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President Obama signs historic health care bill

Posted by dorian on March 23, 2010

Richard Adams Tuesday 23 March 2010 16.21 GMT guardian.co.uk

The final, formal act that ends the long journey of US healthcare reform into concrete legislation happened just before noon this morning, when President Obama signed into law an $938bn overhaul extending coverage for 32 million uninsured Americans.

“Mr President, you’re the guy that made it happen… You’ve done what generations of great men and women have attempted to do, Republicans and Democrats,” said Joe Biden, introducing Obama at the signing ceremony. (Embracing Obama after his remarks, Biden appears to have been picked up on an open mic saying to the president: “This is a big f*****g deal”.)

The signing ceremony took place in a packed East Room of the White House before a crowd of congressional leaders, guests and members of the Kennedy family, including Vicki Kennedy, the widow of Senator Edward Kennedy, who had fought for years to reform America’s healthcare system and remove many of the system’s worst abuses. Representative Bart Stupak, who helped broker the anti-abortion compromise that brought his voting bloc on board and provided the crucial margin of victory, was also in the audience.

Before signing, Obama ticked off a list of the benefits that the new law would bring immediately. “This year, insurance companies will no longer be able to drop people’s coverage when they get sick,” he said, to loud applause.
The president paid tribute to the work of congressional leaders in “cobbling together” legislation under immense pressure, and had particular praise for Nancy Pelosi. “One of the best speakers the House of Representatives has ever had,” said Obama, as the audience broke into a chant of “Nancy, Nancy”.

Two days after the climactic vote, Democratic law-makers were still in celebration mode, chanting “Fired up, ready to go!”, a call-and-response made famous during Obama’s 2008 election campaign, and taking photos of the scene. If Republican talking points are to be believed, the votes on healthcare reform have doomed Democratic party prospects in the 2010 midterm elections and beyond. But if any Democrats present think so, they weren’t betraying any signs of it this morning.

The bill signed by Obama today is the unamended Senate version, passed by the House of Representatives in dramatic scenes on Sunday night. The Senate will soon take up the reconciliation bill that the House also passed that night, which will amend the bill signed today.

In the traditional manner of American presidents, Obama signed the bill with 20 pens, using a different pen for each letter of his name and title so that the pens can be distributed as momentos to supporters. (One of the reasons Jimmy Carter was disliked by Congress was his habit of using a single felt-tipped pen to sign laws, and then putting it back in his pocket.)


54 Responses to “President Obama signs historic health care bill”

  1. dorian said

    many of the benefits of reform will begin this year — some even taking effect today. here are just a few examples:

    small businesses will receive significant tax cuts, this year, to help them afford health coverage for all their employees.

    seniors will receive a rebate to reduce drug costs not yet covered under Medicare.

    young people will be allowed coverage under their parents’ plan until the age of 26.

    early retirees will receive help to reduce premium costs.

    children will be protected against discrimination on the basis of medical history.

    uninsured Americans with pre-existing conditions can join a special high-risk pool to get the coverage they need, starting in just 90 days.

    insured americans will be protected from seeing their insurance revoked when they get sick, or facing restrictive annual limits on the care they receive.

    americans will benefit from significant new investments to train primary care doctors, nurses, and public health professionals, and the creation of state-level consumer assistance programs to help all patients understand and defend our new rights.

    well done, mr. president. thank you.


  2. Princessxxx said

    yes, i feel proud. It’s not the bill we wanted, but it’s better than what any repugnant republican has ever done.

    check this out, kay is having a problem with Bill Clinton leaving a memo for bush that osama bin laden plans to attack the U.S.. she is suggesting that clinton only gave a bush a “memo” because….maybe clinton wanted 9/11 to play out.
    reverse ignorance?



  3. dorian said

    waay to explode liberal heads, kay! that’s right, stir ’em up in their own nest. sorry about finding the humor in this but kay makes me laugh most of the time.

