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Protecting kids goes beyond skin deep

Posted by 1minionsopinion on November 21, 2009

Now that I’ve joined a Freethinkers group, I’m meeting a lot of new people. Some I doubt I’ll have much in common with outside the group’s raison d’etre, but others I could see hanging out with fairly often. Today, as it happens, I had lunch with one of the gals. She’s a married mother of two with both kids under 7 and hasn’t gotten either of them vaccinated for flu, H1N1, or anything else.

I’m appalled by this growing trend, frankly. The whole point of vaccination is to keep childhood death at a minimum, is it not? They’d never take their kids in a car these days without protection from fender benders (special chairs, harnesses, seat belts, etc) but they won’t protect their immune systems from preventable diseases?

True, there’s a minute risk of reaction (gelatin, yeast, egg product), but I’d rather see my kid jabbed in the arm or butt with a needle than watch him get slammed by some preventable disease or ailment that might cripple, hospitalize or possibly kill him. If I had a kid, I mean.

My friend’s taking the “They inject formaldehyde” road on this one so I read up on that fun little compound. According to medscape.com:

Formaldehyde is nearly ubiquitous, being present in polymerized plastics, metalworking fluids, wood composites, insulation, medicaments, fabrics, cosmetics, detergents, and vaccines.

More than that, it’s a byproduct of cooking cabbage and Brussels spouts and it’s in the air we breathe even if we never cook those things. It’s a naturally occurring compound our bodies metabolize anyway and has been used as a preservative in vaccines for over a century already. Nail hardening products probably have more of it than vaccines do.

I pull this from formaldehyde.org’s PDF:

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) reported in 2004 that formaldehyde also is given off by vegetation, forest fires and animal waste and is a natural component of fruits and other foods.

Even the most primitive organisms relied on formaldehyde as a building block for the synthesis of more complex molecules. Due to its importance in various metabolic processes, formaldehyde is naturally present in the human body with concentrations of approximately one to two parts per million (ppm) in blood. Because it is volatile, formaldehyde is exhaled in human breath.

Because formaldehyde has existed since the beginning of life, the evolutionary process had to include a way to ensure that formaldehyde’s inherent toxicity could be controlled. Certain enzymes evolved as the control system; among the most prevalent families of enzymes in all living systems is one known as aldehyde dehydrogenases (ADHs). While many forms of ADH exist, they all have the same function – to convert formaldehyde that is formed continuously in various biological processes to formate, which is less reactive and, therefore, less toxic than formaldehyde.

These highly efficient detoxification systems are found in all species and in most tissues. Their role is simple – to keep formaldehyde from reaching concentrations that are toxic to cells.

We’ve evolved to withstand daily (diminished) doses of this stuff. The .1 mg worth in a vaccine stab is a drop in the bucket when you look at how much exposure a child will have in a lifetime. It’s everywhere, quite frankly. So this is no reason to not vaccinate a kid.

Are there any real reasons to avoid vaccines, or is the whole anti-vaccine movement trumped up and misrepresenting the facts and statistics knowing most of the people they’ll convince won’t research the issues before passing on this disinformation plague to everyone they know?

(this has been a Cross Post production)

18 Responses to “Protecting kids goes beyond skin deep”

  1. dorian said

    this is good information. i know a few moms, including family members, who are wary about having their kids getting the vaccination. there’s not much of this kind of info around.


  2. Hors Service said

    line 2: “raison d’être”. / French! I always forgot that I could use some french words in english too.

    We also have this vaccine issue in France, and they’re debating even among the doctors. Lots of conspirationist stuff going on, like usual.

    True, the vaccine could have been more researched, but it’s working quite well already and the pharmaceutics labs didn’t have much time to prepare a perfect one.

    True, the labs are getting a lot of money from this phobia. Normal. But they only take advantage of the situation: they didn’t create the virus.

    It’s important, especially for vulnerable people, to get vaccined. Statistics are definitive about it. And the virus began mutating: in Norvegia, an important modification (hopefully, a non-agressive one) has been noted. Who knows what could happen next?
    Scientists have been saying that since years: A pandemia will happen. The goal is to be prepared for it. We succeed with the SRAS, we failed with the flu. Let’s hope it doesn’t go any further.

    And i’ve had some friends and family infected: no one died, but they spend an awful time. Even if the A flu isn’t more dangerous, it’s spreading more efficiently, therefore infected countries will suffer from major economic losses.

    It’s important to get vaccined, except for the usual personal situations (intolerance to vaccines for example).


  3. Hors Service said

    As a further info, we started a national vaccination campaign in France.


  4. 1minionsopinion said

    I read a thing recently on New Humanist about someone dropping fearmongering pamphlets in the London Underground all about how government was making the disease and the vaccine with intent on decimating the world’s population. Bunch of pseudoscience whackaloonary but all it takes is one to believe it and tell others. It gets harder to argue the facts when people already believe this stuff.



  5. princessxxx said

    well, AIDS was spread through hepatitus b vaccines that were distributed to gay men and africans in the late 70’s.

    it’s true, i’m going to do a post about this on world AIDS day, Dec 1.

    i don’t get vaccines, anymore.


  6. Hors Service said


    Since the Hepatitus B vaccine was develloped in 1982, and that the modern vaccines are prepared from genetic engineering, I personaly doubt that this is possible.

    Previously, attempts have been made using the lymph of carriers of this virus, and here there is a possibility of infection.
    The possibility exists also when using extracted and purified antigens from this lymph, but even then it’s unlikely, although possible.

    The A Flu vaccine is prepared from unactivated versions of the virus and antigens, as long as I know. Therefore no risk of catching the illness or any other, the only dangers come from allergic reactions and opportunist illnesses.

