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ANTM Disappointments

Posted by obama the antichrist on November 22, 2009

Americas Next Top Model is an amazing show. I love the photo shoots! However, when it comes down to the final two, Ms. Tyra messes up…for example:

Cycle 4: Kahlen lost to Naima…

03_naima_antm4_wk8.jpg image by mashphics

kahlen                                                                                          Naima

Cycle 12: Allison lost to Teyona


Allison                                                                                                        Teyona

Cycle 13: Laura lost to Nicole

Laura                                                                                                                      Nicole

Come on Tyra! You can choose ANTM better!!!!


5 Responses to “ANTM Disappointments”

  1. obama the antichrist said

    sorry guys i get bored and frustrated when i stay up late to watch antm marathons….i havent seen cycle 12 before and fell in love with allison and her amazing eyes. and then i realized…wait all the great models lose…i need to vent ahahaha so i blogged


  2. 1minionsopinion said

    I had to read up on Tyra Banks first. In 2007 she was looking voluptuous and gorgeous on a People Magazine (Feb 2nd) cover “You call this fat?” Inside the magazine she has this to say about fat:

    “Being fat is cool if you’re a sumo wrestler or a circus freak or a hot dog eating champion,” Banks contended to People. “I’m not saying fat people can’t be sexy, they just have to be clever about it. You know, like printing out a full sized poster of a supermodel and taping it to their neck. Or getting everybody in the world drunk. Or not being fat.”
    I knick that from http://livinlavidalowcarb.wordpress.com/2007/01/30/if-tyra-banks-is-fat-then-im-brad-pitt/ which is a pretty good read.

    For a woman who also used to have a show all about body image and looking your best no matter what shape your thighs are, what does it say about her now to be judging standards of beauty in a sea of hopeful women?


  3. 1minionsopinion said

    And here’s part of her Larry King transcript via CNN from September:


    King: The last time you were on you were dealing with the “F” word, meaning fat. You were fighting back. There [was] a nonflattering tabloid photo of you — remember? In the swimsuit?

    Banks: Yes.

    King: You lost weight since then.

    Banks: Yes.

    King: Do you still feel an image pressure? Do you think — you think like a fat person?

    Banks: I don’t actually. You know, when I — when I told the world to kiss my fat — I can say “ass” right?

    King: Yes, you can.

    Banks: Yes. When I told the world to kiss my fat ass, I remained that size for two years. I maintained it with my ice cream and my salad with ranch and dressing and croutons and bacon bits. Like I — I didn’t look at myself even on television and think that I was too big or — I don’t know. I didn’t — it didn’t connect.

    But since I have lost a lot of weight, and it started with the — a weight loss challenge, actually at the top of this year. So I’m two years after “kiss my fat ass.”

    But then it did connect? Then she did think she was too big and shucked the weight off like last season’s shoes? Why didn’t she work at accepting herself at that weight (whatever it might have been) and been a role model for average sized people?

    I don’t know how to put a picture into a comment (someone enlighten me on that) but here’s a good one to illustrate my point. http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/02/tyra_banks.jpg


  4. princessxxx said

    i don’t like tyrant banks at all, but i love ANTM.

    never missed an episode.

    i liked both nicole and laura,
    laura was so charming with her southern girl from the farm personality.
    but i thought nicole has a more interesting look. i love redheads.


  5. 1minionsopinion said

    I don’t watch TV and I don’t usually look at celebrity websites either. I have no clue who’s cool at any given time, and if I saw any of them on the street I’d only know they were well known by how everyone else behaved.


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