    P, i think it’s really perverse ignorance with kay sometimes. then ignorance for me connotes some level of unawareness, of not knowing any better. kay knows what she’s saying and doing. even if she confuses herself sometimes, her motives are always the same: her smiting of “liberals”, her moral issues and baiting for the abortion debate, etc… let’s see how long before steven stops entertaining her. if that happens, i’ll help find you another liberal blog site, kay! just don’t forget to link to your ADKOB home site. deal?


  4. Princessxxx said

    steven is tired of kay already, she offered to escort him around sarasota and he said. here let me quote.


    i watched the entire process happen on sunday, all day until the night, and i even got a little teary eyed today when the bill was made law.


  5. dorian said

    yes, it’s touching. it’s hard to understand how something like this can be twisted around as something evil (e.g. death panels) and un-american. i guess republican and insurance company moneybags dipped into their billions to spread all the lies to scare the gullibles, along with the tabloid t.v media clowns limbaugh, beck, et al. what will the teabaggers do now? i guess they’re standing by awaiting glenn beck’s new orders.


  6. Princessxxx said

    well, on becks show today, (i couldn’t watch it all), he is defending his statement that people that go to churches that promote “social justice” should leave those churches. he spent most of the time at his chalkboard saying everything that progressives call moral is really marxism.

    oh and then he started blathering on about god. railing about rev jeremiah wright and whoever obamas pastor is now.

    Apparently they are all wrong, but not joseph smith and his golden tablets. oh….lol….


  7. Princessxxx said

    oh yes, and progressives have destroyed the meaning of ‘FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY”


  8. Princessxxx said

    oh yes, beck says “progressives have destroyed the meaning of ‘FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY”
    which, by the way, is the name of beck’s new fundraiser, ‘FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY”

    stupid christians.


  9. Princessxxx said




  10. Anonymous said

    Dorian said: ” i think it’s really perverse ignorance with kay sometimes. then ignorance for me connotes some level of unawareness, of not knowing any better. kay knows what she’s saying and doing. even if she confuses herself sometimes,”

    I am uncertain how much Kay really knows what she is saying…I’m sure she THINKS she knows what she is saying, but since so much of it is wrong it’s difficult to believe sometimes. What astounds me the most is how she can so consistently misconstrue plain statements to mean the opposite of what is stated. There really is something seriously wrong with the thinking process of rabid fundies. They are not sane.


  11. oh anonymous was me…I clicked too soon!


  12. Kay isn’t as rabid a fundie as many I’ve enocuntered. If I recall correctly, she conceded that some of the evidence for evolution such as nested hierarchies of several types of data support the idea that it happens. I respect her passion on several subjects, and hope that it is actually motivated by compassion for others and desire to serve God’s will as she sees it. It may be though she just enjoys stirring up sh*t, poking liberals for fun. Why not?


  13. dorian said

    hello, TBG –
    oh, kay thinks she knows what she’s saying and that’s enough for her! you stopped “debating” her so she’s had to seek out new blood. check out huffington, people think she’s incredible there too. heheh

    P, thanks for watching beck so i don’t have to. i can’t stomach bad acting. the guy can’t even keep a straight face when he does his bizarro lectures.


  14. obama the antichrist said

    i mean whats going to happen here really? why is everyone forced to have health insurance or they will be fined…i dunno? why is there an amendment in their that dictates college scholarships…i dunno? why did pelosi have to show her pale skin in the hideous suit with the gavel bigger than her arms in front of protesters…i dunno? how in the world are we going to pay for this without jimmy carter taxes…i dunno? why did not a single republican vote for this bill when obama promised reaching across both sides…i dunno? and why do i have to pay for peoples healthcare when i am still in school…i dunno? why is this bill not accepted by over 3/4 of the population and yet it is still considered what the people wanted…i dunno? how much longer do i have to endure listening to pelosi’s uncharismatic speeches where she forgets lines in the constitution…i dunno? all questions that went through my mind when i saw 219 representatives take a dump on the constitution. very very sad day…makes me wanna rethink being a doctor…i wanna help people but i dont want to be a federal employee im not going to be compared to the irs and the dmv or bmv.


