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Good reading No 1

Posted by Peter Kenneally on July 17, 2009

At the moment the bedtime story for my daughter is Dracula (abridged) but a long time favourite was :


which is the story of a brother and sister on a midwest farm who accidentally provoke a troll into invading their farm. One night they went out and in the barn:

A squat, ugsome troll was sitting on a stool, milking a cow. There was a pile of eggs on the floor next to his feet.
The troll had a long nose and a bristling tail. He was wearing bib overalls and a large, gold earring in his ear. When Karl barked, the troll was surprised, so he jumped up on a beam under the rafters and said, “What are you kids doing in my barn.”.
Karin looked up and held out her stick. “It’s not your barn, it’s our barn. Are you a troll, a warthog, or a donkey?”
I’m a troll. I’m not a warthog or a donkey, I’m a troll! Donkeys can’t talk and hogs can’t fly.”
“Well, you better get out of our barn or I’ll hit you with this stick.”
“Ha! Ha! Hah! Ho! Ho! Hoh!, the troll laughed wickedly. “You can’t even reach me with that stick.”

It’s an exciting tale, with a happy ending. Read more here


8 Responses to “Good reading No 1”

  1. princessxxx said

    this post says it all.

    thanks betty.


  2. Yup. You are more likely to turn to stone than I.


    In the times when she has heavy lids
    No loving is on her mind in that night.
    She has gone where her pleasure bids
    And she has feelings that do not bite.
    Time does not bear heavy on her soul.
    In all those passionate dark dreams.
    All her trials do not divert her goal
    Bringing romance in wet cool streams.
    Laughing her life away in the light,
    Everything always comes out so right.



  4. dorian said

    nice. yours, john?


  5. The way to identify my poetry is the first letters of each line.

    Give me a word. I will write a poem.


  6. dorian said

    a yes is good enough. i believe you.


  7. I take it “nice” was sarcasm.

    It could have been my ODE TO A ROTTING PET. I torture only select audiences.


  8. “With soft and yielding lamina, and skill,

    The practiced dental surgeon learns to fill

    Each morbid cavity, by caries made,

    With pliant tin; when thus the parts decayed

    Are well supplied, corrosion, forced to yield

    To conquering art the long-contested field,

    Resigns its victim to the smiles of peace,

    And all decay and irritation cease.”

    (Solyman Brown.)


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