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Caveman Christmas in the Twilight Zone…YIKES!

Posted by lawman2 on December 26, 2008

ksmn613l1Christmas has come and gone! 
My wife and I awoke early and shared a present apiece with each with each other. We discussed it before Christmas, and my wife said it was very important to her that we didn’t buy more than one present each for each other.  I thought she was just trying to save cash…LOL  Actually, I thought it was kinda weird that it was so important to her.  Anyway, we exchanged our gifts and I was delighted to see how happy my wife was when she opened hers up!  I thought to myself, damn you would think she never had a Christmas gift before.  I made my calls to my family like I do every year to make sure they received the gifts I had sent and wish them a Merry Christmas.  Afterwards we  headed over to my wife’s parent’s house and when we got there most everyone else was already there. They were separating out gifts some wrapped and others were being wrapped by nieces and nephews, that I thought were for the family. But as the separation of gifts went on and on, I finally asked my wife what was going on. I had no idea that her family bought presents for needy families and delivered them on Christmas day. This is how it works….images18Each one of her brothers and sisters and their family adopt 2 families each for Christmas, they bring all the gifts to their parents house where they wrap them (secepts the gifts for kids) and set them under the tree. On Christmas day they separate them , the unwrapped presents just have one of the nieces or nephews names on them and handed to the child who’s name is on it to WRAP for ANOTHER CHILD! Then they pray for each family the gifts are going to, load them up in each of their vehicles and deliver them.  NONE of the gifts there were for her family!  WHAT THE HELL???

The tradition started before the kids were born, by my wife’s mother. Her and my father in-law never gave each other a gift. As the children came, they bought one gift each for their own children, and the rest for needy families in their community. My wife’s parents wanted to instill in their children that Christmas is truly about GIVING and not receiving. When their kids became adults they each kept the tradition alive by doing the same with their own children.

When my wife was buying gifts for her nieces and nephews I had no idea those gifts were actually to be gifts from her nieces and nephews to other children and NOT them. I never notices the name tags saying FROM _____ instead of to ______. I didn’t really think about how all the gifts bought for kids weren’t wrapped but just tagged and placed under the tree. What surprised me the most was how excited each of her nieces and nephews were at each gift they received to GIVE AWAY to SOME OTHER KID!

I am not sure how I feel about the tradition, but I do know never in my life have I ever seen nor heard of anything like this. The gifts that I had bought for each of my wife’s nieces and nephews they opened and thankful for, but I heard each one of them say something along these lines after opening their gifs “Oh, I bet so and so would have really liked this too.”

My gifts were the only gifts (except for the ONE present each from their parents) that my wife’s nieces and nephews actually received.

I am not sure I like the idea, but they love it and I guess that is okay with me. EXCEPT when we have children of our own…I don’t know that I want my children thinking it is their place to support other peoples kids. I didn’t voice this to my wife at the time as I sat in utter shock while everyone was working to prepare the gift giveaway. Nor afterwards when all the gifts had been delivered and each family returned to share in a Christmas dinner. BUT when we arrived home I said to my wife I didn’t really want our children to only receive just one gift on Christmas. What if I feel like buying them more gifts on Christmas? What if the caveman happens to like the idea of family sharing gifts with EACH OTHER??

 aman126l1My wife smiled and just shrugged “Joe, you can buy our children gifts all year long. But they need to know that Christmas is about giving NOT receiving and the only way to instill that in them is by practicing what you preach. In my family we know Christmas time is about family being together, and being thankful for what God has given us, and sharing that with others.”

I feel like I just spent Christmas in the Twilight Zone and I am still waiting to read the ending credits or something. 

I knew her family was religious, and a bit strange to me. I knew they didn’t believe in telling their kids about Santa (what’s Christmas without SANTA?)… but damn this is just INSANE!



Well the caveman now wants to know HOW DO YOU feel about this tradition my wife’s family has every year for Christmas?

What kind of Christmas traditions does your family or families have?