  15. kay~ms said

    It’s good to read that list… and know that people are going to be helped… it’s just that I can’t help thinking about the price were going to pay in the long run.

    This whole healthcare thing just makes me want to go to sleep and have someone wake me up when the actual outcome is known.

    I’ve come away from this frustrated at the media.. I feel played as I often do with big news stories… they purposefully hold back on news if it will adversly affect their ratings. They make you think every step of the way that this is it… if this happens it’s over.. but it just keeps going on and on. Thru appeals and you name it.

    Last night on Larry King, Michael Moore stated that the penalty for denying someone coverage is $100 a day. The insurance companies are still going to opt to deny coverage because it will still be less expensive than covering the illness.

    It just seems sometimes that the politicians are the most bipartisan when it comes to misleading the public.


  16. kay~ms said

    And ps.. I do know what I’m saying… it’s you guys who don’t know what I’m saying.

    I am trying to link my / Bill’s article but the moderators keep rejecting it… see, you all should venture over there too, like Princess is doing.. it will definitely bring traffic over here.


  17. dorian said

    that’s how i feel abt the outcome, it’s a wait and see thing. but it does give hope especially in this economy. young people are getting out of college having trouble finding jobs. i like that the parent’s insurance can cover them until the age of 26. i wish the politicos would now focus on helping create more jobs to boost this economy.

    huffington is not taking a link? i know most do not take more than two but one link is generally ok. hm. i’ve been there to read but no time to join in. i just use the time to do adkob. that last keller post should blow things away there. heehaw! hey, kay, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, eh?

    hey, OTA! wassup! still slammin nancy, huh? what’s your girl sarah up to these days!


  18. obama the antichrist said

    see if nancy got a new haircut maybe a tan and picked colors that dont make her look like a harpie/witch…maybe just maybe i wouldnt make fun of the way she looks 🙂 and sarah palin…i dunno havent kept up on her there are more important things to read about


  19. Princessxxx said

    oh, i’ve been keeping up with sarah “quitter on twitter” palin. She was on hannity the other nite with her crucifix earrings on so everyone would know she’s a christian. But, check out this. It seems like sarah “retard baby mama” is espousing political assasinations.

    She’s telling her followers to “reload” and has a hit list of democrats that she lists with a map of the districts with gun crosshairs.


  20. Princessxxx said


    it’s ok, kay, i have no problem posting links over at Ariana’s, so, as you see from above, I linked to tothewire for you. For some reason, the Hollywood liberals love me.


  21. Princessxxx said

    Obama the Antichrist, if you decide not to be a doctor, I feel you have a future in being a stylist. You are right, Nancy is a bit pale. Maybe she could go to where john boehner gets sprayed orange. That might help.


  22. dorian said

    P: Adult Smileys

    Character Smileys


  23. Princessxxx said

    What Glenn Beck Doesn’t Understand About Biblical Social Justice


  24. dorian said

    “It may be though she just enjoys stirring up sh*t, poking liberals for fun. Why not?”

    there’s an element of truth to that, TBG. kay and i are alike that way. xcpt of course i’m on the other side of the fence.

    P, it sounds like beck wants to start his own religious cult. oh i forgot. he already has. the teabaggers .


  25. Princessxxx said

    yes, i just finished watching beck just this moment. he knows perfectly well that his audience is of a lower i.q.
    and she milks it for everything it’s worth.
    so just now, beck, tells his audience they should start reaching for scripture and get on their knees and pray to god. oh, lol.

    really, he just spews crap out of his mouth, it’s like being at an AA meeting and listen to another dry drunk go off on a tangent.

    kay, are you sure you’re not a morman? you and beck sound so much alike. he says one thing and then turns around and contradicts himself with the next thing he says.

    anyway, he did tell his teabaggers not to do anything violent, because that is what the obama admin is “trying to make them do”


  26. dorian said

    whaa? he’s telling them to reach for the scriptures? the man is just plain blasphemous. he says all those things with a smirk on his face. i can read the words on the bubble: “i wonder how many of these fools will actually do this” i see why he’s offensive to some christians i know. kay, what do you say about this?


