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Funny things.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on November 9, 2009

This isn’t art or an artist as Dorian likes to speak about but it is still funny. Photographs can be considered as art and Princesses’ keyboard cat inspired this collage of funny internet pictures.



These images are taken from http://icanhascheezburger.com/

This site has many different funny pictures as well as its sister site http://ihasahotdog.com/


This is Randomness is brought to you by the number 40 which is how old Sesame Street is. And the letter E


17 Responses to “Funny things.”

  1. dorian said

    cat smile

    i liked this post. it made me smile.


  2. Enkill_Eridos said

    I’m glad sometimes some comical relief is all we need. Here is something that makes me smile that I did not want to include on the Sesame Street post. This is one of the most popular Sesame Street parodies atm.


  3. 1minionsopinion said

    When I first found lolcats, I couldn’t figure out what was up with the spelling. I thought, sheesh, language skills have sunk to a new low. Now i can haz teh lolspeek too.

    I love lolcats. Can I direct attention to another let of lols? Next to lolcats, these be mah favrit lols:



  4. Enkill_Eridos said

    loltrek iz teh awesomesauce!


  5. dorian said

    cat laughing

    now me lol. yah, loltrek awesome and da tribbles they be super cute! i want me one.


  6. princessxxx said



  7. dorian said

    okay, princess that keyboard cat beats ’em all.
    adkob award, best in show.


  8. Enkill_Eridos said



  9. kay~ms said

    I have two comments in moderation.


  10. Enkill_Eridos said

    I think I have something even funnier than Princess. 19 Spam comments to do with viagra most attached to “Reverse Ignorance…A troubling new social Ill.”


  11. 1minionsopinion said

    I don’t get why keyboard cat is funny. I don’t know why. I’d post another cute cat vid if I could remember the cartoonist that makes them and what they’re called. Oh brain, how you remind me of my humility all the time…


  12. Enkill_Eridos said


  13. 1minionsopinion said

    I thought of the cat vids I couldn’t remember – Simon’s Cat. Youtube has a bundle of them. They’re very cute.


  14. Enkill_Eridos said

    I was tempted to put this image in a comment on one of the debates when I got angry. I think I will add this as my profile pic.


  15. Enkill_Eridos said

    The above picture is what I want to do when I get tired of a debate that is in all senses a stalemate. (This refers to a debate where the same concepts are being presented and argued again and again. Repetition gets boring to me and some of the readers.)


  16. 1minionsopinion said

    I loved her in Boston Legal. That was a great show.


  17. Enkill_Eridos said

    it was


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