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The Persecution Of Sarah Palin

Posted by princessxxx on November 14, 2009


14 Responses to “The Persecution Of Sarah Palin”

  1. princessxxx said

    “christian” beauty pageant queens get no respect.


  2. obama the antichrist said

    the hatred for sarah palin is so funny its all based on how powerful she is (cue the shes not powerful she is an idiot) she is a great speaker and she can rally a group. she is a great politician. xoxo


  3. princessxxx said

    a great politician, huh?
    she quit her job as governor of Alaska.
    couldn’t handle the heat.

    imagine had she been elected vice president.
    talk about a doomsday scenario.

    other than that, i still like you obamatheantichrist, 😉


  4. dorian said

    awww. i keep forgetting ms. palin was a beauty queen. why she’s such an astute and articulate politician! and let’s not forget queen anita bryant of dade county florida orange juice kingdom. i heard she was the most hated woman in gay san francisco for a while there.

    where’s OTA? come defend yore woman here!
    never mind, he was posting as i was writing. i kew this would bring OTA out – good job, P!


  5. princessxxx said

    too late dorian, haha.
    say sarah palin and obamatheantichrist is a knight in shining armor coming to the rescue..

    yea, i was kind of missing obamatheantichrist, too.

    you know the old saying, keep your friends close and your antichrists closer. 🙂


  6. dorian said

    nobody’s perfect. we all have our Palins.
    OTA is otay by me too.


  7. princessxxx said

    in fact, i like obamtheantichrist so much,
    i’m going to double his pleasure, double his fun.
    ann coulter.


  8. dorian said

    oh and here’s annie. she dares speak the name of maureen dowd in vain? i like maureen dowd. she can cut annie down in a sec. without using a single brain cell. one of the sharpest journalists around.

    the coulter is too sedate here. where’s the fire, the vitriol??


  9. princessxxx said

    well, maureen dowd,
    she’s not a beauty pageant queen.
    too DOWDY. lol.


  10. obama the antichrist said

    ahahahhahaha 😀
    she didnt drop out because of the heat. she dropped out for “family” i think she is doing something underground then coming out on top and taking the country by storm. i think i would venture to say palin-coulter 2012 😀 ahahahahha


  11. obama the antichrist said

    i have to say that i def ordered the book 😀 coulter was calm in this video it was funny cuz she is normally stronger


  12. princessxxx said

    well, it is turning out that a lot of palin’s book may not be based in fact.
    otherwords, she lied.
    i’ll report more on this later.


  13. princessxxx said

    The First Ten Lies from Going Rogue – Geoffrey Dunn

    Excerpts from Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue have been released by several news agencies and other sources who have received advanced copies. Here are the first ten lies from Palin’s memoirs:

    1. The Cover Byline: Palin didn’t write the book by herself. Most books with known ghostwriters list their co-author’s name on the cover. In this case it was Lynn Vincent (a well-known homophobe). Going Rogue does not.

    2. The Subtitle: An American Life. Aside from her infancy, Palin has really spent very little time outside of Alaska, and according to John McCain’s campaign advisors, was shockingly unfamiliar with American geography and American history. “Alaska,” as John McPhee noted in his resplendent Coming Into the Country, “is a foreign country…Its nature is its own.”

    3. Going Rogue features Palin’s obsession with Katie Couric and characterizes the CBS anchor as “badgering.” Palin refused to prep for the Couric interview because she was more concerned about her popularity in Alaska than about what was best for the campaign. Was it really badgering to ask what books or periodicals Palin read? Palin further claims that Couric suffered from low self-esteem. In fact, according to those close to Palin, it’s the former governor who suffers from low self-esteem and frequently projects that onto other women.

    4. Palin asserts that there was a “jaded aura” around McCain’s political advisors once she entered the campaign. In fact, McCain’s aides bent over backwards to protect Palin and to try to get her up to speed on international affairs. In addition to not knowing whether or not Africa was a continent, according to sources in the McCain campaign, Palin also didn’t understand the difference between England and Great Britain. And much, much more.

    5. Palin contends to have been saddled with legal bills of more than $500,000 resulting from what she calls “frivolous” ethics complaints filed against her. The lion’s share of those bills resulted from the ethics complaint she filed against herself in a legal maneuver to sidestep the Troopergate charges being brought against her by the bipartisan Alaska Legislative Council.

    6. Palin rather astonishingly claims that she was saddled with $50,000 in bills for the legal fees associated with her vice-presidential vetting. A) She was not vetted; B) A McCain campaign advisor says this is “categorically untrue.”

    7. Palin states that she found out only “minutes” before John McCain’s concession speech that she would not be allowed to make remarks of her own introducing McCain. In fact, she had been told at least three times that she would not be allowed to give the speech and kept lying about it in the hopes of creating some last-minute chaos that would allow her to assume the dais.

    8. Palin asserts that her effort to award a license for a natural gas transmission line was turning a “pipe dream” into a pipeline. Although she claimed otherwise in her speech at the GOP convention, there is no pipeline. It remains a pipe dream.

    9. Palin implies that the McCain campaign intentionally bungled the release of information regarding her daughter Bristol’s pregnancy and refused to let her rewrite it. In fact, the McCain campaign allowed her to rework the draft, but the original version went out accidentally. Palin reportedly accepted the recalcitrant staff member’s apology for the mistake, then when she left, ordered her immediately dismissed of her duties.

    10. Palin complains that McCain’s senior advisors, most notably Steve Schmidt, forced her to “stick with the script” they provided her. In fact, Schmidt & Co. were encumbered with the task of keeping Palin from lying and misleading people throughout the campaign, from her well-documented lies about the “Bridge to Nowhere” to her duplicities about her husband Todd’s assocation with the Alaska Independence Party. Palin’s lying to those in the McCain campaign was so troubling to them that they cringed every time she went “off script.”

    And that’s just for starters.

    Award-winning writer and filmmaker Geoffrey Dunn’s book The Lies of Sarah Palin: The Untold Story Behind Her Relentless Quest for Power will be released by St. Martin’s Press in spring 2010.


  14. Enkill_Eridos said

    Hannity makes me laugh. He says things that are just so untrue I stopped paying attention to him. Did anyone read the proposed Health Care Bill I posted? I would probably guess, besides one or two the answer would be no, because it was just too much reading. But Hannity just regurgitated “facts” from opponents of the bill, that probably didn’t read it either. I would go on to guess not many congressmen and women read a lot of the bills that come up to vote. The patriot act is a good example, of a Bill that if it was actually read it wouldn’t have been passed. Over 500 pages, and about a quarter admitted to just glancing over it before hand. Some didn’t even read it, and a very small majority did. Any and all Bills are now available through the library of congress. By law these Bills must be made public for the citizens to view. Many Obama opponents say that, no bill has been made available. When every bill has, you just need to produce a little bit of effort *gasp! OMG you have to work for information than you have to actually read Oh noes!* into finding it.


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