  27. obama the antichrist said

    i still want to see where the money is coming from? It cant just be Obama Money, where he gets it from his stash! (that makes me laugh everytime i hear it) But seriously. How much will all of us be taxed!? Why couldnt we have fixed the debt first before digging a hole? I mean we lose more money than we make and then lets pay for everyones healthcare. My bank charges me fees for going over by a cent! And yet the government can keep overdrafting their account to pay for this healthcare bill? Its upsetting to hear Obama say this is for the people! HE WASNT THINKING ABOUT ME!!!!!! He doesnt give a crap about me. He wants me to pay for those who refused to get themselves an education and a decent job! Even povern stricken towns that have a school can get their education. It requires focus and not giving in to the pressure to be part of the “ghetto” crowd. Have you noticed that people who stay focused in school, who arent given the things they need, turn out to be on top and have a much better adulthood than childhood? …just a mini rant…*sigh*…is it november yet?


  28. obama the antichrist said

    and calling people of the teaparty teabaggers is so juvenile. like children on a playground “youre a thumb sucker HAHAHAHA”. now people lets learn our big boy words and use them instead. like pelosi is a liberal…i know a little harsh right? i should tone it down…pelosi is a vampiric rodent on the floor of a unsanitary brothel 🙂 there that was much nicer


  29. Princessxxx said


  30. obama the antichrist said

    I love that so much 🙂 I love the disagreement 🙂 I love will.i.am, kate walsh and Nicole S(some weird last name) 🙂 but hate her politics :)”The kids with the computers they do amazing things” almost died there!


  31. Princessxxx said

    obama the antichrist, seriously, why don’t you give up the idea of being a doctor.
    you obviously have no empathy for anyone. not everyone has the same opportunities in this country.

    doctors that are in it for the health of the people, i’m all for.
    doctors that are in it for the money, they can go to hell.

    my doctor (infectious disease specialist), she travels to africa and haiti and peru at her own expense to help the poor. what do you plan to do with all the $$$$ you make being a doctor? golf?

    oh and did you know that liveprayer bill keller gold for souls now takes DIAMONDS!!!
    i hear there is big money in religion. 🙂
    you don’t even need an education to be a preacher,
    in fact it seems to be a prerequisite that you DON’T have one.
    and as a preacher, you can hate on the poor all you want.



  32. dorian said

    i see what you were talking about, P. boehner is a bit orange.

    doctors without borders are good. http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/work/field/
    gotta be a bit depressing, though. the pay is close to nothing and you’re around poor people all the time.

    religion is good money. specially the televangelist kind. and you don’t have to get higher education.


  33. obama the antichrist said

    no, p, you assume too much
    1) never said i was in it for the money. my heart is for healing children and that is where i am going to.
    2) I dont want to be controlled by the government and putting my practice in danger of closing becuase they are not allowing me to bill the amount that is needed. which means that people wont get the care they need
    3) the good doctors that make money are the ones who care the most.
    4) I may go overseas for a few years to do medical missions
    5) dont use your assumptions to tell me what i should do with my life or judge me based on one comment. you dont know my heart/passion/drive.
    but maybe next time your assumption might be correct…maybe.


  34. obama the antichrist said

    and youre oppurtunities are always there, its you who makes them. you can mope around saying woe is me or you can pick yourself up and make the most of life. you need to do it for you you cannot let anyone dictate you. and you have no idea what kind of person i am, p. i dont empathize with those that dont try to make the most of what they have been given. i know not all people are fortunate. im not ignorant. but i know its not impossible to give yourself an education. their are so many children who just throw away their education and end up with a low end job. but those that study and work and fight for their education are rewarded! no dont lecture me on what career path i should take, p. mmk thanks.


