly I didn’t even think of him… my choice will probably be … I’m not sure… my usual 4 star charities on Charity Navigator are no longer 4 star … so if I win I’ll have to do some research but I’ll let you know Dorian… I love those pictures… those horses are so beautiful… I’m glad that they pulled I want revenge…(sorry P)… but I’m sure they don’t want a repeat of last year. Sorry to hear that it hit you so hard… I cried too. Gosh.. it seems like it was just yesterday.

    P, if it was between giving my winnings to the Crouch lady or Bill, who would you choose? And if you say the Crouch lady I think I might claw my face!


  106. Princess said

    oh, gosh kay. if it came down to the choice of bill or crouch, i would say give your winnings back to dorian and see if he can double up or something.

    the horses are beautiful and i think yours is the prettiest.

    donate your money to something to do for the benefit of children.


  107. dorian9 said

    cotton candy lady makes your bill look like elmer gantry, kay.

    horses horses i love horses. my grandfather sold some parcel of land to buy himself a thoroughbred . i would’ve liked the man , he was “accidentaly” shot in a hunting expedition in some distant island in the pacific, at 40. his body was never found. a closed case file. i think i inherited his love of horses and adventure. been riding since i was 6..

    p – those four bucks may be a nice gift to charity. if not, then i’m helping the economy!


  108. Princess said

    has anyone ever noticed that you never see bill keller and jan crouch at the same place and the same time? hmmmmmmm! makes me wonder. any thoughts?

    anyway, my babysitting gig is over for a few days, so i will catch you guys later.

    have fun.


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