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religious zealotry knows satan! harry potter: a review in satanic tongue

Posted by dorian on February 13, 2010

religious zealots know satan. they live his creed.
they think God is making them do what they’re doing but it’s really that tricky sneaky devil filling their souls with despair and hate for their fellow human beings. they have fallen under the spell of satan, the great deceiver. this only proves that ignorance is not bliss, folks! they’re opening themselves up to satan and serving him. for what empowers the devil most but fear and resentment and hate and all those other dark emotions that make for persecution and wars? satan’s favorite son adolf knew that so well! and he gathered the ignorant flock and tricked them into serving his father.
see the possessed christian(!?) speaking in the devil’s tongue!see another heiling her praises to her true lord!


4 Responses to “religious zealotry knows satan! harry potter: a review in satanic tongue”

  1. princessxxx said

    oh dorian, where on earth did you come up with this video of kay?

    did you know that harry potter was saved through bill keller of liveprayer.com?


    that’s right, bill keller of gold for souls jumped on the harry potter bandwagon in a big way.
    anything for money.

    ***If you want to find the King and become a Christian like Harry Potter did, please take a moment and pray for God to open your heart, then read the words at this link:
    http://www.liveprayer.com/bdy_salvatn.html .

    Also, please take a moment and say a prayer for Harry Potter’s author, J.K. Rowling, that she will invite Jesus Christ into her heart and also become a Christian. – bill keller liveprayer.com gold for souls

    con artist.


  2. dorian said

    “…harry potter would’ve been put to death!” she was talking about their glory days, salem, 1692.

    so keller jumped on the harry potter wagon too, to try and get traffic to his site! funny.

    the video just came to me when i typed in “satan christian” or somethin like that. i think kay has red hair, though. unless keller told her to dye her hair blond.


  3. princessxxx said

    looks like god told that stupid bitch in the video to dye her hair blond, too.
    i wonder how many children were molested at Jesus Camp?

    i’m going to challenge bill keller of liveprayer .com to a stoning of the prophets,
    like he did with pat robertson.

    but first i’m going to make her hand over her tax forms.
    then i’m going to have her stoned to death as it is written in the holy buybull.
    “false prophets shall be stoned.” – jesus christ


  4. Enkill_Eridos said

    The brainwashing of children is wrong..what is going on is brainwashing..


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