  35. Princessxxx said

    Whose moping around saying woe is me? Sure some people are taking advantage of the system, but not everyone is broke due to a lack of education. The HC bill, big fukcing deal that it is, for instance. Do you understand how many people lose their homes and livlihoods due to illness. Dude, I nearly died 3 times. I’ve seen so many doctors over the years, and really, I can tell the ones that are in it that care and the ones that are in it for $. I don’t want someone operating on my heart if they don’t have one.

    That’s what President Obama, not anti-christ obama, will tackle next. Make sure children in this country are getting the best of educations, at the rich’s expense, over john boehner’s “red” body. And if you have a problem spending your money on the best education in this country for kids, because you have to pay taxes, then you really aren’t into investing into this countries future. Because an educated citizenry is the only thing that will make this country survive. Not more military. Not more religion.

    do whatever you want. 🙂


  36. Princessxxx said

    i guess sense i’m an athiest, i will never understand the christian charity that you and kay exhibit for the poor and needy. 8)


  37. obama the antichrist said

    O princess how quick you jump to jump down ones throat! I realize that people lose their homes from disasters, im not stupid. From age 2-13 I was considered lower class. You know what my dad did. He started his own business because he said that he was going to make his own living in this world and you know what he did and from then on I was fortunate because my dad decided to make a living for himself. I know its possible to make your own in this world!

    Again princess, you have no idea who i am and what i do, so your assumptions are in complete bias. now princess why do you have no respect for christians arent athiests in reality supposed to be better people than christians? i mean thats what i hear all the time. Im starting to think thats wrong…


  38. dorian said

    glad to hear that you’re considering medical missions, OTA. unicef always has a shortage of doctors.

    i’m still trying to figure out everybody here myself. we can have words and sometimes we read each other right, sometimes wrong. anyhow, we’ll get to know and accept each other more yet…


  39. Princessxxx said

    no, in reality, christians are supposed to be better than athiests.

    at least, that’s what they keep telling me…..i’m convinced it’s wrong.

    here obama the antichrist, (and by the way, why do christians bandy about the name antichrist so lightly to anyone they don’t like? that’s just wrong.), check out this video of the “great” education being provided to our kids today.

    Tell me how these kids can survive in the world? More money is spent on prisoners than on education of children in our country.


  40. Princessxxx said

    dorian, mind if i call you draino?



    put on the full armor of god you guys.


  41. dorian said

    i like jamie oliver.good timing, P. i was just finishing up my peanut butter and jelly /potato chips/milk snack here. okay i’ll have broccoli tonight.

    draino, that’s what i feel like having after binging on junk. are we doing anagrams today recsnips?


  42. Princessxxx said

    draino, you say potato, i say tomato.
    seriously, does anyone call that an education?
    how are these kids going to compete?


  43. Princessxxx said

    didja hear that bill keller is in debt 1.7 million dollars? that would be bill keller the christian leader from liveprayer.com, not bill keller, the ignorant liberal from the ny times.



  44. obama the antichrist said

    1) wrong princess in theory christians are supposed to be better. however with the label that is put on them they can never meet those standards. now athiest dont have anything to live up to so if they do good they are praised for it but when they do bad its ok cuz they are athiest.
    2a) did you notice where else our nations money is going. in a healthcare bill that wont go in effect for another 4 years. why didnt obama try to help our education system? i havent seen any huge bills that are going to improve schools.
    2b) are you saying would should keep murders and rapists in a prison that isnt well funded? i mean i why dont we just let them walk out and go to the nearest neighborhood or playground. YOU ARE SO SMART PRINCESS!!
    3) the antichrist thing is a joke. i have explained this on numerous occasions. i dont think he is the antichrist. it is a joke on those that have called him such. i dont call pelosi “pelosi the antichrist” i call her a harpie.
    4) you take your hatred for bill keller and post it on all christians. not the best thing to do. its like saying all muslims are terrorists. thats not true. or saying all liberals (people who i generally dont like) are idiots cuz thats not true either! or saying all conservative ideals (most of which i have) are right when thats not true as well. do you see how placing labels on a group based off of a small percentage is not the best solution?


