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What’s Our Agenda?

Posted by lawman2 on February 3, 2009

We have recieved hundreds of emails asking us “What is your blogs agenda?”



Well it is pretty simple… 

We bring you news from all different news sources, and bring them here to our blog for you to keep up to date on what is going on here in the US, and around the world. 

We have several authors, all with unique qualities and different world, religious, and political views.  Each post from time to time their own view on different controversial subjects.

tothewire  news from all around the Web.

Feel free to click on any of our Authors to find out what they are thinkin!   Eventually we are hoping to have a reading column by each author!  Lawman2’s column “Just a Caveman” has become very popular among our readers! 

  • dorian9
  • Enkill_Eridos
  • kayms99
  • lawman2    =    Just A Caveman
  • centered2
  • obama the antichrist


    We average 2,500 readers daily!  We started this blog middle of October 2008, and began accumulating our faithful readers!  We are proud of our readers!  Thank you all for reading us!  We love the emails and enjoy the comments left on our blog!  Be careful though, we love a great debate!   Special thanks to Alphainventions!  (We advertise our blog through AlphaInventions)

    If you have a Blog of your own, share it with us!  We love visiting other blogs!  Our weekly Bloggers Helping Bloggers post features the post we enjoyed the most from different blogs that shared their blog with us! 

    If you have a story you would like to share just email us @ tothewires@yahoo.com   or lawman2_39@yahoo.com


    8 Responses to “What’s Our Agenda?”

    1. kayms said

      ok Lawman… I’ll start Kay’s Column…


    2. obama the antichrist said

      wait what what do you want us to do?????? so confused…..


    3. Lawman2 said

      there u go kay!sounds great!

      ota we would like to have each author to start their own culmn!you don’t have to write daily.but when you do you post it under your personal culmn name,that you choose!don’t worry,you can write about anything you want!


    4. obama the antichrist said

      awesome so like a newspaper column….ok i gots one started!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!


    5. obama the antichrist said

      ok welp i do need help with this website! I have no clue what to do. This is like your Just a caveman thing right? well i would like mine to be The RIGHT Way…how do i save it under that….i am so inept when it comes to things like this!


    6. Lawman2 said

      when you are on the edit page…go to categories and click add one.then name it anything you want it to be!


    7. Lawman2 said

      ota, tothewire says your on meebo heading back there now man!


    8. dorian9 said

      lawman i just read this. i do love your caveman stories with the funny cartoons and snippets from your personal life. i’d love to read a personal column from kay, ttw, ota, e_e too and will also do one of my own. our reader audience likes the news articles, though. if there was a way we can choose to post directly to our personal columns and bypass the home page, maybe?? methinks not, i’ll just continue to post articles in existing categories..meebo’s working again??


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