    Do as you wish.


  7. princessxxx said

    well hors, i was there at the time.
    in 1978 the government was giving out “free” hepatitis b vaccines to gay men
    in new york and to blacks in africa. by 1979, they were available for all gay men in any major city in the us.
    everyone i knew that got the vaccine…croaked.

    watch this, it will explain what i am talking about. oh, and welcome back.
    i was going to save this for later, but.


  8. princessxxx said

    i tested poitive for hiv in 1985,
    but my first batch of hot boyfriends died in 1982-83,
    so i know i’ve been positive since then.
    that is 27yrs, more than half of my life.


  9. princessxxx said

    oh, and these vaccines where specifically targeted for gay men.
    i recall it well.


  10. Princessxxx said

    oh, and since the hiv wasn’t killing them fast enough, they threw in the AZT.


  11. Hors Service said

    Oh. So you think AIDS was a created virus, designed to eliminate the gay population and to force people to abstinence?


    And Robert Gallo was studying viruses that were looking like, but were different from the virus of AIDS. In fact, following an accidental contamination he stealed (without knowing it) the results from the french discoverers of the virus, Luc Montaigner and his team from the Pasteur Institute. Luc Montaigner received the 2008 Nobel prize for it.
    The HIV virus was later on discovered in plasma coming from an african patient preleved in 1959. African apes have been determined to be the natural tank for HIV.

    If the vaccine was targetting gays, it seems logical: at that time, the virus affected mainly gay communities, at the point that some religious right movements described it as “the Godly punishment for a terrible sin”. It doesn’t surprise me.


  12. princessxxx said

    oh yeah, i know about the chimapnzees,

    i was going to post all about this on dec 1.
    so i will tell abut it all then.

    i am limited to my internet usage


  13. princessxxx said

    oh hors, here is an article by the same man that made the video.

    i haven’t read it yet.

    anyway, like 1979 or 80 i don’t remember,
    every gay man was getting this free vaccine because the health department was targeting them for their high risk sex practices that lead to hep b.
    i.e. anal sex

    now a person that wasn’t a gay male would not have received a shot,
    i refused the shot because i knew how vaccines of bloodborne diseases were produced, i.e chimp organs and contaminated human blood.

    i can’t recall the number of people i knew that got that shot that were either HIV or dead by 1983.

    it could very well have been accidental but i don’t think so.


  14. Hors Service said

    I personnaly don’t think it couldn’t have not been accidental.

    Anal sex IS a high risk sex practice (compared to “normal” sex), which doesn’t mean it can’t be well made. There’s also another high risk practice, it’s the fast change of partner, more common among gay communities (don’t argue, please, it’s just statistics, it has nothing to do with individuals). Last high risk practice, the non-use of condoms, which is a practice that was even more widespread among gays at that time, since they didn’t risked to have children…
    As a consequence, today the proportion of aids-infected among gays is higher than in the overall population, for example. I don’t know the hep B stats.

    3 good reasons to target specifically gays when doing a Hep B vaccine.

    The way to make vaccines that you mention has made considerable improvements, and dramatic changes.

    And, then there’s the question of the motive:

    Killing gays won’t stop homosexuality, as it’s not a congenital behavior

    Why spreading a disease that will sooner or later affect the straight population? Since there are gays and bis and all kinds of sexual behavior that even aren’t in the dictionnary.

    An infected vaccine is easy to notice. Sooner or later, it would have came back to those who have made the vaccine, and then there’s the risk of the conspiracy being told to the public.

    Therefore, I think this theory doesn’t stand. And speaking of today’s vaccines, the odds are against those who don’t want to get vaccines. Just statistics.


  15. 1minionsopinion said

    Save the rest of the AIDS comments for the post when it’s posted.

    I was thinking more in terms of generic “everyone should get these” vaccines.

    The reasons to not vaccinate have more to do with fear of risks than actual statistical chances of risks. My friend’s formaldehyde fears come out of not understanding the reason it’s in there – as a preservative, like it has been for over a hundred years already. She got a dose of it every time her folks made sure she got a needle and she’s fine. The fact that her kid has had seizures (a statistical rarity) doesn’t mean her kid will get ill off a vaccine. That’s very faulty logic. Formaldehyde can aggravate an already existing skin condition, but that’s a rare risk, too. She also mentioned the egg-base, which would be concern for someone deathly allergic to eggs, but isn’t important for anyone else to worry about.

    I never got a flu shot. I never get flu shots. I’m of the opinion others meed it more than I do. I don’t have a job putting me around kids or seniors and as far as I can tell, I’m not in a high risk category for getting a serious case of H1N1 anyway. If I get it, I get it. I’ll stay home for a week and hope it doesn’t become pneumonia – another thing I’ve never had.

    I don’t see why parents want to have chicken pox parties and avoid measles vaccines and other things. The autism connection has long since been debunked as a large bag of celebrity trash. If people stop vaccinating their kids, we’ll see even more whooping cough and other horrible ailments that have been held at bay by strict vaccination routines.


  16. Palin the Antichrist said

    i always refuse the flu vaccine.
    i’m supposed to get it as i am high risk category, but i kinda don’t care.

    now, i have a cousin whose son is autistic and she believes that vaccines may have caused that. i’ve heard that theory but know nothing about it.


  17. princessxxx said

    i always refuse the flu vaccine.
    i’m supposed to get it as i am high risk category, but i kinda don’t care.

    now, i have a cousin whose son is autistic and she believes that vaccines may have caused that. i’ve heard that theory but know nothing about it.


  18. 1minionsopinion said



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