  45. Princessxxx said

    no, i’m just responding to this:

    from your previous comment: “Its upsetting to hear Obama say this is for the people! HE WASNT THINKING ABOUT ME!!!!!! He doesnt give a crap about me.”


    and then you go on to say this: ” you can mope around saying woe is me or you can pick yourself up and make the most of life. you need to do it for you you cannot let anyone dictate you.”

    who’s is the one saying “woe is me”?, that would be you. i’m not moping around, i have made the best of my life. just like your father, i pulled myself up and started my own career.

    and as far as calling christians to task, don’t get mad, that’s what you signed up for.
    seriously, christians need to clean up their act.

    how about instead of whining about your situation, you be grateful for the things that you have? i am. just a thought.


  46. Princessxxx said

    1)christians are to lead by a shining example. i.e. pope chester the molester.

    2)how can you go wrong with a healthy nation? you are overlooking the fact that some laws went into effect immediatley. millions actually saw benefits that day. read dorian’s post
    2)b i’m saying more money should be sepnt on a childs education and there would be fewer prisoners. and I’M SMARTER THAN YOU WILL EVER BE, ANTICHRIST.


    4) i’m not the one that labeled you christian.


  47. Princessxxx said

    oh, and what you say about obama doing nothing for education, try again.


    you know, antichrist, one could use the same logic that you use. You seem to think people don’t suceed because they don’t try. well, just let’s turn that “logic” on you. maybe if you had applied yourself more in school you could have gotten scholarships to pay for your college. my niece did, both academic and sports sholarships, so it’s costing her nothing to go to college. they even got her living arrangements. i suppose she could look down on you and call you a loser.


  48. Princessxxx said

    hey kay, your pastor just confessed he is 1.7 million dollars in debt, money he borrowed and can’t pay back. what did he borrow all that money for (nearly 6 million). oh yes, it was to expand his internet show, he promised 24 hours of christian t.v. and radio programming. what happened, did god fail bill keller and liveprayer again? why should donors bail bill keller out for millions just because she made some bad business decisions? that’s her problem.



  49. Princessxxx said







  51. obama the antichrist said

    stated a fact about the he wasnt thinking about me. pointing out a lie. how he said this was for the people. it wasnt for me.

    im not catholic. sorry to disappoint. dont follow the pope. and i am the first to admit i am human and i make mistakes. but i try to be as “christian” as i can. but i make mistakes. bummer right? that i dont put my christianity above people. cuz half the time im just as bad or worse as some people.

    you are funny, p, you make me laugh thinking you are attacking my ego or intelligence and hurting me.

    and 26% of republicans? maybe i am part of the 74% of other republicans? i laugh at republicans for thinking gays shouldnt marry. if you dont get the joke thats ok with me. my job isnt to make you understand.

    i dont play a sport so how can i recieve a sport scholarship? and scholarships and grants can only pay for so much. fafsa only allows so much federal aid based on parents income. and since through graduate school i was a dependant, then i got zilch. so i had to find grants and scholarships and they could only pay for so much. and maybe your niece could see me as a loser. but you know what. i honestly dont care. i have done everything i needed to to get through undergrad school and graduate summa cum laude. but you know i am a loser for working my butt off. thats fine by me. thanks, p, for showing me the error in my ways. i would have been blind forever without your input. you are a true pal!


  52. obama the antichrist said

    i meant undergraduate school i was a dependant, not graduate school that i recieve more support for.


  53. Princessxxx said

    good, now email nancy pelosi and tell her you think she looks “pretty”


  54. […] https://tothewire.wordpress.com/2010/03/23/president-obama-signs-historic-health-care-bill/#comment-1… […]


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