You can read more caveman’s perspectives from lawman Just A Caveman


11 Responses to “Caveman Christmas in the Twilight Zone…YIKES!”

  1. tothewire said

    Guess I never thought of it as a strange tradition. Maybe I should have prepared you for the “SHOCK” but I really didn’t know that you didn’t know what we did on Christmas.


  2. kathy (kayms91) said

    I love this tradition… it really is what Christmas is truly about… materialism is not a good characteristic to teach your children… but the idea of children and Christmas and Santa Claus and presents is a tough tradition to forgo… in my mind, I always want to try and come up with a compromise but I don’t know how that would be possible.


  3. lawman2 said

    hey there kay!i didn’t mention how strange it was to me that their priest stayed there all day! OR how all the in-laws of the rest of the family all showed up with a covered dish to share in christmas dinner.even her oldest brothers EX WIFE and her family were there.JUST REALLY REALLY STRANGE TO ME.i know my family will never share in this christmas stuff as they all head out to warm weather in the winter.kinda like i was hoping tothewire and i would do.

    i thought i was going to post a story about the whole christmas eve mass and how the family all went together and all the kids participated in it in some way or another.my wife’s family is HUGE how the heck did their kids all get picked to do stuff in that church that night?


  4. lawman2 said

    i think i should say this as well.i fell in love with my wife BECAUSE of her sweet and kind spirit.i love how much love she has for life and everyone in her family, her friends, and even the ol’ caveman.


  5. lawman2 said

    i knew her family and mine were worlds apart, but i never knew that they were actually from another planet altogether.

    but hey at leaste they aren’t all greedy little people right?


  6. centered2 said

    That wasn’t his ex-wife lawman, just ex-girl friend…

    It may seem strange to you, only because you aren’t used to being with family much. I hope that changes for you now that you are apart of ours.

    You failed to mention what your gift was from tothewire? Or what your gift to her was…lol

    By the way mom really enjoyed having you both home for Christmas, my hats off to you.


  7. Elaina said

    It’s kind of cool Lawman, but I agree it’s weird.

    They have the right idea about it, and I instill in my own kid you have to remember it’s about giving, but we go a different way, with old people and vets no one remembers.

    The exes…uhm yeah weird! And growing up Catholic, I would find it odd for a priest to hang around all day, but far better then the Mother Superior, because you have to worry about them rulers (because the MS screams to be told off color nun jokes by existing.) Just sayin’. (And for the record I am no longer a Catholic and I still see the Mother Superior I got sent to her school for, and I still tell her off color nun jokes. And she still manages to hit me with something.)

    Sounds like they got the right idea about the holidays.

    Happy ones to you and yours!


  8. kathy (kayms91) said

    Hey Lawman… I know what you mean… I grew up in a small protestant family ( who didn’t go to church ), it was just the 4 of us usually…
    ..my brother mentioned this year how he never understood how we used to try to ‘outdo’ our parents with gifts when we were little…but apparently he didn’t understand my motives… I didn’t want to ‘outdo’ them, I just wanted them to be just as excited and happy as I was on Christmas day.
    My daughter’s father’s family is large and Catholic ( and all live in the same town ) so their holidays are also huge gatherings. But TTW’s family celebration sounds exactly like the way Christmas should be… I think all of that warm ‘fuzziness’ will rub off on you and make you a real softy (caveman)!


  9. Lawman2 said

    hey elaina is back! will you sew me a boot for a stocking? or teach my wife how to? hehehe oh, her family is okay,i guess. JUST REALLY WEIRD! lol

    god i hope i don’t get all soft and fuzzy kay! hehehe i used to try really hard to please my dad. i still try and impress him with nice gifts,but now it is more just away to prove to him that i am worthy to be his son.when i was younger i was hoping to make him and my mother happy.


  10. Elaina said

    Sure, but I reserve the right to make it as ostentatious as humanly possible. with a Texas flag.

    Or I can send your wife the pattern, but somehow I can’t see you wanting a high heeled boot.


  11. Lawman2 said

    i was thinking like a cowboy boot type boot! lol and you can make it as ostentatious as you like and i will proudly display it by hanging it above the fireplace!


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